These 7 Things Will Always Happen In The Blogosphere


Those of you who have been blogging for quite some time would have picked up on a pattern in the blogosphere ― a regular recurrence of certain types of behaviour from people who refer to themselves as, “Bloggers.”

The funny thing is that some of the newcomers to blogging will pick up on these types of behaviour with ease.

So, without further ado, it is time to highlight some of those things that have been happening in the blogosphere since the birth of blogging.

1.) Some People Will Ask The Same Questions Over And Over

It should not come as a shock to you that there will be people who will ask the same questions repeatedly (This does not send me crazy because I am fully aware of the fact that there will always be people who are new to blogging).

My article, 6 Questions That Always Pop Up In The Blogosphere, has dealt with some of the frequently asked questions about blogging.

Veteran bloggers should never lose their cool whenever someone has asked a blogging-related question that they have covered before.


Because getting angry with a newbie blogger will destroy any sort of future bond that you will like to have with that person (As a matter of fact, our list of followers are comprised of people whom we have managed to form a bond with and any newcomer to your blog can be looked upon as a potential follower).

So, instead of losing your proverbial cool, you can answer their question briefly or leave them a link to a past blog post of yours; preferably one that has dealt with the topic in detail via the comments section of your blog.

The biggest irony is that a lot of the newbie bloggers could save precious time by searching for an answer to their blogging-related question via a search engine of their choice.

2.) Some People Will Lose Their Interest In Blogging

It is a sad fact that a large percentage of bloggers will end up losing their interest in blogging.

Most personal bloggers view blogging as a fun-filled activity and when the fun fades, their blog dies (No new content is added and their blog becomes stagnant).

Truthfully speaking, blogging involves a lot of hard work and there are people who are not cut out for that sort of thing.

By the way, almost any blogger can rekindle their interest in blogging by reading, 10 Tips That Will Help You To Maintain Your Zeal For Blogging.

I truly hope that you will never lose your interest in blogging and that your blog will remain active many years into the future.

3.) Some People Will Always Be Angry At WordPress

Almost every WordPress user has been angry at WordPress in the past for some reason or the other.

Some people have been angry at WordPress because of Automattic’s decision to utilize the Block Editor.

Whereas, some people hate it whenever they are experiencing some type of technical difficulty ― the kind that can only be rectified by a well-trained Happiness Engineer.

Hey, technology is not perfect; therefore things will not work one hundred percent of the time.

And, Automattic’s management will always give the figurative green light for making upgrades without ever consulting the people that blog on WordPress.

Those people who are angry at WordPress are free to blog elsewhere or are free to continue tolerating WordPress’s technical imperfections.

4.) Some People Will Disagree With You

For the record, it is okay for people to disagree with us.

However, it is never right for someone to be rude to you via your blog’s comment section (This usually happens when an uncouth or an immature person disagrees with what you wrote in your blog post).

The preferred method, of course, is to disagree in a polite and diplomatic manner.

The best way of preventing rude comments from making their way into your comments thread is by manually approving each comment (This is highly recommended for those people that publish controversial topics on their blog).

5.) Some People Will Try Their Best To Spam Your Blog’s Comment Section

Spamming has been going on in the blogosphere for ages.

It is a known fact, that there are people who will attempt to leave a link to a product that they are trying to sell, as well as a link to their blog’s homepage.

Now, in most instances, bots are responsible for most of the spam that is being disseminated on the internet.

Thankfully, Akismet has done a wonderful job of combatting the majority of the spam on my blog (Unfortunately, it is not perfect and there are those rare occasions when the annoying spam would find its way in my blog’s comment section).

The spam that bypasses my spam filter is manually deleted by me (Oh, there is nothing quite like a bit of human intervention).

Spam is a nuisance and it should be dealt with in a serious manner.

6.) Some People Will Try To Steal Your Hard-Earned Money

Believe it or not, I do receive the occasional email from someone claiming to be an SEO expert; they want to make my blog SEO-friendly for a price.

Dear friend, scammers are constantly targeting naive bloggers (So, please be aware of the online trickery that is carried out by those dishonest people).

