Renard’s Thoughts On Windows 11


Windows 11 was officially introduced to the world on Thursday the 24th of June, 2021 at 11:00 AM by Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer (The live stream buffered at intervals; it was a mild technical issue over at Microsoft’s end).

Some weeks earlier, someone had leaked an ISO image of the Windows 11 developer’s build on the internet; it showed the curious-minded techies what it looked like and it also provided them with firsthand information on how that operating system worked.

At the moment, many hardcore Windows users are annoyed with Microsoft (And, I am going to tell you why they feel that way and some of the things that could happen as a result of their displeasure).

The Controversial Windows 11 Requirement

Microsoft’s Compatibility for Windows 11, highlighted both the hardware and the software requirements for their latest operating system (Unfortunately, a lot of computers with Windows 10 on them failed to meet the requirements for Windows 11).

Many people (those Windows 10 users with fairly new computers) dislike the idea of purchasing a new computer in order for them to use Windows 11.

The biggest irony is that the developer’s build of Windows 11 works with older hardware.

Now, isn’t that in itself, evidence of Windows 11 being quite capable of working with older generations of Intel’s Core i7 processors?

Even a blind person can see that this is really a case of planned obsolescence.

Windows 11 Opens Up An Opportunity To Boost PC Sales

Everyone knows that the sale of PCs went up when a lot of people had to work from home.

Now, computer manufactures from around the world, can once again, boost their PC sales by flooding the market with computers that come preinstalled with Windows 11.

On a positive note, this should provide people with access to modern computer hardware (I would not pass up the opportunity to install Linux on modern computer hardware).

And, to be fair, technology is always advancing.

There Is The Risk Of Contributing To E-Waste

Some of you are probably asking yourselves, “What the hell is e-waste?”

To put it simply, e-waste refers to discarded electrical or electronic devices.

Now, why should you and I add more computers to landfills?

If we truly cared about the environment, we would look for innovative ways to extend the life of our computers (And, one of the best ways of doing that is by installing an alternative operating system on those so-called old computers).

Also, I really do not see the need to purchase a new computer every three years.

For the record, I am not against anyone for purchasing a new computer every three years; they are within their right to do so, but they should not be too eager to discard their old computer.

Unfortunately, Windows 11 will contribute to the rise of e-waste because most people who buy new computers are in the habit of discarding the computer that they were using before.

Some People Will Jump On The Linux Bandwagon

A lot of people have migrated to Linux because they grew tired of Microsoft’s monopoly and their worthless operating system (I am one of those people).

Why should I allow Microsoft to tell me how I can use my computer when I can do computing my way via Linux?

Also, the hardware requirements to use Windows 11 have increased from that of Windows 10; which, in my opinion, is a significant jump!

Tech-savvy people are aware of the fact that Linux is capable of working well on both powerful and not-so-powerful hardware.

So, why should you discontinue the usage of a computer that is only a few years old?

The truth is that you should not have the cause to do such a crazy thing!

Some People Will Become Apple Converts

I know of a few bloggers that went over to the Apple side of things because they grew fed up with using Microsoft Windows.

Some people do not mind spending the extra cash on an iMac or a MacBook Pro (They genuinely believe that it is a much better investment).

Apple has full control over their hardware and software; which results in fewer problems on the user’s end.

Most people who have made the switch to macOS never return to using Microsoft Windows.

The new hardware requirements for Windows 11 will alienate a lot of people; thus causing them to go in the direction of Apple.

One can look at it as “You screwed me over. Now, I am doing business with your competitor!”

If you were to ask any person if they know of any operating system other than Windows 11, they would say to you, “There is macOS!”

Apple spent a lot of money on advertising; therefore, the existence of macOS will always be etched in the minds of countless people.

Some People Would Gladly Move Over To Chrome OS

It is common knowledge that there is a Chromebook available for everyone’s budget; there are low-end, mid-range and high-end Chromebooks.

So, do not be surprised if someone says, “Goodbye Microsoft Windows. Hello, Chrome OS.”

In addition to casually browsing the world wide web, people can also do some productivity-related tasks on a Chromebook; the only issue is that almost everything you do on Chrome OS would be cloud-based (Some people would not have a problem with that because they used Microsoft OneDrive when they utilized Windows).

