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Is Blogging A Waste Of Time?

Is Blogging A Waste Of Time

The short answer is, “No!”

Anyone who believes that blogging is a waste of time is deluded.

Claiming that blogging is a waste of time is implying that self-expression is a waste of time (And, that, my friend, would be utterly crazy).

One’s spouse, family members, relatives or friends might mistakenly believe that we bloggers are wasting our time putting blog posts together and that we should spend our time doing something that is deemed constructive.

Hey, blogging is constructive!

Luckily, those who are close to me have never said to me, “Renard, why are you wasting your time blogging? Go paint a picture of a tree or something!”

Some of you are not that fortunate; those who are close to you are unable to see the true creative power behind blogging.

Why Should You Bottle Up Your Creativity?

Dear friend, no one should be forced to bottle up their creativity.

I believe that we were born with these gifts for a reason; these gifts are often referred to by the wise ones as, “A God-given talent.”

Therefore, people can use their blog as a means of utilizing that God-given talent of theirs; for example:

  • A person who is good at writing can use blogging as a means of writing blog posts and sharing them with a worldwide audience.
  • A person who is great at taking photographs can use their blog as a medium to share the photographs that they took.
  • A person who is good at cooking and baking can use their blog to share their recipes with people from all over the world.
  • A person who is gifted in the area of arts and crafts can use their blog to display their God-given talent.

So, we bloggers might as well continue to use our blogs as a medium to express ourselves as well as share what we are good at with the world.

Even The Professionals See The Need For Blogging

It is no big secret that a lot of the major corporations have blogs of their own; for example, Disney, Walmart, General Electric and Allstate.

Professional musicians know the importance of having a blog to promote their work.

People who do interior decorating use their blogs to highlight their work and to attract potential clients.

Professional authors have used blogging to show off their writing and to promote their books.

Even the top YouTube vloggers have blogs; they embed their vlogs to their blogs (If blogging was a waste of time, they would not bother to embed their vlogs to their blogs).

Those people did not see blogging as being a waste of time, so why is it that anyone should view blogging as a waste of time?

Explain To Those Who Accuse You Of Wasting Time Of What Blogging Is

The next time someone accuses you of wasting your time blogging, have a conversation with them; you can tell them what you blog about.

You can even go as far as letting them check out your blog posts (If they are surprisingly good, they will understand; if they are horrible [hopefully] they will still understand).

There is a chance of them seeing blogging in a new light.

Some People May Wrongfully Believe That Blogging Is As Easy As Playing A Video Game

Whenever someone who thinks that blogging is child’s play accuses you of wasting your time, ask them to sit down in front of a computer, open a word processing program and begin typing an article (There is a high probability of them not accepting your challenge because they would have gotten a better understanding of what you really do).

The truth is that blogging is a lot of hard work.

You, on the other hand, just make blogging look easy (And, anyone who is watching you while you are working on a blog post, may wrongfully believe that blogging is just as easy as playing a video game).

Final Thoughts

Blogging is an art form ― one of those art forms that only those who are a part of it can truly understand the importance or the significance of it.

If an onlooker (in this case, someone who does not blog) thinks or says that blogging is a waste of time, they are merely judging bloggers based on their ignorance.

Dear friend, blogging is not a waste of time (And, knowing this, you should continue to blog happily).


97 thoughts on “Is Blogging A Waste Of Time?

    1. 🙂 I am glad to know that last year was the most rewarding, joyous time for you and that you plan on continuing.

      You have every reason to laugh when someone tells you that you are wasting your time blogging.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  1. for me sharing ideas on a blog is not a waste of time but to admit it there are few people who reads blog. but recently i was surprised that there was a govt agency who used the content of my blog to support their activities. it means my content have become a resource to them to emphasize their campaign.

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  2. Well said Renard. I think it also comes back to why we blog. We have a purpose, whatever that may be and if people don’t understand that or think we’re wasting our time, it’s them who have the problem. Fortunately I’m surrounded by a lot of people who support and encourage me. Some even got excited when I said I was starting a blog.

    If someone says you’re wasting your time, do your best to ignore them and focus on the positive, encouraging voices.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you, Brenda.

      I am pleased to know that you are surrounded by people who support and encourage you.

      I totally agree with your statement that pertains to ignoring those who think that blogging is a waste of your time and focusing on the positive instead.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  3. People may not see it as time wasting, but lots of people have no idea what blogging is or why we enjoy it. A neighbour did look up my website and blog after I gave him one of my cards and said ‘I read your Podcast’

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  4. Ppfftt… if someone says to me up front that blogging is a waste of time and I should earn income or something.

