Should WordPress Get Rid Of The Reblog Button?

Should WordPress Get Rid Of The Reblog Button?

The Reblog button is as old as WordPress itself (There are bloggers who are for the Reblog button, there are bloggers who hate the idea of WordPress having a Reblog button and of course, there are bloggers who could not give a damn whether or not the Reblog button exists).

The truth is that the Reblog button is going to be around on WordPress. Why should WordPress remove it when users can simply disable it?

Oh well, it is time for you and I to delve deeply into yet another controversial topic.

Some Bloggers Use The Reblog Button When They Are Faced With Writer’s Block

It is a thousand times easier to Reblog one of your old blog posts than to actually create a new one from scratch (Which is probably one of the reasons why some bloggers that are plagued by writer’s block Reblog one of their old blog posts).

Some people would rather Reblog an old blog post than not publish anything at all.

I, on the other hand, would prefer to create a new blog post from scratch and publish it on my blog.


Because I love the idea of filling my blog with fresh content.

Reblogging my old blog posts is certainly an option that I refuse to take.

My article, 10 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block, will help other bloggers to overcome their issues with writer’s block.

Some Bloggers Who Lack Creativity And Originality Are Known To Use The Reblog Button

The type of blogger that I am referring to here is the one who has no blog posts of their own on their blog; instead, their blog is filled with reblogged blog posts from others.

Unfortunately, WordPress is filled with lots of blogs like that ― blogs of bloggers that lack creativity and originality.

For the record, I do not follow the blogs of those that are managed by hardcore reblogging addicts.

Some Bloggers Use The Reblog Button To Help Old Posts Gain New Views

Reblogging old blog posts helps them to be viewed by a fresh set of eyes.

You may have published a blog post in the past (the time period when your blog only had five followers) and in spite of it being well-written, it received a dismal amount of views, very few likes and no comments.

Today, your blog has 150 followers; you can Reblog the blog post that performed poorly in the past, get the views that you truly deserve, acquire additional likes in the process and get some comments.

Hey, I have no problem with bloggers reviving their old posts (I see it as putting the Reblog button to good use).

Some Bloggers Reblog Blog Posts From Others That They Feel Are Truly Outstanding

There are bloggers who have adopted the habit of reblogging outstanding blog posts (They do it with the intention of sharing it with their followers; they want them to check out your blog posts).

Believe it or not, there are bloggers who are altruistic by nature; they are the ones who want the best for every blogger in the blogosphere.

Those bloggers that host prompts on their blogs are known for reblogging posts from participants (Especially those that they thought were very impressive).

Once again, this is reblogging done in a tasteful manner.

There Are Bloggers Who Do Not Want Their Blog Posts Reblogged

I am one of the many bloggers who do not want any of their blog posts reblogged.

And, why is it that I do not want you to Reblog my blog posts?

Because I want you to spend your time creating your blog posts from scratch and publishing them.

I also expect you to respect my wishes by not reblogging any of my blog posts (I have removed the Reblog button from my blog with the hopes of it acting as a deterrent).

Some of the bloggers that run photography-based blogs do not like having their work reblogged because they view it as a form of theft.

Now, they could remove the Reblog button as I did.

Guess what?

The removal of the Reblog button from your blog does not guarantee that other bloggers will not Reblog your blog posts. The sad truth is they can Reblog your blog posts via the WordPress Reader; which in my opinion, is a serious flaw.

Some Bloggers Will Not Allow Others To Reblog Their Work Without Their Permission

There are bloggers who are okay with others reblogging their work (You simply need their permission in order to do so).

Bloggers who adhere to this concept will have a notice on their blogs that pertains to getting permission from them before reblogging any of their work.

Guess what usually takes place?

As you have rightfully guessed, some of those bloggers who would like to Reblog their work would ask for their permission to do so, while there would be some bloggers who would disregard the notice and Reblog whichever post they feel like reblogging.

Reblogging Other People’s Blog Posts Can Land You In Legal Trouble

Yes, my friend, reblogging other people’s blog posts can land you in a lot of trouble.

Are you surprised by that fact?

Well, if you are one of those people who is surprised by that fact, you should read Deborah Jay’s article, Why I Was Threatened With Legal Action After Reblogging On WordPress (An informative guest post that was featured on Hugh W. Roberts’s blog).