You are better off using an SEO plugin or hiring the services of a reputable SEO agency.

My article, 7 Things That Legitimate SEO Experts Will Never Do, is a must-read for any blogger who would like to differentiate a real SEO expert from a fake one.

7.) Some People Will Choose To Publish Your Work Without Your Permission

Unfortunately, there would be some people who would boldly publish your work without your permission (Those unscrupulous people are in the habit of passing off other people’s work as their own).

Dear friend, no one has the right to steal your blog posts and get away scot-free.

Brook Zimmatore’s article, How to File a DMCA Takedown and Protect Your Reputation, will enlighten you on the correct steps to take (Especially if someone has published your work without your permission).

Final Thoughts

Once the blogosphere is in existence, some people will:

  • Ask the same questions over and over.
  • Lose their interest in blogging.
  • Be angry at WordPress.
  • Disagree with you.
  • Try their best to spam your blog’s comment section.
  • Try to steal your hard-earned money.
  • Choose to publish your work without your permission.

The most that we bloggers can do is to accept the things that will never change and to take legal action whenever someone steals our intellectual property.

Please feel free to share your view on what you have read via my blog’s comment section.

And, thank you so kindly for reading!

96 thoughts on “These 7 Things Will Always Happen In The Blogosphere

  1. As a veteran blogger, this makes sense to me, Renard. Gladly, I have the plugin that allows me to continue using the Legacy editor as I call it. I have had just one rude comment that I can recall over the years, those comments are always removed as are spam follows and businesses.

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  2. Thank you sir for this great post.
    I apologise if you’ve already dealt with this question, but I want to ask you how to secure blog post before publishing so as to stop people from copying or publishing works without permission ??

    Liked by 6 people

    1. 🙂 One’s dashboard area is fairly secure. You should not have any issue with someone copying and pasting your work before it is published.

      However, if a site has multiple authors, they can view each other’s work in the dashboard area (This should not be a huge problem if everyone is well-trusted).

      Numerous authors from the same site will never think of stealing from each other.

      What you can also do is to save the draft copies of your blog posts via a text editor like, LibreOffice, Google Docs or Microsoft Word and when you are ready to publish them, simply cut them from your chosen text editor and paste them into your WordPress editor.

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      1. Sorry sir for bothering you, but please answer one more question : Can we secure the content of the post after publishing on WordPress? If yes, can you please tell how to do it??

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        1. 🤔 Now, what you are implying is something that is almost impossible.

          The theft of one’s content usually happens after the person has published their own blog post on his or her site.

          Apparently, if someone wants to steal your work after it has been published, they can do so with ease.

          The most that you can do is to have your blog post copyrighted (That way, you can request a DMCA takedown whenever someone publishes your work without your permission).

          Thank you for your question, Aditi.

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          1. I had always been curious about these 2 questions in my mind. I know these are silly and impossible but I just wanted to know.
            Thank you Sir for your valuable time and reply.

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  3. Yes, I guess this is the blogging life and I have experienced a few of these things in my few years of blogging. I guess like with everything, it comes with ups and downs but I guess until we enjoy what we do we’ll keep going no matter what 😉

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  4. “Those people who are angry at WordPress are free to blog elsewhere”

    Pffff. 😐 Where please? All the other bloggy thingies are even shittier than WP. Did you notice the latest fukky uppy? When you mark a certain amount of text to make it bold or itlalize, it never gets the full text,always missing something. That makes blogging slow and tedious and enraging. Add that to all the other nonsense they introduced lately and it’s really no wonder ppl are losing interest.

    Do WP pay you for shilling, or why are you defending those fukheads so fiercely. Nobody’s asked them to re-invent the typewriter and complicate all the things that once were easy. Fact is I need twice as long for any blogpost and have only half the fun as I used to have back in the good old days before Gutenberg/Block Editor.

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    1. 🤔 Ghost is not as half as messed up as WordPress.

      Also, if you are having technical issues with the Block Editor (or any other part of WordPress), contact one of the Happiness Engineers.

