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Mad Things Are Happening On WordPress

Mad Things Are Happening On WordPress

Earlier today, I published my daily blog post (Which is something that I have been doing for quite some time now).

There was some type of glitch that resulted in my blog post being authorless (We all know that the name of the author comes up every time someone publishes a blog post; so instead of seeing “Renard Moreau” there was nothing there; there was no name; the space for the name of the author was empty).

Approximately three hours after, I had to revisit my blog and edit it; I had to put my name back in the author section.

If it was not for Brenda’s comment I would not have been aware of what took place. So, I would like to take a moment to say, “Thank you, Brenda!”

Brenda told me that she received a notification pertaining to “Someone” had posted on Renard’s World (The biggest irony is that “Someone” was supposed to read as “Renard Moreau” in the notification).

I Was Testing The WordPress Mobile App

I am currently testing 20.8-rc-1 (Which at the time of writing this, is the current Beta version of the WordPress Mobile App).

And, to be quite honest, all of the Beta versions of the WordPress Mobile Apps are glitchy (The only thing that differs is the type of glitch).

In the What’s new section, WordPress stated, “Added author button to the post settings and the author of the post can be changed with it.”

That author button that they spoke of is available on the web version of WordPress; it was recently added to the Beta version of the WordPress Mobile App.

The author button is there to be utilized for those blogs with multiple authors.

Where my blog is concerned, I am the administrator and I have other official contributors ― people who fulfill the role of guest authors.

Each Author Receives Notifications On Their Own Posts

The way in which I have set up Renard’s World is like this:

Each author receives relevant notifications about the blog post that they have published on Renard’s World. For example, if Victoria’s guest post is published, she will be notified directly by WordPress whenever someone likes or comments on her guest post (That is how things work when one has the contributor status).

I, on the other hand, will not be notified about any of the comments that are made on her guest post (That is the way it should be because the guest post is not on my name).

Now, if WordPress messes things up, Victoria could end up receiving no notifications, or worse yet, the notifications could be accidentally forwarded to Dolly (Okay, I am hoping that never happens).

And, I am hoping that when it is Dolly’s time to contribute a blog post, her name comes up as the author.

On a positive note, all guest authors are given a brief biography along with a link to the URL to their blog’s homepage; which is situated underneath their guest post (So, if the name of the author does not show up with the blog, readers will still know who the author is).

Thank goodness that the technological hiccup happened with my blog post and not with the guest posts of any of my official contributors.

Final Thoughts

I am not angry because my name disappeared from my own post; I was able to put it back.

In all my time of using WordPress, this is the first time that a blog post appeared without the name of the author who posted it.

I am hoping that the glitch is a one-time only occurrence.


Because if my blog post or the guest posts of my contributors shows up nameless, no one will receive notifications pertaining to the likes and the comments made by others.

Anyway, no damage was done; it only happened with the blog post that I published earlier today and I hope that it (the glitch) never happens again.

If it does, it will mean that 20.8-rc-1; the Beta version of the WordPress Mobile App, is a proverbial basket of rotten eggs.


39 thoughts on “Mad Things Are Happening On WordPress

    1. πŸ™‚ I wrote this post in the Beta version of the WordPress Mobile App to see if it would happen again; it did not; so it is probably a one-time glitch.

      I am quite good at sorting things out, Merel.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  1. Glad you made aware abs was Anne to fix it.

    I had the same thing happen and thought it was something I did (though I hadn’t tinkered with the settings but my 1st thought wasn’t that it was a glitch). Thanks for an informative post.


  2. Betas are by there very nature glitchy. Glad you sorted it out easily. I’m impressed how often you post recently, the quality is still excellent.

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  3. Hi Renard. Pleased to report/confirm it arrived properly this time – it was certainly a strange bug but I guess that’s the downside with testing beta versions of anything

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  4. Glad that Brenda brought the ‘glitch’ to your knowledge and you rectified the same.
    This made me wonder whether glitch’ is a good thing or bad thing?
    I felt ‘glitch’ helps one to improve better, though initially we get annoyed 😠
    “It’s the glitches and twists, I thought, that make this universe unique and compelling. Without flaws, there would be no depth, no substance”.
    Thank you Renard for reminding us that one should not take things for granted- through your post.

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  5. That is some glitch! It may look like a small problem to others but to a blogger it is the most crucial thing that needs immediate attention.

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    1. πŸ™‚ It is not weird that the WordPress Mobile App behaved that way. I am a Beta tester for the WordPress Mobile App; the current version of it is 20.8-rc-2 (Betas have bugs that need to be reported to the developer. When all bugs have been worked out, it will become the new stable version).

      The technical issue took place with 20.8-rc-1.

      20.8-rc-2 was released on Wednesday the 21st of September, 2022 (So far, that technical issue is not present in the current Beta version of the WordPress Mobile App).

      The current stable version of the WordPress Mobile App (the one that you are using) is 20.7.


  6. When l first saw it appear on my notifications [odd by itself but whole posts show up on my comments directory] l thought your blog was being hacked and l was getting ready to go to the offender and offload ten barrels of crap upon them, then l realised the hack was somehow coming from your own blog. It was strange because l don’t use the Reader normally, but the new post only directed me to there and then l had to use my own internal directory to check your blog out.

    So good job you weren’t hacked.

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