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5 Ways Bloggers Can Handle Trolls


A troll is someone who goes out of their way to purposefully annoy people by posting information in the comments section of other people’s blogs that is inflammatory, offensive, and disruptive.

Bloggers who publish highly sensitive or controversial blog posts are usually the ones who attract a lot of trolls.

However, trolls will harass anyone, regardless of the topic on which the blogger has decided to publish.

Some bloggers decided to delete their blogs because they were tired of the frequent trolling.

Those bloggers who have chosen to continue blogging despite the frequent abuse are terrified of trolls (They worry about those trolls making their lives a living hell).

You should consider yourself quite fortunate if you have never encountered a troll in your history of blogging in the blogosphere.

To be safe, I will show you how to deal with trolls effectively.

1.) By Creating A Commenting Policy Page For Their Blog

It is entirely up to you whether or not to create a Commenting Policy page for your blog. Having one, on the other hand, will notify your blog’s readers about what is and is not permitted in the comments section.

Anyone who breaches the Commenting Policy on your blog will have their comments deleted.

After all, it is your blog and you should not have the cause to tolerate bad behaviour from others.

2.) By Moderating Their Comments

Keeping your comments moderated is a wonderful strategy to keep trolls out of your blog’s comment area.

After all, their comment is unable to make an impact if it is not seen (You can think of it as a troll talking to a brick wall).

Some bloggers have even gone so far as to disable comments on content that is controversial.

In my case, I do not believe that disabling comments on my blog is a good idea because it will prevent all commenters from leaving comments.

Therefore, the best option for me is to moderate the comments on my blog.

3.) By Ignoring The Trolls

Trolls thrive on attention and giving them yours is tantamount to giving them permission to misbehave.

They will simply choose another blogger to troll once they have seen that you have ignored them on multiple occasions.

In any case, the comments section of your blog should not be a haven for trolls.

4.) By Responding With Humour

If you are the type of blogger that allows all comments, you can respond with a witty remark whenever someone tries to troll you through the comments section of your blog.

Why should you do something like that?

Because retaliating angrily will only serve to strengthen their position.

Keep in mind that your goal is to disarm the troll, not to arm the one who is trolling.

5.) By Giving Them The Facts

There are trolls who believe they are far brighter than you and will discuss a topic in an undignified manner (Oftentimes, they lack the facts).

For example, if a troll tells you that Windows is more secure than Linux, you can show them that their reasoning is faulty by providing them with the facts.

Dear friend, no one can topple you over if you know the facts.

Final Thoughts

As you have learned, any blogger can handle trolls by:

  • Creating a Commenting Policy page for their blog.
  • Moderating their comments.
  • Ignoring them.
  • Responding with humour.
  • Giving them the facts.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you here again on Renard’s World.


55 thoughts on “5 Ways Bloggers Can Handle Trolls

  1. Hi Renard, I’m an introvert.

    Also, English is a second language for me. My school was primarily focused on Hindi, not English.

    Publishing my first blog post, was little scary. What will happen if someone read it? (although, that’s the purpose)? How he or she will react?

    Thanks to wordpress, it opened me, improved my conversation skills.

    My best wishes to bloggers who help, support and guide their fellow Bloggers. We celebrate our achievements together.

    When a troll targets and continuosly abuses, a blogger who have just learn to write online, he or she (the blogger) may get hurt.

    It takes time to deal such things. Having critics is a positive point. It’s good to be straightforward (β€œthe comment policy”).

    Thank you for the post, friend.

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    1. 😯 Wow! You have had a troll following your blog for years?

      Deleting their comments is the best way to go (Especially if they are highly disrespectful).

      Thank you for participating in the discussion, Chris.

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  2. Fortunately, I’ve not encountered trolls. I’ve had a few leave links left in my comment section that had nothing to do with my blog so I deleted them. I have Wordfence on my self-hosted blog, which gives me a detailed report of malicious attacks. From there I am able to block the IP address.

    There were a couple of bloggers I followed that were constantly trolled and ended up deleting their blogs, which is unfortunate.

    Thank you for your helpful advice, Renard.

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  3. Excellent post Renard! I do not have a Comment Policy however most of my Blogging Friends know what is acceptable & what is not. There are a few who push the envelope with comments & I Moderate carefully. When someone oversteps; they go to SPAM. And then TRASH. If that does not sort things out, I BLOCK them. No fuss; no muss! πŸ˜‰
    I wish I could use humour but I am not so clever or fast to respond. I can think of a few comments I could have used in the past! πŸ˜‰
    Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

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  4. I haven’t encountered any trolls on WordPress, but I saw one too many on Tumblr. They really are a hassle to deal with, so eventually, I just began ignoring and moderating them. Out of sight, out of mind. Thanks for your post!

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  5. i have never had trolling activity direct to the blog but l did receive a few years back some rather aggressive emails. i was always polite when l responded though. after a while they simply gave up.

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  6. The only way to deal with trolls is to completely ignore them. You may recall that somebody attacked me in one of my comments on your blog, Renard. You kindly stood up to them, but I chose to completely ignore their comment.

    As I moderate all comments on my blog, comments from trolls will never appear on any of my posts. Even if someone has left a comment before, all their comments will still need to be moderated by me first. That makes me feel very safe from trolls, and it also helps protects anyone who has left a comment from a troll.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. πŸ™‚ Yes, Hugh, I can recall that unfortunate incident like it was yesterday.

      Ignoring trolls is the best way of handling them.

      Moderating comments will prevent the comments of trolls from appearing on your comments thread. It is also the most effective way of combating spam. While Akismet does a good job of filtering out spam, some of the spam tends to make its way into the comments thread.

      Thank you for your reading and commenting.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, agreed, Renard. And sometimes, genuine comments end up in the spam folder by mistake. It’s always good to check the spam folder often and unspam those comments. I’m always surprised by how many bloggers never check their WordPress spam folder.

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  7. Excellent! I knew a wonderful, old nightclub musician who had a complete repertoire of comebacks for drunken trolls who were yelling out comments dissing the band. Wish I could remember them all…he had a gift for this kind of thing.

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  8. Great article. Thankfully I’ve not suffered trolls for quite a while, but it’s a reason I keep my comments moderated for those who are new to commenting on my blog. It just saves a lot more time than having to go through and delete comments that are a) trolly or b) inappropriate (which I do still get).

    Finally, you are so right that trolls feed on attention. It is almost frustrating to see comment sections on social media or youtube that end up being long threads of people raging against the troll as if that person can be swayed to be a better person (let’s be honest, most trolls do it just to be pains and to annoy people) and people continue to react making the situation and comments section a reall cesspool

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