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Are You Embarrassed By The Older Blog Posts On Your Blog?

Renard tells bloggers what to do with older blog posts that are embarrassing.

I have read my fair share of blog posts from bloggers who claimed that they were embarrassed by the older blog posts on their blogs; they even asked their readers if they should delete those blog posts.

Despite not being embarrassed by my older blog posts on Renard’s World, I can fully understand their reasons for not wanting their older blog posts to be discovered by others.

It is human nature for a blogger to feel embarrassed about their older blog posts of theirs when:

  • Those blog posts are badly written.
  • Those blog posts contain something that they are ashamed of; for example, vandalizing private property while they were drunk.
  • Those blog posts make them look foolish or immature.

Dear friend, what you do today has the potential of embarrassing you tomorrow (Especially if you published it on your blog for everyone to read).

So, without further ado, it is time for you and I to dive deeply into this interesting topic.

The Case Of Badly Written Blog Posts

Everyone’s strong point is not going to be writing. Therefore, people who are poorly skilled at writing will make a mess of their blog posts; they may contain lots of spelling and grammatical errors.

What should you do if your older blog posts are filled with spelling and grammatical errors?

You can do the following things:

  • Leave those older blog posts as they are.
  • Rewrite those older blog posts (Fixing those spelling and grammatical errors once and for all).
  • Delete those older blog posts.

The choice is yours. You are free to carry out any one of those actions.

If you chose to leave those older blog posts as they are, they will be there as a constant reminder of how far you have come as a blogger.

However, the downside to doing that will annoy the living daylights of those people who are accustomed to reading blog posts that contain correct spelling and the proper usage of grammar.

If you chose to fix the misspelled words and the poor grammar in your older blog posts, Google (and other search engines) will reward you by sending additional traffic to your blog.

If you chose to delete those older blog posts of yours, you can rest in peace because they will no longer be around to haunt you or cause people to be judgemental of your older blog posts.

The downside of that would be that those older blog posts will no longer be around to remind you of the level of progress that you have made since you started that blog of yours.

The Case Of Those Blog Posts Containing Things That You Are Ashamed Of

Some people will leave those old embarrassing blog posts on their blog with the hopes of no one discovering them.

The truth is that there are people who will go through your blog’s archive with the hopes of finding something interesting.

And, there is also the possibility of people coming across your old blog posts while doing a query on a search engine.

So, it is impossible for those older blog posts that you are ashamed of to remain hidden.

If you did something in the past that was illegal or something that can be perceived as a mild misdemeanour and you published it, I suggest deleting it at once.


Because it can ruin your future.

Do you know that people do a background check on you whenever you apply for a job?

The people who are hired to do a background check on you will:

  • Check to see if you have a criminal record.
  • Check your social media accounts and your blog to see what type of person you are.
  • Check your credit history.
  • Check the area in which you live and ask the environs all sorts of questions about you.

The last thing that you want is for those older blog posts to be used against you.

However, if the older blog post is something that you are ashamed of and is harmless (but embarrassing nonetheless); for example, it is based on you falling off of your bicycle while your significant other was looking, you can leave it up for others to read, or you could delete it.

If you are a Christian and before you found God you use to party a lot, get drunk and have sex with a different person each night and you posted those things on your blog, you will want to delete those blog posts because they are no longer a reflection of who you are; you are a changed person.

The Case Of Rebranding And Starting Over

Instead of deleting your old blog and creating a new one, you can simply delete all of the content, change your blog’s URL and start from scratch.

You might want to do that sort of thing if you are a more mature person (Especially if you have returned to the blog that you created when you were a young teenager).

So, in this case, getting rid of those embarrassing posts and changing your blog’s URL are all done in the name of rebranding.

For those of you who are interested in doing just that, I highly recommend reading, Change a Site Address, by the WordPress Support Team (It would provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to go about changing your blog’s URL).

Final Thoughts

If those older blog posts that you are ashamed of contain anything that is self-incriminating, delete them at once.

If they contain nothing illegal and they are embarrassing, you can either keep them or delete them.

If those blog posts do not reflect the person you currently are, delete them.

If you are rebranding your entire blog, delete all of those blog posts, change your blog’s URL and start from scratch.

Please feel free to share your perspective on what you have read.

And, thank you for reading!

98 thoughts on “Are You Embarrassed By The Older Blog Posts On Your Blog?

  1. Love this post, Renard. Were you crawling into my brain this afternoon? On another platform, I blogged a few years ago and I was JUST mulling over old posts which I archived — for myself — but are no longer posted. They’re like a time capsule – so descriptive related to my life at the time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Great topic!

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  2. I don’t see any reason to go back to my old posts.
    But even if I have to go back to them, I have no reason to be ashamed because I believe that blogging in learning and learning is never stagnant but progressive.

