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13 Reasons Why Bloggers Gave Up On Blogging


Bloggers abandon their sites for a variety of reasons (Today, I am going to do an in-depth look into the mindset behind those reasons of theirs for abandoning their blogs).

To be honest, the last thing I want is for any blogger to stop blogging. So, in addition to describing some of the reasons why people stop blogging, I will also offer some practical remedies — the kind of solutions that are easy for bloggers to implement.

So, without further ado, let us get started on this fascinating subject.

1.) They Were Plagued By Writer’s Block

I have seen a number of blog articles from bloggers who claimed that writer’s block was the reason they had not written anything in a long time.

This so-called writer’s block is caused by:

  • A strong desire to write an article that is perfect.
  • A lack of desire to do any sort of writing.
  • A strong fear of someone criticizing the quality of their blog posts.
  • A lack of belief in their ability to create content with ease.

Bloggers can overcome writer’s block by:

  • Knowing that perfection is a myth (Therefore, there is no such thing as, “The perfect article”).
  • Not forcing themselves to write (Forcing oneself is akin to going against the current).
  • Not being afraid of other people criticizing the quality of their blog posts (Criticism is good once it falls under, “Constructive criticism,” and the negative type of criticism should be ignored).
  • Believing that they can fill a blank screen with words every time (All of the successful bloggers are always filling black screens with words and you are capable of doing the same, my friend).

Writer’s block might be frightening like a bully on a school’s playground. Stand up to the bully and the fear subsides (You might get your ass kicked a few times, but you will defeat the bully if you try hard enough to win the battle).

2.) They Found Out The Hard Way That Blogging Involves A Lot Of Work

Any person who ventures into blogging without knowing that blogging involves a lot of work is in for an unpleasant surprise.


Because blogging involves:

  • Preparing for your selected topic by conducting preliminary research.
  • Writing your blog post from start to finish.
  • Proofreading your blog posts.
  • Editing your blog posts.

Do not be scared of the necessary work (Those are the things that bloggers need to do before they press the “Publish” button).

All bloggers can make their work way easier by:

Dear friend, there is really no need for you to work harder when the option of working smarter is available to you (Always keep that in mind).

3.) They Fell Victim To Constant Trolling

For some bloggers, dealing with trolls may be a terrifying experience (And, believe it or not, some bloggers have abandoned their blogs because of the constant harassment from trolls).

My article, 5 Ways Bloggers Can Handle Trolls, will teach you some effective methods of handling those troublesome trolls.

On a positive note, you may never encounter a troll on your blog.

However, if you were to encounter one on your blog, you will know exactly what to do.

4.) They Had Their Work Stolen

Finding out that your work has been stolen is one of the worst things that can happen to you.

The harsh truth is that you run the risk of having your work stolen each time you publish them online.

Bloggers who specialize in photography have had their photographs published on another site without their permission.

And, bloggers who write articles have seen other people masquerading as the original author on other sites.

Instead of abandoning your blog because you had your work stolen, you should take the appropriate set of actions (Darren Rowse’s article, What To Do When Someone Steals Your Blog’s Content — Blog Plagiarism, will teach you the necessary steps that you need to take).

5.) They Claimed That They Were Too Busy To Blog

People who have a job to go to every weekday or attend university have often complained about not having enough time to create blog posts.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that it is possible for busy people to publish blog posts consistently.

And, how is that possible?

The answer is a simple one — publish less often!

There is no rule carved in stone that states, “You need to publish blog posts daily.”

If you are busier than the average individual, you can publish blog posts on your blog fortnightly or monthly.

My article, Have You Found Your Publishing Sweet Spot? will help you to discover your own publishing sweet spot.

6.) Their Stats Were Too Low For Their Liking

Many bloggers utilize statistics to determine whether or not a blog post of theirs was effective. This method might work to a certain extent for the person who has been blogging for a while, but it can backfire greatly for someone who has been blogging for a few weeks.

And, why is that so?

Because it takes a while for a blogger to build an audience.

If you are relatively new on the scene, you are not going to have a large number of incoming views to your blog.

Another important factor to remember is that your statistics will fluctuate; there will be times when it is going to be low and there would be those moments when it is going to be high.

Instead of concentrating on your statistics, you could work towards building an audience (The more individuals that read your blog entries, the better your chances of seeing an increase in your statistics).

7.) They Failed At Making Blogging Their Main Source Of Income

I have read many sad stories about bloggers who invested all of their money into their blog to only fail in the end (They invested more in their blog than they earned from it).

Anyone who is interested in making blogging their livelihood should read Jon Morrow’s How to Make Money Blogging (Free Guide for 2022).