You will probably think twice about reblogging other people’s blog posts from now on.

I have a very strong feeling that you are not the type of person who is cut out for this certain type of nightmare.

Final Thoughts

It is apparent that is in full support of people using the Reblog button. They mentioned that an excerpt from the original publisher will appear on a reblogged post and that it would be linked to the original post (Thus giving the original publisher credit for the post).

As you have learned, the Reblog button is both a blessing and a curse.

The Reblog button is no doubt useful for reblogging your own blog posts.

However, you run the risk of getting into legal trouble each time you Reblog someone else’s blog post.

Do keep in mind that there are people (myself included) who do not want their blog posts reblogged by others (And bloggers should respect the wishes of those bloggers who do not want their blog posts reblogged).

What Automattic (WordPress’s parent company) needs to do is update its policy in regards to the proper usage of the Reblog button.

Truthfully, the Reblog button is not inherently evil (It is the way in which it is used that causes unwanted problems for some bloggers).

Getting rid of the Reblog button on WordPress is no different from wanting to get rid of a knife because it could be used as a dangerous weapon.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that a knife is a tool ― one of those everyday tools that we use in our kitchen to cut up fruit, vegetables, various types of seasonings, meat and fish.

So, to be fair, WordPress can keep its Reblog button.

73 thoughts on “Should WordPress Get Rid Of The Reblog Button?

  1. Long live the reblog button. Bloggers are always getting new followers and if they have past works they want them to be aware of reblog! If someone doesn’t want to be shared shut down the reblog button. Contrary to your opinion I think reblog gong is a great way to overcome writers blog and keep their blog alive.

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    1. 🤔 Hmm. I am sorry. I do not see the “Reblog” button as a feasible method of overcoming writer’s block.

      However, I do agree with you that reblogging old posts are capable of keeping one’s blog alive.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

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      1. I agree that I don’t see re-blogging as a way to overcome writer’s block (which I never have anyway), but it’s a cool tool when others share someone else’s blog. This happened to me many times and I’m always flattered. That said, while I don’t re-blog my own material, I may share something that happened a long time ago, because I do have a very active life that people like reading about. On my stats I see people viewing blogs I wrote years ago, so they keep coming up to my side bar. If I want to bring other blogs to the attention of my readership, I’ll just link to them in a relevant blog.

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  2. I have never liked the idea of a “reblog” button. Mine has been disabled since day one because I see it as WP making content theft as easy as possible. My site has a right-click disabled function as well to hopefully prevent photo theft. But, that does not stop anyone from taking a screenshot.

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  3. I love it when someone asks to reblog one of my posts. It’s a compliment to me, and it gets the piece read by more people. – Why would I be bothered by that?
    I have occasionally reblogged one of my own, for reason #3 – I did some of my best work (“classics”) when I only has 20 followers, and now I have more than 700, so the majority of those folks haven’t read my first posts. Most of the subjects I write about are important to me, and I haven’t changed my mind much in the past 5 years, so the more I can get these ideas out there, the better

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  4. When people over-do the re-blogging thing – it can become rather annoying. But when it is a rarity, and it is because someone is genuinely very impressed by something another writer has published – well, it is a nice way to help promote someone else’s work.

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    1. 🙂 In addition to republishing, it is a common practice among personal bloggers to reblog their own blog posts.

      I am not into reblogging; I will not reblog my own blog post or reblog another blog post from someone else.

      To be on the safe side, it is always a wise idea not to reblog someone else’s blog post (After all, you run the risk of being sued if you do).

      Thank you for participating in the discussion, Rachel.

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      1. You have your own niche, Renard. I guess you won’t find many blogs just like yours, who are worthy of a reblog. In my niche there are a handful, and most of them more engaged and better informed than me. In that regard I’m a bit like the guy BellaDharma has mentioned. I have many readers who are also in Second Life so I wanna give them the option to get newnesses from SL and maybe stumble upon better suited blogs than mine.

