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Personal Blogging Is A Different Kettle Of Fish


The internet is heavily saturated with personal blogs.

Luckily, anyone can start a personal blog of their own if they really wanted to (The tricky part is maintaining their personal blog).

The truth is that personal blogging is not complicated (It is just that a large percentage of personal bloggers are inexperienced in the area of blogging; this can lead to bloggers learning the proverbial ropes via the trial and error method).

Also, too many personal bloggers tend to worry about the welfare of their personal blogs (This is natural due to the fact that most personal bloggers would like other people to view their blog posts).

If you are a viewer who is not a blogger, you might not understand what the fuss is all about.

Whereas, those people who have actually started a personal blog of their own, will be in a much better position to relate to what I am about to say about this thing that is known as, “Personal blogging.”

So, to make things easy for the viewer who is not a blogger and the person who is new to personal blogging, I am going to break things down ― I will present things in a simplified manner.

What Is A Personal Blog?

A personal blog is a blog that a person creates for the purpose of:

  • Sharing their personal thoughts online.
  • Sharing their photos online.
  • Sharing their videos online.
  • Sharing the types of things that they are genuinely interested in online.

Everyone has some type of message that they would like to convey (And, personal blogging is perfect for that).

How Do You Go About Creating A Personal Blog?

Creating a personal blog is easy; simply choose one of the following blogging platforms:

  • Blogger
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • Squarespace
  • WordPress ( or
  • Ghost
  • Medium

You will see something along the lines of “Create Your Blog” or “Create Your Website or “Get Started”; click on it and you would be prompted to add an email account and a password for your personal blog.

In regards to (the self-hosted version of WordPress), you will have to purchase a plan from a web hosting provider; such as:

  • Bluehost
  • DreamHost
  • SiteGround

Most people who go for the self-hosted option usually have an idea as to how to set up their personal blogs.

If you know nothing about setting up a personal blog, a customer service representative might talk you through the process or set it up for you.

Can Bloggers Make Money With Their Personal Blogs?

Yes, bloggers can make money by using their personal blogs.

In regards to (the WordPress-hosted version), you will have to say, “Goodbye” to your subdomain and upgrade to a domain.

Whereas, with Blogger, you can monetize your blog (in spite of it being a subdomain) by signing up for AdSense.

Do keep in mind, that each blogging platform has its own requirements in regards to making money with blogs; they will differ from each other.

A personal blogger can make money with their blog by:

  • Including an affiliate link in the content of their blog post.
  • Monetizing their WordPress personal blog with WordAds.
  • Writing sponsored posts.

I would like to state for the record, that the amount of money that bloggers make from their personal blogs will vary; some will make a measly amount, while others may make a huge sum of money.

Please note, that there is no guarantee that you will make enough money to pay all of your bills or become a multimillionaire.

Also, making money with your personal blog is optional. There are a lot of personal bloggers who do not care about making money with their blogs; their sole purpose is to have fun.

Is It A Good Idea To Start A Personal Blog?

Yes, starting a personal blog is a good idea; especially if the person behind the personal blog wants to:

  • Improve their writing.
  • Learn more about blogging.
  • Share their experiences with others online.
  • Display the photos that they have taken.
  • Showcase their unique style of arts and crafts.
  • Write reviews.
  • Write about whatever it is that they have on their mind.

If you have not started a personal blog already, would you like to do any or all of the things that I mentioned above?

If your answer is “Yes,” starting a personal blog of your own would be a wonderful way to express yourself and showcase your talent.

Is Personal Blogging Suited For Everyone?

The truth is that personal blogging is not for everyone.

The following types of people should stay away from personal blogging:

  • The person who is too lazy to publish articles consistently on their personal blog.
  • The person who is too lazy to publish photographs on their personal blog; such as in the case of a blog that falls within the Photography niche.
  • The person who is too lazy to publish videos on their personal blog; such as in the case of a blog that specializes in video-related content.

Blogging involves a lot of hard work; which is the reason why bloggers often refer to it as, “A labour of love.”

If you intend on starting a personal blog, it would be in your best interest to take the time to fill it with the type (or types) of content that you actually love.

Should Personal Bloggers Do SEO?

For the record, it is not mandatory for personal bloggers to optimize their blog posts for search engine optimization.

However, they are free to optimize their blog posts for search engine optimization if they want to.

Whereas, business-related bloggers have no choice in the matter; optimizing their blog posts for search engine optimization is a must!

Final Thoughts

There is no rocket science involved in personal blogging; it is something that anyone can do.

The only prerequisite is to be fully devoted to your personal blog.

It is also optional to make money with your personal blog and optimize your personal blog posts for search engine optimization.

Where choice is concerned, it is up to the personal blogger to figure out whether or not they will like to keep their blogging process simple or complicated.

And, one must never forget that the main motive behind personal blogging is to have fun while expressing themself online.


