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What Would You Do If The World Leaders Announced The Arrivial Of Aliens?

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Maggie was watching a cartoon on television; it was cut short by a news bulletin; the television broadcaster tried her best to appear calm, but she failed at hiding her emotions; everyone who was viewing the live broadcast could see that she was in a state of shock. “Good morning. This is Leslie-Ann Jenkins from Channel 7 News. Today, spaceships appeared in the skies all over the world.”

“Daddy, the aliens are here!” Maggie shouted.

Daniel thought that his five-year-old daughter was getting carried away with what she was seeing in the cartoon. He walked swiftly in the direction of the living room to see if the animator did a good job of drawing the alien (Daniel loved those sorts of things).

“Daddy, look,” Maggie said excitedly, pointing her finger to the television screen.

At first, Daniel thought that the television footage was fake; he was looking at dozens of spaceships in the sky.

After the brief footage of the spaceships ended, the President of the United States of America appeared on television; he was about to give a live speech on television via a secure room in the White House. “Good morning my fellow Americans. Today, spaceships appeared in our airspace at around 5:25 AM Eastern Standard Time, the extraterrestrials have said nothing so far and we are currently awaiting their response.”

His wife, who was supposed to be out jogging, knocked on the front door frantically. “Daniel, you have got to see this!”

Daniel opened the door to see what the chaos was all about. As soon as he opened the door, his wife, Eileen pointed at the sky, “Look!”

Maggie also came to the door to see what was going on.

Daniel and Maggie both said, “Cool,” simultaneously. They both thought that the spaceships in the sky looked amazing.

Eileen, on the other hand, was terrified. “The extraterrestrials are here! What should I do?

Daniel shrugged his shoulders and said, “I really don’t know.”

Maggie said, “I know. We will welcome them to Planet Earth.”

A Special Announcement From Renard

Before you start thinking, “Renard has finally lost his mind,” I want you to know that this is the second installment of my What if series (which is based on you telling me what you will do as well as how you will react when you are confronted with a specific piece of news); the first one was Would You Use WordPress If Google Bought It?

Today, this one revolves around world leaders telling their citizens about the existence of extraterrestrials via an emergency broadcast.

So, without further ado, it is time for you to play along.

You Might Be In A State Of Shock

You might be in a state of shock after viewing the emergency broadcast about there being extraterrestrial spaceships in the sky above you.

You might be thinking to yourself, “How could this be?”

You were taught by those educational and religious institutions that man is the only intelligent life form in the universe and that he is in charge of his domain ― the Earth.

So, if that sort of thing ever takes place, there would be a high probability of you not accepting the news of your alien visitors well.

You Might Be Okay With The Idea Of Having Extraterrestrials Around

If you are okay with having extraterrestrials around, the sight of their spaceships in the sky is not going to send you into a state of panic.

There is a high chance that:

  • You will want to know where in the galaxy those aliens are from.
  • You will want to know what those aliens look like; for example, if they have two arms and two legs and walk upright like you.
  • You will want to know if they came in peace or to start a war.
  • You will want to know if they came bearing gifts ― the types of gifts that are capable of solving all of the ills of humanity.
  • You will want to know if they are staying permanently or if they are merely passing through.

You will be eager to acquire as much information as you can about those extraterrestrial beings.

You Might Be Filled With Fear

If you watched shows like War of the Worlds and Independence Day, there is a chance of you thinking:

  • That the aliens are out to enslave humanity.
  • That the aliens are here to kill off the majority of the human population.
  • That the aliens are here to claim Planet Earth as their own.

Those shows would have conditioned you for the worst psychologically. Therefore, it would be impossible for you to think of those aliens as being altruistic.

You Might Be A Bit Skeptical

If you are one of those people who are skeptical, you will find yourself thinking along the following lines:

  • Do those aliens have a hidden agenda?
  • Are those aliens going to steal the Earth’s resources?
  • Are those aliens going to shower us with gifts and enslave us later?
  • Do those aliens plan on making us sterile so we can no longer have children?
  • Are those aliens here to feed us propaganda?

Due to your high level of skepticism, you will never view those extraterrestrials as being trustworthy.

You might even go as far as to suggest to the group of people who are fearful of the aliens to merge with your group of skeptics to form the resistance ― a group of well-trained warriors whose main purpose is to infiltrate the spaceships and kill off as many extraterrestrials as they can.

You Might Allow Those Aliens To Coexist With You Provided That They Do Not Take What Is Yours

If you happen to be that type of person, it will be okay for you:

  • Once they do not steal your jobs.
  • Once they do not eat more than their fair share of food.
  • Once they do not sweet talk your spouse and have sex with them.

If those aliens abide by your rules, then all is well with them.

