The Pros And The Cons Of Making The Time For Blogging

The Pros And The Cons Of Making The Time For Blogging

Making the time for blogging is not as easy as it looks; it is one of those sacrifices that a lot of bloggers make (Myself included).

And, why is it that a lot of bloggers make that type of sacrifice?

They do it because they want to get their quota of blogging done!

So, without further ado, it is time to find out what the pros and the cons are of making the time for blogging.

You Grow Into The Habit Of Using Your Spare Time Wisely

Using your spare time wisely to create a blog post is a wonderful form of time management.

You can use increments of your spare time to:

  • Come up with a topic for your blog post.
  • Create an outline for your blog post.
  • Create the draft copy for your blog post.
  • Proofread the draft copy of your blog post.
  • Edit the draft copy of your blog post.
  • Publish the finalized copy of your blog post.

Now, it is not mandatory for you to do everything that was mentioned above in one sitting; it can be done in parts.

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that those things will become an ingrained habit if you do them regularly (And, you will end up feeling out of sorts if you do not use your spare time wisely to create content for your blog).

Not Socializing With Friends Or Watching Movies Until You Complete Your Blog Post

Not socializing with your friends or watching a bunch of movies until you get your quota of blogging done can be quite difficult for a lot of people (It is one of the biggest cons of making the time for blogging).

In your schooldays, your parents made sure that you did your homework; you were not allowed to socialize with your friends or watch television until you completed it.

Today, you are all grown up. However, you can still implement that method; not socializing with your friends or watching movies until you have completed your blog post (That particular approach may appear extreme, but truthfully speaking, it is an austere form of discipline).

You Are Able To Meet Your Deadline

Dear friend, meeting your deadline is not all that hard to do. All you have to do is to make sure that your blog post is finished before the time and the day that it is due.

The problem is that too many people wait until the very last minute to get their quota of blogging done.

In my case, I publish blog posts on Renard’s World weekly; every Saturday at 19:30 Greenwich Mean Time (I use the scheduling feature in the WordPress Editor to help me out with that).

By the way, if you happen to be one of those people who does not know how to schedule their blog posts on WordPress, I highly recommend that you peruse, Schedule Posts & Pages.

I have Monday to Friday (six days in advance) to make sure that my blog post is ready for my beloved readers (Which is way more than enough time to put a blog post together).

Where posting deadlines are concerned, it would be a wise move on your behalf, to choose those that are realistic (Especially the kind that is not going to leave you severely burnt out and frustrated).

It Is Somewhat Difficult To Focus On Writing When You Are Not In The Mood To Do It

Okay, I will admit, that there are lots of people who find it difficult to focus on writing when they are not in the mood (It is another one of those horrible cons of making the time for blogging).

Writing when you are not in the mood for it, can feel as though you are squeezing a rock with the hopes of expelling a glass of water out of it.

However, it is possible to write when you are not in the mood for writing; Flavia Young’s article, How to Write When You’re Not In The Mood, will teach you how to do it.

The sad truth is that if you are depending on having the inspiration to write, you will end up creating nothing the day that inspiration fails to show.

Another great article that you can read is Karen Reyburn’s article, How Do I Write Blogs When I’m Not In The Mood (It would provide you with some very simple things that you can do when you are not in the mood to write a blog post).

You Do Not Have To Make Excuses For Not Publishing A Blog Post

Unfortunately, the blogosphere is filled with people making excuses for not being able to publish their blog posts; they stem from:

  • Encountering writer’s block.
  • Being extremely busy.
  • Lack of inspiration.
  • Not being in the mood to write.
  • Being too tired.

Oh, those damn excuses are endless in nature.

The truth is that it is way easier to come up with an excuse as to why you were unable to publish a blog post than to actually create and publish a blog post.

Those bloggers who have made it a habit of theirs to make the time for blogging, will not find themselves making excuses that pertain to being unable to find the time to blog.

Wrapping Up

Yes, my friend, making the time for blogging has its pros and cons and they are:

  • Growing in the habit of utilizing your spare time in a wise manner.
  • The blatant refusal to socialize with your friends or watch movies until you have created and published your blog post.
  • Being able to meet your deadline.
  • Writing a blog post when you are not in the mood to write.
  • You will never have the cause for making an excuse that relates to not publishing a blog post on your blog.

Now, I am fully aware of the fact, that this is a highly controversial topic.

As a matter of fact, hundreds of bloggers in the blogosphere will always justify their reason for being unable to find the time to create and publish a blog post.

Realistically, it is possible for any blogger (whether they be a newbie or an experienced blogger) to make the time for blogging.

Please feel free to share your opinion via the comments section of my blog.

And, thank you for reading!

70 thoughts on “The Pros And The Cons Of Making The Time For Blogging

  1. I always wonder why people apologize for not blogging, it just highlights the lack of effort most of the time. Nicely structured article Renard

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  2. Love this dude, I tend to blog when I can, I don’t plan a blog or schedule a blog. I keep it random, and I don’t really have a theme to my blogs, they are just what pops in my head on that day. This gives me the freedom to blog what I want when I want, this also gives me freedom from meeting quotas or expectations while also giving my readers something to look foreward too. Also make them wander what the hell the next blog will reveal, and the people who regularly visit me love this. One blog I can be blogging about work, next blog will be a film or series I’m wagching, to the next one being about gardening or having a rant. Some of my blogs like one of todays I put research into it, but most are just rambling on about something I wasn’t expecting. I like the freedom of blogging what and when I want and I think that’s what attracts people to mine. It also has a more real feel to it. I have also missed a day of blogging now and then and I admit I have said sorry I missed yesterday and explain why. I think that brings a more personal thing to it where people may think oh he’s doing this for us. Mostly I’ll admit I blog for me, but also to entertain and make someone smile. I love doing my blogs, it feels good to get things out of my head and gives people to see into my life. I’ve only been blogging like 3 months, but I feel I’ve found my release through writing (or typing as the case may be) it’s a good feeling when I post a blog and even better when I get feedback and views, it’s a feeling I’ve never felt before blogging and it’s awesome.

