The Sad State Of WordPress

The Sad State Of WordPress

The WordPress that I am referring to here is the WordPress-hosted version ( and not the self-hosted version of WordPress (

If you are one of the people who are dissatisfied with the way things are on WordPress, you might have contemplated going elsewhere to blog.

And, if you are quite okay with the way in which things are, you will most likely stick with WordPress.

It should not come as much of a surprise that bloggers have mixed feelings about WordPress; some people love it, while there are those who hate it with a heated passion.

Yet, WordPress tends to thrive regardless of what people think of it.

Some People Are Constantly Plagued By Technical Issues

Unfortunately, several bloggers who have reported technical issues to the Happiness Engineers have not had their problems rectified.

By the way, those technical issues range from:

  • Being unable to leave comments in the comments section of fellow bloggers.
  • Being unable to press the Like button on blog posts of fellow bloggers.
  • Blog posts not showing up on the WordPress Reader.
  • Issues with formatting blog posts.
  • Themes going wonky.

Technical issues send bloggers crazy (Especially when they remain unresolved).

I understand quite well that man-made things can be problematic at times. However, I (as well as many other people) expect technical issues to be rectified in a timely manner.

Therefore, no blogger on WordPress should have the cause to be experiencing a technical issue for weeks or months.

People who are faced with technical issues for an extremely long period are known to take a hiatus or abandon their WordPress blog.

Thankfully, I have not experienced any technical issues with WordPress lately.

The New Themes On WordPress Are Atrocious

Yes, my friend, all the new themes on WordPress (both free and paid) are horrible-looking.

Come on WordPress, judging from the looks of those new themes of yours, you are not even making an effort to provide users with something that is clean, has nice fonts and is professional-looking (Hmm. I really cannot blame people for going over to because they can upload any theme that they desire and customize their blog to their liking).

One of the main things that I dislike with the new themes provided by, is that the photos appear oversized and I have no way to make them appear their true size (Apparently, that option would only be available to me if I upgrade my plan).

Now, do you see the reason why a lot of WordPress bloggers have stuck with the older themes?

Also, what do you think about the new themes that are currently available on

A Lot Of People Believe That WordPress No Longer Care About Personal Bloggers

Judging from the prices of the WordPress plans, it surely looks as though is focusing on professional bloggers (Those people who blog for a living).

Guess what?

Most professional bloggers have no intention of touching with a ten-foot pole; they would rather get their money’s worth by utilizing with a hosting provider of their choice (And, in all honesty, it is more economical for them to do so).

Personal bloggers (hobbyist bloggers) are no longer feeling the love from Automattic (WordPress’s parent company).


Because is charging them more and giving them less; a perfect example of this is the WordPress Starter plan ― the one that costs $5.00 US dollars a month or can be paid annually and:

  • Does not include WordPress plugins of any kind.
  • Does not provide premium support from WordPress.
  • Does not provide access to premium themes.
  • Does not allow users to earn money from advertisements on their blogs.
  • Does not stop those advertisements from appearing on the blogs of WordPress users.

Before the implementation of the new WordPress plans, advertisements were automatically blocked if you had a domain.

Hey, I could clearly understand that WordPress needs to show advertisements on the blogs of those who are on the Free Plan in order to make money.

Paying for a domain and having advertisements displayed by WordPress is unacceptable (It is as though has grown into a greedy and uncaring blogging platform).

On a positive note, those of us who are on the so-called legacy plans (which are those free and paid WordPress plans that were created before Friday, the 1st of April, 2022) are not affected by the new changes; we can still operate our blogs in relation to when we started them (I am a bit worried that WordPress might renege on their agreement).

Wrapping Up has gone from bad to worse (And, it does not look as though things are going to get any better).

The truth is that one of the main reasons why people are hesitant to leave is because of its amazing community; it is made up of countless bloggers who enjoy interacting with each other.

Also, Automattic is fully aware of the fact that is not going to experience any financial backlash if personal bloggers migrate to other blogging platforms.


Because as soon one personal blogger leaves, another personal blogger will set up a personal blog of their own on

It is as though they are saying, “Let the complainers go elsewhere. New people will always sign up for our service.”

Automattic certainly has its eyes on the dollar sign; which is why they are heavily focused on getting as many professional bloggers as they can on

77 thoughts on “The Sad State Of WordPress

  1. Great post, Renard! I’m glad that you mentioned the Like button not working, I can’t like anything on my blog or anywhere else in the system now for two days. I have the Business plan and am apparently grandfathered in to keep it until WP changes its collective and greedy mind.