You Might Not Give A Damn About Those Aliens Being Here

If you are one of those people who do not give a damn about the aliens being here on Earth, you might think the following things about them:

  • Big deal, the extraterrestrials are here.
  • If I come across one of those aliens while I am moving around town, I will carry about myself like I usually do.
  • Oh, they were here millions of years ago and they are here to conduct scientific research; which is something that I should not concern myself about.

You will simply carry on the way you did before the arrival of the extraterrestrials.

Final Thoughts

So, which camp are you in?

Is it the one where you are totally shocked by the arrival of the aliens?

Or, is it the one where you are okay with the idea of having extraterrestrials around?

Or, it is the one where you are filled with fear?

Or, is it the one where you are filled with skepticism?

Or, is it the one where you are willing to coexist with the aliens once they do not take what is yours?

Or, is it the one where you really could not give a damn about those aliens being here?

Please feel free to let me know what you think via my blog’s commenting section.

And, thank you for reading!


102 thoughts on “What Would You Do If The World Leaders Announced The Arrivial Of Aliens?

  1. I think that I would be in every “camp,” basically as in stages. Initially, there would be some shock and fear, followed by skepticism, and then if they decided to stay, acceptance, and then complacency.

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      1. Wow, I have given this some thought over the past few years. As a believer in God and the Church in its imperfect form, it is my opinion this is entirely possible if not probable. The Bible mentions a great apostacy, falling away, in the later years. Aliens landing and proclaiming they really made us and have been watching us would rock religion and The belief in God to the core. My opinion is society would fundamentally change, if not cease, in believing in a God let alone religion and all its objects. I guess then the question I would have to ask myself ? Is my faith strong enough to believe in the unseen over the seen. Dramatic changes.

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  2. I think fear initially but more than happy to coexist if we have peace. Great post Renard and something that could very well happen in the future. It’s definitely something that crosses my mind now and again. Surely we can’t be the only living beings in the whole universe?!

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  3. In all honesty I believe its difficult to say how I’d react in this situation. I suspect, like Brandon, a bit of everything. I’d like to think I’d be calm, trying to ensure everyone else was OK but I imagine I will feel fear of the unknown. But I also think I will be hesitant/cautious and wary until we find out their intentions

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  4. I would be delighted to have my own belief (that we aren’t alone in the cosmos) confirmed, and I imagine the aliens might feel the same way. And if they want to take over our planet, I say “YEAH! DO IT! Because we humans certainly have messed things up and are destroying ourselves.”

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    1. There is a story in the Christian Bible about some of the Angels of Heaven coming down to intermingle with humans and to breed into the human race.GENESIS 6:4 KJV “There were giants in the earth in those days β€Ί Genesis-6-4
      β€œThere were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, …Do you think this has anything to do with aiens from outer space?

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    1. Second, I believe that aliens have been here for a long time and have assimilated into our culture and cross-bred with our citizens and no walk freely among us.

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        1. Have you ever had periods where you become very reflective and the notion strikes you that you do not actually belong to earth .. that you were never meant to be here … that your home is really somewhere afar off … perhaps even on another planet? If you have ever experienced these moments of detachment, there is a reason to wonder if you (Or I ) or anyone who experiences such feelings, might actually have alien blood running through our veins. It is that nagging feeling that we do not fit in with everyone else … We can never quite put our finger on the reason for feeling that way but we do …Have you ever experienced any such feelings as those?

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            1. Have you ever thought that those feelings you have when you are looking at the stars might be arising from deep yearning in your DNA to return to your true home?

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    2. πŸ™‚ But if the spaceships are in the sky and everyone is seeing them, the government will have to come out and say something (That is merely my opinion, but things could play off differently by lying to the public about what they are seeing).

      Thank you for sharing your perspective, John.

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      1. You mention that the government might be lying about the things that people are seeing in the skies. Do you actually believe that the government is capable of lying? LOL

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    1. I’m going to have to disagree a bit here. Humans can’t coexist with other humans or creatures native to this planet. I certainly don’t see us capable of coexisting with a species from another planet.

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  5. Is it more acceptable for Aliens to take over Earth, or AI? Either thought sucks….remember the ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’….versus…’Skynet in Tetminator’, ‘a few episodes in the 100s’….lolol

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  6. Such a topic, Renard! I like what Brandon said — my reaction would probably be a mix of all the possibilities you mentioned but my overriding fear would drive me to find my family members, speedy-quick – in a disaster ‘prepper’ kind of way…then sit back and wait, watch and wonder. Could be the most miraculous event – EVER – or not. I’m okay with reserving judgement for a bit – but I want my family, my peeps with me. 😊

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  7. After the past two years, I wouldn’t be surprised if aliens came and wanted to take over. I’d be a little fearful at first, because the unknown is always scary, but humans aren’t exactly doing an outstanding job of caring for the planet and the people in it, so what do we have to lose? Maybe they can help!

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  8. Such an interesting topic, Renard! I think I would feel a bit of everything. Firstly, I would get my camera and try to know more about what’s going on, I would be curious to know more about them.

