Stop Making Excuses And Write


Those bloggers (especially those whose blogs depend heavily on articles) should stop complaining about not having any sort of time to write.

The harsh truth is that in order to get any writing done, you will have to sit down or stand up or lie down and write.

Hey, in order to get your quota of blogging done, you will have to actually do it (There is no rocket science involved in that).

So, today, I am going to provide you with some tips on unleashing your inner writer.

Make Writing A Daily Habit

I want you to open up your favourite word processing software and type something; it could be a short article or a very long one (The whole purpose of this exercise is to get yourself into the habit of writing on a regular basis).

The first time you attempt this exercise, your mind will wander off in many different directions; the distractions will vary from:

  • Thinking about shows that you can watch on television.
  • Having a sudden urge to go and socialize with your friends.
  • Desperately wanting to check out what is happening on your social media accounts.
  • Wandering what sort of mischief that your dog or cat is up to.

I strongly suggest that you do not give in to temptation.


Because you need to have a very high level of discipline in order to develop the habit of writing daily.

I would like to make one thing clear: writing daily does not imply publishing content on your blog daily.

Publishing content on your blog daily is not mandatory (It is merely an option).

However, writing daily is a must for those bloggers who would like to develop the habit of writing daily.

Some blogging experts have recommended writing every day at the same time.

I, on the other hand, recommend writing anytime during the day.


Because life in itself is not perfect. Things have a way of popping up out of the blue; for example:

  • Taking your spouse or child to the hospital.
  • Locating a plumber with the intention of repairing a leaking pipe.
  • Your boss calling you out to work on your day off because one of your colleagues called in sick.

If any of the things above were to happen during the time frame that you put aside for writing, you would have to discontinue the writing process.

So, there is no guarantee that you will be able to write an article at 7:00 AM every morning (Or whatever time that you have set aside for writing).

From a realistic point of view, you can write with the time that you have available to you.

Also, writing at any time in the day (or night) trains you to be flexible (And, flexible bloggers can write on demand).

Make Sacrifices

When it comes to writing daily, you will have to make sacrifices.

Now, I am not referring to sacrificing your neighbourโ€™s goat to an old Pagon god.

The sacrifice that I am speaking about here is giving up something pleasurable (or at least part of it) and replacing it with your writing exercises.

If you are in the habit of watching four hours of television, you can cut it down to three (The additional hour that you usually devote to viewing television shows can be substituted for one hour of writing).

It might be hard giving up something pleasurable like watching a few television shows for improving your writing skills, but I can assure you that the sacrifice is worth it.

Avoid Being Too Hard On Yourself

Newbie bloggers are usually hard on themselves; they want their articles to be perfect.

I want them to know that perfection does not exist on this physical plane of existence.

Truthfully speaking, the most that any blogger can do is to devote their time to writing an article that is close to perfection.

So, do not be too hard on yourself for making spelling and grammatical errors.

Your first draft copy of your blog post is not meant to be perfect; its purpose is to get your ideas out in a readable form.

You can always correct those spelling and grammatical errors after you have finished writing the draft copy of your blog post.

Never View Your Writing Exercises As A Form Of Punishment

Write and then write some more (Practice makes perfect).

Do keep in mind that the whole purpose of doing those writing exercises is to get better at doing them thus allowing your writing to become second nature.

Writing exercises should not be viewed as a form of punishment; they should be looked upon as a path that leads to better writing and writing with ease.

Hold Yourself Accountable (An Optional Step)

Do see to it that you complete those writing exercises of yours daily.

You are the boss of your own blog; therefore, you are the one who is responsible for your blogโ€™s success.

If your blog takes a nosedive due to your inability to create content in a timely manner, you are the one who should be blamed.

So, in your case, you cannot afford to take your writing exercises for granted.

Use A Content Calendar

A content calendar comes in very handy for organizing your future blog posts (And, it happens to be something that any blogger can do).

