6 Crazy Things That Are Often Said To Bloggers


Some people have the habit of saying some rather crazy things to bloggers.

As bloggers, we are free to do the following things:

  • Ignore whatever it was that was said to us.
  • Get angry and lash out.
  • Find out whether or not if whatever was said to us holds any merit.

As a deep thinker, I love to analyze things; hence my disposition for looking at things from various angles.

So, without further ado, it is time for us both to explore six crazy things that are often said to us bloggers.

1.) Publish The Types Of Blog Posts That People Would Want To Read

The person who said, “Publish the types of blog posts that people would want to read,” most likely meant well; they probably wanted bloggers to have lots of incoming views to their blogs.

That statement, my friend, can be looked upon as them telling us to only publish blog posts that are based on popular topics (For the record, I am not against anyone for wanting to publish blog posts that revolve around popular topics because they are free to do so).

Realistically speaking, they are not in a position to truly say, “No one is going to read your blog post because you chose an unpopular topic.”

And, how in God’s/Goddess’s name did I come to that conclusion?

I came to that conclusion because I know for a fact that the world is filled with people who have various types of interests.

Personal bloggers can get away with publishing anything that they want on their blogs (Whether their blog posts are based on popular or unpopular topics).

Whereas, professional bloggers (those people who blog for a living) have a much better chance of making money with their blogs if they went along with a popular niche.

Therefore, personal and professional bloggers are not bound by the same rules.

2.) Blogging Is Dead

I am sure that you heard the rumour about blogging being dead.

Huh? Really? Is blogging dead?

Hell no! Blogging is very much alive!

I would like to give a good spanking to the person who started that particular piece of propaganda.

Anyway, that rumour probably arose from the younger generation having a deeper interest in vlogs and podcasts (They probably wanted us to give up blogging for something else that is considered more modern).

Hey, I would admit that vlogging and podcasting are trending, but that does not mean that blogging is dead in the water.

As a matter of fact, there are vloggers and podcasters that have blogs of their own (What they do is embed their vlogs and their podcasts to their blogs with the intention of reaching a much wider audience).

One important thing that people should always remember is that businesses have recognized the importance of blogging (They use blogging with the intention of marketing their products).

Also, there will always be a market for those people who prefer to read and create blog posts (Articles still have their place in the twenty-first century).

Those of us that blog on WordPress would know without a doubt, that blogging is very much alive and well (Our beloved WordPress Reader reminds us of that fact).

3.) Blogging Is Easy

Truthfully speaking, the more a person blogs, is the easier it becomes for them (That is the reason why it is somewhat child’s play for the blogger who has been doing it for over a decade).

However, a blogger can take offence to you telling them, “Blogging is easy!”


Because there are lots of things that go on behind the scenes.

In addition to writing, blogging involves:

  • Researching your chosen topic in advance.
  • Writing a draft copy of your blog post.
  • Proofreading your blog post.
  • Editing your blog post.
  • Having a bit of technical knowledge; for example, knowing how to find your way around your dashboard area and knowing how to find your way around the Block Editor.

It is a pity that the onlooker gets a lot of things wrong about blogging.

If you were to ask them to be seated and to put their first blog post together, they would never say to you, “Blogging is easy!”

4.) Get A Real Job

If you were to say, “Get a real job,” to someone who blogs professionally, there is a high probability that they would feel offended.


Because blogging professionally is actually a real job.

Professional bloggers make money wherever their computer is at.

And, always remember, that laptop computers and tablet computers can be utilized in almost any geographical location; therefore professional bloggers have:

  • The option of working from the comfort of their home.
  • The option of working from the comfort of a rented office space.
  • The option of working from the comfort of the beach.
  • The option of working from the comfort of a riverbank.
  • The option of working from the comfort of their favourite café.

Now, if you were to tell a personal blogger, “Get a real job,” with the intention of them giving up blogging or hurting their feelings, your words would have no effect on them because they blog merely for the fun of it; their main goal does not require them to make an income from blogging.

5.) What Is A Blog?

Believe it or not, there are lots of people out there who do not know what a blog is.

Imagine yourself having a casual conversation with someone and they ask, “What is it that you do in your free time?”

You would not hesitate to say to them, “I am a blogger. I run a blog on WordPress!”

The person would have a bewildered look on their face as ask you, “What is a blog?”

In the past, I showed a teenager what a blog was (Yes, I showed him what a blog was instead of telling him what a blog was; we were both carrying laptop computers at the time).

So, do not be utterly surprised if someone is unaware of the fact that blogs exist on the internet.

6.) Do People Actually Read Your Blog Posts?

When some of your family, relatives and friends found out that you blog, they probably asked you in a state of disbelief, “Do people actually read your blog posts?”

Your answer was, “Of course, they do!”

It is a sad fact that strangers have a much greater appreciation for the blog posts that we publish online (Oh well, so much for having our blog posts being appreciated by our family, relatives and friends).

The Bottom Line

People who know very little or nothing about blogging will always say crazy-sounding things to us.

Instead of getting annoyed, we could enlighten them with the hopes of them learning the truth.

Please let me know if someone uttered something that was totally crazy or inaccurate about blogging; this can be done via my blog’s comments section.

And, most importantly, thank you for reading!

157 thoughts on “6 Crazy Things That Are Often Said To Bloggers

  1. Thank you for sharing this. Bloggers tend to leave their blogs because of these points too. I hope many read this post and get inspired to maintain their blogs.

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  2. Very True!! Actually , we bloggers are the ones who have the capacity and talent to make unpopular topics , the most popular topics in this world. We can be the new era to make everyone realise what is right and what is wrong. Very relatable though. Thankyou 👍

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Wow! So it’s not just my blog that gets ignored by family and friends! It’s hard not to take that personally, I’ve pretty much given up on facebook since I started my blog. I can tell a better story with a series of photos and get much better response from a diverse global audience than I ever got from my FB “friends”. I share my posts on a FB page but hardly get any click-throughs or likes on them. I also used Flickr before my blog but again, you can’t really post a series of connected images.
    I enjoy blogging much more, but have to be careful that it doesn’t cut in living life.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers from Tasmania.

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  4. Awesome article. Especially the last point about family, which I’m slowly learning 😂.

    I like your point about how podcasting and blogging are trending. Do you think it’s beneficial to most bloggers to have some alternate outlet for their blog via a different medium (podcast, vlog, etc.)?

    – Kyle, The Travel Runner

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  5. An excellently funny post, it may not have meant to be read as funny Renard, but l mean in so far as some of the things people do say is always kind of funny 🙂

    Another quality read.

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  6. I hate it when people say blogging is dead! And yes, sadly strangers appreciate my work much more than my family or friends do. And I have given up on trying to get my family to read. A lot of effort goes into blogging but it’s worth it. Many non-bloggers don’t see the amount of work that goes into a single blog post.

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