Say “No” To Blog Abandonment

Say No To Blog Abandonment

People abandon their blogs for various reasons; such as:

  • Loss of inspiration.
  • Not having enough time.
  • Receiving little or no views.
  • Lack of ideas.
  • An unpleasant encounter with trolls.

Figuratively speaking, the above things can feel like being punched in the stomach by a professional boxer.

On a positive note, it is possible for bloggers to overcome those so-called trials and tribulations (So, today, I am going to show you how easy they are to overcome).

Giving Up Is Easy To Do

Yes, my friend, giving up is easy to do. Therefore, any fool can shout, “I quit!”

It takes a whole heap of perseverance for a blogger to keep on blogging until they see the desired results.

Truthfully speaking, blogging in itself requires a lot of hard work (And, unfortunately, a lot of people are completely turned off by the idea of engaging themselves in hard work).

Guess what?

Hard work usually pays off in the end.

So, never make the mistake of giving up on your blog.

You Were Brave Enough To Start A Blog

A lot of you probably entered into blogging without knowing anything about it.

Hey, at least you decided to make a start (That, my friend, is a thousand times better than wanting to start a blog, but never starting one).

Also, any blogger who has a sincere interest in blogging can learn the basics of blogging as time goes along.

You started blogging because you were interested in it and your interest in blogging does not need to die.

You Need To Create Content For Your Blog On A Continuous Basis

Before you create content for your blog, you should ask yourself, “What type of content do I like?”

Yes, my friend, you need to have a plan (You would run around helplessly like a headless chicken if you did not have one).

If you like a specific topic, your blog can be based on it (Professional bloggers need to stick with a niche because it helps search engines to identify the specialty of those bloggers).

If you are interested in numerous topics, your blog can be based on that too (Personal bloggers can get away with publishing miscellaneous topics on their blogs).

Truthfully speaking, creating content for your blog is not all that hard to do (My blog post, Creating Content For Your Blog The Easy Way, will provide you with some useful pointers).

Many bloggers around the world have abandoned their blogs because they did not know how to consistently develop content for them (Thankfully, your blog should stand the test of time by implementing what you have just learned).

Interact With Like-Minded Bloggers

Interacting with like-minded bloggers is fun; it also encourages bloggers to keep on blogging (My friend, Hugh W. Roberts, knows this firsthand; he interacts regularly with his blogging community).

In my case, I enjoy interacting with bloggers who blog about:

  • Linux distributions.
  • Blogging advice.
  • Things of a philosophical nature.
  • Life in general.

How do you go about finding like-minded bloggers?

You can locate like-minded bloggers via the WordPress Reader, of course!

There is nothing quite like being eager to read a blog post from one of your fellow like-minded bloggers, or better yet, a few of them.

Avoid Burning Yourself Out

Being severely burnt out is one of the reasons people neglect their blogs.

Also, blogs that are neglected for too long of a period end up being abandoned.

Some people fight up to create and publish a blog post daily when in reality they are capable of creating only a few blog posts a week.

For the record, there are bloggers who are quite capable of creating and publishing content on their blogs daily.

Realistically, you should know which blogging schedule is most appropriate for you (If you are a bit lost in respect to this, my blog post, Have You Found Your Publishing Sweet Spot?, will help to clarify some things for you).

Do Not Allow A Miniscule Number Of Incoming Views To Discourage You From Blogging

If you are spanking new to blogging, it would be unwise of you to expect an average of six hundred incoming views to your blog daily.

To be brutally honest, all bloggers have to gradually work their way up from zero.

It takes a while for a blogger to build a readership (As a result, the number of incoming views to your blog will start to grow).

A popular blogger once stated that it took them two years to acquire a huge readership.

Therefore, it is utterly impossible to achieve overnight success in the blogosphere.

I will admit that a blogger’s level of readership will vary from other bloggers; some bloggers can acquire a fairly large amount of readership in approximately six months’ time, while others may have to wait a longer time period in order for them to acquire a large readership.

People who are new to blogging should not focus their attention too much on incoming views.


Because the number of incoming views to their blogs is going to be somewhat low (They should not allow that to stop them. Their views will gradually increase if they continue to publish high-quality content on their blogs).

Do Not Allow Trolls To Make You Abandon Your Blog

Facing trolls can be a bit scary for some bloggers.

The good news is that those trolls can be dealt with.

My article, 5 Ways Bloggers Can Handle Trolls, will teach you how to effectively deal with those unscrupulous online characters.

One should never allow trolls to make them abandon the blog that they worked so hard on.

Think About Your Readers

It should not come as a surprise to you, that there are a bunch of readers who eagerly await your new blog posts (Those readers are a fan of your work).

It would be unfair to leave your readers hanging.

The next time the thought of abandoning your blog creeps into your mind, think about those beloved readers of yours.

