Stop Worrying About What Other Bloggers Think Of You

Stop Worrying About What Other Bloggers Think Of You

Could you remember the days when personal bloggers just went with the flow and posted whatever they wanted on their blogs?

Okay, some of you still do that.

But, unfortunately, there are some personal bloggers who worry about what others think; they often think to themselves, “Oh, I cannot post that. People will laugh at me.”

Dear friend, if you fear being ridiculed, you will end up publishing nothing. So, swallow your fear whole and create a blog post that reflects you.

Wanting To Be Liked Is Natural

innately we all want to be liked.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that some people will like us and others will despise us (Truthfully, there is nothing much that we can do about that).

Do keep in mind, that you can ignore the hatred that comes your way and accept the incoming love from your fellow bloggers.

And, even though, you might be the rare individual who everyone hates, you still have the right to express yourself via your blog posts.

We All Have Our Special Gifts

We all have our special gifts; we might as well use our blog as a medium to share those gifts and not stifle them.

In my case, I do not expect everyone to be open-minded about Linux, but I do publish Linux-related blog posts at times.

Why do I go along with it?

I do it because I am genuinely interested in Linux; I am also quite good at it (And, I have every right to publish a Linux-related blog post on my blog).

Also, those people who are interested in all things Linux, will read my blog post.

You might have an interest in creating stuffed teddy bears, but you are having second thoughts about publishing a tutorial on how to create stuffed teddy bears out of the fear of being perceived as a weirdo.

So, what if people think that you are a weirdo for creating stuffed teddy bears?

In all honesty, that is their problem, not yours!

On a positive note, those people who are into arts and crafts would not mind reading a tutorial on how to go about creating stuffed teddy bears of their own.

I consider it a blessing to pass on what we have learned to others (Which, in my opinion, is a thousand times better than hoarding the knowledge and keeping it to ourselves).

So, with that said, never be afraid or ashamed of sharing your gifts with the world.

You Are The Boss Of Your Own Blog

Hey, it is your blog; that gives you the right to:

  • Use any theme that you desire.
  • Use any set of fonts that you desire.
  • Use any widgets that you desire.
  • Publish any type (or types) of content that you desire.

Dear friend, you are the boss of your own blog, so never apologize for doing your own thing.

If people do not like your style of doing things, they can go somewhere else.

Make Blogging A Fun-Filled Activity

If you focus your attention on making blogging a fun-filled activity, you will be too busy to care about what other people think of you and your blog.

By the way, you can make blogging fun by:

  • Challenging yourself (This may take the form of participating in a prompt or some type of blogathon).
  • Not concerning yourself with the thought of whether or not a particular blog post (or blog posts) will receive likes.
  • Avoiding the temptation to be a perfectionist.
  • Interacting with your fellow bloggers.

Do you ever go out of your way to make blogging a fun-filled activity?

Some People Will Always Find Fault No Matter What You Do

It should not come as a surprise, that there would be a bunch of people who would be highly critical of our best work.

What should you do in a case like that?

Dust yourself off and move on, my friend.

The truth is that you will never be able to please everyone.

Hey, you should not go out of your way to please everyone either.


Because you will end up becoming a human doormat (Doormats are for walking on and no one should be walking on you).

Final Thoughts

In regard to personal blogging, I genuinely believe that bloggers should not be too concerned about what other people think of them.

There needs to be a return to the old days ― the days when personal bloggers simply published content on their blogs without the fear of being ridiculed or judged by anyone (That is how things were over on Blogger [also known as Blogspot] back in the early 2000s).

Oh, I will admit that the times have changed, but the change in times should not equate to feeling as though you are walking on proverbial eggshells every time you are about to publish new content on your WordPress blog.

74 thoughts on “Stop Worrying About What Other Bloggers Think Of You

  1. I fully agree with you Renard. Blogging and blog space belongs to the blogger to shop as they please. The intent should be to write what appeals to them. But on the same page, don’t try to offend others by post obnoxious comments on others blogs.

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  2. Oof I suffer very much from worrying about what people think. Sometimes I miss the early days when zero people read it because I felt free to write whatever I wanted. Now I have so many things left unpublished because I’m too afraid to post them. I have considered making another blog where I can create a vague identity so I can say anything.

