8 Traits Of An Energetic Blogger


Energetic bloggers are the ones who have helped greatly in making the blogosphere a busy and enjoyable place (If you did not know better, you would swear that they were consuming lots of high-quality vitamins and minerals and premium coffee; those people have lots of energy to burn).

All energetic bloggers, in my opinion, are deserving of a salute and a standing ovation.

So, today I am going to make it a priority of mine to highlight their traits.

1.) They Have More Than One Blog

Those of us that manage one blog, know that it requires a lot of time and energy.

So, try to imagine the amount of time and energy that is required to manage more than one blog.

Oh, that is quite an amazing feat!

Having more than one blog is not a new practice; this has been taking place in the blogosphere for years.

A person may have a blog ― one that falls under the category of a “Personal Blog,” while utilizing the other blog as a “Business Blog.”

Blogging on the whole is no easy job.

Those people who manage more than one blog have earned my respect.

2.) They Publish Numerous Blog Posts Daily

For most people, it takes a lot of time and effort to create a blog post that is of high quality.

Therefore, depending on how many times you have published blog posts on your blog daily (and provided that you have maintained that level of high quality), you are exerting more energy.

The average person feels somewhat mentally drained after they have created their high-quality blog post.

So, from a mental standpoint, those people who publish a copious amount of high-quality blog posts numerous times a day, are highly energetic.

I would certainly like to learn their secret on how not to become mentally exhausted.

3.) They Read And Comment On Blog Posts Regularly

In addition to writing and publishing blog posts, the energetic blogger makes the time to read their fellow bloggers’ blog posts and comment on them.

It takes a lot of energy to read a large number of blog posts from your list of followers (Anyone who does this should be highly commended).

By the way, if your list of followers is around five thousand people, I do not expect you to visit the blogs of every one of those people in a day’s time; the wise thing to do is to choose a small handful.

I say, “Nicely done,” to all of the bloggers that read and comment on blogs regularly.

4.) They Are Always Creating New Drafts

Most bloggers are aware of the fact that they need to create new material for their blog regularly (The writing never ends).

These energetic bloggers are always creating draft copies for their blog posts (And, unlike other bloggers, they complete those draft copies of theirs; thus transforming them into well-written blog posts).

In their case, it does not hurt to have a surplus amount of finished draft copies because they can pick and choose which one they would like to publish on a certain day of the week.

Energetic bloggers are lean and mean content creation machines; they never run out of things to write about.

5.) They Make The Time To Promote Their Blog Posts Via Social Media

After those energetic bloggers published their blog posts on their blog, they promote them via their social media accounts; such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

They believe in making the most out of their blog posts (And, promoting them is an ideal way of doing that).

For the record, it is not mandatory for a personal blogger to promote their blog posts via social media; however, promoting one’s blog via social media is a wonderful way of gaining fresh eyes on your blog posts.

Where business blogging is concerned, it is an absolute must to promote your blog posts on social media.

Energetic bloggers are quite driven when it comes to promoting their blog posts on social media.

6.) They Enjoy Helping Others

Energetic bloggers enjoy helping other bloggers because they want them to succeed at blogging (It is as though they live for that sort of thing).

These energetic bloggers are the ones who:

  • Create blogging courses.
  • Help another blogger by providing them with a solution to their problem.
  • Encourage other bloggers to keep on blogging.
  • Congratulate other bloggers whenever they have made it to their blogging anniversary (This makes those bloggers feel appreciated and inspires them to keep on creating content for their blog).

It takes a lot of energy to help others (But, it is energy that is utilized in a positive manner).

7.) They Live To Blog

After a hard day’s work or spending long hours at school, they still have some energy left in their proverbial tank (That extra energy of theirs is used to create and publish a blog post).

When one is deeply enthusiastic about blogging, they will move Heaven and Earth to get their quota of blogging done (An energetic blogger is quite skilled at doing that).

Blogging is a must for an energetic blogger!

8.) They Take Great Care Of Themselves

One should not be surprised by the fact that energetic bloggers take great care of themselves.

How do these energetic bloggers take great care of themselves?

They do it by:

  • Getting an adequate amount of sleep.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet.
  • Exercising regularly.
  • Participating in prayer and meditation.

