All Linux Users Are Deeply Opinionated

If you were to come across ten different Linux users and ask them their opinion on Linux, you would most likely get ten different answers.

Why is that the case?

The answer, my friend, is a simple one ― every single Linux user on the face of the Earth is different (Different people, of course, will have varied opinions on a topic).

For the record, there are lots of open-minded people within the Linux community (In spite of being deeply opinionated, these people do not mind reading or listening to a different Linux-related point of view ― a point of view that is different than theirs).

I would also like to point out the opposite spectrum ― a group of Linux users who only believe that their view on Linux is the only one and anyone who possesses a different opinion on Linux, is either stupid or crazy.

So, without further ado, it is time for us to have an in-depth look as to the reason why we Linux users are so damn opinionated.

A Large Percentage Of Linux Users Hate Microsoft

Yes, it is true, my friend. A large percentage of Linux users hate Microsoft. They want nothing to do with:

  • Windows 10
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft 365
  • Skype
  • OneDrive

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that there are more Microsoft-related products that I could have added to the list; it would have turned out to be a long one.

So, for the sake of brevity, these people will not touch any of Microsoft’s products with a ten-foot pole.

Their hatred for Microsoft probably began when someone from Microsoft referred to Linux as, “A cancer,” some years ago.

As a result, those Linux users, discourage the usage of all Microsoft products in any form or fashion.

Now, could you blame them for possessing such an opinion?

Microsoft started the beef and those Linux users are merely reminding Microsoft of their insult and are merely keeping the proverbial war alive.

On a positive note, there are many free and open-source alternatives; for example, a person can use their favourite distribution of Linux instead of using Windows 10 and one can utilize the full LibreOffice suite instead of using Microsoft 365.

There Is The Small Percentage Of Linux Users That Do Not Hate Microsoft

The Linux users that do not hate Microsoft are the type of people who believe that people are free to choose any sort of business or product that they like (Even though that business or product may not have their best interest at heart).

These people also view operating systems as a tool ― a tool that allows them to access the internet, get some work done and entertain themselves. Therefore, they have no problem whatsoever using Windows 10.

Yes, there are Linux users that actually use Windows 10; those people are:

  • Hardcore gamers.
  • Professionals that need a specific piece of software to get their work done.
  • Those that have grown accustomed to using Windows 10 and would like to keep abreast of Microsoft’s advancements.

These people also believe that if they have to use it at work, they might as well integrate Windows 10 and the various other lists of Microsoft products into their personal lives.

Some of them will even say to you, “I use Linux way more than I use Windows 10.”

If you were to even hint for one moment that they should use Linux exclusively, they would tell you, “Using Linux exclusively for my everyday computing needs is impossible!”

On a positive note, these people have made the effort to use Linux (Unfortunately, there is no way that another Linux user can convince them to give up using Windows 10).

As a matter of fact, these people will speak highly of both Linux and Windows 10.

A staunch Linux user, on the other hand, would find it very distasteful to use both Linux and Windows 10 (For them, it all boils down to using nothing else but Linux).

There Are Linux Users Who Prefer To Utilize Distributions Of Linux That Are Easy To Use

For the record, if you are planning to get your figurative feet wet in the area of Linux, it would be wise to utilize a distribution of Linux that is easy to use.

Most newcomers to Linux usually start off with something like Ubuntu or Ubuntu-based derivatives, due to the fact, that they work out of the box.

If they never had to pull their hair out when they were using Windows 10, why should they have to suffer hair loss with Linux?

The truth is that they should not!

Besides, there is no shame in using a distribution of Linux that is easy to use.

My Linux journey started with Ubuntu and as time went along, I moved on to intermediate and advanced distributions of Linux.

Some of these people are of the opinion that if they can accomplish their computing needs on a distribution of Linux that is easy to use, there is really no need for them to use an intermediate or an advanced distribution of Linux.

It is a sad fact, that those people are teased by some of my fellow Vanilla Arch Linux users for using such newbie-based Linux distributions.

There Are Linux Users Who Would Prefer To Use Distributions Of Linux That Are Not Easy To Use

Linux distributions like Arch Linux and Gentoo require lots of skill to install and use (The people that usually go for those types of distributions of Linux are brilliant-minded by nature; they have a genuine knack for figuring out how technologically-oriented things work).

I will admit, that it feels great having the knowledge of knowing how to install Arch Linux along with knowing how to use it (By the way, this does not in any way, make me superior to the person that only knows how to use a version of Linux that is beginner-friendly).

Personally speaking, I think that Vanilla Arch Linux is a bit overrated; it loses its appeal when you go through the installation process a few times.

I also believe that a Linux user who is interested in Arch Linux can save a lot of their precious time by installing Endeavour OS.

Most Arch Linux users feel that their distribution of Linux is the best because it grants them easy access to the latest software and the latest Linux kernel.

Let it be known, that it is somewhat impossible to argue with an Arch Linux user and win the debate.


Because they believe that their point of view is the right one!

In my case, I do my best to remain humble, and I do not wear a t-shirt that says, “By the way, I use Arch,” in the front of it.

The Bottom Line

Apparently, Linux users will remain deeply opinionated (They will not be changing their opinion of Linux anytime soon).

Also, it would be nice if we could all get along well with each other and not be ridiculed for having different opinions of Linux.

The Linux community is made up of all types of people ― people that are arrogant as well as people that are humble and also those people that genuinely believe that all operating systems are merely tools to get stuff done (Whether it be work or play).

