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Is Blogging Right For You?


Truthfully speaking, blogging is not for everyone.

However, blogging is ideal for people who want to have a personal blog of their own and those who want to blog at a professional level.

You are probably thinking, “Since blogging is ideal for people who want to venture into the area of personal and professional blogging, why is it that it is not suited for everyone?”

Dear friend, blogging is not suited for everyone because it involves a lot of hard work and not everyone is truly willing to do all of the hard work that blogging requires!

Anyone who says to you, “There is no hard work involved in blogging,” is a hardcore liar.

So, without further ado, let us find out the true nature of this hard work ― the type of work that makes a lot of bloggers think twice about blogging.

You Will Need To Be Highly Creative

Being highly creative helps a lot when it comes to blogging; for example:

  • Bloggers who are into arts and crafts will need to produce new arts and crafts posts on a regular basis.
  • Bloggers who are into photography will have to publish photography-related blog posts regularly.
  • Bloggers who are into cooking and baking will need to publish new recipes on their blogs on a regular basis.
  • Bloggers who are into writing will have to publish articles on their blogs regularly.

Unfortunately, some people’s creativity tends to come at a  complete standstill (That is a bad thing because it makes those people feel bad for being unable to come up with new ideas for their blog).

For the record, constant brainstorming can help a blogger to come up with new ideas for their blog posts.

Also, burnout happens to be one of the main reasons for a blogger’s lost creativity.

I highly suggest that you blog in moderation and that you go on a hiatus whenever you need to replenish your creative energies.

Being highly creative is one of the prerequisites for great blogging.

You Will Need To Interact With Your Fellow Bloggers

I love interacting with my fellow bloggers (Where I am concerned, it is the easiest part of blogging).

However, interacting with your fellow bloggers requires being skilled in the area of time management.

In addition to publishing your own blog posts, you will need to find the time to:

  • Read the blog posts that your fellow bloggers published on their blogs.
  • Leave valuable comments in the comments section of your fellow bloggers’ blogs.
  • Press the Like button underneath the blogs that you genuinely enjoyed from your fellow bloggers.

One should always remember, that they are part of a blogging community and what goes around, certainly comes around.

Those things that I mentioned are probably easy for you.

And, believe it or not, there are bloggers who find it rather difficult to find the time to interact with other bloggers.

You Will Need To Be The Type Of Person Who Does Not Give Up Easily

One should not venture into blogging if they are the type of person that gives up easily.


Because their desired blogging results will not show up overnight.

All successful bloggers (whether they be personal or professional bloggers) are aware of the following facts:

  • It takes a while to build an audience.
  • It is foolish to expect to become a self-made millionaire in a short space of time (This applies to those people who have monetized their blogs).
  • It takes a while for one’s blog to receive their first comment.
  • It takes a while for one’s blog to acquire a large quantity of likes.

It is a sad fact, that there are people who give up blogging when they do not see the desired results.

Some people have abandoned their blogs in the short timeframe of three weeks (It is a pity that they did not stay long enough to witness people from all over the world interacting with their blog via their blog’s comments section).

Please promise me that you would be one of those bloggers who would not give up on their blog easily.

The truth is that I am very eager for you to do well in the area of blogging.

You Will Need To Have A Very High Level Of Discipline

It is no big secret, that a lot of successful bloggers possess a very high level of discipline; they are the ones who:

  • Make it a priority of theirs to find the time to write.
  • Always proofread their blog posts before pressing the publish button.
  • Publish blog posts in a consistent manner.
  • Learn everything that they can about blogging.

Sadly, there are a large number of bloggers in the blogosphere that lack self-discipline; they will never do well in the area of blogging.

Do you have a very high level of discipline?

I truly hope that you do because your blog is going to suffer greatly if you do not have a high level of discipline.

You Will Need To Have A Bit Of Technical Knowledge

Having a bit of technical knowledge is mandatory.