Do keep in mind that business-related blogging is not a quick get rich scheme.

8.) Depression Got The Best Of Them

Depression has an impact on many aspects of a person’s life (As a result, it should not come as a surprise that it can be an obstacle to blogging).

I highly recommend the article, Coping with Depression by Authors Melinda Smith, M.A., Lawrence Robinson, and Jeanne Segal, Ph.D., for those people who are afflicted with depression.

The sooner the blogger makes a recovery from depression, the better of their chances of them blogging consistently.

9.) Some Fool Told Them That Blogging Was Dead

Guess what?

Blogging is very much alive!

I will admit that blogging is a bit old-school, but it is still very effective in this modern age.

As a matter of fact, most successful businesses have blogs of their own.

Would they invest their time and money into blogging if it was dead?

No, they would not!

It is just that more and more entrepreneurs are venturing into vlogging and podcasts (In the proverbial sense, vlogging and podcasting are the new kids on the block).

By the way, you can reach a much wider audience by embedding your vlogs and your podcasts into your blog.

10.) They Found It Hard To Compete With Other Bloggers

Personal bloggers do not compete with other bloggers.

However, business-related bloggers do.

These days, business-related bloggers are using article-generating software like Jasper (formally known as Jarvis) to create high-quality articles in bulk in a shorter timeframe (Hey, it is almost impossible to compete against artificial intelligence).

Why is it that some business-related bloggers have gone for the option of using article-generating software?

Because less time is spent in the area of creating blog posts and some of the business-related bloggers have more than one blog to manage.

I believe that if you fully understand your subject from top to bottom, you should be able to write about it with ease.

Anyway, you can improve your content creation process in way less time by reading Neil Patel’s How to Write a Killer Blog Post in Under 60 Minutes (Yes, Really).

11.) The Electronic Device That They Usually Blog On Died

Unfortunately, there are some bloggers who are dirt-poor.

As a result, anytime their PC dies, their blogging will come to an abrupt halt.

I strongly advise you to obtain an old laptop computer from a friend, family member, relative, or coworker and install Linux on it (It would come in very handy the day that your main computer stops working).

You can also learn how to create blog posts on a smartphone or tablet (It does not hurt to be versatile).

The whole idea here is to simply pick up where you left off.

12.) Their Blog Received Little Or No Interaction

I recall reading a blog post from a WordPress blogger in the past about how no one wanted to interact with her site and how she was going to transfer to Blogger as a result.

The terrible thing is that no one communicated with her when she switched to Blogger. She eventually decided to cease blogging.

What was her problem?

Her entire approach, of course.

She wanted people to interact with her blog, but she was not making an effort to interact with the blogs of other bloggers.

Blogging is not a one-way street; it is not like the old days when authors sat alone in front of their typewriters and typed the pages of their novels before sending them to the publisher.

Now, in spite of the blogger being alone when they are creating blog posts, they need to engage with other bloggers afterwards; such as:

  • Responding to the comments that were made in their blog’s comments thread.
  • Visiting the blogs of like-minded bloggers.
  • Clicking the Like button beneath blog pieces that they actually enjoyed.
  • Leaving valuable comments in the comments section of their fellow bloggers.

Do not get me wrong. You are not required to click the Like button or leave comments on blogs every time (It is something that you must do of your own volition).

13.) They Lost Interest In Their Blog

It should come as no surprise that some bloggers lose interest in their blogs after a while.

Bloggers lose interest in their blogs when:

  • They are no longer interested in their niche.
  • They kept putting off blogging until it was no longer a priority.
  • They noticed that the level of engagement to their blog has dropped.

Bloggers can regain interest in their blog by:

  • Going along with a niche that they love or taking the miscellaneous content route.
  • Actually making the time to create and publish blog posts.
  • Continuing blogging (They should always remember that the level of engagement towards one’s blog fluctuates throughout the year).

Do keep in mind that your blog dies when you lose interest in it (So, you might as well show a high level of interest by filling it with the type of content that you actually love).

Final Thoughts

Dear friend, there is really no need for you to abandon your blog when the figurative pressure increases.

Thankfully, there are solutions available for blogging-related issues.

So, do not give up without a fight.

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Thank you for reading!


82 thoughts on “13 Reasons Why Bloggers Gave Up On Blogging

  1. All good advice, Renard, but with 600 million blogs out there in the burgeoning blogosphere it’s no wonder bloggers quit. Best just to keep on bloggin’ and see what happens — and not make it the main event in your life.

