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Using Your Blog To Help And Inspire Others

Using Your Blog To Help And Inspire Others

We all like blogs that help us and inspire us (I genuinely believe that those types of blogs are the best ones around).

Also, people who publish blog posts that are of a helpful or inspirational nature add to the betterment of the blogosphere.

So today, I am going to explain to you how you can do that.

See To It That Your Blog Is Easy To Navigate

Dear friend, if your blog is difficult to navigate, readers will be unable to find your helpful and inspirational blog posts.

Recently, I went on a person’s blog and I was unable to find any of their blog posts; all I saw was their default landing page (And, to make matters even worse, it was not set up correctly).

Your blog’s homepage happens to be one of the most important pages on your blog; any newcomer who wants to learn how to set it up correctly should read, Set the Homepage (Front Page) by the Support Team.

Be Honest With The Reader

If you are reviewing a product, you should tell the readers the truth about the product. For example, if you are reviewing a smartphone, readers would want to know if it is worth buying; they will want to know:

  • Does the battery keep the charge for a long time?
  • Is the call quality any good?
  • Does it have a good camera?
  • Is it worth the price that it is being sold for?
  • Should they choose another brand of smartphone that is within the same price range?

People expect bloggers to be honest with their reviews.

Unfortunately, some bloggers (thankfully, not all bloggers) will lie to their readers (Especially, if the brand paid them money to review their product).

Think About The Needs Of The Reader

It does not take a rocket scientist to inform you of the fact the readers want their needs met. For example, if a reader clicked on your blog post about Linux, you will need to tell them:

  • What exactly is Linux.
  • The advantages of using Linux.
  • Where they can go to download an ISO image of Linux.
  • How to make a bootable USB flash drive with Linux on it.
  • How they can go about installing Linux on their computer.

That, my friend, is an example of being helpful.

Link Out To Other Sources

If you are discussing a topic; for example, Pinterest, you can link out to a source (Another blog post from a blogger who has done an in-depth analysis of Pinterest).

Some bloggers do not link out to others because they are afraid of their readers leaving their blog and going on another person’s blog.

From experience, I can tell you that my readers appreciate it dearly when I link out to other blogs from bloggers (Especially when it adds further information pertaining to the topic that is being discussed).

By the way, if you are new to and you would like to know how you can add relevant links to your blog posts, you should thoroughly read, How to Add Links by the Support Team.

Answer Questions From Commenters

If a person read your blog post and asked for further clarification via your blog’s commenting section, you should, by all means, provide them with an answer.

After all, your main goal here is to be of service to the reader (I want you to always remember that).

Do you ever answer questions from your commenters?

Final Thoughts

It is possible for any blogger to help and inspire their readers by:

  • Making sure that their blog is easy to navigate.
  • Being honest with their readers.
  • Thinking about the needs of their readers.
  • Linking out to other sources.
  • Answering questions from their commenters.

One should always remember, that helpful and inspirational blogs are the ones that do well in the blogosphere.


37 thoughts on “Using Your Blog To Help And Inspire Others

  1. Great explanation and I do agree. Especially the homepage part, I’ve seen so many blogs where the homepage doesn’t convey the blogs vibe. And it turns me away from what could be a beautiful blog.

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  2. I agree with what’s been said – some insightful advice – and your posts are always informative and inspiring.

    I do hope that if somethings nor working on my site, that people will tell me 😳

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  3. Excellent post Renard.

    As l was reading this earlier, l chanced upon an error on my home page that wasn’t there when l first launched the blog. YET it is here now and something WP said wouldn’t happen.

    Earthly Comforts wasn’t the original name of the blog – the blog’s name prior to January 2022 was actually The Authentic Recyclers. I changed the name in December 2021, and WP assured me that all my pages would change with the change.

    EXCEPT they were wrong, under normal circumstances the whole thing would change with one exception – if you were constructing a blog under private. There was a glitch a few months back whilst l was building with only the betal testers observing and that was l coulddn’t comment on other blogs whilst in private mode so l had to keep switching to a coming soon mode. This complicated things and apparently during this phase of change and trying to remain social despite the build, several pages and archived posts didn’t change when they should have!

    So now, here l am having to visit many of my blog pages and archived posts that technically should have changed to Earthly Comforts in December but switched back because of the privacy modes.

    I an thanking you because without the first heading to this post regarding navigation l wouldn’t have chanced upon this major WP glitch.

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  4. Thank you Renard theres a lot of great advice here. When I started my blog I had no idea how to create a homepage or what theme to use. I randomly picked one and then completely altered it. This was almost 2 years ago and I still haven’t fixed anything. I’m sure my homepage is a huge disaster. After reading this post I think its time I give my page a makeover. 😆 🤣.

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  5. I agree that blogs should be used to inspire others but the stumbling block there is that most other people have already made their minds up on things and it is hard to inspire them or to influence them with a blog.

    Here is an example: I write a blog post revealing a new recipe for some dish such as chili con carney. The comments come back to me saying, “Oh I already have a recipe that I like.” I would have preferred to hear something like, “That is an interesting recipe. I think I will try it.”

    Or you write a lengthy diatribe about something political. I mean you put hours into writing a political blog post and what you get back in comments is something like, “I don’t agree.” The commenter gives no reasons for their disagreement but they shoot back this low level comment.
    It becomes frustrating after awhile and it is easy to say to yourself, “Why bother?”

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    1. 🤔 I see where you are getting at, John.

      Despite a few negative responses, I am sure that there are those who benefited by your posts.

      Not everyone who reads blog posts will acknowledge it by leaving a like or a comment.

      Thank you for sharing that experience of yours with me.

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  6. I switched my home page from a standard latest post to a static page because I finally figured out how to put the blog posts block there with the excerpts I want. The homepage is the hardest page for me to make

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  7. I have a Welcome page that is a brief synopsis of what my blog is about. I also have a category titled Home which leads to my latest posts. I’m not too keen on a Static page and still working on how I want to set this up.

    I have seen many blogs where there are no categories or menus and noticed most are the FSE themes. I can’t blame them because, IMO, FSE themes are difficult to build.

    The lack of categories and menus makes it difficult to know who the blogger is and what their blog is about.

    I like to read articles published by WordPress and get the impression that even theme builders are not too keen on FSE.

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  8. Yes mind blowing topic as usual Renard. Thank you for letting us know what matters as we write and publish our blogs. It means a lot to others out there especially if the blog is about reaching to someone who has lost ardent hope

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