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Do You Use The WordPress Mobile App?


All WordPress bloggers are fully aware of the fact that there are people who use the WordPress Mobile App to create and publish blog posts.

I have experimented with the WordPress Mobile App in the past (I wanted to know if there were any improvements made to the WordPress Mobile App).

Today, I am still experimenting with the WordPress Mobile App (I will tell you more about that later in this blog post).

Truthfully, the WordPress Mobile App has come a long way (It is better than the previous iterations).

Despite the WordPress Mobile App being okay, I will never stop blogging via my laptop computer (My laptop computer is the most appropriate tool for blogging).

Blogging might be most appropriate for you on a smartphone or a tablet computer (If that is your case, I am happy for you and I have nothing against you for using the WordPress Mobile App).

After all, the WordPress Mobile App was designed to be used on mobile devices.

Also, there are legitimate reasons for using the WordPress Mobile App for blogging.

Not Everyone Is Fortunate Enough To Own A Computer

People who do not own a computer will have to:

  • Borrow a computer from a friend or a relative.
  • Pay to use a computer at an internet cafe.
  • Use a smartphone or a tablet.

In most instances, a person who does not own a computer will use the WordPress Mobile App on their mobile device.

On a positive note, the WordPress Mobile App has allowed that person to get their quota of blogging done.

There Are Those Who Prefer To Use The WordPress Mobile App

In the same way that I prefer using a laptop computer to blog, there are those who prefer to use their smartphone to blog.

The funny thing is that some of those people who prefer using the WordPress Mobile App own a laptop computer or a desktop computer (I am unable to wrap my mind around their reasoning for not using those devices with larger screens to blog on and substituting them for a handheld device with a smaller screen).

My educated guess is that those people who prefer to use the WordPress Mobile App own high-end smartphones and that they are probably way more powerful than their desktop counterparts.

There Are Those Who Only Use The WordPress Mobile App To Create Drafts

Yes, my friend. It is true about people using the WordPress Mobile App to create drafts.

People who are on the go and have their smartphones with them would use the WordPress Mobile App to jot down drafts (They might as well create those drafts of theirs when inspiration strikes).

When they are finally home, they will refine the draft copy of their blog post on their laptop computer or their desktop computer.

These people do not use their smartphones for publishing blog posts on WordPress (They have laptop computers and desktop computers for that).

There Are Those Who Use It For Experimental Purposes

I have been experimenting with the WordPress Mobile App for quite a long time.

As a matter of fact, I am one of the Beta testers for the WordPress Mobile App.

The Beta versions have minor feature improvements as well as bugs in them.

Users of the Beta version of the WordPress Mobile App are expected to report any bugs that they find and to tell the developers what they think about it (I requested the drop cap functionality; it appears that my feature request fell on deaf ears).

The drop cap functionality is on the web version of WordPress; so, it is only fair that it should be added to the WordPress Mobile App.

Anyway, I love being flexible; I can get my blogging done on any device.

Final Thoughts

The WordPress Mobile App is certainly no replacement for my laptop computer (Those who like the tactile feel of a physical keyboard would agree with me).

I only use the WordPress Mobile App for experimental purposes (And it is going to remain that way for me).

The person who owns a desktop computer or a laptop computer, but chooses the WordPress Mobile App on a smartphone over a computer probably has their reason why (I am merely unaware of their reason for wanting to solely use the WordPress Mobile App for blogging purposes).

I can relate to the person who utilizes the WordPress Mobile App to create drafts when they are on the go and using their desktop computer or their laptop computer to do the final touches when they are home.

Also, those people who do not own a computer, are making the best of the WordPress Mobile App to reach an audience.

I would also like to add, that those bloggers who do not own a computer and blog via the WordPress Mobile App on their smartphones deserve a standing ovation (There are not many people who are willing to go through the trouble of typing an entire blog post on the small virtual keyboard of a smartphone).


93 thoughts on “Do You Use The WordPress Mobile App?

  1. Hey, interesting timing with your post! I started writing my most recent post on the WordPress Mobile App. It worked really well: I had written up my post on the Notes app on an iPhone, saved an image file to the phone’s camera roll, and then copied the post contents into a draft post using the WordPress App. Worked pretty well until I realised I needed to tweak the name of the category I was going to post the post under! At that point, I couldn’t rename an existing category using the WordPress Mobile App – so I finished all my work, including proof reading and publishing the post, from my laptop.