    I have looked at other blogging platforms several times over the many years I have used WP but stay for the community as you mentioned. So many great people around the world! I have kept the same theme for probably two years now because none of the new themes are any darn good!

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  2. Renard your post is FABULOUS! And I can tell you as a FREE Blogger who does an Animal based blog (as you know) I am VERY upset about themes being taken away; the BLOCK Editor deal, LIKE buttons no longer working…
    This August is is 10 YEARS I have been here on WP….10 0ut of my 17 years blogging & I do not want to relocate. The Animal Community is wonderful & the other people, like yourself & many poetry & short story writers are also lovely.
    I’ve worked for a long time as you know to bring my blog to life & sustain it.
    This attitude of “like it or lump it” is so unfair. Sadly this seems a reflection of the time we live in.
    I will hang on as long as I can! I hope you will too!
    Sincerely Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum an ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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  3. Good points, Renard. I am fortunate, having no technical issues (except for the Full Site Editor, which is beta).

    Themes, though, do seem to have deteriorated over time. To me, this is a general trend in web design, where things are too simple or minimal. Objectively, the new block themes in the FSE seem like they could have good potential, but their current beta form is broken. Much more development is needed to make them worth the effort to customize.

    Overall, I’m a personal blogger who was very upset with the recent plan changes and nearly left I still might, depending on how things go over the next several months. I do think cares less about hobby bloggers, unfortunately. I’m holding on and trusting for now.

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  4. I found a way around the ‘like’ issue – but I have to unfollow and then click follow again before the ‘likes’ take. Or click like before I open the site (from the reader). Still a pain.

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      1. I looked up all the similar requests (and responses) for help on the subject (at their site), but Australians wait days for a response, so that’s where I left it – frustration is something I try to avoid (someone I know contacted them on the same issue, but the response was to check FAQ first).

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  5. Excellent points made, Renard! I agree the new themes are horrible. Not only are they horrible but difficult to set up. I spent hours attempting to make an FSE theme look nice. Not having a choice of decent themes is the reason I opted to go self-hosted, which I don’t have a problem with except next time, I’ll be more selective in my choice of self-hosting platforms.

    I’m back to using the paid plan where I have many themes to choose from. And I plan on staying until the expiration because moving a blog back and forth between platforms is tedious and images, etc. disappear or duplicate themselves. Too much time is lost putting the blog back together.

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    1. 😕 Thank you for sharing your experience of being on both and with me, Euginia.

      I cannot get over the fact that is suffering users with horrible-looking themes that are somewhat difficult to set up.

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  6. As always, a great post!
    I’ve experienced two of the five tech issues on your list. I resolved the ‘like’ one by liking posts via cell phone app. As for format, on occasion I noticed a post in quite a different format once transferred and had to fix it.
    I enjoy the interaction with blogger friends I’ve made along the way so for now will stick to what I know and continue on my bucket list of ‘to-learns’.
    Thanks for sharing your collection of informative information.

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  7. indeed i am focused on creating content on my blog for personal gain and have not checked other bloggers experience not until now. I was not aware that there is that could provide better service than but im afraid that o could not change my plans. i have 3 website under and just for the sake of having website i am maintaining it.

    in terms of monetization i got problem with it as i could not access the subscriber only posting as it requires me to have stripe account and the problem is that stripe is not available in the philippines.

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        1. Yes Orca Flotta 🙂 🙂 , but Renard cannot help me, because everyone uses his blog differently .

          I have already used Blogger, Wix and other platforms … and for the moment I haven’t found better than to present my paintings …

          But, there are also problems here, as Renard explained in this post …
          So it is not easy to make a decision …

          Have a nice day Orca 🙂

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  8. WordPress is getting annoying because more and more people are “liking” my blogs just so I’d go to their websites and buy something. It’s no longer an authentic place for writers and that’s sad. Back in 2012, I had dozens of bloggers commenting on my blogs, not just pressing the “like” button. Now I have only one or two comments.

    It’s frustrating, but I stay because it’s a great place to store some memories and vent about real life situations. Sometimes people will comment on a very old blog that hits a nerve. Two of my most popular blogs of all time (that people commented on years later) were about Jealousy being an ugly disease, and about not wanting children. Those were personal, but I also wrote about Angelyne the Billboard Queen 10 years before the series came out. That blog is often in the top readership spot of all my other blogs.