Chromebooks are becoming more and more popular and some people who are not okay with Microsoft’s new way of doing things would not hesitate to move over to Chrome OS.

Some People Would Continue To Use Windows 10 Until It Reaches Its End Of Life

Windows 10 will reach its end of life on Tuesday the 14th of October, 2025 (Microsoft may choose to extend their support for Windows 10 a little longer with the hopes that it would give Windows 10 users sufficient time to buy a new computer with Windows 11 on it).

So, do not be surprised if someone says to you, “I am sticking with Windows 10 until it is no longer supported by Microsoft!”

Personally, I think that they should liberate themselves by using the same computer with Linux installed on it.

By the way, creating a bootable USB flash drive with Linux on it is not difficult; Garvin Phillips’s article, How to Create a Bootable USB From an ISO: 6 Useful Tools, will provide the Microsoft Windows user with the necessary instructions.

The Bottom Line

There is a high probability that Microsoft will alienate a lot of their customers if they fail to lower the hardware requirements for Windows 11.

Some people have predicted that Microsoft might lower the hardware requirements for Windows 11 (Now, there is a small chance of that actually happening, but I would not bet my life on it).

If you happen to be one of the lucky Microsoft Windows users whose computer is new and fully compatible with Windows 11, you can wait until the free upgrade rolls out in Autumn (That is provided that you are satisfied with Microsoft Windows).

I hereby invite you to use Linux (there are many distributions available; choose one) and if Linux is not your sort of thing, you are free to use any other alternative operating system on your computer.

As a hardcore Linux user, I have no intentions of using Windows 11.

I emancipated myself from Microsoft’s slavery many years ago and it is time for other people to do the same!

67 thoughts on “Renard’s Thoughts On Windows 11

    1. 🙂 Sadje, you would have to wait later down in the year (the Fall season) in order to upgrade.

      If you desperately want it, you could join the Windows Insiders Program, but you will be given the developer’s build (It would be buggy because it is a beta version).

      You are better off waiting until the bugs have been irradiated.

      Oh, did I mention that you can just use Linux?

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  1. I had no idea that 11 was released. I switched to Mac years ago, being fed up with poor performance and the constant OS updates. I will never go back to Windows, for me, it’s a step-down and backward. My Macs are both 4 years old and still run superbly! Updates are few, the OS has always been incredibly smooth. Great post, Renard!

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  2. I’ve been using Linux for quite a while. It’s better than windows except some UI issues.
    People around me thinks that, I use Linux becoz I am an IT student.
    Most of my friends says that you’re into cyber security that’s why you use Linux but, that surely is not the case. I always have urged every person to use Linux regardless of any background. ~ Technical or Non technical.
    E-waste problem as you mentioned is surely a major issue to think about.
    Loved this post, @Renard.

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  3. I have a 5 year old Dell laptop that is probably incompatible with Windows 11, but since I use my iPhone for nearly all of my computing needs, it’s no big deal for me.

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  4. I’m shocked nobody mentioned the big lie here. THAT is the real reason to be mad at M$. When 10 was released years ago, they vowed to follow a Apple model where once you buy the OS, it (10) is the last version of Windows and upgrades are free forever.

    I had a feeling that would be a sham.

    Renard, you also missed the fact that, following M$’s usual pattern since ME, of junk releases of Windows helping finance the next good release… Windows 11 will be the trash version that really is only out there to bankroll Windows 12.

    As far as software requirements making hardware obsolete, that’s just progress. You can’t run the latest 8K graphics that gamers are demanding on 10 year old PCs. Somewhere between constantly forcing new versions and trying to make software that works on stone age hardware, there’s a middle ground. Even with THAT said, I think MS is too quick to rush new OS and Office versions, and at sky high prices.

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    1. 🧐 I also agree that the latest 8K graphics that gamers are demanding is unable to run a 10-year-old PC.

      In time, certain types of hardware will become obsolete; however, they should not become obsolete in the timeframe of three or four years’ time.

      I did not go through the obvious because many Windows users are aware of the fact that they have been taken for a proverbial ride by Microsoft.

      Thank you for your valuable contribution.

