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Would You Use WordPress If Google Bought It?

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Before you get yourself into panic mode, I want you to know that Google is not buying WordPress and WordPress is not up for sale.

It is just one of those random thoughts that popped up in my mind (Also, I like to play, What if at times).

So, I invite you to play along with me; let us play an interesting game of What if together.

You Might End Up Leaving WordPress If You Are A Linux User

Approximately, ninety-nine percent of Linux users would go elsewhere to blog.


Because the majority of Linux users want nothing to do with Google.

Two of the main reasons for that are Linux users are full supporters of free and open source software, whereas, Google itself is the epitome of proprietary software and Google makes money by selling the data of those people who use its services.

I can also imagine the Linux YouTube vloggers having a field day and kicking up a huge fuss the day that Google buys WordPress.

Realistically speaking, the chances of Google buying WordPress are zero!

You Might Rejoice In Knowing That Google Bought WordPress

If you are a Google fanboy or a fangirl ― someone who is fully proud of living in Google’s ecosystem, you will be in a joyous mood.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Finally, Google owns WordPress. My blog might have a better chance of showing up on Google’s Search Engine Results Pages!”

You might even go as far as to blog about it using your Chromebook or your Android smartphone via your beloved Google Chrome web browser.

As far as you are concerned, life could not be better for someone who uses Google’s services.

You Might Be Jealous Of Google

If you are a Microsoft fanboy or fangirl ― someone who loves living entirely in the Microsoft ecosystem, you might think to yourself, “Why the hell is Google the owner of WordPress? Microsoft should have been the owner of WordPress. Microsoft can do a better job!”

Out of jealously, you grab your Surface Pro 8 with Windows 11 on it and log into your WordPress account via your Microsoft Edge web browser, to let the entire world know that Microsoft can do a better job of running the affairs of WordPress.

Microsoft Windows users can be very sore losers at times.

You Might View WordPress As Being Untrustworthy

If you are an Apple fanboy or fangirl ― someone who worships the Apple ecosystem, you might end up viewing WordPress as being untrustworthy. You will most likely open up your MacBook Pro or use your iPhone or your iPad to log into your WordPress account via the Safari web browser and create a blog post that tells all of your friends that WordPress is untrustworthy and that everyone should migrate to Ghost.

There are a lot of Apple users who do not trust Google; they would prefer to use the service that Apple provides and use a search engine that is not powered by Google.

You Might Be Nonchalant Towards Google Buying WordPress

If you know that Google bought WordPress and you are nonchalant about the whole ordeal, you will probably think to yourself, “What is all of the fuss about? At least WordPress is still around and I can still get to publish all of my blog posts.”

Where you are concerned, it does not matter to you who is the current owner of WordPress. All you care about is that WordPress is around for you to use whenever you want to write a blog post and publish it.

Zany Conclusion

This blog post was meant as a light-hearted approach to sum up how some people might react if they found out that Google had purchased WordPress; it is all part of the What if game.

It was not meant in any way to be disrespect to those of you who use:

  • Linux
  • ChromeOS
  • Android
  • Microsoft Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • iPadOS

Now, with that out of the way, please tell me what your reaction would be like if you were to find out one day, that Google purchased WordPress for a large sum of money.

And, the million dollar question, would you use WordPress if Google bought it?


72 thoughts on “Would You Use WordPress If Google Bought It?

  1. I wouldn’t care from a data privacy perspective. Google already has so much of my info that I just can’t get excited.

    I would care in the sense that because Google already has Blogger, they might try to switch everyone to Blogger. I can’t stand the Blogger platform, either aesthetically or functionally

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    1. πŸ˜„ That is an interesting thought.

      As you rightfully said, Google owns Blogger.

      But, I see no reason why they would want to make people switch over to it if they bought WordPress (Unless they bought WordPress to shut down the competition).

      In regards to Blogger, users have the option of using Blogger’s old-fashioned looking themes, uploading the theme that they created or uploading a third-party theme from someone who makes a living selling specially created modern-looking Blogger themes.

      So, in regards to aesthetics, Blogger can either look ancient or modern.

      I used to blog on Blogger, so I would know about those things.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.


  2. Who owns WordPress is of no concern to me at all. If Google bought it, I would keep on blogging. I use Google for other things even though my operating system actually is Linux Ubuntu.

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    1. πŸ™‚ That is most interesting, John.

      You are probably among the one percent of Linux users who would continue to use WordPress if Google bought it.

