These 6 Things Will Help You To Be A Happy Blogger


I genuinely believe that a highly productive blogger is a happy one.

People who are depressed are usually less productive; hence their reason for wanting to stay in bed for the entire day.

Therefore, would it no be in our best interest to create content for our blog when we are in a joyous state of mind?

The answer to that question is an unwavering, “Yes!”

So, let us explore together, some of the things that can contribute to a blogger’s happiness.

1.) Having An Attitude Of Gratitude

Yes, my friend, having an attitude of gratitude helps greatly in the area of maintaining our happiness.

I am making an educated guess that you can come up with a list of things that you are grateful for (I know that I can).

In my case, I am grateful for the following things:

  • To be alive.
  • My beloved family.
  • Having food to eat.
  • To be healthy.
  • Having internet access.
  • Having a computer to create blog posts on.

Now, that my friend, is merely a proverbial drop in the bucket; I am grateful for countless other things.

Some people start their day on a sour note; they focus all of their energy on everything bad that is going on around them and as a result, they are angry with God, their neighbours and everyone else in the world (It is a pity that those people are not grateful for opening their eyes and witnessing another day).

Do you ever start your day with an attitude of gratitude?

2.) Treating People The Way That You Would Like To Be Treated

Never make the mistake of behaving as though you are better than the people that you come in contact with on a regular basis.

You might be more affluent than the person that you are standing next to. Truthfully speaking, having wealth does not make you superior to someone who is poor.

Besides, impoverished people hate being treated like second-class citizens.

Some wealthy people pretend that the impoverished person next to them is a non-entity; thus passing them straight without ever telling them, “Good morning,” or “Good evening.”

Everyone likes being acknowledged.

If you are unable to acknowledge the people that you come across physically, there is a chance of you ignoring the people in your blog’s commenting section.

Where blogging is concerned, all commenters are equal; no one really thinks about the commenter that they are interacting with as being rich or poor.

Therefore all bloggers should treat each other with love, kindness and respect.

Treating someone the way that you would like to be treated is a vital part of life (And, that, my friend, can help us in becoming happy bloggers).

3.) Managing Your Time Effectively

A lot of bloggers suck when it comes to time management; this results in them:

  • Being unable to find the time for creating content for their blog.
  • Being unable to interact with their fellow bloggers.
  • Being unable to find out what is new with WordPress.

In the past, I have stressed a lot about choosing a realistic blogging schedule.

It is no huge secret, that a person is going to feel mentally and physically drained after a hard day’s work or after spending long hours at school.

So, why in God’s/Goddess’s name do you want to kill yourself out by forcing yourself to publish blog posts daily?

A realistic blogging schedule for an extremely busy person would be weekly or fortnightly.

No one likes to be forced into doing something (We all have an aversion towards forcing ourselves to do things).

The best solution for this sort of madness is balancing your life.

Carry on with the other aspects of your life and blog less (By the way, blogging less is way much better than not blogging at all).

Managing your time effectively will also help greatly in becoming a happy blogger.

4.) Liking What You Do

Do you like blogging?

If your answer happens to be, “Yes,” you are on the right track ― blogging is certainly for you.

If your answer turned out to be, “No,” leave blogging alone and venture into something else like vlogging or podcasting.

It makes no sense whatsoever, to spend countless hours blogging if you hate it!

Engaging yourself in something that you like to do, places you in a joyous state of mind.

5.) Blogging About The Things That Are Of Genuine Interest To You

Sadly, some bloggers have chosen a niche that they do not like.

And, what is their reason for choosing a niche that they do not like?

They chose that niche of theirs because it was a popular one.

Venturing into a niche that is of no genuine interest to you is blogging suicide (You will not last long in the blogosphere; your blog will eventually end up as one of the many abandoned blogs in cyberspace).

My blog posts are based on the things that are of genuine interest to me.

So, for the sake of your blog’s longevity, I urge you to base your blog posts on the things that are of genuine interest to you (You will be a much happier blogger for making that decision).

6.) Associating Yourself With Like-Minded Bloggers

Another simple way of becoming a happy blogger is to associate yourself with like-minded bloggers.

Book bloggers will obviously enjoy interacting with other book bloggers.

If you are a blogger who publishes regular prompts on your WordPress blog, you will enjoy the company of other bloggers that publish prompts on their blog.

Like-minded bloggers will find a sense of joy whenever they interact with each other.

Final Thoughts

As you have learned, it is quite possible for anyone to become a happy blogger; this can be accomplished by:

  • Having an attitude of gratitude.
  • Treating people the way that you would like to be treated.
  • Managing your time effectively.
  • Liking what you do.
  • Blogging about the things that are of genuine interest to you.
  • Associating yourself with like-minded bloggers.

You deserve to be a happy blogger.

And, always keep in mind, that happy bloggers enjoy spreading their joy in the blogosphere; thus making it an enjoyable place to be for all bloggers!

70 thoughts on “These 6 Things Will Help You To Be A Happy Blogger

  1. For number five, I used to do a lifestyle-mommy type blog because that was really popular. I was sharing recipes and kid activities, photos of glitter and crayons scattered on the table. I liked it for a moment and then I got tired. I found I was cooking so much just to take photos of the food, and by the time I finished for us to enjoy the food, it was cold.

