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I Dreamt About WordPress

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Sometimes, when I have a particular thing on my mind and I go to sleep, I end up dreaming about it.

I dreamt that I pressed the Publish button and somewhere in the middle of sleep and wake, I thought to myself, “I have no recollection of writing that!”

The chances of me ever publishing something on my blog without knowing what the content is about is zero.

It turned out that my subconscious mind was nudging me to wake up and write another blog post.

What a lot of my readers do not know (or some may have suspected) is that I challenged myself to publish a blog post every day for the month of August on my blog (So far, I have not missed a day).

Recently, I found out some interesting news about the WordPress Mobile App; it was based on Automattic’s decision to remove the Jetpack service from the WordPress Mobile App at the end of this year (I said nothing to my readers about it because I did not want to spread any sort of panic to any of my fellow bloggers who use the WordPress Mobile App to blog).

Oh yes, that was also on my mind and I cannot keep it in any longer; so, I might as well tell you about it.

The WordPress Mobile App May Never Be The Same

I was shocked by the content of Paul Von Schrottky’s article, Refocusing the WordPress App on Core Features; in it, he talked about the reasons for removing the Jetpack features from the WordPress Mobile App.

Those of us in the know are fully aware of the fact that the Jetpack plugin is responsible for:

  • The notifications that we receive whenever someone likes or comments on our blog posts, reblogs any of our blog posts or chooses to follow our blog.
  • Show us our Stats in the dashboard area of WordPress.
  • The Gutenberg Editor (Also known as the Block Editor).
  • The beloved WordPress Reader; the tool that most of us use to locate the blog posts of those we are following as well as to locate new blogs from those we are not following.

Truthfully, it is hard to visualize the WordPress Mobile App without all of those things.

Now, that is not going to affect me because I use my laptop computer to blog.

However, there is the possibility of it having a negative impact on those people who use the WordPress Mobile App to blog.

On a positive note, it was mentioned that the developers would continue to maintain and update the WordPress Mobile App.

They also claimed that the Jetpack App will do what the WordPress Mobile App does and if we have an interest in knowing what our Stats are or enjoy having our WordPress notifications, the Jetpack App will offer the best features to us.

I Downloaded The Jetpack App On My Smartphone

I was curious to find out if the Jetpack App was capable of filling the shoes of the WordPress Mobile App (those are undoubtedly big shoes to fill), so I went over to the Google Play Store and I downloaded the Jetpack App.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Jetpack App was almost identical to the WordPress Mobile App (The only differences were that the Jetpack App was a little more attractive-looking than the WordPress Mobile App, and there was a section that was added to it that displayed chosen blogging prompts for bloggers to participate in and the inclusion of Jetpack logo; which obviously replaced the WordPress logo).

In all honesty, I felt at home ― I felt as though I was using the same WordPress Mobile App, but with a fresh coat of paint on it.

So, whenever Automattic decides that it is time for them to strip the WordPress Mobile App of Jetpack, many users of the WordPress Mobile App (especially those people who blog on can switch to the Jetpack App and continue where they left off.

The WordPress Mobile App Will Still Be Around

From what I have gathered, the WordPress Mobile App is still going to be around but it is going to be stripped of the Jetpack features (The people over at should not be forced into using Jetpack if they do not want to).

I am curious to see what the WordPress Mobile App is going to look like in the future (I should be careful though because someone in the past said, “Curiosity killed the cat,” and my horoscope is Leo).

The Bottom Line

Automattic does not have a set date as to when the WordPress Mobile App is going to undergo its drastic change. All they could tell us is that those changes would be rolled out slowly at the end of the year.

If for some reason or the other, you do not like the changes being made to the WordPress Mobile App in the future, you can always hop on over to the Jetpack App.

Or you can do like me and do all of your blogging on a laptop computer.


132 thoughts on “I Dreamt About WordPress

  1. Well, no wonder I can’t find the WordPress app to download. Based on your post, I have no reason to do that now. Stripping Jet Pack out renders the app useless! Just another fine decision by the dolts at Automattic! Are these people trying to sabotage the entire WordPress thing? Sure seems like it.