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      1. People have remarkably short attention spans nowadays. You’d be surprised how often I bring up something from the news 2 years ago and people have NO idea what I’m talking about. So, it’s not a bad thing to state the obvious sometimes. 😉

        Hardware obsolescence I agree with you on. Games were not the best example for me to use either since more and more people are moving to console gaming, BUT they are the most visible indicator of what’s driving change. If one simply looks at business software and we surfing, the PCs from 10 years ago are typically more than enough. Despite MS pushing new versions constantly, nothing has really changed in Office in at least 10 years beyond window dressing (pun intended) and back door security.

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  5. I am part of the Windows Insider Program and my new laptop is compatible with Windows 11. I’m waiting for them to let me know when I can install it.

    I have a travel laptop and another older laptop, which I keep as a backup. If they are not compatible with Win 11, it’s not a big deal to me.

    E-waste is a problem. One can have their old computers cleaned and donate or sell them rather than add more toxic clutter to the landfills.

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  6. THANK YOU, Renard.. That is very thoughtful of you to inform us about the announcement of Windows 11.

    When Windows 10 was introduced I understood that Microsoft would stick with this operating system and just upgrade it. Not for too long, I’ll need another laptop, and I’ll be getting an Apple.
    Luckily, I go to a computer shop where I bought my present Sony laptop almost a decade ago. BTW Sony stopped selling laptops when I am correct.

    At the time of purchase they were so helpful I decided to stay with them. I buy the supplies there I need, I have a subscription of an anti-virus, and they take care of my other (paid) WordPress blog. Any problem I have, they solve successfully. So, I am sure they can make the necessary adjustments from Windows 10- to the Apple operating-system.

    Yes, lately I also have heard of several parties that Apple will be a much better investment.

    WordPress will be updated to 5.8 this month.

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    1. Jackie, please, please, please don’t allow yourself to ever become dependable on a single store or supplier. If your shop was really good they’d told you that you don’t need any anti-virus (for various reasons far outside the scope of this comment section).

      Yes, Sony stopped making laptops afaik. For laptops there are only 3 good options: Lenovo, Dell, HP. Maybe Asus if you want something sexy and light and small. Forget the rest.

      Apple is the Hot Shit right now since they came up with their own processor. That piece of Apple silicon is callled M1 and blows Intel and AMD out of the water. BUUUUUT when you choose Apple you choose a life in Apple’s walled garden, a life in proprietary prison. And Apple is not known to be friendly to its customers, they won’t even allow you to repair your computer yourself or let a free agent work at it. They only accept their own workshops to repair stuff. And wonder o wonder more and more often they will tell you to rather purchase a new machine rather than repair the current one. Not a reliable supplier. And everything else than professional.

      Not that Microsoft and its crappy amateurish software products are any better. Windows is a nightmare and you don’t even own your system: You rent it from Microsoft. They have the ultimate say about your software.

      Best thing you can do for a happy future: Buy a Lenovo ThinPad … without operating system on it, if possible. And then become a penguin and install Linux Mint on it:
      The learning curve is flat and you’ll be the most awesome version of you in no time. =^.^=

      Oh btw, Computers, no matter if Apple or not, are never an investment! They lose 50% of their value in the moment you step out of the store.The rest value will have disappeared 6 mths later. What sticks with you is merely of emotional value.


      1. Thank you for your information. Linux unfortunately, is not for me. As I don’t have the practical technical knowledge. Apple and Microsoft both have their advantages and disadvantages. I have an iPad and I like it very well. I mainly use it for reading, checking e-mails, and short messages.
        Different people, they all have their likes and dislikes. Not everybody is the same.
        As far as the computer shop is concerned, I go to, I have been going there for quite some years now and no regrets.


  7. My newest machines won’t run W11. There will be a glut of cheap w10 machines for sale. If MS don’t cripple w10 there will be a lot of compromised machines online. W11 the rise of the botnets.

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    1. 😟 There are already way too many botnets.

      I hope that Microsoft gets their act together. They should help to make cyberspace a much safer space.

      Neil, I am sorry to learn that your newer machines are unable to run Windows 11.