    I had the kids doing activities I wasn’t apart of because I was too busy taking photos of them in the distance or taking notes for the next post. I was missing out valuable time with my kids – just for this lifestyle blog to ‘fit in’. I stopped that and refocused on what I really loved: fiction writing. And now when with my kids or cooking, we enjoy our time together with hot meals! Great read, thanks for sharing! 🙂

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    1. That’s a very wise thing to do. Being a parent is hard enough without adding pressure on to the activities you do. I find it is the pressure of doing stuff regularly so now I just post when I want and I don’t mind if there’s a big gap. It is all about the balance of life! 😁

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  2. Outstanding post, Renard! I feel having an attitude of gratitude says a lot about a person and is reflected in their work. It goes without saying that treating people the way you wish to be treated is imperative. If you don’t like a person’s blog for one reason or another, there’s no reason to be disrespectful – just move on.

    Writing about subjects you know about makes it easier and more enjoyable for you. as a blogger. Blogging is supposed to be fun and even though we put a lot of work into our blogs, blogging shouldn’t seem like work.

    Consistency in scheduling is important and if you are going to take a break, let your followers know. And by all means, don’t apologize for taking a break. It’s your blog and you can do what you want with it.

    I agree we should be happy bloggers and keep the blogosphere a happy and safe place.

    Thanks for another valuable post, Renard!

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  3. I love everything about this post…and I’m genuinely attesting to the second point🙂❤️🙏. As much as I kind of struggle to manage my time, true, time management should be made effective when one is a blogger.

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  4. I truly was in need of something like this! Someone to almost guide me? If that makes sense I’m so new and so afraid lol it is so intimidating the whole blogging thing how to even do a good blog! So I find you almost comforting and very insightful ❤️

    Liked by 5 people

      1. I guess I don’t want to seem I don’t know lol to to new even some of the people I’ve read their stuff I’m like wow they are new? I guess some it comes to within a snap and some not so much I do love to read peoples blogs alot I just find each person interesting as I have a huge variety of likes and hobbies so your page came up right away so I’m loving it! 😂

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  5. Well, I find that I am more productive when I’m happy but when I’m feeling depressed and anxious, my creative juices still flow. I usually keep a diary by my side to jot down thoughts and then I might write a poem or something to release the negative energy. I know that those kind of poems could resonate with people and the sense of “ok, I guess I helped someone” is gratifying and takes me to a happy place. On the other hand, I acknowledge that I do it to reach that happy state again. So it’s not necessary for you to be completely happy to start working on your blog but rather that blogging can make you happy. I guess it also depends on the kind of blog you write – you can’t articulate information rich articles when you’re depressed. I agree with all the other points too. Gratitude and writing about your passion does bring happiness. Kudos! 🙌

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  6. “Being unable to find out what is new with WordPress.”

    Butbutbut! I have lots of time, and I use lots of said spare time for blogging. At least as long as the Covid-19 crisis is going on and I’m kinda confined to local activities only. Sorry that WordPress itself doesn’t fall into my sphere of interests. They are providing me with a blog system – and rather badly at that – same as my computers and my van and my household appliances serving me as tools for certain activities. Nothing else.

    “Associating yourself with like-minded bloggers.”

    Why would I do that? Is blogging a circlejerk now?
    Nothing against any of you, my fellow bloggaz, you’re surely very nice and thoughtful persons. Nevertheless I think blogging ain’t a team sport but fortunately a very lonely thing.

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      1. No! Blogging is only lonely because I willed it so. What for would I ever need support in blogging? Thankfully I have enough computers, a speedy interwebz and can hold a steady posture while sitting in my editor’s chair. And matter of factly is blogging a lonely thing! Or do you have a fanclub cheering you on while you’re typing away? Writing stuff was always lonely. From Homer via Shakespear and Hemmingway, up to Joanne K. Rowling, we all prefer to sit alone in our studies and writer’s dens, so we can focus without distractions.

        Disco is disco, blogging is blogging. May they never meet!

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  7. Great Info Renard

    It’s imperative as a Blogger to choose a niche you love to do so that you are in a happy state of mind.

    Very Important Things to note in this blog post!👌
    Keep it up👏

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  8. Hey Renard. I just reblogged this. I hope you’re ok with that. Last friday I did a post on the do’s and don’t of blogging and it was much more technical and yours just naturally rounded it off with positivity and kindness. It painted such a full picture of blogging. Thank you for being you and for your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. 🙂 Faye, if you have the predictive text mode on, I suggest that you turn it off; I believe that you typed “Reblog” and it changed it into the word, “Reboot” (A professional author like yourself would not be caught dead making that particular type of typographical error).

          By the way, I am not all that concerned about you having a “Reblog” button on your blog since it is less likely that a person will actually reblog a reblogged version of a blog post.

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            1. 🤔 Hmm. That is interesting. I removed the “Reblog” button from my blog.

              I also checked a few moments ago and it is not enabled.

              Now, in spite of the removal of the “Reblog” button from one’s blog, bloggers still have the option of reblogging blog posts via the WordPress Reader.

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  9. Highly helpful blog! Found many insights here and can’t help agreeing. Why blog if it doesn’t give you joy? Loved reading this piece. A fortnightly schedule is the best for busy people and I can attest what you said there. Great points, as always!

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  10. Thank you so much. I really need this advice & guide. I’m a new blogger.. like to express my feelings & thoughts through writing. All this years I was busy working & raising my daughter. Now is my time to do things that a love to do, blogging & writing what I feel makes me happy but sometimes I’m stuck as anxiety taking over my joy to blog.
    Thank you 🙏🏻 again for a great guide

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