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The Writing Never Stops

The Writing Never Stops

Christopher looked at his wristwatch; he noticed that the time was 7:00 PM. “It is time for me to write,” he said.

Christoper’s desktop computer was in his home office; he felt too lazy to walk there and decided to stay in his bedroom; luckily for him, he had a tablet computer with Linux Mint on it and it was conveniently located right next to his pillow.

Loretta (Christopher’s wife) never went to bed before 10:00 PM. She usually hung out in the living room in the evenings to watch television until it was time for her to go to sleep; which meant that Christopher had the entire bed for himself for three hours.

Jarvis, the family’s cat, hopped on the bed; he wanted to be next to his master.

Christopher smiled at Jarvis and said, “I see that you are here to keep me company while I write.”

The black-coloured cat meowed in agreement.

Christopher began typing away on the virtual keyboard of his tablet computer while Jarvis looked on. “The writing never stops,” he said in an almost inaudible whisper.

Three hours after, Loretta found her husband asleep with the tablet computer on his chest and Jarvis’ head on her husband’s left shoulder. She smiled at the sight of the two of them and placed the tablet computer on the table that was next to the bed. “He writes until he drops and he does it all in the name of blogging,” was the thought that ran through her mind.

The Never-Ending Writing Process

Those of us who fill our blogs with article-type blog posts can relate well to Christopher’s story. We know what it is like to:

  • Write at a particular time.
  • Do our quota of writing within a specific period.
  • Fall asleep right after we are finished with our quota of writing (Especially if it is done in our own bed).

We know to ourselves that once we are finished with one blog post, it is time to work on another blog post (And, the process repeats itself until the duration of our blog’s existence).

We Are Constantly Searching For Things To Write About

As a personal blogger, I know what it is like to be constantly searching for things to write about.

The more ideas that I have for blogging, the better things are in the area of content creation.

Luckily for me, I am yet to run out of ideas for blog posts (Doing the things in my very own article, 10 Ways To Come Up With Topics For Your Blog, may have a lot to do with that).

We Are Constantly Doing Research

No matter how well you know a subject, you should still research it.


Because there could be new developments taking place. For example, Linux.

Where Linux distributions are concerned, there is the probability of:

  • A more up-to-date Linux kernel added to it.
  • The addition of new software.
  • The addition of new themes.
  • The addition of new wallpapers.
  • Overall improvements to the operating system; such as a new and improved user interface and bug fixes.

Any blogger who is putting together a blog post that is based on a particular Linux distribution needs to be aware of those things.

And, why is that the case?

Because he or she can enlighten their readers about those changes.

Anyone who would like to know more about doing research for their blog posts should read, How to Research a Blog Post: A Step-by-Step Guide by the Team.

Always keep in mind, that readers are deeply appreciative of well-researched blog posts; it places them in the position to learn something new.

Also, that well-researched blog post of yours might be the one that they are looking for to help them resolve an issue.

Final Thoughts

If your blog is the kind of blog that is article-based, you will have to:

  • Research your content in advance.
  • Write your blog post.
  • Repeat the process over and over again until you give up on blogging or die.

It is a though when writers start a blog, they make a silent agreement with the universe and themselves to write until they are no longer capable of writing.


43 thoughts on “The Writing Never Stops

  1. “he had a tablet computer with Linux Mint on it”
    Nice! πŸ˜‰ It’s not just the writing that never stops, for some of us the Linux promoting doesn’t stop neither. πŸ™‚
    And btw, big nope to tablets, big yes to Linux Mint!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Come on, Renard, you know that I’m a Linux chill since, like, forever. Okay, 2014. Oh and you should know that I think tablets are neither practical nor powerful enough for what we’re doing. Just consumer toys hardly good enough for shopping sprees on Amazon. They were invented for one reason, and one reason only: PROFIT for (censored) Apple! 😐


        1. πŸ™‚ I am into laptop computers with Linux installed on them (I would use those devices for serious day-to-day work).

          I have seen Linux Mint installed on a Microsoft Surface tablet and it worked great.

          Do keep in mind, that Christopher felt too lazy to walk to his desktop computer; thus using his tablet computer instead.

          There are mobile phones and tablets that run on Linux and they are ideal for doing light stuff like blogging or watching videos on.

          Hey, it is not like Christopher was using Windows 11 or iPadOS on his tablet computer.


          1. Sorry but I just hate hate hate smartphones and tablets with a passion. No grown up adult person with some sense of earnesty should ever be exposed and desperate enough to use those things.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. πŸ€” Orca, you and I may be old-fashioned in the sense that we would prefer to use Linux on a desktop computer or a laptop computer.

              However, it is only fair that the next generation of Linux users be given the option to try Linux on all electronic devices; whether they be:

              β€’ Linux on a desktop computer.

              β€’ Linux on a laptop computer.

              β€’ Linux on a smartphone.

              β€’ Linux on a tablet computer.

              It is all about the freedom to choose.


              1. I’m not necessarily oldfashioned, I just fail to see ANY usage case for a tablet. I the end it’s money wasted for a gimmick.


                1. πŸ€” I have to politely disagree with you.

                  Tablets can be used to do a lot of things that can be done on a laptop computer or a desktop computer. However, where functionality is concerned, it is unable to outdo the laptop computer and the laptop computer.

                  Tablets are useful.

                  If we want Linux to thrive and gain a larger user share on the market, we need to include smartphones and tablet computers.

                  I, on the other hand, will stick with laptop computers until manufacturers stop making them (And, realistically speaking, that is not happening anytime soon).


                  1. “I have to politely disagree with you.”
                    You do that. And I’m not even angry as I should be and have all the right to be. πŸ™‚
                    “Tablets are useful.”
                    Usage case please.
                    “If we want Linux to thrive and gain a larger user share”
                    Me, I couldn’t care less. The Linux environment is sound and healthy, I don’t need to fear losing my download sources soon, so I’m happy. I’m propagating the use of GNU/Linux in my blog all the time, show people how to switch and which Linux OS to use. Done my job, the rest is up to the people. You can lead a horse to the water, you can’t make him drink.


  2. I’m a music blogger and I can tell you that it’s one hell of a research! So many events happen everyday so choosing which to follow up on and to abandon is so stressful but hey, I love music blogging and I guess this is what I signed up for. I have big plans for my blog and I just don’t see myself quitting even when I have accomplished them. I might as well blog till the day I die

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my goodness, “repeat the process over and over again until you give up on blogging or die”. I can’t decide exactly how to feel about that since I just started a new blog that will keep me writing more. It’s a very interesting read though and I liked it.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. “It is a though when writers start a blog, they make a silent agreement with the universe and themselves to write until they are no longer capable of writing.”

    Maybe that’s it in a nutshell. I’ve just started blogging, but now I’m wondering why. Maybe it’s because, as you say, the writing never stops.

    Liked by 1 person

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