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      1. Never heard of Ghost, will look it up. And contacting a Happiness Engineer? Really? Ain’t nobody got no time for doing their job! Does nobody do any product testing anymore nowadays? Some of them must have fiddled with the system, fukked it up but didn’t test. That’s poor underperformance on their part.

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  5. This is a question, sorry if it’s in the wrong place but I’m going crazy! I bought another domain name to start another blog and when I posted for the first time, it got sent to all of my enchanted followers and I need it to be completely separate! Do you know how to do that? WordPress never responded to my query.

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    1. 😕 Unfortunately, I do not have a clear answer for you. I can only speculate that you received an email that pertained to your previous blog’s followers because both blogs are probably registered under the same email account.

      WordPress rarely responds right away; it may take many hours or a couple of days to receive an answer from them.

      On a positive note, you have a domain (That makes you one of their premium customers; therefore, your query should not go unanswered).

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  6. Rude, unprofessional or nasty comments? Mark them as spam and send them to the WordPress spam folder. Never respond to a troll. They will soon get fed up and move on.

    I’ve never got angry with any blogger for asking questions. We all have to start somewhere, even if we do occasionally ask the same question.

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  7. Thanks Renard for the helpful observations regarding blogosphere.
    Bloggers losing interest to continue blogging happens because they are in a hurry to garner followers fast and constantly compare with others.
    Added to this….spending the whole day with statistics make many get disappointed and likely to quit.

    Regarding content stealing……I am not sure anybody has time to check, leave alone raising a complaint

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  8. All great points Renard. Another thing I’ve noticed (as a newbie) is a few people will spam like a bunch of posts without actually reading them. I’m not sure what the motivation for this is, but it probably is simply to grab attention.

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  9. Excellent post and presented in your usual professional manner, Renard.
    I never have a problem answering questions from another blogger.
    I don’t know of any perfect blogging platform and feel there will always be glitches.
    I haven’t experienced someone that disagrees, however, I have experienced those who have another opinion. I don’t have a problem as long as it is presented in a respectful manner.
    I delete links that are dropped in my comments from those I don’t know. I refer to it as hijacking.
    I do know of a couple of bloggers where their work was plagiarized by another blogger. I’ve seen plagiarism on other platforms, as well! One sure way to tarnish your reputation as a writer is to steal someone’s work.

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  10. Great post, Renard! I’ve been blogging for 5 years and I’ve been on the receiving end of all of it. I’ve also been angry at WordPress too. However, I’ve learned to take the WordPress gremlins in stride and just do the best I can with what I have. Thank you so much for posting!

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  11. I’ve recently dealt with #5 and #7 and wrote a post about it yesterday. WordPress caught most of the influx of spam. And someone else told me they found one of my images and part of my blog post on another site… no context, no communication with me… they just ‘borrowed’ and posted. Researching ways to dissuade these types of activities led me to your site today. Thanks for writing this, I feel less alone knowing I’m not the only one trying to find solutions for these things. I wish there were easier, more clear answers.

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  12. Alright that happens a lot. Very valid points.
    I myself experienced these situations many times before. Those Seo experts sometimes also offers to make a youtube video about our posts.

    (But honestly, I kinda like block editor, Im enjoying it actually,
    I know majority of here won’t agree but It is what it is)

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  13. #1: Made me laugh #3. I’m starting to get how to use WordPress Block but I needed an excuse to post about how Elvis Presley and I are “all shook up”. #4: Yeah.

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  14. There’s so much of blogging wisdom in this single blogpost… people mostly start blogging without knowing anything about it(for example myself) and then end up loving this space because of good bloggers like you!! This space feels more open and less toxic than the other social media platforms. Thanks for the insights!!

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  15. Hi again, Specifically I am referring to ” Using copied software code without permission and without giving credit to the original writer, as outside the US, take down notices or complaints don’t seem to work.

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    1. 🙂 As a matter of fact, they do work outside of the United States of America. However, at times, it can be a long and drawn-out process.

      You can start by contacting the host of the site that stole your content and if that fails, hire a lawyer.

      If you wish, you can look up that particular topic on Google to acquire further information.


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