Maria Kalyadinaโ€™s article, How to Create a Content Calendar: A Guide, will teach you how to go about creating a content calendar of your own as well as the importance of having one.

Dear friend, you will know exactly what type (or types) of blog posts that you would need to write in advance by simply looking at your content calendar.

Write An Extra Article Or Two And Schedule Them To Be Published At A Later Date (An Optional Step)

Writing an extra article or two is a great way to ensure that you would always have content to publish on your blog (That will save you the embarrassment of ever having to apologize to your viewing audience for not publishing anything on your blog).

If you are the type of blogger who publishes one blog post weekly, you can schedule one of your articles for your upcoming publishing date and the other for the following week.

Scheduling your blog posts can lighten your load.

Scheduling Posts & Pages by the folks over at WordPress Support will teach you all you need to know about scheduling your blog posts.

I have been scheduling my blog posts for as long as I can remember.

Have you scheduled any of your blog posts on WordPress?

Wrapping Up

You are way better off doing the things that would enable you to unleash your inner writer (Which, in my opinion, is a thousand times better than making excuses about your inability to find the time to write).

Write as though your life depended on it and you will see improvements in your writing.

Having the right attitude towards writing matters, my friend!

40 thoughts on “Stop Making Excuses And Write

  1. Love the idea of a Content Calendar…I am not as disciplined as you Renard however I do have a rule I follow religiously. If I publish a difficult/sad/health issues blog the next post is always an upbeat you. I strive to have BALANCE between good “Kitty Commentary” & the realism of my life & struggles. You know w/out becoming maudlin.
    I love all your tips tho’. They all make ‘purrfect’ sense to me ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thanks for another great post!
    Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum & **purrss** BellaDharma

    Liked by 8 people

  2. Your post is very encouraging and upbeat, Renard! Also, full of good advice for newbies and those of us that are more seasoned. I schedule my posts, especially those that are weekly challenges. I use the calendar in my browser which is most effective as a reminder.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Great advice for bloggers here Renard. I totally agree with you. I recall very well when I was still new to blogging, I would avoid writing at times but I’m happy to say I can now write a blog every week

    Even when debilitated I still manage to have a topic to blog about๐Ÿ’ฏ

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Ooooooooh Nooooooooooooooo!! Is this wrong?? ” ….sacrificing your neighbourโ€™s goat to an old Pagon god.” I didn’t think the neighbour would mind ….. Ah worry not, l am only ‘kidding’, l know the pun was a wee bit gruff right?

    Anyway, l couldn’t resist it Renard sorry my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

    Totally with you on this … l write daily, seven days a week for this blog or for my other one, or writing articles for other formats. i never run out of content to write. I opted to reduce my writing to once a day only so as to ‘not burn out’ which l was doing when l used to write content all day and also because l am just so busy these days, that l don’t have the to write all day everyday, so once is more than enough as in published content,

    But more importantly l enjoy writing, no, l love writing, it’s a passion.

    I don’t have a writing schedule in concrete although l do endeavour to write the next days post the previous day and l prefer to write long content in the morning and short content in the evening.

    Because l tend to produce content for fixed series even if they have diversity within them, it’s easier for me to produce content weekly.

    This week so far l have produced posts from the following catagories – entertainment, walking and nature, topical, questions and tomorrow is poetry with Sunday being gardening. But next week will be a different line up as was indeed last week.

    As per usual, top notch Renard, great read.

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  5. Iโ€™ve been having a burnout from blogging recently, so I definitely needed to read this.
    Some really good motivation and advice. Iโ€™ve been trying hard to make writing a daily habit, but for some reason Iโ€™ve just been falling out of love with it and itโ€™s hard to pinpoint why. Maybe because Iโ€™m more focussed on college rn, but even so I still want to improve and work on my blog.
    Thank you for the post Renate, I appreciate t

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  6. Nice suggestions… yes. writing daily gets us into the habit of writing.. and some days sacrifices are necessary to maintain the same.. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

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