    Thanks for the wonderful post❀️

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  3. I started my first blog in 2005 (it’s no longer available) and my writing style has changed dramatically. My posts used to be long, wordy, meandering posts. Now my posts are usually short and concise. I do occasionally revisit my old posts and will occasionally snatch bits and pieces from them that could withstand the test of time and post them on my current blog.

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  4. nice post that speaks reality…honestly, looking back, I feel ashamed of some of my older posts, especially when I compare them with my most recent or newer ones… however, I can’t delete them; instead, as you suggested, I have been gradually taking time to rewrite some of my older blog posts whenever I have time, and they look good, even if not superb. I still have some old blog posts to rewrite, proofread, edit, but I take the opportunity to rewrite and upgrade them whenever I reblog or republish them (from the oldest upwards) to the most recent date before returning them to the initial date I had published them…anyways, the difference between some of my older blog posts and newer ones has made me see clearly how much I have stepped in terms of grammar, punctuation, and content flow…

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  5. An interesting post and essential topic, Renard.

    I looked back on many of my earlier Guy posts with despair at times when l realised they contained many grammars errs. About six months before the blog’s deletion, l started to rewrite and correct it. Still, l realised that ultimately the better decision was to delete and start a blog more reflective of who l am today.

    I had also thought about keeping the blog and simply rebranding but opted against that also – l needed to be more accurate to me and say Guy was yesterday and Earthly is today.

    I had always struggled with grammar, even when at school. My teachers often scold, reprimand, physically discipline and so on because of that lack of skill. Years later, l would learn that my autism made me see things differently regarding writing. It was awkward because l loved to write, and l adore words, but l was determined not to let it stop me; l found ways of improving.

    I have no shame when l say l use Grammarly. It has helped me enormously and become a new teacher as l am writing better by using it with fewer corrections.

    Whilst in Guy, l never wrote any story or tale that wasn’t true nor ashamed of anything l ever wrote, but l did revisit them often. As Fandango stated above, l would refer to them and perhaps use them further for idea creation or extract segments from them for future posts.

    I am a long content writer, but with Earthly and more so on the indexed posts that, although written and in the draft, haven’t been published or seen yet, many are shorter and concise. So diary-styled posts are longer whilst informative, and fact seekers are shorter.

    Now l write more content that l want to be seen as evergreen instead of merely topical.

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    1. πŸ™‚ I am happy to know that you never gave up writing despite being scolded by your teachers in the past (Apparently, they knew nothing about autism back then).

      Grammarly has saved a lot of writers (and bloggers too) from making spelling and grammatical errors.

      Yes, I am fully aware that you are a person who writes long-form content (I learned that fact from a previous blog of yours).

      Also, evergreen content is the best type of content to add to your blog.

      Thank you for telling me the reason why you deleted your previous blog.

      In regards to your current blog, I wish you all the best with it.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day, Rory.

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  6. I think old posts should be reviewed and edited every 3 month. If not all posts atleast few of them. You made a very good point that employers check the background before hiring someone. Great post πŸ‘

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  7. I wouldn’t say I’m embarrassed. They are poorly written as you said in your first point. I use to write reviews that were as short as possible. Even if I was barely making a point. The solution I chose was to rewrite my older posts. Though I’ve only made slight progress since my current reviews are so time consuming. Still, it’s a goal I strive to complete since every movie deserves the royal treatment.

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  8. Thanks Renard! πŸ‘πŸ˜You’ve actually got me thinking about whether I should delete some of old posts or not. πŸ€” Not because I’m embarrassed by them but just to clean up my blog a little.

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  9. Great post, Renard and as the blog posts add up and the cost of maintaining the ever-expanding blog increase, it’s probably good to revisit not just early posts but slowly revisit the whole thing and maybe do a bit of pruning. I have also reblogged other bloggers’ posts and I might try and delete those. My blog follows our family for about ten years from when our kids were 8 and 6 to 18 and 18 and I’m still going. They aren’t mentioned by name and I go by a different surname when I write but for people who know us, the link is there. I don’t think there’s anything too embarrassing for them on the blog as I’ve always been careful.
    Because my blog chronicles our family life, it’s very precious to me which reminds me. I need to back it up.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Best wishes,

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  10. “Those blog posts are badly written.”
    I’m quite sure they did the best they could muster at that time. No reason to be ashamed. Also, in our blogs we can edit, delete and totally alter everything, even change its meaning to the contrary. It’s not nice to do so, jus’ sayin’.
    “Those blog posts contain something that they are ashamed of; for example, vandalizing private property while they were drunk.”
    You weren’t human if you didn’t.
    “Those blog posts make them look foolish or immature.”
    That’s maybe because they were/are immature and foolish. So what?

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  11. I’ve deleted blog posts because they were poorly written and it bugged me to have them hanging around, but I’ve never been ashamed of anything I’ve written– at least to the point of making it go away. Interesting topic. A corollary to this topic is what do you do about comments you’ve left on someone’s post, comments that didn’t come across the way you intended so you sound hostile or stupid? Those worry me a bit, but like most things bloggy… I shrug and move on.

