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The Power Of Being Your Own Blog’s Cheerleader

The Power Of Being Your Own Blog’s Cheerleader

When it comes to blogging, you cannot wait until others cheer you on.


Because if you do, you will get very little blogging done.

So, as a blogger, you will be more productive if you started off as your own cheerleader.

You Can Cheer Your Ownself On Whenever You Are Writing A Blog Post

I have been putting blog posts together since 2008 and it all started with me thinking, “Come on, Renard, you can do it!”

The problem is that a lot of you have been telling yourselves, “Blogging is hard. I do not know if I can get it done!”

Dear friend, you have a choice; you can either be negative or positive where blogging is concerned.

As someone who has been blogging for a number of years, I can assure you that writing blog posts would become easy by adopting a positive mindset.

You Need To Cheer Yourself On Even When Your Blog Has No Views

Working hard on a blog post to see it get zero incoming views might be demotivating for some bloggers.

Guess what?

Starting from zero is not a bad thing.


Because every blogger started off with zero; the number of incoming views to their blog increased as they continued blogging.

Do not be the pessimistic blogger who says, “Blogging is a waste of time. No one wants to read what I have to say. So, I might as well quit.”

Be the optimistic blogger who says, “Things are going to get better. My blog posts are going to attract incoming views.”

You Can Cheer Yourself On Whenever You Are Brainstorming Ideas For Your Future Blog Posts

One of the hardest things for some bloggers is finding topics to blog about.

In regards to jutting down topics to blog about, you can use an old-fashioned notebook (the one that has pages made of paper and you write in it by using a pencil, pen or marker), the digitalized notebook (The one that is on your smartphone, tablet computer, laptop computer or desktop computer and you type coherent strings of words into them using a touchpad or a keyboard).

While you are trying your very best to come up with ideas, you can say to yourself, “I am quite capable of coming up with an idea or two.”

Dear friend, the whole purpose of jutting down ideas in a notebook, is for you to look at them whenever you want to find a topic to blog about.

By the way, if you are having difficulty coming up with topics for your own blog, I recommend that you thoroughly read, 10 Ways To Come Up With Topics For Your Blog.

You Can Cheer Yourself On When The “Likes” Are Low

Personally, I was never unmotivated by a low number of likes or deeply motivated by a large number of likes.


Because I appreciate comments more than likes.

As far as I am concerned, anyone can press the Like button (Having your blog’s Like button pressed is not always an indicator of your blog being read since some people press the Like button to grab your attention; they do it with the hopes of you checking out their blog).

It also has a lot to do with me coming over from Blogger (Blogger [also known as Blogspot] does not have a Like button and the only way in which one could have expressed their appreciation for what they read was to leave a valuable comment in the comments thread of that person’s blog).

Now if you are the type of person who is into likes, you can cheer yourself on with the hopes of acquiring your first set of likes.

Do keep in mind that people are known to abuse the Like button on WordPress and that not all likes are genuine.

You Can Cheer Yourself On Even When Your Blog Has No Comments

Comments do mean a lot for some bloggers; it lets them know what people think of their blog posts (And, when their blog posts do not get any comments in their blog’s commenting section, they become depressed).

If you are the type of blogger who is into comments, you can cheer yourself on with the hopes of your blog receiving its first set of comments.

By the way, anyone can receive comments in their blog’s commenting section by doing the following things:

  • Asking a question (or a number of questions) in their blog posts.
  • Creating high-quality blog posts (High-quality blog posts are known for attracting lots of comments).
  • Commenting regularly in the comments section of the blogs of their fellow bloggers (Some of their fellow bloggers will make an effort to comment on the blog posts that they published on their blog).
  • Always responding to comments that were made in the comments section of their blog (Most people like it when the owner of the blog responds to their comments; thus making a conscientious effort of leaving more comments of their own in the future whenever the owner of the blog publishes new content).
  • Asking their readers to share what they thought about what they read via a call-to-action at the end of their blog posts.

Truthfully, getting comments on your blog is not all that hard to achieve.

The Bottom Line

You are the one who is supposed to be your blog’s first cheerleader (Doing so makes your blogging journey much easier; it helps to weather the storm until things get better).

On a positive note, others will begin to cheer you on (But that will only happen until your blog becomes established).

Dear friend, promise me that you would not take the idea of you becoming your own blog’s cheerleader for granted.

And why should you make such a promise?

Because there is great power in you being your blog’s own cheerleader (It is the ultimate self-motivator).


92 thoughts on “The Power Of Being Your Own Blog’s Cheerleader

  1. You made some very valid points today. When I receive too many likes from one person and no comments it leads me to believe they ‘spammed’ the posts. Jotting down topics is an excellent idea for days when one may suffer from writer’s block. I’ve never asked questions of bloggers nor requested feedback (both good ideas). A great post!! 😊 This will be my 1st question: “Do you feel there’s bloggers’ cliques?”