To the outsider looking in, the Linux community can appear a bit confusing and complicated.

Oh, well, so much for being part of a Linux community that is comprised of deeply opinionated people (And, I do mean that in a very good way).

22 thoughts on “All Linux Users Are Deeply Opinionated

  1. Windows 10 added 300,000,000 new users over this past year for a total worldwide user base of 1.3 Billion users now. I use Linux as a hobby OS, i.e. it’s a terrible desktop OS, but is fun to piddle with. Suited mainly as a ‘Specialty‘ OS geared towards business ‘n commercial enterprise, e.g. servers, IT’s, and developers (that may change with WSLg). Is a good ‘Specialty‘ OS in other areas also, e.g. old computer systems, great USB portability OS (most distros), rescue, penetration testing, and anonymous OS. For the past year, the worldwide Linux Desktop/Laptop user base has remained well below 2% of the total worldwide Desktop/Laptop users…around 2% for about 30 years, in fact. 😉


    1. 🙄 Well, Karmi, this one is a no-brainer. The reason why Windows 10 has the most new users is that those people’s computers either came pre-installed with Windows 10 or they upgraded from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

      Now, it is unfair to state that Linux is a terrible desktop operating system.

      To be straightforward, it all depends on the distribution of Linux that one is using; for example, Manjaro Linux does things differently than Ubuntu.

      In regards to servers, the majority of them use Linux.

      I also agree that Linux can be used for penetration testing, rescuing data and for remaining anonymous online.

      As a matter of fact, Redhat Enterprise Linux is highly rated in the area of business.

      Thank you for sharing your perspective.

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  2. “every single Linux user on the face of the Earth is different”
    Except me! I’m not different but the same as everybody else. 🙂

    “(Different people, of course, will have varied opinions on a topic).”
    No, they won’t! We all think alike. 😐

    “their view on Linux is the only one and anyone who possesses a different opinion on Linux, is either stupid or crazy.”
    But they are, aren’t they? I mean how dare they having those stupid and crazy opinions when everybody knows that only mine is of any value.

    “A Large Percentage Of Linux Users Hate Microsoft”
    With very good reasons.

    “Their hatred for Microsoft probably began when someone from Microsoft referred to Linux as, “A cancer,” some years ago.”
    I was on Linux since years before I heard about the Ballmer quote. And still hating Microsoft and Windows.

    “these people will not touch any of Microsoft’s products with a ten-foot pole.”
    Even when I was still on Windows (Win7 was my last) I never had any other pieces of Microsoft installed on my machines. Always tried to find FOSS alternatives.

    “There Is The Small Percentage Of Linux Users That Do Not Hate Microsoft”
    Those poor souls are lost for humanity, a waste of flesh n bone. :/

    “My Linux journey started with Ubuntu”
    Why? Why tf is everybody sucking on the same old lolly? It took me exactly 5 minutes of not very thorough research to find out that after 20 results for Ubuntu there came one like “this is the besterest Ubuntu, with racing stripes and fairie dust: Linux MInt!” Saved me a lot of headaches and having to deal with the vertical sidebar (that was in 12.04 times and the really bad Unity desktop). In Mint I found Mate, which was much closer to my Win7 desktop, had all the media codecs and the wonderful MHWD, and I could get busy right away.

    “and as time went along, I moved on to intermediate and advanced distributions of Linux.”
    Doesn’t compute. I know enough assholes, very old long-time Linux users who are on Ubuntu for whatever weird reasons. We’re talking Linux here, there are mo beginners distros. Beginner friendly, yes, but you can get old on any of them. Best example are diverse Ubuntu spins and of course: Mint.

    “I do not wear a t-shirt that says, “By the way, I use Arch,” in the front of it.”
    Neither do I. Not one to brag but I’m wearing t-shirts with the Arch and with the EndeavourOS logo. 😉

    Did I mention that I’m using Arch?

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  3. I use everything. Some software I use won’t work on Linux. Isn’t Android Linux? Dont most people use phones more than computers?
    Linux is like a customised car. It’s a very personal thing.

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    1. 🙂 Well, Neil, Android is not Linux. However, it is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel.

      I love the analogy that you made with the customized car. You are certainly right about Linux being a very personal thing.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  4. For those who care to “learn Linux,” I still think nothing beats Slackware for that. But it’s kinda like using Debian’s “Old Stable:” Support actually ends for some softwares before they are updated in the repositories for cry’n out loud. There are ways around that (thus “learning Linux”), but for most desktop users it’s like, “c’mon, I ain’t doin’ all that stuff just to update one little program.”

    But the funny thing about Linux is that some of the brightest and most gifted techno-geeks in the universe are the very ones who make Linux easy for the rest of us. They’re the people who make point-and-click stuff (Graphical User Interface, or GUI) so that little kids and grandmothers and technophobes like me can still easily access the awesome power of Linux. They don’t wear “I use Arch (or Gentoo or Slackware or Linux-From-Scratch)” teeshirts. They wear Ubuntu, Mint, ElementaryOS, and Linux Lite teeshirts.

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  5. I use Win 10 but I don’t like Microsoft because they push their products in your face. I don’t use Microsoft 365, Skype, and I hate One Drive. I like the way Edge is organized but very rarely use it. I use Vivaldi and LibreOffice Writer. One of these days, I will try Linux.

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