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  5. Interesting post Renard……There is one fellow who used to repost some of my blogs….he meant no harm & was trying to help me get more followers. He did that with other people & got into trouble as you have mentioned. It was sad as he REALLY wasn’t trying to rip anyone’s work off…
    I like you, prefer to create new posts. If I am unwell or blocked I would rather ride it out… I guess it is personal choice.
    Thanks for another good blog…I always learn something when I stop by!!!
    BellaSita Mum an **purrss** BellaDharma

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  6. I realize WordPress will keep the reblog button but I had a terrible experience because of it. So I don’t like reblog. I don’t display the reblog button on my blog but last year one of my posts was reblogged through the reader by an inappropriate site. They used the space allowed for an intro to insert an inappropriate photo as though it was part of my post, and it was NOT. Though the site is no longer there, my post title still appears in Google as being on their Facebook page with no reference to my blog title so that it looks like it’s their title, and it’s probably still on their Twitter, two places they also posted it. This IMO tarnishes the image of my blog … There is more to this event and it isn’t over, but I’m dealing with serious illness and can’t relay everything (I am not at this time able to post on my blog.) Only two out of about a dozen reblogs of my work were due to appreciation for my original work. Most were done by those who did no original work of their own, or who were just out to harass like the instance relayed above. I don’t see why just using a link to someone else’s work won’t do in place of a reblog. I think WordPress should at least build safeguards into the reblog process, either an ask for permission button or a blocking mechanism to prevent family friendly, G-rated blogs like mine from being reblogged on sites with other ratings.

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    1. 🤔 Leah, you have raised some valid points.

      Being reblogged on an inappropriate site and having an inappropriate photo added to it is certainly a bad experience.

      I love the concept of WordPress adding a “Permission” button or a blocking mechanism to prevent family-friendly, G-rated blogs like yours from being reblogged on sites with other ratings (Those would be lovely safeguards).

      May you experience an improvement in your health.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

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  7. Goodness, my main reason for reblogging certain postings from other people is to highlight their brilliant pieces, especially when they are especially lighthearted. I have always thought of reblogging as a way of helping to direct others on WordPress to others’ blogs and galleries, rather than towards my own, which is why I gave them a distinct tab or category on my blog–kind of like giving them a feature. But thank you for the advice to make absolutely certain that they are comfortable having their pieces reblogged elsewhere.

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  8. Totally agree with you on reblogging. I had to ask a person who did this with my posts about a year ago to not reblog anymore, because I didn’t feel comfortable with it. I’m not sure this person removed my content from their website, even though I asked(poorly in retrospect). On top of reblogging, my posts on their blog had the layout messed up. So, my style was gone. Apparently they were doing this for other bloggers with autism while selling stuff for money. I’m not sure if they were making a profit, despite saying it was for charity.

    Looking back as I write this, the whole situation is shady. All because of the reblog button. I don’t understand why I have to verify linking my own content in new posts, but don’t have the option for giving permission to others for my stuff.

    It feels like big blogs can bully small ones with this problem, and even with legal action… Is it worth it for us who don’t make any money blogging? Even when your case is black and white, straightforward, lawyers are pricey.

    This type of situation reminds me of why corked bats in baseball are banned by rule. It’s been proven that they don’t increase performance, data, and research supports it. There is a great series about weird sports rules by Secret Base on YouTube about this. Rules are made to prevent these situations from happening because it opens Pandora’s box.

    If you want to reblog, do so after you get consent.

    Thanks, Renard for blogging about this.

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  9. I use the reblog button when 2 or 3 of my fellow Second Life bloggers have already blogged about some or the other event in SL and did all the research work and provided time tables and teleport locations. So I just relay their efforts and make my readers aware of the event as well. I’ll always thank the original poster and urge my readers to check and acknowledge the original site as well, and leave their Thumbs Up there.

    Is it lazy? Ya betcha! Is it mean or evil? Naaw, not the least little bit. And, as you’ve mentioned yourself, every WP blogger has the option to either enable or disable Reblogs.

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  10. As long as you get the credit for the original post and why they are re blogging your work, I think it is a good tool to use, but not all the time because they don’t know what to write.

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  11. I think I have the same mind as you when it comes to reblogging, though I am fond of the idea of the reblog button being used to share someones post that you admire and like. I think sharing other peoples work on your own platform is a really sweet way to show your appreciation for someone else’s work, as well as helping the other blogger ‘gain traffic’ per say.