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  2. “The problem is that a lot of you have been telling yourselves, “Blogging is hard. I do not know if I can get it done!””

    I cannot, for the life if me, get behind that way of thinking. It’s in fact all so easy, so very easy to grasp. Blogging, that is. You either have something to say, or you don’t. In the first case: Fine – you blog. In the latter, even better – you don’t blog.

    Simples. 😐

    I know some of you have nothing to say but wanna blog. Coz blogging is cool and pseudocreative and gives you an artist’s aura.

    Well … (Censored) dat!

    Composing a blogpost every now and then doesn’t make you a writer, nor an artist, not a poet or a playwright or a knight. Neither does it turn you into a brave knight nor a fabulously tortured soul.

    There is nothing glamorous ort legendary about blogging, nothing to bragg about in front of your intellectual creative friends at your favourite Vienna or Prague Coffeehouse. It’s in fact a very lonely, invidious task you set for yourself.

    Please, please, don’t anybody start a blog because it’s chic or the in-thing to do. Coz it ain’t. I started my first blog in 2006 I guess, and it was the hottest trend back then. A long time ago. Nothing hip or spectacular about blogging in 2022.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🤨 Thank you for sharing your point of view, Orca.

      I would like to point out that this is a family-friendly blog; one that caters to a general audience (People of all ages).

      While I allow people to say anything that they like, I appreciate that they do it without any of the cussing.

      I removed the offensive F-word (Your response to the blog post was edited).

      I kindly ask that you respect my commenting section by keeping things clean.

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      1. But but but, the F-word can be, and often is, a wonderfully wholesome activity between 2 or more consenting people. And mostly ends with total satisfaction. Not the least offensive.

        But ok, I shall try to be a bit “cleaner” from now on.


  3. Great post filled with wise words. Thanks Renard. I am stepping back from blogging and social media for a while. All posts are pre-scheduled. Taking time out for my sanity and wellbeing. I need this time out to rest, recuperate and rejuvenate the creative juices. Will read e-mails, posts and respond to comments when I can. Hope you understand. Stay Safe Stay Smiling My Friend.

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  4. Yes, so true, everyone starts from zero and it takes time to establish your own blog. You have to as you know get out there and comment on other people’s blog posts that interest you too.
    I really appreciate comments over likes. Its that community feeling and friendship can develop too.

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  5. Great post!! I love how your writing is very structured, concise and to the point. It is very easy to write. When I write I feel like it’s all over the place. And excellent points. However much you say that you don’t care about external appreciation, at the end of the day you do care if people liked or commented on your post. But it is important that you remain your own cheerleader first and foremost. Others will come and go.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Thank you for another thought provoking post, Renard. I agree about being your own blog’s cheerleader. If a writer is not enjoying what they are writing, then why would anybody else? Blogging should be about the joy of writing and connection. (and buying some pom poms for a bit of cheerleading.) I like your tips about fostering comments and will be incorporating some in future posts.

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  7. Good advice to stay motivated! Most things we want to achieve in life are done through work no one will see…the kind of work that takes practise….and lots of patience….so it will take time to get noticed…after polishing our craft…someone will eventually notice!

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  8. Great points, Renard. I got discouraged at the start when people would tell me that no one reads anymore and so I’d be better off vlogging. I’m glad I didn’t listen 🙂 I too make notes in my phone’s notepad app until I get the chance to sit and write.

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  9. Renard once again you wrote a wonderful post!!
    You know I have for the most part been my own Cheerleader from way back when (2005).
    I’ve lost faith & sometimes my inspiration along the way….I allow myself to feel sad for a but. Then I remind myself I am blogging for myself really. A virtual on-line record of my Life with my cats. I remind myself of what “THE Purrfect Pad: stands for…..And then I cheer myself on!
    Blogging is like breathing for me…..
    And you make a VERY valid point. LIKES are nice but it is the COMMENTS that are more important!
    Thank you for always inspiring me to carry on!!
    Cheers Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum an ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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  10. Excellent post, Renard! I feel being your own cheerleader is a great motivational tool. Those of us that love to blog need to cheer ourselves on for what we’ve accomplished and for future accomplishments. And the best way to cheer on our fellow bloggers is to leave a comment. Thank you for your inspiring post, Renard.