Dear friend, if you make it a priority of yours to take great care of yourself, you too will also have an abundance of energy.

Final Thoughts

Energetic bloggers are certainly an interesting bunch of people; they are the ones who:

  • Have more than one blog.
  • Publish numerous blog posts daily.
  • Read and comment on the blog posts of their fellow bloggers.
  • Are always creating draft copies of their blog posts.
  • Make the time to promote their blog posts via social media.
  • Enjoy helping other bloggers.
  • Live to blog.
  • Take great care of themselves.

Please feel free to share your opinion via the comments section of my blog.

And, most importantly, thank you for visiting Renard’s World!

121 thoughts on “8 Traits Of An Energetic Blogger

  1. Great thoughts, Renard! I consider myself one of those bloggers who put out a fairly large amount of content, it’s time-consuming and hard on the eyeballs! But, it’s fun, not a burden.

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  2. I don’t have multiple blogs but I post multiple times each day. And I comment on others’ blogs,too. But I follow Yoda’s rule: Either post – or post not. There is no Draft!

    Oh, and I never use social media to promote my blog. In fact is my blog my only social medium.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great article!

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about the first one: having more than one blog.

    As a new blogger, I can’t even fathom having to manager another blog at this time. With practice, however, maybe one day.

    What tips would you have for coming up with more post ideas? I’d love to put posts out more frequently, just struggle with idea creation occasionally.


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  4. I have partaken in all of the above, but I’m still working on #1. I actually have three other blog domains that I wanted to launch years ago. Master Mix Top 10’s for movie related top 10 lists, Master Mix Showcase for random media related subjects, and Master Mix TV for television. But publishing movie reviews everyday hasn’t made it a reality just yet.

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    1. 🙂Thank you for sharing that with me, my friend.

      At the moment, you are doing a wonderful job with one blog.

      Also, it would be unwise to bite off more than you can actually chew!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 In my case, I am very happy managing one blog (And, managing one blog is very time-consuming and demands a lot of my energy).

      Hats off to those bloggers that have multiple blogs!

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  5. I can’t thank you enough for every new thing I learn about blogging especially from your articles. I also feel encouraged to keep on blogging when I read your articles. Thank you and have a great week ahead. ^^

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  6. Your views are excellent, Renard. I don’t expect anyone to have all of these qualities but few will do.
    The first point is quite tough though. Can’t imagine running 2 blogs at the same time.

    Have a good time ahead.

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  7. Thank you for your posts, Mr Moreau! They are very helpful for a blogger like me, who just began her blogging journey in May. Your posts provide useful advice on what to look out for in blogging, so I don’t have to face those struggles in the future (or even if I do face problems, I know how to deal with them).
    I have not been posting recently as I have been preparing for exams, but when I restart my my blog, I am sure your blogs will make me wiser than I was in May.
    Thank you once again, Mr Moreau! 😊

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  8. It’s really feel good to heard these things, as for me who want to start blogging these are really helpfull. Am thankful to you for giving me some light .

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    1. 🙂 You are welcome, Julie!

      By the way, it is not mandatory for a blogger to publish numerous blog posts daily (The same thing applies to having more than one blog).

      What I highlighted were merely the traits of an energetic blogger.

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  9. You have definitely ticked all the boxes here Renard. I for one am an energetic blogger and this is contributed to the fact that I have more than one blog or website.

    I’m gonna keep blogging because it’s my bread and butter👏

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      1. Wow! Thanks for your encouragement! Really appreciate it that you have stopped by my blog! There are many inspiring blogs out there….today I just came across yours…take care and keep writing!

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  10. I really appreciate your thoughts. I have a fictional stories blog, a cancer survivor site with a beauty blog and a podcast coming soon. I changed the theme on my most important WordPress site, and all my content vanished!! Help!


    1. 🤔 All of the content on your blog is not supposed to disappear when you change your theme.

      If your main WordPress site is on WordPress.com, I strongly suggest that you contact WordPress’s Happiness Engineers.

      If your main WordPress site is on WordPress.org, get some help via WordPress.org’s forum.

      I am deeply sorry for your loss.

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