Dear friend, something as simple as reducing the file size of your photos before uploading them to your blog will help to prevent you from running out of valuable storage space.

And, having an understanding of the way in which search engine optimization works, can help the blog of a professional blogger to perform better in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages.

So, never shy away from learning the technical aspects of blogging (It will come in handy).

Final Thoughts

Blogging is right for those people who:

  • Are highly creative.
  • Are willing to interact with their fellow bloggers.
  • Are not in the habit of giving up easily.
  • Have a very high level of discipline.
  • Are willing to acquire a bit of technical knowledge in the area of blogging.

Do you possess any of the qualities that were mentioned above?

If you have said, “Yes,” blogging is certainly for you, my friend.

If you have none of the qualities that were mentioned above, you can develop them or you can forget about getting yourself involved in blogging.


174 thoughts on “Is Blogging Right For You?

  1. Apart from being creative, one must be willing to interact with the fellow bloggers.
    This # 2nd point you mentioned, I feel, is very important if one has to enjoy the blogging in the real sense and the bond can take the readers and authors to next level.

    Interaction comes in the form of ‘liking’ or ‘comments’

    ✔When a blogger likes a post, then one can think of two possibilities and the author is unsure as to which category this ‘liking’ falls under.

    ‘Liking’ the post is genuine. If it’s so the author is extremely happy. But author can only imagine the happiness.

    ‘Liking’ the post is…for the sake of liking or to keep the author in good humour or creating interest in author’s mind to visit the blog of that person who ‘liked’ it.

    Sadly no way to know what exactly this ‘like’ means and life goes on…..

    ✔Human psychology says that the blogger is the most happy person, if somebody takes time to leave a comment.

    Of course in the in photography blogs…there is nothing much to comment other than, lovely,excellent etc. while in other categories there is so much scope to comment and take part in the discussion and sadly this is not happening.

    In my earlier days of blogging I came across one particular blogger, who insisted in every post of his that, one must leave a comment ( No pressing the ‘like’ button simply) as to..1. What made the person to like his post. 2.Which part of the post was interesting and 3. How useful the post was for the humanity in the long run. Otherwise don’t simply press the ‘like button’ and move on to some other bloggers’ posts.

    This clearly tells us that he is not bothered about the statistics.

    Initially I thought that …this is too much and this person is insensitive and arrogant. (Based on my lack of maturity)

    As I started growing & my mind getting a little bit matured…now I feel…this person is not insensitive or arrogant but trying to figure out who are genuinely interested in his topics so that he is sure of interacting with like minded people and enhance his knowledge further in his field, doesn’t care how many followers one gets or the percentage of comments from all those followers.

    One more thing I am surprised about the mention of ‘Viewers’ – I just can’t understand what is the purpose of mention of ‘viewers’ and how they contribute to the growth of the blog?

    Renard you can make me understand better about the ‘viewers’ Did these viewers just viewed the title or read the post?

    Thank you Renard, for this valuable article about bloggers.
    My apologies for this lengthy stuff.
    Thanks for your patience.


    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’ve been blogging for almost months now and I thought it will just be writing then publishing. But it’s definitely not, there’s more fun in blogging and that’s when we interact with each other!

    Just wanted to emphasize that out here. Great post, btw❤️

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Good post! Everything about this is true. Definitely something to read before deciding to blog or not. Wish I knew this all before I started years ago. It would’ve been nice to know instead of learning as I go. Again: fantastic!

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Thank you sir for sharing your thoughts. Being a novice in this field of blogging, your post brought a confidence within me. And it gave me the motivation to post more better blogs next time. Thank you.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. True..discipline, creativity and a never give up attitude matters….it takes a lot of effort to be noticed and then recognised in the world of blogging..
    Stay blessed 🙏🙏

    Liked by 2 people

  6. This is an awesome post. So many things to consider. I just started a website and started writing. Luckily I fall into most of the categories you’ve mentioned. But I’ll definitely be doing some much needed homework. Thanks for this.

    Liked by 2 people

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