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  12. Great post, Renard. I’ve deleted many old posts for different reasons: they no longer apply to my current religious beliefs and I also wanted to make more space. It’s a lot of work to shift through. I’m also editing posts for grammatical errors, changing photo images and revising certain topics. It’s exhausting re-editing posts but I hope it’s worth the effort in the long run.

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  13. A good rule of thumb for posting on the internet, anything and anywhere, is to never post something you could be embarrassed about, now, in 5 years or in 10 years or ever. Once something is out, it is out and can be stored on anyone’s drives regardless of whether you delete it or not. So no, I’m not embarrassed by any of my blog posts although I have changed the format a bit over the last year and a half I have been blogging.

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  14. Interesting thoughts on this topic – my blogs are pretty much my roadmap of travel and life experiences. I wouldn’t want to delete any part of who I am. I know that there must be some mistakes in grammar and spelling (because it’s been brought to my attention) but I am not perfect and neither is my writing. So I learn and move on, always striving to do my best.

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  15. Thank you for your thoughts, this makes a lot of sense! I like the idea of cleaning-up old posts, just tweaking the grammar and spelling to make it more readable. For the example of the new Christian, though, I think it would be cool to keep up the old posts as a testimony on how God changed their life. They could just add a note at the top saying that they wrote this before they knew God. But of course, if they want to start from a clean slate then that works too!

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  16. I’ve changed my blog niche a few times and I also audit my blog during the process. It’s a tedious and time-consuming process, however, it’s my blog and I want it to be the best it can be. If I feel what I have written in the past doesn’t fit with my current thoughts, I copy/paste into a word doc and redo it or repurpose it to another platform.

    I’ve never been embarrassed by my content because I learned a long time ago best not to put in writing what you don’t want the world to see. With that said, if I feel there’s room for improvement in my work, I will attempt to fix it.

    Reblogs and links to blogs of others need to be checked frequently in case the blog site no longer exists, the link is broken, or the blog content has changed and is not suitable.

    I love Grammarly except it doesn’t like poetry. lol

    Superb topic, Renard, and points that we all need to keep in mind.

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  17. Older posts don’t necessarily mean they were worse (or even better) than current ones. They are an evolution of one’s blogging experience– whether it includes writing, photography or artwork. Old posts may simply be a frame of mind for that time.

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    1. πŸ™‚ I am in full agreement with your statement.

      I never insinuated that older blog posts are worse because they are old.

      I highlighted the fact that some bloggers might feel ashamed of their older work because of the flaws within them.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

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  18. This is great Renard. For me I have nothing to hide , my older posts are always about fashion since I talked and written about fashion since my first day here at WordPress, yes I have a blog that had spelling errors but I learnt and now I write well readable blogs. Thank you for this post, it helps us to review which blogs are fine and which are embarrassing to the publicπŸ™

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  19. I thought about getting rid of some of mine, but then I realized that they showcase how much I’ve grown. I may go back and edit a few but otherwise I think I’ll just leave it alone and keep on growing! Fantastic post Renard. I was just thinking of this the other day

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  20. I just started to use word press…Even I posted my first blog with a blunder…I thought I will delete it after getting better and better…but now I’ll not do it, because I also want to see my improvement. And the main motive for my blogging is to improve my English, so yes. Thanks for your help(indirect)πŸ˜…

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  21. Great post ! It’s been 3 months I have been blogging when I started I don’t know much things and just write whatever I want… I feel embarrassed and delete them. I thought they were not so good and people don’t like them to read. 😞 Also there were a lot of grammatical mistakes because my writing skills are not so good.


  22. I never thought of deleting my old blog posts. I was not perfect yesterday and I am not perfect today, but I am learning each day and sometimes I see my old blog posts and I admire my confidence to publish a post with so much mistakes. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ But, there are some for which I am proud till today.
    There is nothing to hide, we all are just humans and humans can never be perfect.

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  23. Hi , once again I have gained a bit more wisdom creating blog posts. I generally write about situations in my life and can be viewed by some as TMI (too much info). I am a christian and my blog I started i did so to have a place to put those events and reflect on them. I was ignorant just how large of an audience there is or could be. It is good advise and I take that advise and polish my posts before I publish them. Have a great day.

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  24. I tend to delete everything and start over. Part of it was related to my job requiring locked social media. But now that I’m leaving that job next week, I’m already posting my personal online journal stuff. I plan to post more wellness content after I quit. But yeah sometimes personal posts embarrass me. I just try to think of life as an evolutionary process!

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  25. No, it shows me how much I can be proud of myself for evolving through the years. Also, it has a magical touch regarding the struggles and the lows that encouraged me to work on myself.

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