      By the way, I use Arch Linux.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion and do enjoy the rest of your day.

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  3. I would hate to leave WordPress but I don’t trust Google. They say if you want to work for Google, no need to send a resume because they already know everything about you. Google is a well-functioning browser but privacy is more important.

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  4. While I am a Google fangirl, I would be pretty nonchalant about it as long as Google didn’t go screwing around too much with it. I understand the mistrust of Google but since I use Google for so much including having their cell phone that they pretty much know all about me already whether I like it or not. Also doesn’t Google cache WordPress blogs and basically everything online anyway? So unless you’re a luddite which means you’re not reading this blog or somehow an amazing computer genius that can scrub your internet history then you’re already screwed in the terms of Big Brother knowing everything about you. Plus if it’s not Google, then it’s Apple and are they really that different when it comes to morality? I don’t think so…

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  5. I would still use it. The app runs from an android os. Whilst there are other platforms I don’t think they have the reader system. However as WordPress is opensource, it will only ever be theoretical, luckily.

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  6. I don’t hv any problem with Google πŸ˜‰, and yes definitely I ll continue using wordpress govern by Google. …and one thing nothing is impossible…so google can buy wordpress…if most of the users across the globe start using wordpress onlyπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰πŸ™

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    1. πŸ€” Hmmm. I have heard people say, “Nothing is impossible,” over the years.
      However, there is a very high probability that Google will never buy WordPress.
      Because I do not think that Automattic (WordPress’s parent company) will ever part with it.
      Thank you so kindly for reading and commenting.

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  7. I don’t have anything against Google and I like tools that work. But, if Google bought WordPress, I’d have to reconsider some things. And they’re not reasons that I think most people would think about or possibly even care about. I have a lot of domains with Google domains and a couple of them point to my WordPress blog in order to simplify my website. After having a hosting provider high-jack my domain name several years ago, I’ve made a promise to never let the same company handle my domain names and host my websites. If Google were to purchase WordPress, that would put some of my domain names and my hosting provider essentially together. Domains would probably have to be transferred if I wanted to keep my website running as I have it now. Never, never again will I let the same company have control of my DNS records and host my page. It took me a year to get my domain names back. Anyone who believes that they own their domain names are flat out wrong. Technically, you lease them and when you give them to a bad provider, even ICANN can’t get them back for you. Most lawyers don’t wanna handle domain name cases. Trust me when I say that my experience is not something you ever want to happen to you if you are building your domain important to you. So I’m really glad this is just a hypothetical question, and it did make me think about what I would have to do. But strangely enough, I would keep blogging and just move my domain somewhere else.

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  8. Absolutely not. As a Linux user, I’d Leave WordPress before the ink was dry on the check if Google bought it. Which sucks, because I thing Microsoft owns Wix. Leaving only Squarespace or GoDaddy as viable options for website/blog builders. Ew.

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  9. I started blogging on Blogger, then went to WP for ease of use. If Google buys it [theoretically] and made the system better, specifically in reference to commenting, then I’d not care. I use an iMac, for the record.

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  10. Nope, in fact I am treating it like a video game journal for now… I feel limited with google and the marketers involved with this site thus far. It makes me want to search out my notes from college in order to find the domain I already own again. At least then I could build a website my friends could comment on without actually having to buy or donate. I am learning though. and that part is fun in a video game sort of way. Happy blogging πŸ™‚

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      1. Thanks for asking it makes me feel better about my post today. I was a bit worried till I read other comments on this post. It made me realize others feel the same way and that is hopeful.

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  11. would it not be cool if somehow we could get to a point where we could help each other use wordpress in some way to help the little guy or underdog, or even solo travelers on this ride… I may be thinking at an artist level, but it seems to me that it would actually benefit everyone much more as far as opportunity is concerned… plus the best artist are the ones who hide the most… and from my research any true artist wants to impact the world on a positive level without so much control over things like branding and advertising… since an artist would be clever enough to figure things out probably through the help of wordpress alone… It is crazy how much that has changed since the original wordpress… I still need to find my original domain I already own from college… giggles… my editing goes to the blog so happy blogging πŸ™‚

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  12. almost like they are containing that power… idk why marketing tactics have been around for many many years even before these fancy titles these days… maybe that is why people can’t think to well these days… j/s but I am learning… If a marketing degree alone is needed to brand when I learned it in college than we will just have fun and treat wordpress like a video game for the underdog πŸ™‚

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