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  2. I exclusively use the WordPress Mobile App and do all my writing on my phone. I also take the majority of my pictures on my phone too. I own both a Chromebook and a Nikon digital camera but there’s just something I enjoy about having everything I need in one place, it fits in my pocket and I don’t need to think to bring anything extra with me when I go anywhere. I know it’s crazy when I own products that are better designed to do the jobs that I’m using a product that was designed to make phone calls on for!

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  3. I’ll join you in the standing ovation for those who do everything from the app! I have a smart phone but use it as I would a dumb phone, for phone calls, texts, and–rarely–to check email or search the internet. I’ve never tried blogging or interacting with other blogs via an app, but it sounds like a useful tool for those on the go.

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  4. I have not even tried using WordPress on my laptop, right from the day I started blogging on WordPress, I use the mobile App. Though I am still learning to use the features available on the App.

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  5. I use both and the web version is on my tablet (which also has a keyboard) rather than using a laptop/desktop computer. I like the versatility of being able to use both. I like the portability of the phone – I can type up notes/prompts and sometimes I’ll put an outline together with headings while travelling. I also use my phone to take any photos, so I’ll upload to media from my phone.

    I do prefer typing and editing on the tablet – I prefer the keyboard and if I’m copying from handwritten notes, its much easier to type. Editing is easier on the tablet and I find some of the functionality on the web-based system is not available on the app, so I find myself hopping between the two. I am comfortable using both, but I prefer the web version for creating and editing my posts. Scheduling is easier via this route too. But comments, checking in and looking at the reader, I prefer my phone and therefore the WordPress App. Incidentally, I’m considering a new phone (my contract’s up) and will be looking at the camera specs so that it is a good support for my blog.

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  6. I love using the WordPress mobile app for creating drafts, reading the blogs I follow and to easily check my blog’s stats from anywhere. I would never use it to type and format an entire blog post though. It would be tedious!

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  7. Last time I used a lappie it burnt my lap. It really needs a desk to go on so what’s the deal calling it a laptop? The one advantage is it’s portable, that’s why businesses I worked for went over to them from bulky desktops; a lappie and a docking station cabled up to a good size desk monitor; ideal for spreadsheets and computer modelling.

    But I like to sit in a comfy chair simply to write, so a tablet – an iPad at present – is the choice for me. The mobile app does all I need it to do, especially since the block editor was incorporated. That and the Snapseed image editing app.

    I have a smartphone too but it’s too small for anything longer than firing off a few texts; I wouldn’t use it to blog.

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    1. πŸ™‚ For the record, there are laptops that run cool.

      Dust and poor airflow are usually the causes of overheating in laptops.

      I have never placed a laptop on my lap in my entire life. I do not like the idea of looking down at a screen. I prefer my screens at eye level.

      I also have the Snapseed app on my smartphone.

      I am pleased to learn that your iPad handles all of your blogging needs.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

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  8. I don’t use the app. I don’t even have the app. I try to keep my phone as app free as possible. If I were doing blogging as more than a hobby I’d maybe consider it. But I don’t think I would ever consider doing blogging as more than a hobby. πŸ™‚

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  9. I agree. I deserve a standing ovation. I use the WordPress mobile app. I don’t own a laptop yet, but hopefully I’ll get one next year. It’s quite glitchy, but still useable. Unlike you, I’ve never used a laptop to create a post. It’ll just feel weird, different. The app does need a few bug fixing. And a whole lot of settings. You always come up with the best WordPress discussions.πŸ€—

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  10. Great post, Renard — I think I’m still trying to figure out what I’m using for what, LOL, and appreciate the WordPress mobile app when I’m away from my desktop. As others have said, three cheers to those who are using the app exclusively. Impressive! πŸ˜‰

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  11. Interesting view on this topic. I use the app for creating drafts when inspiration hits me and will finish the draft using my laptop. I also use the app to keep track of my stats and for the WordPress Reader. And sometimes, but only when I don’t have my laptop near, I will use the app to upload a post.

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  12. I rarely use my laptop anymore. My iPhone has become my primary device for almost all of my computing and communication. There are only a few things that I have to do on my laptop that I can’t do on my iPhone. I use the mobile app on my iPhone for everything related to blogging, including all of the photos I take or those I grab off of the internet.