Do keep in mind, that we all have something special to offer; whether it be:

  • Passing on our knowledge to the reader.
  • Entertaining the reader.
  • Sharing our unique passion for a specific hobby.

Truthfully, readers love those sorts of things.

It Is Possible For The Busiest Person On The Planet To Find The Time For Blogging

I have heard the excuse of a blogger being unable to blog because they are busy. (Thus, abandoning their blog in the process).

Where there is a will, there is a way. Therefore, anyone who is serious about blogging can get their quota of it done.

Dear friend, it is not mandatory for you to publish content on your blog daily (That will be extremely difficult to do if you are very busy).

As a matter of fact, if you are busy like hell, you can publish content on your blog on a monthly basis.

Have A Backup Plan For When Your Smartphone Or Computer Dies

Some people have stopped blogging because their computer or smartphone died.

To ensure that your blog does not reach to a standstill, I advise that you engage yourself in the following things:

  • Learning how to create a blog post on a smartphone (That would come in handy the day that your computer dies).
  • Investing your money in a good secondhand computer (A secondhand computers cost way less than a new one; it will also come in handy the day that your main computer dies).
  • Make an agreement with a friend or family member to borrow their computer on a specific day (This will help you to continue your blogging while your computer is being repaired by a reputable technician).

The whole idea here is to find a way for your blog to be updated with new content the day that you are faced with a technological hiccup.

Final Thoughts

The only things that should prevent you from updating your blog would be health-related issues or death.

If you are a blogger who is alive and in good health, there is really no reason for you to neglect your blog, or worse yet, abandon it.

Blog abandonment in most cases is preventable!

82 thoughts on “Say “No” To Blog Abandonment

  1. Oh Renard you tell it like it is my friend! I love this post….
    When I started blogging back in 2005 I had NO clue what I was doing…
    It took time & patience but I got there.
    I will say that I do have trouble nowadays because of several health issues so I found blogging once a week is my ‘sweet spot’. I missed a few weeks recently & many of our followers emailed me to see if I was all right.
    I LOVE blogging. I would love it more if I could find a camera I can afford & is simple to use!
    Than you for stopping by for BellaDharma’s 10th Birthday! Where has the time gone?
    ((hugs)) BellaSita Mum aka Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Thanks for the tips, Renard. It’s been my fault to stop with my previous blog because I had an encounter with a troll and I wasn’t pleased with the number of views. I won’t be making that same mistake again.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You’ve really put things into perspective. I’ll never abandon my blog. I get discouraged of course, but never to that extent. I actually managed to maintain a 20 day head start with my reviews, work full time, and still manage to get a little free time in.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. “In my case, I enjoy interacting with bloggers who blog about:

    Linux distributions.”

    Always a pleasure to convene with you about our fave operating system, Renard.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Unfortunately, many new to blogging don’t think it will involve some hard work, Renard. So many try and jump on the back of bloggers who have done all the hard work, hoping that they don’t need to do any. It always fails.

    Thanks so much for the mention. I appreciate it.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I am so thankful to you for this post because I have seen so many wonderful bloggers with so much potential abandon their blog. It’s sort of like losing a friend and it sucks even more because their content was great. I think most people abandon their blog because they feel like they’re too busy to blog but like you said you can still publish content less frequently. Even once a week or once a month is enough.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Abandoning a blog means a different thing to me, as in you walk away with no thought unless one of the items listed above. Do you represent this style of abandonment instead of purposely deleting your blog?

    I deleted the Guy blog after much deliberation. I made sure it was appropriately deleted because l can’t stand the behaviour after which people walk away and leave a blog unattended and floating in cyberspace like so many free blogs sadly suffer.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🤔 In your case, you made closure with your former blog by deleting it (Which is way better than leaving it unattended).

      After all, you did mention to your readers in advance that you were bringing it to an end and they were all okay with it (Myself included).

      Thank you for participating in the discussion, Rory.

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Really liked this post! First of yours I have read…and it resonates with me! I have been blogging, but so intermittently… all the excuses/reasons you have listed at different times. Will definitely go through the links you have shared…look forward to finding my ‘sweet spot’ and being more consistent!! So glad you found me so I could follow you!

    Liked by 2 people

  9. I love this post being someone who had abandoned my blog for some time and I am getting back into it I found the advice very useful . Now I am committing myself to two posts a week and gradually moving up .


  10. I needed this today. I was trying to monetize (I even brought the GoDaddy Deluxe package which I’ll return) my blog but I realised it isn’t the right time for me.

    Thank you so much!
    Cheers 🙂


  11. Gratitude, it was very useful to me, I shared it on one of my blogs (4 my, and 4 others), having to keep daily publications, and yes it is difficult, but knowing how to organize it won’t weigh in the end.


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