    Liked by 12 people

  2. Thank you for mentioning that blogging is a two-way street. I have followed some blogs, “liked” them, and commented on them, and never once had the blogger respond to anything I write. So, when I have 150 blog-related emails to go through in a limited amount of time, guess which ones I’m going to skip?

    Liked by 8 people

  3. Blogging does take lots of time, sometimes I spend too much time on mine! And, I would love to see WP introduce the ability to block users like I can on Instagram, that stops the trolls in their tracks, period, but they didn’t seem interested in that when I had a chat with a WP engineer a little while back. And I never feel like I’m competing with other blogs, maybe it’s because it’s a photoblog… Good points, Renard!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. 🤔 There is the option of blocking users by blocking their IP Addresses. Unfortunately, it is not effective because all the person needs to do is change their internet service provider or use a VPN and they can resume their unscrupulous behaviour.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion, John.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for writing this 😊 There was so much valuable information to be found in this post, and I think that I might about my own thoughts on writer’s block. Do you mind if I reference you?

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Hi Renard,

    For me, reading and writing blogs is always fun.

    I’m amazed how you have explored the reasons of quitting blogging and came up with the best possible solutions.

    Believe or not, your post is enough strong to make alive a dead blogger.

    Amazing post.😁
    Hat’s off to you.

    Liked by 2 people

  6. You beat me to this. I was going to do a 13 reasons why post similar to this. Topic is similar as well 😂

    Your blog post came at a good time because I was pondering this question: why do so many bloggers quit?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I have a plan of updating in my blogs at least once a day. But it’s really hard to keep this thing up especially I think I have no words to say and my mind is always blank about the content I needed to build up. I relate in every reasons you have in this blog. More power to you and it’s a nice thing that I noticed your blog because it is beautiful.

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Hi Renard, I’ve seen so many bloggers come and go over the decade I’ve been at it. I think if I knew how much work it involved in the beginning, I probably would not have started. You really have to love it to stick with it and be thicked skinned in this business.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. I really resonate with the first one! I always feel a bit of “imposter syndrome” when I create a blog post even though I am writing from my own experience!! Haha… the editing resources you shared are super helpful. Thank you!! 😃

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Excellent points made, Renard. I blog for my own entertainment and also enjoy communication with other bloggers. And as different situations arise, I attempt to handle them right away. I believe in blog maintenance on a regular basis, and I feel continuing to blog takes dedication. As always, I appreciate your wise words.

    Liked by 3 people

  11. Great article, I have been surprised at the number of bloggers who I follow who stopped blogging in the last three years. So deleted their blogs all together, others just haven’t updated in months/years. The point about the scheduling sweet spot is so true. I sued to blog 4 times a week (when I was able) but now it’s just twice a week and I am much more comfortable with that.

    Has it reduced how many people visit me? Yes, but I’d still rather have something workable then push myself too much.

    Liked by 4 people

  12. For me i constantly experience writer’s block and i am trying to improve on that. And also i am a student and i am trying to balance because i feel like sometimes blogging takes alot of my time. By the way great advices😀👍.

    Liked by 3 people

        1. 🙂 Research of course. Plus the experienced I have gathered from being a blogger since 2008.

          Although some people no longer blog due to disabilities, it is in no way the number one cause of people giving up on blogging.

          Liked by 1 person

  13. Fascinating stuff and blog post Renard. I have to back you up here you are sincerely true. All these reasons why Bloggers give up on blogging are real.

    Blogging is a bit challenging because it does involve a lot of work from researching a topic, proofreading your blog posts and editing your post is time effective but that shouldn’t be procrastinating enough to abandon the blog entirely. It’s all about managing time💯

    Liked by 3 people

  14. English is not really my first language but I would Love to write in English, what’s your advice for me ? I think I should quit too…

    Liked by 1 person

  15. An excellent article Renard, truly excellent. All completely valid points. Sad fact is for some bloggers shite happens and they haven’t worked that possible into their programme. I have known many bloggers over the years now who have quit blogging for exactly those reasons listed sadly.

    The same for those who quit forums in many cases. Lost passion or trolled mostly.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Yours is a much needed piece of advice for me, as a new blogger. I intend to write in English and Spanish, which is challenging. I know it’s a hard way to reach the top but I love writing and don’t want to give up. I appreciate your reflection

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Thank you for giving us solutions! I was getting scared from the title haha. I’m new to blogging so you can imagine my decisiveness. I am determined to keep going

    Liked by 2 people

  18. Great tips! Thank you for sharing. I like how you presented the problem, the causes, then offered solutions. Very organized and reader-friendly!

    Liked by 2 people

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