Farewell Alexa


Whenever someone mentions the word, “Alexa,” the first thing that usually comes to mind is the virtual assistant by the same name (Fans of Amazon Alexa can rest assured knowing that it is not going anywhere any time soon).

The Alexa that I am referring to is Alexa Internet; which is also a subsidiary of Amazon.

Alexa Internet was founded twenty-five years ago (Amazon will be retiring this particular service on Sunday the 1st of May, 2022).

The biggest irony is that the folks over at Amazon did not provide the users of Alexa Internet with a reason for ending the service in May of next year (They claimed that they made the difficult decision to end it on the date that was mentioned in this blog post).

Being a technology enthusiast, I have some theories as to why Amazon Internet is coming to an end.

What Is Alexa Internet?

Some of you are probably wondering, “What the hell is Alexa Internet?”

To put it simply, Alexa Internet is a service that lets users know how popular a website is (This is done by gathering data from the Alexa Browser Extensions of users worldwide).

Back in 2008, I was one of the many bloggers who were on the Alexa Internet bandwagon.

Alexa Internet Is Heavily Reliant On The Usage Of The Alexa Browser Extension

The biggest flaw of Alexa Internet is that it is heavily reliant on the usage of the Alexa Browser Extension (Bloggers that have the Alexa Browser Extensions installed on their web browsers usually have blogs with a much better Alexa Rank than blogs of bloggers who do not have Alexa Browser Extensions installed on their web browsers).

For the record, a blog that is doing poorly on Alexa may be doing splendidly in the eyes of Google (Therefore, the Alexa Ranking System is not reliable where website metrics are concerned).

All experienced bloggers know fully well that they are much better off using Google Analytics (By the way, anyone who is interested in learning how to use Google Analytics should read, The Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics).

More People Are Using Mobile Devices To Browse The Internet

According to Digital Around the World, 90.9% go online at least some of the time.

Also, it does not take a rocket scientist to let you know that the number of people that use mobile devices is growing every year.

So, since the Alexa Browser Extension only works with the web browsers on laptop computers and desktop computers, the information that the Alexa Internet service provides is flawed.

To put it plainly, the information provided by the Alexa Browser Extension is absolute rubbish!

There Are Lots Of Bloggers Who Do Not Use Alexa Internet

The newer generation of bloggers does not use Alexa Internet.

Alexa Internet meant a lot for those people who were blogging in the late nineties and the early two-thousands.

Therefore, a large percentage of bloggers are not wasting their time by installing the useless Alexa Browser Extensions on their web browsers.

Final Thoughts

Truthfully speaking, I am not sad to see Alexa Internet go (I would be celebrating when it finally comes to an end on Sunday the 1st of May, 2022).

The Alexa Rank System is meaningless!

Have you ever used the Alexa Browser Extension in the past?

And, how do you feel about Amazon retiring Alexa Internet?

32 thoughts on “Farewell Alexa

  1. I’ve never tried the Alexa browser extension. I did sign up for a free trial of their service at one point just because I was curious, but didn’t find it to be all that useful for my purposes.

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  2. Being under the weather kept me from replying here sooner. As with others, I won’t miss this version of Alexa because I didn’t know it existed. Amazon did an amazingly poor job of promoting the service.

    As for why it’s going away, Amazon doesn’t need it anymore. Alexa 2.0 is a listening device planted in a large number of homes in the country (and elsewhere). Amazon is almost as bad as Google at data mining “for marketing purposes”. Try using an aggressive ad tracking blocker and see how little of their own site will even come up. Nevermind how much their phone app and peripherals like Fire TV will track.


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