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    1. πŸ€” That is strange, John. The WordPress Mobile App should be available for both iOS and Android (I do not own an iPhone, so I have no idea if it was removed from the App Store).
      The Jetpack App does the same thing as the WordPress Mobile App, so you can look for it and download it.
      Apparently, Automattic wants a WordPress Mobile App that can be easily used by both and users.
      Do keep in mind that the Jetpack plugin is optional for those who are using the self-hosted version of WordPress.
      Whereas, the Jetpack functionality is already baked in for the WordPress-hosted version (
      If I try to wrap my mind around the decision that Automattic makes, I will end up getting a migraine headache.
      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

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      1. I have the Business plan so I have the ability to use plugins which I do, and Jet Pack is a part of that. I will try searching for the jet pack app, thanks, Renard!

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  2. I blog almost exclusively on my phone so this would be of concern to me – I will have to check out the Jetpack app to see if it is comparable. I’m a Leo β™ŒοΈ too 😊 and a very curious one – I shall have to be careful

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  3. I have my iPad for my total blog output. No laptop or iPhone. My desktop screen App Store blue A icon comes up with numbers next to it for amount of updates. Facebook, Messenger, Flickr, WordPress, etc. I access the App Store and click download. I am not too sure of the exact date, but the β€˜Jetpack Powered’ suddenly appeared on a banner and sits at the bottom of my WordPress screen. The WordPress App looks exactly the same as always. So will look further into this now. How or if it may affect future ease of use. Cheers for the information.

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  4. As you know, Renard, I blog exclusively on my iPhone. I never use my laptop. I’ve heard of Jetpack, but had no idea what it does. After reading this post, I went to the Apple Store on my iPhone and downloaded the Jetpack Website Builder for WordPress. So, if and when WordPress removes Jetpack from its iOS app, would I use the Jetpack app instead of the WordPress iOS for my blog? Is that how it will work?

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    1. πŸ€” I have been doing some deep contemplation on that Fandango.

      If they are removing the Jetpack functionality from the WordPress Mobile App, what is the sense of using both the WordPress Mobile App and the Jetpack App together?

      By the way, since you have the WordPress Mobile App and the Jetpack App on your iPhone, you are going to get two sets of notifications.

      The whole purpose of the Jetpack App is for you to have access to notifications, Stats, etcetera, whenever they decide to purge the WordPress Mobile App of Jetpack.

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      1. Yes, I already notice that, so I turned off notifications in Jetpack. I’m wondering if there are features available in WordPress that aren’t available in Jetpack and vice versa.

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  5. LOL I love a good pet cemetery joke πŸ˜‚ we named one of our barn cats Leo funny story there. I’m relieved that you like jetpack so much. Ill probably just go ahead and download it to get the ball rolling

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  6. Wowza…never a dull moment. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Renard, although I hope you have no further nightmarish dreams about WordPress and accidentally publishing. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the chuckle along with the heads-up. Much appreciated!

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      1. Already up and running
        Although at the moment same as word press app
        Now I have two to choose from
        I never post from my mobile though so maybe it’s better for that

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        1. πŸ™‚ Well, it is mostly intended for that.

          Automattic is not going to remove Jetpack from the WordPress Mobile App until the end of the year (And, that is when the Jetpack App is going to come in handy).

          If you do not post on your smartphone, the removal of Jetpack from the WordPress Mobile App is not going to affect you.

          Continue using the web-based version of WordPress on your computer, Alison.


      1. Renard please I’m having difficulties with customizing my theme ,it shows me that my browser isn’t supported and I’m not really familiar with how things work here on word press i mean not like you,you have so many views,likes and comments how can i make my blog page a little bit something like yours.I do have the ideas but to put it into order is what bothers me

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        1. πŸ€” I am making an educated guess that you blog on a desktop computer or a laptop computer. If that is the case, download Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

          In regards to making my blog look the way it is, you will have to add pages at the top and remove the sidebar.

          Once you have entered the”Themes” section, you will have to customize it.

          By the way, it is not necessary to go through all of the trouble to make your blog look like mine.

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                1. πŸ™‚ To put it simply, a tag is a word that describes what your blog post is based on. For example, if your blog post is based on blogging, you can add “Blogging” as a tag.


  7. Thanks for that.. I’m trying to post one every day this month too so far so good, mine are a little shorter, respect to you I’ve read most of yours they have been good

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  8. At first I was horrified, but it might not actually be that bad. I downloaded the app and will play with it later. Is it okay to have both at the same time? (it sounds like I’d need to turn off notifications on the WP app)

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    1. πŸ™‚ For now, you will either need to take off the notifications on the WordPress Mobile App or the Jetpack App (The choice is yours).

