These 3 Movies Will Entertain You


Recently, I went in search of some movies to watch (I wanted to entertain myself and I also wanted to come across movies that were worth my time viewing and reviewing).

The good news is that my search turned out to be successful.

So, without further ado, let us have a look at three of my recommendations.

The Official Theatrical Poster For Jolt (Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

1.) Jolt

Jolt is an American action-comedy film; it was released on Friday the 23rd of July 2021 by Amazon Studios.

The show, Jolt, revolves around the character, Lindy (Kate Beckinsale). She has a neurological disorder ― one that causes her to experience sporadic rage-filled, murderous impulses; in order to keep them under control, she has to shock herself with a special electrode device.

Lindy takes justice into her own hands when she finds out that Justin (Jai Courtney), the man she had dated was murdered.

Jolt was directed by Tanya Wexler and was written by Scott Wascha.

The producers for the show are:

  • David Bernardi
  • Sherryl Clark
  • Robert Van Norden
  • Les Weldon
  • Yariv Lerner

The show is filled with lots of action and it is clear for all to see that Lindy is quite effective at doing physical harm to those people she is angry at.

Here is a list of some of the other cast members of Jolt:

In spite of the show being highly entertaining, it received negative reviews from:

  • Bob Stauss of The San Fransico Chronicle.
  • Leslie Felperin of The Guardian.
  • Calum Marsh of The New York Times.

I will admit that the show, Jolt, is not for everyone. However, the only way to know if it is right for you is to watch it!

The Official Theatrical Poster For Salt (Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures)

2.) Salt

Another wonderful recommendation of mine is an old American action-thriller film from the year, 2010 (The movie that I am referring to is Salt).

Salt was directed by Phillip Noyce and was written by Kurt Wimmer; it was also produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Sunil Perkash.

The movie debuted in Hollywood on Monday the 19th of July, 2010.

Four days after (Friday the 23rd of July, 2010), the show made its appearance in cinemas throughout the rest of the United States of America.

Without giving away too much of the plot, the movie is about Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) ― a CIA officer who swore an oath to duty, honour and country.

The movie is certainly attention-grabbing!

Some of the other cast members of Salt are:

  • Liev Schreiber; he acts as Theodore “Ted” Winter/Nikolai Tarkovsky ― a corrupt CIA officer and double agent.
  • British actor, Chiwetel Ejiofor; he plays the role of Darryl Peabody ― an ONCIX agent in pursuit of Evelyn Salt.
  • Polish actor, Daniel Marcel Olbrychski; he acts as Oleg Vassily Orlov ― a Russian defector and a brilliant-minded spymaster.
  • German actor, August Diehl as Mike Krause (Evelyn Salt’s loyal and loving husband).
  • Polish actor, Aleksander Krupa (who also goes by Olek Krupa professionally), acts as Boris Matveyev ― Russia’s President.
  • American actor, Hunt Block; he acts as Howard Lewis ― the President of the United States of America.
  • American actor, Corey Stoll; he plays Shnaider ― a Russian suicide bomber.
  • American actor, Andre Braugher; he acts as the Secretary of Defense.

The sum of $130 million dollars was spent on making Salt.

The movie, Salt, managed to rake in the sum of $293.5 million from the Box Office.

The Official Theatrical Poster For The Protégé (Photo Credit: Lionsgate)

3.) The Protégé

The last recommendation on my list is The Protégé; this American action-thriller film was directed by Martin Campbell and written by Richard Wenk.

The producers for the movie, The Protégé, are:

  • Arthur Sarkissian
  • Rob Van Norden
  • Yariv Lerner
  • Chris Milburn
  • Moshe Diamant

The Protégé was officially released on Monday the 20th of August, 2021.

The movie revolves around the life of Anna Dutton (Maggie Q) ― an assassin raised by Moody (Samuel L. Jackson).

When she found out that Moody (the man who raised her) was killed, she vowed to avenge his death.

Here is a list of some of the other cast members of The Protégé:

The Protégé earned the sum of $8.2 million from Box Office sales.

Final Thoughts

There are those moments when we find ourselves in desperate need of movies to entertain ourselves (These three recommendations are appropriate for those occasions).

Have you seen any of the movies on my list?

Also, do you plan on watching any of those three movies in the near future?

35 thoughts on “These 3 Movies Will Entertain You

  1. WOW!!! All 3 movies sound amazing in their own ways.
    I would watch “JOLT.”..that is defo my kind of movie!!!!
    And Patrick Malahide from UK is one of my most FAVE actors! So my 3nd choice is “The Protege”! I loved him in “The Inspector Alleyn” series…he is a very good actor…….
    Then “Salt” as my 3rd choice.
    Thanks for a great movie review!
    ((hugs)) Sherri-Ellen (BellaSita) & **purrss** BellaDharma

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not into movies, however, I will say I enjoy the way you set up your reviews. A clear and brief synopsis and the list of actors is perfect, IMHO. I’ve read some reviews that are too wordy for my taste.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Rxcellent film choices and of the 3 l have seen 2. Jolt l saw about 2 months ago as l am a fan of KB and Salt l saw perhaps 6 years ago, another terrific film. I have not seen The Protégé but will now have a look see.

    Liked by 1 person

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