    However I do agree with the rest of your points. For the bloggers who reblog when faced with writer’s block, this can be an avoidance method which encourages laziness, as opposed to flaunting ones creativity.

    Really interesting topic. As always, thanks for sharing!

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  12. “The removal of the Reblog button from your blog does not guarantee that other bloggers will not Reblog your blog posts. The sad truth is they can Reblog your blog posts via the WordPress Reader; which in my opinion, is a serious flaw.”

    It’s similar to your neighbours promising that they’ll take care of your house in your absence.

    And they allow thieves to steal your valuable things (Jewellery, Cutlery, Documents etc.).😂😂😕

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  13. Some bloggers will reblog posts that responded to their prompt and I am okay with that. Otherwise, I don’t care for the reblog feature. I especially don’t care to reblog my own posts because I don’t feel they get that much attention. If I want to bring an older post out of the archives, I set it up in a new post with a new image and hopefully, give it some new spark. I don’t have the reblog feature on my blog but others manage to share it and they are usually those that only reblog works of others.

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  14. Interesting read as always.

    For me I would like WordPress to leave it😁
    I always enjoy
    Reblogging very impressive posts from friends’ sites.

    I just wish the world to share in on the beauty that i may have laid my eyes on.

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  15. I’ve seen a vast decrease in bloggers using the reblog button, Renard. Those I follow and who used to use the reblog button a lot now seem to use the WordPress Press This’ sharing button, which is a far better option because any images and photos from the post you are sharing are not downloaded into your WordPress media library.

    Thanks so much for linking to Debroah’s guest post featured on my blog.

    Have a good week.

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  16. I honestly have never thought of rebloggling my old content & also don’t have the reblog button on view. One of my posts has been reblogged, whch I appreciated but which also unnerved me, but I would prefer a heads up before someone does. But I also appreciate folk who reblog really helpful content for others to read. So I guess I’m in the the middle on this. I guess it’s not dissimilar to sharing on another platform, which I also appreciate. Soooo, I have completely contradicted myself. Lol!

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  17. Personally, I like the reblog button for sharing other people’s content. Especially really awesome articles or posts by new bloggers who haven’t got much traction yet. The reblog becomes a link back to their original blog, which can be good for their traffic. I’ve had spikes in my blog stats when certain bloggers have reblogged my work because it reached a bigger audience.

    I don’t use reblog for my own posts (think I did once years ago when the post was relevant for something). However, I prefer to re-vitalise the information from old posts into new posts if they need it.

    If someone doesn’t have a reblog button, I assume they don’t want their posts reblogging and I just leave them be.

    If I reblogged an article I wanted to share, which includes the original blogger’s link / credit and they contacted me asking me to remove it. I’d do so instantly. That’s never happened so far, but in the end, the original creator has a right to ask for things to be removed and have their wishes respected.

    However, I think what you do, where you have removed the reblog button option is the best for those not wanting to have their work reblogged. Because even if they put a message on the main page or in the bio stating no reblog, people don’t always see that and might (inadvertantly reblog without meaning to go against the wishes of the blogger).

    As always, an interesting article covering lots of thoughts on the matter 🙂

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    1. 🙂 Thank you for letting me know what you think of the “Reblog” button as well as the way in which it can be used without annoying anyone.

      Do enjoy the rest of your day, Ari.

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  18. Especially if one has been blogging for several years, a reblog is often a welcoming to newer bloggers,– especially for those who don’t take the time to visit one’s archives or care to see how a blogger has evolved since his/her beginnings.

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  19. I belong to the group who rarely reblog but do so when they come across a remarkable post. And, we’re on the same boat about reblogging one’s own posts. Nothing wrong with it but I have new ideas that need to be let out. Maybe when I come across writer’s block…but that isn’t something anyone would wish for.

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  20. I only reblog scarcely. When I stumble on something great, and I always leave a remark in the comments I want to reblog it. Reblogging is nice if done with caution and care.

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  21. I’ve never used the reblog button but I like the idea of those who just want to share good content for their followers to see. (Only with permission of course).

    I think WordPress should update it’s setting, I should have right to approve a reblog of my my Blogpost or disapprove.

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