    That said, I see the stats and they continue to rise, all over the world. I still get royalty checks from books I’ve written years ago, so bloggers are buying my books.

    I just ignore people who are only “liking” my stuff for me to “like” theirs or go to their website. They are so transparent, therefore easy to ignore.

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    1. 🙂 Maryanne, the problem of people liking our blog posts without ever reading them will always exist (It is a ploy created for the curious-minded to check out the blog of the person who liked their blog posts).

      By the way, some shy people would rather press the “Like” button than leave a comment.

      Back in 2012, people were really into commenting (I actually commented on more blog posts back then than I do know).

      I am pleased to learn that bloggers are purchasing your books and congratulations on the sales of your books.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.


  9. My biggest problem with WordPress is not being able to put a subscription block in the mobile app. I can add it on desktop, but not the android mobile app.

    I’m not sure if this was intentional. Either way, this is a huge problem for every blogger that wants to grow. Yeah, there is an option to have this on your site, but it’s one more step for readers.

    Oh and there is the annoying bug where there are two different copies between desktop and mobile if you edit one. I’ve lost content I’ve written because of this. Sometimes I can recover by checking past versions.

    I need to overhaul my blog anyway. Thanks for the tip that the .org and self hosted is a better route. I’m tired of free to play versions of stuff being designed to be worse so you pay…

    Thanks Renard!

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  10. Another sound and solid post from the Stable of Renard 🙂

    I have gotten used to the glitches and wonkiness to the point that the smaller issues or technical fissures are so common place that l have simply found different ways of dealing with them now. I don’t have any major problems on Earthly. I am currently on a Legacy Premium with a view ro upgrading to a Pro-Plan sometime this year.

    This isn’t saying however that l agree with all the wonky shit that goes on hahaha, because l don’t. I do tire of WP’s love of nerfing things that weren’t broken to begin with under the guise of improvement …. that irks the badonkers out of me! Like most larger corporations they simply have jumped on board the old bandwagon of giving less but expecting more, or as a friend of mine used to say ‘over promising and under delivering’.

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  11. I’ve had the odd technical issue that eventually appeared to resolve, but it does get frustrating. I sometimes wonder if the software engineers at WordPress even check with bloggers before they make some changes. I find things are more annoying now than they work. Is it a case of engineers thinking “this will be good” rather than getting feedback and beta testing with actual bloggers.

    The current themes are bad, I was recently asked about themes from someone starting a block and when I went in to see the different ones, I was shocked at some of the new ones.

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  12. I have been using WordPress for about 10 years and watched it change a lot. I hated Blocks at first, but now I’m used to it. Overall I have a really good experience, however I am not happy about the new pricing plans. The plan I use is no longer being offered, and if I want to keep the same things I have now plus a few extra bells and whistles, it’s going to cost me more than twice what I pay now. So annoying. So far my plan has been grandfathered in and I am still on it, but I’ll probably be forced to change soon enough.

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  13. Here I have been feeling guilty I have tried one of these new themes as it’s been awhile since I updated mine but I guess maybe that’s for the best. Also I’m glad I don’t use WordPress reader, I was devastated when Google Reader was axed but since then have been using Feedly which usually keeps me pretty happy.

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      1. This is good to hear! If you use Feedly that makes me feel validated for my choice to use it (I just went with the very educated choice of the first one I found after the collapse of google reader hehe).

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  14. Thankfully I don’t have any of these issues currently and WordPress still suits my needs nicely. I’ve been on here for 5 1/2 years so perhaps I haven’t been here long enough to notice all the changes. However, I do notice that there are fewer personal bloggers here now than when I started. The readers I used to get and blogs I looked forward to reading– half or more have vanished into thin air. However, I do appreciate the small but dedicated community I have formed.

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  15. I do agree with what you said, they should focus on’s quality too, however I do think that in future they will make improvements in the overall quality of for better user experience.


  16. So far as a personal blogger I have not had any issues. There were a couple times though that people have commented on my blogs and those comments automatically went to spam. I have no idea why because they weren’t selling anything, just telling me that I have a good blog going on.


  17. I wish I understood more about & how to make it the way I wanted. I signed up for a free account in January & id really like to do more/keep up with it, but I have no clue what I’m doing… ever. I also don’t want to lose what I’ve already done!


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