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Renard’s Thoughts On “Halo”


Halo is an action-packed science fiction television series; it was developed by Kyle Killen and Steve Kane for Paramount+.

Most hardcore gamers would know that Halo originated as a video game (Unfortunately, I have never played it. But I am fully aware of its existence).

Back in 2012, I remembered watching, Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (In spite of it being a bit unusual, I found it to be somewhat enjoyable).

So, when I heard that the Halo television series was going to make its debut on Paramount+ on Thursday the 24th of March, 2022, I said to myself, “Oh, I have got to see that!”

When I saw it, I came to the conclusion that it was one of the best television adaptations of the Halo franchise.

It should not come much as a surprise when I say to you, “I have never missed an episode.”

So, without further ado, it is time for me to share my perspective on the Halo television series.

They Scored Big Time With An Almost Unrecognizable Cast

The only actors I recognized immediately were Bookeem Woodbine (the American actor who plays Soren-066 — a Spartan deserter and the Insurrectionist leader of the Rubble) and Burn Gorman (The British actor who acts as Vishner Grath — a politician and United Nations Space Command collaborator).

The biggest irony is that the rest of the other actors and actresses seem to be more popular in Europe.

British Actor, Danny Sapani, who acts as Captain Jacob Keys in Halo is known for being in the following shows:

British-American actor and professional voice-over artiste, Bentley Kalu — the guy who portrayed Vannak-137 in Halo, appeared in the following movies:

Bentley Kalu’s smooth-sounding bass voice appeared in the following video games:

Canadian actor, Pablo Schreiber, acts as Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 in Halo; he also appeared in the following movies:

British actress, Natasha Culzac plays Riz-028 on Halo; she also acted in:

British actress, writer and voice-over artiste, Kate Kennedy acts as Kai-125 in Halo; this talented actress also appeared in:

She is also well-known for her vocal talents on:

Indian actress, Shabana Azmi acts as Admiral Margaret Parangosky, the Director of ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) on the television series, Halo; this veteran actress also appeared in:

British actress, Natascha McElhone portrays the role of Dr. Cathrine Elizabeth Halsey — a scientist for the United Nations Space Command and the creator of the Spartan-II Project on Halo.

Natascha McElhone also appeared in the following films:

British actress, Olive Gray, plays Commander Miranda Keyes, a United Nations Space Command officer and a scientist; she is the daughter of Captain Jacob Keyes and Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey.

Olive Gray also appeared in:

Irish actress, Charlie Murphy plays Makee — a human member of the Covenant that was raised by the Hierarchs and is referred to as the “Blessed One.”

Charlie Murphy also appeared in:

Australian actress, Yerin Ha acts as Kwan Ha — an insurgent adolescent from Madrigal’s outer colony planet.

Yerin Ha also made her appearance in Reef Break and Troppo.

American voice actress, Jen Taylor, is the woman who provides the voice for Halo’s Cortana.

Jen Taylor also added her vocal talents to:

Jen Taylor really knows how to make a living off of her voice.

What do all of the main actors and actresses from the show, Halo, have in common?

They all have impressive résumés!

It is a pity that I only recognized two of the Halo cast members (I probably need to watch more international movies and television shows to familiarize myself with new actors and actresses).

The Accents Of The Halo Characters Are Convincing

In spite of being British, Kate Kennedy, Danny Sapani, Olive Gray and Natasha Culzac spoke with American accents in Halo (They did it convincingly; if you had no idea of who those people were, you would think that they were all Americans).

In regards to British-born actor, Bentley Kalu, he grew up in America and studied Theatre Arts (Which, most likely, provided him with an advantage. Therefore, speaking in an American accent is second nature to him).

I like the fact that Indian actress, Shabana Azmi (the woman who played Admiral Margaret Parangosky) was allowed to speak in her native Indian accent.


Because it displays an Indian woman who is proud of her heritage and is not ashamed of letting anyone know that she is Indian (The creators of the show probably wanted to bring that to the forefront).

Unfortunately, Indians who work at international call centres are asked by their bosses to speak with an American accent or a British accent (It is as though the Indian accent is looked upon as being somewhat inferior).

Award-winning actress, Charlie Murphy (the woman who acted as Makee), spoke in her native Irish accent in Halo (I thought she sounded rather cute).

Natascha McElhone (the woman who plays Dr. Cathrine Elizabeth Halsey) was allowed to speak with her British accent in Halo (My educated guess is that a British accent does well in highlighting a character as a brilliant-minded scientist).

Australian actress, Yerin Ha (the young woman who portrays Kwan Ha), did somewhat of a convincing Asian accent (My educated guess is that she was imitating the way in which her Korean parents spoke English).

The Acting Is Okay

Those actors and actresses were personally handpicked to appear in Halo (The creators of the show, most likely, saw something unique in them).

The actors and actresses who acted as the super soldiers in the Spartan-II Project appeared almost cold and emotionless (That was purposely done because the characters have a tiny mechanical pellet implanted near the base of their spine; its purpose is to suppress their emotions).

Both Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 and Kai-125 had to live with conflicting emotions after they removed the tiny mechanical pellet that was implanted near the base of their spine.

As a sucker for romance, I liked the part where Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 fell in love with Makee; as a result of being deeply enamoured with each other, they made love on the military base.

The Halo Television Series Is Well-Put-Together

The visual effects are amazing (That is to be expected because they had a large team to create the breathtaking effect).

Also, it is no secret, that Steven Spielberg (one of Halo’s Executive Producers) is known for having a very high standard.

So, I am not too surprised by the fact that Halo is well-put-together.

Besides, they had a huge budget to play with — approximately 200 million United States dollars (The sum of money that is usually spent on making a blockbuster movie).

Wrapping Up

I truly hope that Halo makes it to a second season (I heard that they have plans of releasing a second season of Halo).

If it gets cancelled, I am sure that the actors and actresses on Halo can find other acting jobs.

I would also like to add that Kate Kennedy and Bentley Kalu are blessed with superb voices (It is their God-given talent).

Kate Kennedy would make a great radio broadcaster (I can picture her doing a program on BBC Radio 1).

She would also do well in the area of providing her vocal talent to future video game projects.

Bentley Kalu’s voice will fit in nicely in the area of radio and television advertising.

Jen Taylor’s voice will fit in superbly in a documentary or a character for a future animated project.

Have you ever watched the Halo television series?

By the way, if you are interested in the show, you can stream it on Paramount+.

If you are new, I strongly advise checking out my Commenting Policy page before commenting.

Thank you for reading!


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  1. McElhone and Gorman were the only actors I knew beforehand. Did you know that Pablo Schreiber is the brother of the much more famouserer Lief Schreiber?

    All in all I was rather disappointed in HALO. I never played Halo but I can’t imagine that there is much talking involved. So we wished for more shooty shouty runny action, and glorious battles with the covenant. What we got instead was a soap opera in space, cheap human drama, lots of dialogue by people who don’t have a clue about how to write good dialogue. And Master Chef’s team had their helmets taken off more than wearing them.


  2. I really liked Halo as well. I recognized Natasha McElhone but did not know any others. I thought they all did a great job. I think there will be a Season 2. They need to finish the story line for Kwan Ha. I hope that Master Chief returns as himself. And it looks like Makee will be coming back according to a blurb I read on the internet.

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