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Have You Published Anything Lately?

Have You Published Anything Lately?

Publishing blog posts is a great way of keeping your blog active. You do not have to publish blog posts daily; you can choose a schedule that is most comfortable for you (My article, Have You Found Your Publishing Sweet Spot?, will help you to discover a schedule that is right for you).

The last thing that you want is to make the habit of neglecting your blog.

And, why is that so?

Because neglecting your blog could escalate into a full-blown habit (When that happens, it becomes difficult to get back into the habit of publishing blog posts consistently on your blog).

So, start by creating content for your blog today!

What Should You Write About?

If your blog is based on a niche, you will have to create content that is based on your chosen niche.

And, if your blog happens to be one that deals with miscellaneous topics, write anything (That is provided that you know exactly what you are writing about).

The sooner you write something, the sooner you will have something to publish on your blog.

There Would Be People Who Would Be Looking Out For Your Blog Posts

It should not come as a secret to you, that your followers would be eagerly awaiting your next blog post; so, do not leave them hanging.

Also, you do not want people to wrongfully believe that you abandoned your blog (That is easy for people to fathom; it usually happens when bloggers do not tell their followers [in the form of a blog post] about their planned hiatus).

So, publish something, my friend.

Your followers would be relieved (They would see that you are alive and well and they would be happy to read your latest blog post).

Create Content In Batches

Creating content for your blog in batches will come in handy the day you do not feel like writing anything.

Also, it does not hurt to have numerous blog posts at your disposal.

Ali Luke’s article, Why You Should Create Content In Batches (and How to Do It), will provide you with some useful pointers on creating content for your blog in batches.

Schedule The Blog Posts That You Created In Batches

Hey, if you wrote those blog posts in batches, you might as well put them to good use by scheduling them (I recommend scheduling them days apart).

If you have never scheduled any of your blog posts and you would like to learn how to do it, you should read, Schedule Posts & Pages by the Support Team.

Scheduling your blog posts will ensure that your readers will see them on the date and time that they are scheduled to be published.

Also, you will have more time on your hands to do whatever you desire (Just remember to respond to the comments in your blog’s commenting section in a timely manner).

Repeat The Entire Process

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that the work of a blogger is never done; it only stops temporarily (My article, The Writing Never Stops, will provide you with a greater understanding of the reason why you need to be continuously creating content for your blog).

So, you might as well make up your mind to write a lot.

Creating content for your blog requires great sacrifice.

Are you willing to make that sacrifice?

The Bottom Line

If you have not published anything lately on your blog, you can follow the steps within this blog post; they should motivate you into galvanizing yourself into action.

Blogs were meant to be filled with useful and entertaining content; they were not meant to be inactive for extremely long periods (If they are neglected for extremely long periods, the users of those blogs run the risk of abandoning them).

So, publish something on your blog for your beloved audience to peruse.


42 thoughts on “Have You Published Anything Lately?

  1. Great advice, Renard ….have you ever published a blog about “Comment Quality?” It is frustrating sometimes for a blogger to write a post and then to get comments such as the following, “(1) “Interesting.”, (2) I agree.”, (3) “I prefer macaroni.” In fact, some of the larger blogs have long since deleted all their comment capabilities for this very reason. Bloggers like comments that expand on the post being commented on or that gives at least an explanation of why the commenter disagrees with the post writer …not some mindless little two-word comment that virtually means nothing.

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  2. Thank you Renard. I’ve been exploring this currently and my thinking is 3x a week, but I’ve been inspired and have been doing more this week. But you’re right, there needs to be enough activity to give the impression that the blog is active. Thanks also for the couple of links you’ve included as I’ll follow up with those.

    Wanted to add that the notification of your post said “somebody” had posted – was glad to see it was you

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 😯 Huh? Your notification said that “Somebody” had posted?

      Anyway, notifications have gone a bit wonky. I stopped receiving notifications on posts (It is a glitch that happened about three hours ago).

      I have to visit my blog posts directly to find out who commented on which blog posts.

      I hope that the Happiness Engineers sort this out.

      Also, you are welcome, Brenda.

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      1. yes – just went back to check “someone has posted on Renard’s World” but your blog didn’t have your name/website on it; but at least I got the notification. As you say, hopefully it will get fixed by the happiness engineers – sounds like they’re going to be busy

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  3. I agree with you, but sometimes there’ s so much on my mind that words don’t form, I am facing this currently, I have many drafts only with a title, I am not able to produce my content. So in the meantime, I read blogs of my fellow bloggers.

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  4. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement. Though what i am posting is just an update of what we are doing but even as simple as that. people are notified and get interested on what we do. Even the simple thoughts that are in our mind matters (though there are social media platform for that quick what’s in your mind) but our website is a good place to put those words in our thoughts. And thank you for this comment/reply box that i am able to see everyone as well.

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  5. Hi Renard,

    Yes, I have published a blog post this morning.

    I am starting writing blogs from β€œzero”, again. But I have no problem with that.

    My posts are comparatively short and out of the context. But I’m enjoying writing them.

    I will improve with consistent pace.

    Thank you for the post.πŸ™‚

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  6. Working on a big article currently, around 6,000 words, trying to finish it up but have a way to go. I know articles of this length aren’t necessarily recommended but it covers a lot of content. Hoping to finish it soon. Thanks for the motivation.

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