      Yes, it is okay to have them both on your smartphone at the same time.

      Since both of them are doing the same things, for now, I would uninstall the WordPress Mobile App.

      However, you can keep both of them if you like.

      The user interface of the Jetpack App is almost identical to the user interface on the WordPress Mobile App.

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  9. I had a feeling you were publishing more often. I don’t use the app, so that shouldn’t be a problem for me. It’s funny you mentioned dreaming about WordPress. I had a dream the other day where I could very clearly read one of my blog posts. It was complete nonsense, but I’d never been able to read in my dreams before.

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    1. 😲 Wow! You had a dream that you were able to read one of my blog posts? That was one really cool dream.

      Thank you for letting me know that you do not use the WordPress Mobile App.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day.

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    1. πŸ˜ƒ I will try not to dream about Jetpack, Davy.

      On a serious note, I do not think that I have a good reason to dream about Jetpack.

      Thank you for letting me know that you use your laptop computer to blog.

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  10. I am glad I use a laptop. Not all changes are very good ones. Why bother to create a separate app if the old one did the job fine. You could enhance the old one all the same. It saves you the bother to look for a good replacement in the google play store.

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        1. πŸ™‚ It is the integration of Jetpack that makes the WordPress Mobile App what it is currently.

          Automattic has intentions of removing the Jetpack functionality from the WordPress Mobile App at the end of the year (When that happens, you can switch over to the Jetpack App).

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  11. I see that as a bad news for people like me who use only mobile phones.

    I see it very stressful to use two apps at a time in blogging 😌
    I just pray I could afford a laptop before all that changes.

    Thanks for this wonderful post as always.

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  12. I am trying to decide if WordPress wants to hobble a few million bloggers from sharing their views across the internet. I am already suspicious that they somehow act like Google in limiting and controlling who can access what we publish …

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  13. Good for you for addressing this topic, Renard, because I’ve learned with WordPress they are not always transparent. Unless you subscribe to some of their newsletters, you won’t be aware of changes ahead of time. I use a laptop so changes to the mobile app are not a concern for me but for those that do, it’s very important to learn of these changes before they happen.

    I became familiar with Jetpack, when I was self-hosted and now it is a separate plug-in for my Pro plan. Jetpack has a lot to offer and is an excellent security, performance, and marketing tool.

    Congrats on your quest to publish every day in the month of August. I feel certain you will meet your challenge.

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    1. πŸ€” Those bloggers who blog on will feel the proverbial pinch.

      According to the information that I have gathered, they want to make the WordPress Mobile App more user-friendly for those who blog on

      Also, it is not mandatory for the people on to use Jetpack.

      Whereas, the Jetpack functionality is automatically baked into

      The developers intend on recreating the WordPress Mobile App in such a way that both users and users can have a positive user experience.

      Also, they plan on removing Jetpack from the WordPress Mobile App at the end of the year (Automattic can change their minds or delay the changes for a much later timeframe).

      The Jetpack App is almost similar to the WordPress Mobile App and in the event that Jetpack is stripped out of the WordPress Mobile App, those bloggers on can transition over to the Jetpack App.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

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      1. That makes more sense. I knew there were some differences between and, but never fully understood them. But it makes sense that you’d redesign the app to work better with, since the Jetpack app exists for users. I’ll have to make sure to get the Jetpack app, then I don’t write in the app, but I do like seeing my stats (such as they are—ha!) on the go.

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    1. πŸ€” That is most interesting, Rory.

      I highly doubt that your pillows were capable of fitting in inside of your stomach.

      Your pillows were probably on the bedroom floor.

      Thank you for participating in the lively discussions.

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  14. The WordPress app is currently very stable on android devices and is very much helpful to share blogs under tags and different categories.

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  15. I’m a new blogger here and so far I did all my blogging from the laptop. I didn’t even know about the separate Jetpack app, so I might check it out. I posted this comment from the WordPress app btw

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        1. πŸ™‚ It is almost like the WordPress Mobile App. It has a section for prompts that were selected by Automattic, the Stats section is more detailed and instead of blue, it is green and instead of the WordPress logo, there is the Jetpack logo.


            1. πŸ™‚ Yes, you will.

              At the moment, you have nothing to worry about. When the time comes, WordPress will make an announcement.

              In the meantime, use your WordPress Mobile App.


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