      On a positive note, those computers of yours a quite capable of running almost any Linux distribution of your choice; your computers still have value.


  8. When I first heard about a Windows 11, I was like ((what!))
    I remember when I packed it in after realising Windows 10 wasn’t great, that they said this would be the last Windows. (Windows 10).And that they were only going to update 10. But here is 11.
    As I looked to see if Windows 11 was true, I see, as you mention how many will not be happy with this. I wouldn’t for the same reasons had I not left when it was 10.

    I am happy to be a Linux user. Windows will never be my thing, than windows aI look out of from my home. 😁

    I am still locked out of my iMac. Not had chance to put codes in as often as I like. But if and when one day I unlock it, I will keep it at same system, as this computer will never be connected to internet again. I will use it mainly for dvd watching and anything else that don’t require internet.
    I read somewhere that if the sysyem was to be changed to a Linux that it still wouldn’t stop it being locked out again. I don’t know how much this is true, but I certainly not connecting it anymore to internet.

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    1. Liz, a Linux install should get rid of being locked out. Linux respects you as the owner and only person to lock anybody out of the system. Or is your your locked-out state caused by faulty hardware, not by the MacOS?

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      1. I still reckon my situation with iMac is down to being locked put during one of my sessions connected to the internet. I just watched a dvd and needed to do something online, only to find when I turned around, to be looking at 4 boxes to put in a pin. I never set this computer up with a pin and so as I bought it second hand some years ago and hardly connected it to the internet until more recently around it getting locked up because I was doing more online work, that I reckon either the shop where I bought it from locked me out, or I go by my original suspicion that maybe the shop did not reset the computer as I thought it had and so previous owner who sold it there locked it. I will never know the answer to this. But I didn’t set up a pin, or have this conputer associated with my iCloud as I didn’t use iCloud.

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      2. I have not added Linux to the imac I would like to add, as I currently have a laptop with Linux that I am using, while trying to get back into my iMac.
        I have important documents on my iMac that even if I can’t retrieve, then to know they have been cleared and wiped off. So this is why I am trying to still get back into that one.


  9. So true! The number of times each day I curse Windows (10, both for work [currently] and at home) is beyond count. I certainly don’t want Win11, which will only be worse and yet more bloated, and will force upon me more crap I don’t want and don’t use. (3D Paint, for heaven’s sake!! I use Photoshop, I don’t use any version of Paint!)
    I don’t have the tech knowledge to take up Linux, but when my current personal HP “all in one” (like an iMac) reaches its “use by date”, I’m fairly sure I’ll move to an iMac. I’ve used them for years in my work, so there’d be no learning curve. And less grief, I hope!

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    1. I wish you all the best with Mac but can I please say that Linux doesn’t need any tech knowledge. Quite the contrary, experience shows that untechy persons can work easier and faster on (some) Linux than on Win and Mac. Best system to get started:


        1. I am not a geek. I certainly put myself off for some time going down the Linux route. I did buy a cheap laptop with it already on, but I wouldn’t hesitate to install it on an old computer.


        2. Updating is easy, it will let you know you have it set for that and it will install when you are ready with that.


  10. Renard, thanks for this information. I just bought a new computer last December with Windows 10. At least I have until 2025. Also, I had never heard of Linux. Will check it out but I am definitely not a techie person and this kind of stuff frightens me, not to mention stresses me out!

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    1. 🙂 You are welcome, Carol.

      Linux may sound frightening to the person who has never used it before. However, I can assure you that it is very easy to learn.

      There are beginner-friendly distributions out there; such as Zorin OS and Linux Mint.

      There are also tutorials on YouTube that teach people how to install and use Linux.

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    2. Carol, the greatest hurdle is to get Linux installed on your machine in the first place. After that it’s easypeasy. I hate self-promotion but on my blog I once made a story about those terrible first 30 minutes. But believe me, we all went thru it … and survived. 😉 For now just have a look and download a very nice and complete Linux distro:
      Then go to my blog or watch a YouTube video:

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  11. I bought a new computer when I retired in January 2013. It is now in its ninth year and I know I need to update – but not being tech savvy I hate trying to decide just what to purchase. Thanks for the info – clearly I need to do more reading and study before I make a new purchase.

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