These 6 Things Will Help You To Remain In Love With Blogging


Naomi had worked arduously in the area of creating content for her blog; in her sixth year of blogging, she shouted, “I can’t take this anymore!”

Her husband, Jerod, ran in the direction of the living room as soon as he heard her voice ― a loud voice that was filled with the combination of anger, sadness and frustration. “What is the matter, honey?” He asked.

“Blogging doesn’t feel the same,” Naomi said with tears running down her cheeks.

Jerod wrapped his muscular arms around his wife’s petite body and uttered in a concerned tone of voice, “How come blogging doesn’t feel the same for you? You have been doing it for many years, Naomi.”

Naomi blew her runny nose in her husband’s sleeve and said, “Blogging has begun to feel as though I am carrying more weight than I can actually carry upon my shoulders.”

“You probably need to take a break from blogging,” Jerod said. “You can also use that time away from blogging to figure out some ways to make blogging fun as well as changing the things that have made blogging burdensome for you.”

Naomi nodded her head in agreement and said, “I shall do that starting from today,” and kissed her husband on his lips for coming up with a solution to her problem.

1.) Taking A Hiatus Once In A While

Realistically speaking, everyone needs to take a break from whatever it is that they were doing on a regular basis; for example:

  • Employees will be given some time off from work by their employers in the form of a vacation.
  • A housewife that is in the habit of cleaning the house spotless daily will appreciate being away from that particular chore for a day or two.
  • Children are allowed to take a break from their schoolwork during the August holidays.

Dear, friend, the same thing applies to blogging.

All bloggers need to take a hiatus (Especially if they have been blogging daily).

The time off from blogging will help their mind and body to recuperate and when their hiatus ends, they would return to blogging, feeling happy and refreshed.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that we are not supermen and superwomen; we are fragile human beings (And, human beings have their breaking points).

When was the last time that you took a hiatus from blogging?

2.) Passing On What You Have Learned About Blogging To Your Blogging Community

I am one of those people who enjoy passing on what they have learned about blogging to the members of their own blogging community.

And, why is it that I enjoy passing on what I have learned about blogging to my own blogging community?

I pass on what I have learned about blogging to my own blogging community because:

  • I enjoy being of assistance to my fellow bloggers.
  • There are lots of newbie bloggers that know little or nothing about blogging.
  • It inspires some bloggers to keep on blogging.
  • Hoarding knowledge is simply wrong.

Most of you are already aware that helping others makes us feel good about ourselves.

Therefore, if you know a thing or two about blogging, feel free to pass on what you have learned about blogging to the newer generation of bloggers (They would be grateful for the information).

3.) Basing Your Blog Posts On Things That You Actually Care About

Blogging about things that you have no interest in is madness!

The blogger who ventures into a niche that they are not interested in will not last long in the blogosphere.


Because blogging about things that you are not interested in will feel like a severe case of psychological torture.

Some people chose niches that they were not interested in because those niches were merely popular.

For the record, there is nothing wrong with basing your blog around a popular niche; you should only do it if you possess a genuine love for it.

By the way, the same thing applies to those bloggers that publish miscellaneous topics on their blogs.

Have you based your blog posts on things that you genuinely cared about?

4.) Finding Ways To Make Blogging Easier For Yourself

It is no secret, that you will enjoy blogging if you made it easier for yourself.

Some examples of making blogging easier for yourself are:

  • Listening to your favourite genre of music while you are putting your blog post together.
  • Creating your blog post in parts if you find it rather tedious to do in a single sitting.
  • Researching your topic on a separate day.
  • Proofreading your blog post on a separate day.
  • Inviting talented and trustworthy bloggers to create guest posts for you.

Have you made a conscientious effort to make blogging easier for yourself?

If “No,” turned out to be your answer, I strongly suggest that you come up with innovative ways of making blogging easier for yourself (If you fail at doing so, you will end up abandoning your blog).

5.) Remembering What It Was That Inspired You To Start A Blog Of Your Own

Some people felt inspired to start a blog of their own because they wanted to express themselves via:

  • Their writing.
  • Their photography.
  • Their art.
  • Their recipes.

Dear friend, there is a very high probability, that you would remain in love with blogging if you never forgot the reason why you wanted to start a blog on WordPress, Blogger, etcetera.

Do you remember exactly what it was that inspired you to start a blog of your own?

6.) Paying Close Attention To Your Blog’s Progress

Seeing how far you have actually come with your blog will also help you to remain in love with blogging.

As a matter of fact, when we first started blogging, we received:

  • Little or no likes on our blog posts.
  • Little or no comments in the comments section of our blog.
  • Little or no followers to our blog.

As time progressed, our blog took a turn for the better and it resulted in:

  • Receiving lots of likes on our blog posts.
  • Receiving a large number of comments in the comments section of our blog.
  • Acquiring lots of followers to our blog.

Those of us who have been blogging consistently for some time would be aware of the progress that we have made in the area of blogging.

Have you paid any attention to your blog’s progress lately?

Final Thoughts

As you have learned, it is possible for all bloggers to remain in love with blogging by:

  • Taking a hiatus once in a while.
  • Passing on what they have learned about blogging to their blogging community.
  • Basing their blog posts on things that they actually care about.
  • Finding ways to make blogging easier for themselves.
  • Remembering what it was that inspired them to start a blog of their own.
  • Paying close attention to their blog’s progress.

If the information within this blog post was helpful to you and you believe that it can also be helpful to others, share it amongst your followers on your favourite social media accounts.

Thank you for reading and I look forward to having you back here on Renard’s World real soon!

136 thoughts on “These 6 Things Will Help You To Remain In Love With Blogging

  1. Great post! I’ve been blogging for 13 years. And yes, it is slow at first, especially when you consider a YouTube can get a million hits in one day. 🙂 😦 It took from early 2008 until Oct 20, 2013 to get my first millionth like. I just flipped 2.2 million on the June 5th.
    Yes, taking a break now and then does help. This last year has slowed many of us down. Especially, when you write about birdwatching and stay at home. 🙂 Hang in there you “Newbies,” if you have something good to say, stay with it. You will meet and make many friends over the years.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Quality and top notch post Renard – l am in two minds about the hiatus – l think if you walk away from your blog, one should have a determined break period in mind of a month – six weeks only because l feel that if it is too long after that, your journey with your current blog will change as indeed will your personality in that time … therefore perhaps it is easier to simply cut back and performa simpler task on a daily or weekly basis just so your interim period still has activity present?

    Finding Ways To Make Blogging Easier For Yourself

    This especially has been one of my prime hyperfocus points this year.

    Again excellent post Renard.

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