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    1. 🙂 Hetty, I would like to suggest that you overcome your fear of what others will think of you whenever you publish a blog post.

      Also, what would you do if you created another blog and it became popular?

      You would be back at square one, my friend.

      By the way, thank you for reading and commenting.

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  3. Good points Renard and ones worth remembering
    I often don’t blog something because I think it will be boring but I should overcome that with this sound advice 😃

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  4. Times sure have changed, people became more irritated and sensitive. But I never had a negative reaction in this community. I try to write what I want. And to hell with those who have a problem with that. As you said, we aren’t doormats.

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  5. Once again your posts continue to speak to me personally. Luckily I learned this lesson a long time ago. That’s why I only ever review movies that I want to review, at the pace I want to review them. My only minor fault is occasionally overthinking whether I should say my controversial thoughts on a particular topic, in an effort to please everyone.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you, my friend.

      Sharing your controversial thoughts on a controversial topic can sometimes lead to fights in the comments section of one’s blog.

      However, controversy can be carried out in a diplomatic manner.

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  6. When you reach a certain age, if you’re a blogger, you begin to care less about what others think about what you post and more about saying what you really think and feel. I have reached that age and I post whatever the hell I want to. My philosophy is simple: if you don’t like what I have to say in my posts, stop reading my blog.

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  7. I never ever worry because I know for a FACT that y’all are MADLY IN LOVE with me and my INTELLIGENT, WELL-INFORMED, POLITICALLY INCORRECT, and EXTREMELY SEXY bloggy.

    Let’s face it: It doesn’t get any better than \o/ Orca’s Blog! \o/

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  8. Another good content post Renard. Sometimes l used to worry but only in so far as not using olitically correct language or that maybe sometimes people wouldn’t quite ‘get me’, now l am no longer bothered, like it, love it, hate it – it’s a reader’s perspective only and that will at times be different to a writer’s view point.

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    1. “I do take care not to offend anyone.”

      Why? I call my readers assholes, weirdos, nerds all the time … and they love me for it! 😉


  9. Very insightful post Renard!
    I am one of those Bloggers who posts reality……I can tell you some Followers have been VERY upset over the past 2 years that I/BellaDharma do not always do ‘fuzzy warm’ posts! Sometimes we have a good week. Some weeks are a nightmare & I/BellaDharma ‘tell it like it is’!
    I do not believe in sugar coating life at THE Purrfect Pad. If someone is offended they do not have to read our posts!
    (I’ve NEVER been a sell out as you well know!)
    Thanks for always inspiring us giving us food for thought!
    BellaSita Mum (Sherri-Ellen) & **purrss** BellaDharma

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  10. I never care about other’s opinions, as it is their reality and not mine. What I know about myself is all that really matters.

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  11. Positive Criticism can be taken as scope towards improvement but degrading people for their abilities on platforms like this , It will be discouraging for fellow bloggers , everyone must take steps align with upgrading each other ,this is what required in today’s world,the most.

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  12. I couldn’t agree more. Very true Renard. I love blogging and I don’t think about what people are saying about it or me, It is what gives me a purpose in life to enjoy what I love doing which is writing fashion blogs

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  13. Exactly renard. OMG I ve never post anything because I m too worried abkut what ppl’s think. Eventhough there’s still a few ppl read kr most often no bodg read my blog. I still have the anxiety how if ppl know that I m this kind of person.

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    1. 🙂 You are probably worried over nothing. You are better off being a brave blogger and blogging without a care in the world.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!


      1. Indeed!! Ppl actually do not care they just care about themselve. So why should I care abiut others ppl opinion. I knew this but still having trouble with the anxiety. Anyway thank you for writing this. I ve just got a motivation to write again.

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  14. Few people told me that the colours of my site are too bright, I need to make them dull.
    So I changed the green colour in my site a bit.
    Although people here, are very kind to me, but still some non-bloggers effect my confidence.

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  15. I was once like that, but learnt 2 things from it,
    First is being courageous
    And second is facing whatever that comes out of it with pride and humility at once😂

    Great post❤️

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  16. Amen! I get so sick of dictators like one time I shared a post on my blog’s Facebook page and someone tries to tell me I should get a plan for my blog claiming to be a WordPress expert. Uh no I will decide when I’m going to upgrade thank you bery much.

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