    Which camp are you in, Renard?

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  9. I don’t believe that we are all alone in such a huge universe, there must be other intelligent life out there somewhere. But, do we really want to find out the hard way that they are not our friends? Why did the parents allow a 5-year-old child to watch our horrid news? Great post, Renard!

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  10. In the news lately there are about million articles from NASA stating that our sun is going to eat planet earth and that life here wont exist anymore. I think at this point I’d happily accept the help of little green men LOL. Thank goodness I believe in God.

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  11. I would be excited because I love aliens but I also want to preserve my own survival. There are so many races according to my research and all of them are not friendly. I would wait it out and see but I know they would most likely be kind. They would definitely come bearing gifts and knowledge that I would be so eager to receive. I am definitely not worried about them taking more than they need or much of anything because they are beyond our limitations and don’t require much of anything. My worry would be our government inflicting war just because they do not understand our feel threatened by an advanced civilization of beings. I know that our planet and people could benefit from their knowledge to change the chaos here. There is more than enough space for us to coexist and this planet is not overpopulated. They could probably show us how to create an abundance of anything ending all issues and creating harmony. The funny this is they are already here. lol.

    Are you interested in aliens? What race of aliens are you interested in?

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    1. Like your words. Our survival will not be in danger with strong belief in god. We don’t know our creator but believe god knows. Same god will stand for our rescue if such a situation arise.


  12. Wow, big departure from the usual post, Renard! In the Aliens come to earth scenario, I agree with Neil DeGrasse Tyson. He says that aliens would take one look at the earth and conclude, there’s no intelligent life down there and fly off.

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  13. I believe there is intelligent life other than on planet earth. I would be skeptical. as to why they are here. Can they help us solve worldly issues? Can we exchange ideas for the future? A most interesting topic, Renard.

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  14. We should welcome them without fear if they find this planet habitable for their species. If we become friends who knows they may help us find hidden treasures in other planets. We have been striving hard for a very long time now without great results from moon or mars. Technology wise it’s costly too to build spaceships by human beings. They may help us technically how they built their spaceship and able to travel all planets. Many human mysteries will be solved by their arrival I guess. We should not think negative about them as we see in movies.

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  15. I can’t help mentioning that people all over the world and here in the US exhibit all these different reactions every day to “aliens” from different countries. Sure, these aliens are the kinds with two legs and arms and of the same genetic makeup as we are but the reactions of acceptance, fear, hate, and skepticism are still the same. Interesting, thought-provoking post Renard.

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  16. I’d definitely be skeptical. I wouldn’t trust any of it. They were probably here due to some mistake by our government. Some big cover up. See?! I can’t even imagine it without being paranoid! 😜😜

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  17. I guess I’m in the minority in this discussion because I’d be very suspicious of both the aliens and the concept that it’s a cover up for something else. Many believe that aliens are fallen angels/demons and others think that it could be a government hoax fine with holograms (the spaceships would be too high in the sky to differentiate between a hologram. I think there’s going to be a public disclosure event soon.

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    1. πŸ€” I am familiar with those theories, my friend.

      A little skepticism helps to keep us from making bad choices in life.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.


  18. I wondered for a moment if you were watching Ancient Aliens too! LOL! You know, when a scientist sets up an experiment, they are very hands on and tend to it carefully until the experiment is underway. Then they walk away and come back to check on it, making notes every now and again, maybe tinker with parts of it, then wander off again. Let’s not talk about what happens when the experiment has ended. Seriously though, I do believe we cannot possibly be the only life in the universe. There’s more out there. Just one look to see the variety of life on our single planet is enough to prove that. Yes, I do believe there’s been open alien contact in the past, and I believe there will be again.

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  19. I’d be skeptical Renard! Our planet is in bad shape environmental and things are going from bad to worse politically, why would aliens decide to come here?

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  20. I would welcome peaceful Aliens & want to co-exist with them!
    You reminded me of one of my fave movies of 1988 “Alien Nation” that became a TV series called “Alien Nation”….
    It was a great show showing how some Humans were so kind & welcoming & other Humans were horrible to the Newcomers.
    You can read about the series on Wikipedia!
    If Aliens came here to clean up the Planet I would still welcome them….we could use all the help we can get!
    Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ™‚ I am familiar with the show, “Alien Nation”. The SyFy Channel showed it a lot in the past.

      The concept of the show was an interesting one.

      Thank you for your valuable input and your constant support, Sherri-Ellen.

      And, please tell BellaDharma that I said, ” Hello!”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh WOW! You do know the movie/TV series Renard! That is so cool…I never missed an episode!
        And have you seen the Sci-Fi TV series “V”?? That was quite a series…the Lizard People patterned after Nazis’….that series showed what happens if BAD Aliens take over the world. I have the series on DVD even
        And you are welcome! I REALLY enjoy your posts! πŸ™‚


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