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  3. I have a life and it’s more important than blogging. I blog when I want to, mostly in phases. Right now I love it and post almost every day, soon I will take a break and you might not see, or read me, of weeks, months even. As I said. It’s not important. Goodness I am just not a good blogger.

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  4. Luckily the movie one works in my favor lol. All joking aside, I definitely have it difficult with a daily release schedule, but I always find time. Especially as someone who’s notorious for procrastinating. I’ve only made it harder for myself ever since I started a YouTube channel as an extension for my blog. Even then I managed to create over 65 videos and write the longest review on my blog (at a staggering 5995 words). Time management is the key just like you said.

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  5. I think your post could also be titled, How to Get Blogging Done When You’re Short On Time. But, I’m sure yours has a far higher SEO! As for the Pros of Making Time for Blogging, you reflect that in your posts; organized, well-worded, and useful or entertaining (or both) content.

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  6. Since blogging is a large part of my life that I enjoy, I make time for it. I believe if one truly enjoys doing certain things, they will find the time to do so. Awesome post, Renard.

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  7. Well written piece, Renard. I TRY to blog every day, but I don’t apologize for days I miss. For the most part, I blog for myself and, hopefully, what I write is of some small interest to others. Like the way your piece is put together. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Nice article! The auto post has never worked for me… not sure why..! But I do agree if you make up your mind, somehow you find the relevant topics to write and share!

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  9. Very insightful post! And I agree with all of it. Your mention of getting into the habit of using your spare time more wisely really hit home with me.

    I used to find it hard to find time to blog, but now that I’ve been doing it for so long, I find that I can easily fit it into my schedule. I’ve gotten into the habit of scheduling blogs on the scheduler months ahead of time, just in case I were to have an accident or get sick enough to require hospitalization. You never know when an emergency will happen so I try to work way ahead. Thank you so much for posting this! 🙂

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  10. An excellent post Renard.

    In the last year, l have made many changes to my blog because of time. At one point l was producing up to 13 posts a day you may recall and then l have gradually whittled down to where l am now 2 posts day, and that is something l am a lot happier with. In the next month, the schedule will change once again and will come to rest on its final position. I am in the process of creating a second blog with a view to launching that this month sometime. It’s to be a sister site to the Guy blog an extension but once the two blogs are active they will only be hosting 1 – 2 blogs a day over the course of one week.

    I made all these changes to free up time, more time for me and still have the time to continue to thoroughly enjoy my blogging hobby.

    With less time producing lots of posts l have more time to actually create the few l do properly, l have more time now to read from the bloggers l want to read from on a regular basis, l have more time to create and work on a business concept hence the second blog and l have more time to enjoy my life without fretting that l need to produce too many posts daily to feed what was once an obsession – now l have the time to enjoy blogging.

    I suppose if we were to view blogging like a new relationship …. we start off all excited, then the first dating starts, then the marriage, then the honeymoon period and then normal routine starts and we learn to pace ourselves for the longer journey. That’s been my blogging experience anyway.

    But we both know, that everything is always about time.

    Excellent post once more Renard – please do have a lovely day and take the Time to enjoy it

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  11. Unfortunately, I am one of those poor souls that seem to lack a solid deadline for blog posts. Excuses, excuses – yeah, I got some of those, specially lacking ideas and having writer’s block. Though it is true, we should make time for our blog.

    Excellent post!

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  12. I’ve got enough other fun stuff to keep myself occupied without making such a strict schedule of my life. And I’ll only release a blog post when I’m personally satisfied with it. I’m also content to visit my regular readers whenever I can get to them. Hate to have my blogging turn into a must do deadline activity. Have a good one, Renard.

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  13. “Making the time for blogging is not as easy as it looks; it is one of those sacrifices that a lot of bloggers make (Myself included).”
    Your very first sentence hammers the truth out.

    When there was total lockdown in my country last year( March 2020), I felt…why can’t I take a challenge and try to post daily at a stretch for 365 days, at the same time maitaing quality.

    To my surprise I posted more than 365 posts.

    I fully concur with what all you said about pros and cons.

    My experience

    1.Posting daily is not a joke.It takes all my reserves.

    2.I have gained lots of followers and also jump in viewership.

    3.Of course one has to overcome losing ‘family time’ or ‘quality time’

    4. Zero time in socializing.

    5. Always thinking about the next post.

    6. I was also worried whether I was overloading reader to their annoyance.

    7.I think it is possible to post on a regular basis other than during emergency situations.

    Thank you Renard for your inspiring post about blogger making time available for blogging.

    Thank you for making an introvert like me to talk about my experience.

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  14. I think the more I have followers on my blog would be the more I’d be able to make time for my blog😅.

    I’m kidding, this is just an excuse to ask fellow bloggers in the WordPress family to kindly follow my blog ( and seize the day with me writtersiyandamzolo😌✊.

    And I have a question, say I have a paid plan instead of a free one. What counts in terms of making more money? Is it the number of followers or the number of views? Please kindly help a young blogger who began as a budding writer but officially made a writer by joining the WordPress family and starting a blog.


    1. 🙂 For starters, bloggers that have upgraded their plan to the Premium, Business and eCommerce plans are automatically granted access to the WordAds program.

      Well, the more people that see those ads, the better.

      Please check out this link to find out more about WordAds:


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