    Why do I prefer the mobile app when I have a perfectly good laptop that I could use for my blog? Convenience, portability, availability (it’s always with me, always on), and ease of use. And I’m pretty damn good at tapping out posts on my iPhone’s tiny, virtual keypad (I do have the larger iPhone Pro Max model, so it’s decently large). I can read and write posts from anywhere at any time. In my backyard, in bed, while watching TV, at a coffee shop, in the park, and, yes, while sitting on the toilet!

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  13. I use the mobile app for when I’m not sitting at my computer. I have two laptops and I use them for drafting and typing and using the full functionality of WordPress, whereas I prefer the much simpler format on my phone. I don’t like the desktop version on my phone. I only give my drafts a last once-over before I publish just to see it with my eyes differently. I like the app for checking comments and other posts when I’m not home. I’m glad you shared the post about the Jetpack app so I’m ready when it gets phased out of the WordPress one. I would have panicked if I didn’t know that.

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  14. I use my smartphone but that’s only because my laptop is acting up and my son uses the desktop for schoolwork and games. I love typing on a keyboard so my number 1 choice would be using my desktop.

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    1. πŸ™‚ Yes, Lokesh. Your findings are indeed correct. The Block Editor tends to hang when one is creating long posts via the WordPress Mobile App (Which is very annoying for those who have a desire to create long-form content).

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  15. I only use my mobile for admin duties, and even then, I use the web version and not the app, lol. I can’t do heavy-duty work without my laptop. The couple of seconds I save here and there really do add up, and it annoys me when I have to perform simple tasks on the phone and waste those extra seconds.

    I remember Fandago using his mobile to blog, and here he’s shared his process, which I find pretty intriguing. Can’t imagine drafting and formatting posts in mobile, but I guess I could make it work if I restrain myself. Anyway, thanks for this post!

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  16. Hi Renard! I have really been enjoying your blog posts lately. Yes, I do use the WordPress mobile app for some stuff. I don’t edit on the mobile app but I reply to comments on the mobile app, read blog posts on the reader, etc. Right now, I am commenting from my laptop, so it really depends on the day lol Commenting is user friendly on mobile and the desktop, but other things are not so user-friendly on the mobile app.

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      1. As you say that, I’m using the mobile app to send this reply! I’m flip-flopping between the laptop and the phone. I like how everything syncs in real-time too. WP did a good job with that πŸ‘

        Your blog posts are very thought provoking and relevant to what I’m learning these days. πŸ™‚

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  17. I’m in the group that usually uses the app for drafts for my blog posts. I prefer the computer, but I use the app all the time to look at my stats, reply to comments, read other blogs, etc. For blogging itself, my chromebook is much more preferable.

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  18. I’ve only recently started writing on WordPress and have always used my laptop. But because my phone is easier to access at all times, I tried the WordPress mobile app recently and was pleased with how easy it is to use. I did start writing on Instagram so i was used to composing etc on my phone. My usual process is to write on Notes and then copy paste. So, yes. Very happy to write posts – and comments! – on the mobile app 😊πŸ₯°

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  19. I write drafts on the ap, and my private diary / to do list.
    I mainly use the reader on the app.
    Using snapseed to help create your header images is such a clever idea.

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  20. I usually use the mobile app to upload any media from my phone as I’m constantly taking pictures and videos to be used on my blog posts. I will then use my tablet for a quick draft of my post, and then move to my PC to finish the post off.

    It’s great being able to use it on my tablet because I can blog while sitting on my couch. The only problem I have is any SEO tools won’t work on the app which is why I move to my PC. That way, I can clean up my post and ensure it has a decent SEO score as I tick off the checklist.

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  21. Great question and the answer is yes. I use the WordPress mobile app to write my blogs and I am very happy and glad to have a smartphone to showcase my writing craft and creative content. I mean these days life is always on the phone even businesses have migrated to online activity to conduct and make profit for their brands and business. This is a very good topic here Renard!!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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  22. I have used the Reader app to create drafts for my upcoming anti-MLM posts (in fact, my next one was created using said app. I’m editing it on my laptop because it’s way better). It’s a nice tool to have just for checking things on the go

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  23. I will never stop blogging on my laptop too. I however find value in that some people don’t have laptops, so it is an awesome advantage to be able to blog here too. For me, even a simple draft, I struggle with the app. I rather use my notes if absolutely necessary then copy and paste.

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  24. I use both, blogging on the computer makes it easier and also in a way it offers more option. Blogging on the app will often times lead you to the Web WordPress version. I did started out using the app though but using my laptop works best for me

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