57 thoughts on “Personal Blogging Is A Different Kettle Of Fish

  1. A labour of love seems to be a perfect description of this all! I have a personal blog as I mostly share what is on my mind and just today, I was wondering if I should make my blog SEO-friendly, Atleast with some posts.
    Is it possible to selectively make some posts SEO-friendly? Such as “tips and tricks” for example. What if we want only one category/tag to be SEO-friendly?

    Liked by 5 people

  2. I have a personal blog, but I hate how mine is categorized. Mine blog is a lifestyle blog. The words “lifestyle blog” really irk me because everyone under the sun is using that description. My blog pales in comparison… all I can do is hope that my blog is worth reading. Having to compete in an already overly-saturated market is exhausting. I don’t like saying “compete” because I’m not monetizing anything, but at the same time, it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

    Blogging is hard. It’s hard when there’s so many people doing the exact same thing. Being unique gets the views. With personal blogging, there’s a fine line between educating an audience vs. writing what you ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and nobody cares about that stuff). Sorry for the rant 😂😅

    Liked by 5 people

    1. 🙂 I do not mind the rant, Hilary.

      In regards to personal blogging, one is free to post about what type of food that they had for breakfast.

      Saying that no one would be interested in what you had for breakfast is being rather harsh on yourself.

      While the majority of people may not have a care in the world about what you had for breakfast, there will be those that do.

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

      Liked by 2 people

        1. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Well, Hilary, I am unable to help you out with that one.

          In my opinion, you are way too young to forget about what you had for breakfast.

          What would your memory be like when you reach fifty years of age?

          Liked by 2 people

    2. I think Hilary makes a very good point about many people doing the exact same thing, and I think that’s where interactions in comments (both on one’s own blog and other people’s blogs) helps people feel like they’re interacting with a unique person, even if the blog is one of a seeming gazillion lifestyle blogs.

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  3. Personal bloggers like to share their personal stories. Agree! That’s me! There are so many personal stories out there that could open up our minds to the life experiences of other individuals. Experiences include hobbies, travel, thoughts, living circumstances. Stories could be happy or sad. They could be about bravery, hope, resignation, loss, making the best of it, living with disability and so on. Each story is a glimpse into another human journey and all journeys are unique.

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  4. Excellent post Renard! I will tell you when I started The Purrfect Pad way back in 2005 on Yahoo 360 I had NO idea which direction I would go in. I knew “0” about blogging so I really was ‘winging’ it! I had published poetry & short stories in my youth so I at least knew how to write. I met so many lovely people on Yahoo 360 & they taught me little by little. WE morphed into Multiply & gained new followers/friends. And then I came here in Aug. 2012 & am still here…WOW so many years!
    Altho’ a personal bog it is also an Animal blog. I was one of the originals on Yahoo 360 to blog from their 4 leggeds point of view. It caught on & is going strong to this day.
    THE Purrfect Pad has had 4 name variations depending on which cat was with me & it has flourished. I count myself blessed & lucky that I enjoy Blogging as much now as I did when I started all those years ago!
    And I want to say “Thank You” for your great posts & ideas & tips!!
    Sincerely, from snowy Canada, Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita
    & **purrss** BellaDharma

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Outstanding post, as usual, Renard! I agree with, Dolly, your last statement is the key to success. Great title and fun use of the idiom – A Different Kettle of Fish.

    Liked by 3 people

  6. Hi Renard. Great article as always. It’s tough when the personal part of things is also a business part of you. I blog about family life, relationships etc. because I love to give advice but also because I want to build up an audience. Same goes for my other blog…all on writing which of course is a personal love and a business. The SEO is so difficult and competitive. What I find the most helpful (I believe someone else also mentioned it… was commenting. Interacting is SO important and those connections you can make. Anyway, stay centered and keep writing.

    Liked by 3 people

  7. Another great post. At the beginning I wanted my blog to be built solely for the reason of monetisation and delivering value, but I think I’ve realised that that’s simply no fun, and adding a mix of personal blogging and experience sharing indeed makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable. What are your thoughts on trying to go for a hybrid blog, where you can write personal and random posts, while also posts that try to deliver value and get engagement (for monetisation)?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. 🤔 I see nothing wrong with a hybrid blog. The most important thing is that it provides value to the reader (And, in this case, it does not really matter if it is monetized or not).

      Thank you for participating in the discussion.

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Yes. I have done it on my blog. It hasn’t been that long and hasn’t made much. I hope that by traveling to friends’ blogs (such as your blog) I can increase my income as a personal blogger.


    1. 🙂 Believe it or not, I write for myself (I need to please “me” first).

      And, afterwards for those people that resonate with my message.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!


      1. Thanks for the candor. I too write for me in hopes that it’ll be understood and resonate for anyone. I try my hardest to let it be known as an opinion, an idea, that of thoughts, ephemeral as they may be.

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  9. Do you have any knowledge about SiteGround hosting site? I have a free WordPress account, right now. I was just wondering why someone would get a service like SiteGround and what it’s for?

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