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  11. Excellent post. I am one of the guilty. I am constantly chechecking my stats. I can’t help myself. But yesterday I had the best blog day of all. I heard someone tell her husband how good my blog is. How well researched. And one of the things she really liked surprised me. It was #wordlesswednesday. I use that as a way to publish three days a week. And only have to write two full posts.
    I learned something there. Anyway thx for your excellent blog

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  12. I also used to think that blogging is hard but when I try writing I really feel that this is a very easy way to express your thought, that thought when you feel hesitant to express with somebody. We all have lots in our mind to say whether it is positive or negative so just express, you will feel better. Thank you Renard for sharing some thoughtful ideas. 👏👍

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  13. Great article, Renard.

    Comments are so important. Likes are used too fast and too loose. I once had a draft post go up by mistake rather than the fully written one. I received 3 likes. It was literally a post full of random notes and bulletpoints, not even structured like a blog post or anything. Pretty obvious those people never even opened the post and just liked it in their reader. I then received messages from others who informed me of the error.

    In the end, blogging because we enjoy it is important and even if we get few views or comments, articles remain and can still bring in new traffic later. I’ve had old posts get liked and shared from years ago.

    People often forget that being found is not always easy and being part of the blogging community can help. But yes, we should be our own cheerleaders, especially when starting out.

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    1. 😧 Ouch! You were probably a bit terrified when you learned that you published a draft by mistake.

      To prevent such a catastrophe from taking place in the future, I would like to recommend that you compose your blog posts in a text editor of your choice. After you have completed your blog post, copy it and then paste it into your WordPress Block Editor (That is the way in which I handle my blog posts).

      Unfortunately, people will press the “Like” button on an unfinished draft.

      Thank you for sharing that experience of yours with me, Ari.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sorry for the delay in replying.

        Thankfully it happened about 2 years ago and I’ve never done it since. And at least it let me know that the first people to “like” my posts probably aren’t reading them. lol

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  14. Thanks for the encouraging words. As a new blogger, I do find myself varying from (extreme) confidence to lacking confidence depending on the day or week. Some days I’m excited about the article I am writing as I learn new topics on personal finance and investing. On other days, I realize the huge mountain I have to climb step by step such as building an audience and finding ways to monetize my blog eventually. Thanks for the reminder I have to stay encouraged and being my biggest cheerleader. New here so look forward to learning about new blogs. If you’re interested in investing for beginners feel free to check out my blog as well. Thanks

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  15. Great points Renard! I just started blogging recently and have definitely learned a ton. I definitely am my own cheerleader at the moment but I love the content that I write with a passion(personal finance). Thanks for your post! 👍🏼

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  16. I absolutely love this article and really appreciate it, as a new blogger who took a lot from this! Thanks for posting and I look forward to reading more of your blogs, as well as catching up on previous one, such as this one!

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  17. Hello!

    I’ve just come across this blog post while contemplating if I made a good choice by having a personal blog or not. I used to write blogs on Blogger and barely cared about how many views/likes I got. I didn’t even check my stats. I did gain popularity over time and deleted that blog after graduating from university. I was a changed person, and so was my blog.

    I started writing again after that, but with the rise of social media, I also started caring about the likes/views/followers. I curated my blog posts carefully and stopped enjoying the process itself. Guess what? None of these blogs are on the internet today because I got disappointed with my blogs’ performance and dirty-deleted them. Writing itself didn’t matter any longer –I was hungry for approval.

    Finally, I have come to my senses and reminded myself that I enjoy writing and writing only for myself. I understood I’d be happy and satisfied if my thirst for views/likes/followers took a backseat. I’ve been much more pleased with my blog since then and got back my writing mojo. Thanks for reminding me that I wasn’t the only person struggling with this.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. 🙂 Thank you, Laurence.

      I had a look at your blog and I did not see a “Like” button (My educated guess is that you really did not want to add one).


  18. Very timely post for me – I was concerned about the likes but realise that blogging for me is an avenue to express myself and I personally like my posts – they all come from my heart. Yes I would love to see more comments – to take the time to comment says a lot and I love interacting. However many people do personally express their love of my blogs – which I must admit is both motivating and humbling. Either way, I’m in it for the long haul.
    Thanks for this post – brings me back to my reason for being in this space.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. This is what I needed today. As a new blogger in a category that doesn’t blog alot, getting likes and comments are savored things. Currently I’m in the desert looking for a like!

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  20. I have just started a new blog. I shared the first post to my instagram and Facebook and it got so many views! But those people were more interested in checking out my site than reading the content I put my heart into. I have been writing for a long time and am finally ready to share new writings. To see the second post come up with 9 views was very tough. But, this post of yours is so encouraging and really shifts my perspective. Thank you so much for the advice!

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  21. Interesting and valid points. Self motivation is important to keep writing and keep creating. Writing makes me happy and gives me the joy of self expression.
    If others read it, obviously the pleasure increases manifold.
    Thank you for a wonderful read!

    Liked by 2 people

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