    I’ll say I already got a part-time Work-from-home online job and along with the part-time waitress job!

    I will straight away tell them that blogging is not a waste of time, if they ask me to give me a good example to why it does’nt waste time..

    I would simply say ” If you want to know something or inneed of answers you would google it up 99.9% of the time. Most of those articles you read to gain your information you needed came from bloggers all around the world. So blogging is not a waste of time. No bloggers that blog equals to no up to date articles of many topics.

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  5. Agreeing with many of the great comments so far — and I appreciate that you’ve addressed creativity, Renard, and not ‘bottling it up’. Yes, indeed. Expression matters! 😊

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  6. very well said Renard, I also think that blogging is a good thing.
    what will you expect from the modern people, we all are getting busier day by day, at least blogging is something that make us feel better, through our writing at least we are able to talk with our own creativity, we are able to free up our mind by blogging out our inner thoughts. Most importantly it helps us to find out our talent whether it is writing, cocking, photography or anything else.
    Blogging is best 👍✌

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  7. Creating my blog was the best decision i took creativity wise. I was scared of what opinions the people closest to me would hold, but when i told them about it, they all became obsessed with it, especially after i figured out my niche. So yeah, it is an art form often overlooked by some people.

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  8. My blog doesn’t get too many views. It’s a bit frustrating at times, but I still do it because I know that I am building toward something bigger. Maybe it will be a book, maybe a YouTube channel- who knows. I just know that I couldn’t keep my thoughts in my head anymore. It was time to put them out in the world, gather feedback and build to something better. It’s a means to an ends I guess, but even if that bigger goal is never achieved I will know that I had fun anyway.

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  9. No one I know has ever thought blogging is a waste of time. In fact they were amazed how dedicated I am to it. How can writing for a blog to communicate your ideas ever be a waste of time? I think more people should do it.

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  10. You’ve been reading my mind all week, Renard. The timing of your blog posts couldn’t have been more perfect.

    My husband says blogging is a waste of time and money, but I disagree with him! Writing is not a waste of time.

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  11. You said it well, Renard. Blogging is a calling and a passion. It’s the life’s blood coursing to our veins leading our mind and fingers to produce something creative. People who are ignorant should be enlightened.

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  12. In initial time, I am feeling waste of time due to no any responses, views likes but after getting reasons behind it and ways, techniques and good understanding about blogging then I feel good and valuable task. Then it’s not waste of time but utilization of intelligence to create valuable content.

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  13. Spectacular blog post Renard. You are indeed right, blogging is not a waste of time but it is a wealth of time to actually sit down and write a blog or article, I do believe that I was meant to blog since I enjoy writing ever since I was a little boy, I used to mark books with a pen, now I realize that this is the talent I have deep in my veins. Also, I love the point that even professionals see the need for blogging, we have blogs about almost everything be it cooking, photography, fashion, music, entertainment, events, politics, history, literature. I love that blogs are educational and as a Blogger I like sharing my ideas to the world why should I bottle and be shy about my creativity? Interesting topic here🔥🔥

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  14. Blogging is never a waste of time, infact writing is an art very few are blessed with, writers have the potential to bring about the revolution with powerful words and non-violence.

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  15. I always find it funny when l hear people say and others write ‘blogging is dead!’ and it’s even funnier when they spout it from their own blog and l think further … really?

    Blogging is not just as relevant as it was ten years ago, it is now more so.

    Top notch post Renard.

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  16. There are times I wonder if I my blogs are making a difference to anyone, and I tend to slow down a bit but then one person I meet will say – gosh I really love reading your blogs – I reboot and start all over again. Blogging is a form of creativity and self-expression that I really enjoy. Thanks for sharing

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  17. Brilliantly put. We should be free to share our art and passions in whatever creative form we want, and blogging is one of those. I love writing, and writing a blog post is freedom for me, I make my own rules because it is my space. I love that freedom of expression, it is therapy for me.

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  18. I am new here on the blogging platform but I have all these topics and everything written out in my laptop.Was afraid that no one would read what I write but I will go on with it.Hope everything be fine because blogging makes so much sense to me.

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  19. Blogging is fun and at the same time creative. I believe that one of the most intelligent people on earth are bloggers because creating a blog post no matter how short is no child’s play. I loved this post 😊😊

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