Are You Satisfied With The Way Your Blog Turned Out?

There are those people who plan out what their blog is going to be like before they actually set it up; in their mind’s eye:

  • They had an idea of the type of theme that they wanted to use.
  • They knew the topic (or the topics) that they were going to publish on their blog.
  • They knew the day (or the days) that they were going to publish blog posts on their blog.

One should not be too surprised about those things that I just mentioned, because there are people who are well-skilled in the area of meticulous planning.

On the other hand, there are those people who ventured into blogging without any sort of plan; they are the ones who:

  • Created a blog without knowing anything about blogging.
  • Had no idea of what type (or types) of blog posts that they were going to publish on their blog.
  • Certainly did not know what day (or days) they were going to publish content on their blog.

Everyone is aware of the type of people who do things spontaneously (They simply venture into a project without any sort of preparation).

The funny thing is that despite a blogger planning out (or not planning out) his or her direction for their blog, things do not always go as planned (This can result in the blogger being displeased in the way their blog turned out).

Not Getting The Results That You Want Can Be A Complete Turnoff

People blog for various reasons; such as:

  • Gaining a large number of subscribers to their blog.
  • Acquiring a large number of Likes on their blog posts.
  • Receiving lots of incoming views to their blog.
  • To become popular in the blogosphere.
  • To pass on what they have learned to others.
  • Engaging with their fellow bloggers.

Unfortunately, people do not always get their desired results; which leads to them being dissatisfied with the way their blog turned out.

Ironically, some things take longer to achieve; an example of this is waiting approximately six months (or even a much longer period) for your blog to gain traction in the blogosphere.

As a matter of fact, a former WordPress blogger told me that he had to wait two years for his blog to gain momentum.

There are bloggers who abandoned their blog in the period of two weeks because they thought that they were wasting their time and their energy on blogging.

It is a sad fact, that there are bloggers that expect instantaneous results; they publish their first blog post with the hopes of their blog receiving:

  • Hundreds of incoming views.
  • A large number of Likes.
  • More followers than they could ever dream of.

Hey, if you are not a movie star, a popular fashion model, a sports personality, a musician, a rapper or a singer, your blog will have to grow slowly like the rest of the other blogs here on WordPress (Hmm. So much for instant gratification).

Now, how do you expect to be satisfied with your blog if you give up in a short space of time?

Chances are that you would have been pleased about the way that your blog turned out if you had stuck with it for a much longer period.

You Usually Get Back What You Put Out

Many years ago, a woman complained that no one on WordPress was interacting with her blog; as a result of that, she abandoned her WordPress blog and moved to Blogger.

Now, a person is truly badly off if no one chooses to interact with their blog.

Personal experience has taught me, that if you interact with your fellow bloggers, they will most likely, interact with you.

The truth is that blogging actually involves more than writing a blog post and publishing it on your blog. You are part of a blogging community; therefore, you need to interact with the members of your blogging community.

People who regularly interact with the members of their blogging community, usually enjoy blogging (And, as a result of their positivity, they end up creating the type of content that they and their viewers enjoy).

There is a high probability that you would like the way that your blog turned out if you are having fun with your blog and you enjoy interacting with the members of your blogging community.

Besides, blogging would be extremely boring if you did not interact with any of your fellow bloggers.

Perfectionism Can Work Against You

The perfectionist will not publish a blog post if they view it as being imperfect (This usually results in many blog posts of theirs being discarded or many of their blog posts spending an eternity in the drafts section of their blog).

I will admit that it is always a good idea to proofread your blog posts before you publish them.

However, the truth is that perfection is a myth; it does not exist!

The so-called perfect blog post is a concept that was dreamed up by an overly cautious blogger ― someone who had a strict English teacher in their schooldays.

Unfortunately, the perfectionist is going to be seldom satisfied with their blog, due to the fact, that in their mind’s eye, their content often falls short of their level of perfection.

Being In Love With Blogging Produces Magical Results

When one is in love with blogging, they approach the blogging process in a highly passionate manner. They are eager to:

  • Learn all they can about blogging.
  • Teach others what they have learned about blogging.
  • Encourage others to start a blog of their own.
  • Encourage disillusioned bloggers to keep on blogging.
  • Support their fellow bloggers.

Bloggers that are in love with blogging can be looked upon as the angels of the blogosphere because they are always exuding lots of positive energy.

There is a high chance of the person that is in love with blogging being satisfied with the way in which their blog turned out.

Blogging About The Things That You Genuinely Like Will Bring You Lots Of Joy

There are people who will choose a niche because it is popular (Unfortunately, a percentage of people do not like their chosen niche).

I will admit, that one’s blog can receive lots of incoming views if it is based on a popular niche.

However, delving deeply into a niche that you have no interest in, is going to feel like the worst case of psychological torture.

Dear friend, there is really no need for you to punish yourself like that.

You can gain a sense of freedom by choosing a niche that you are in harmony with (If you are a personal blogger, you can benefit a lot by simply going nicheless).

In the end, you are not going to be happy with your blog if it is based on a niche that you hate.


Because your blog will make you feel like you sold your soul in exchange for popularity.

Blogging about the things that you like will bring you a sense of happiness, and as an additional perk, it will attract readers who have the same interest as you.

Final Thoughts

For the record, I am satisfied with the way in which my blog turned out (It is not a proverbial ghost town and I am very grateful for that).

I also enjoy interacting with my fellow bloggers (And, for me, that makes blogging worthwhile).

If you are not satisfied with how things turned out for your blog, you can always make the type of changes that would bring you a deep sense of satisfaction; which can be achieved by:

  • Having realistic expectations for your blog.
  • Not blogging for the wrong reasons.
  • Being fully aware that you are part of a blogging community.
  • Falling in love with blogging.
  • Blogging about the things that bring you a sense of joy.

If you found this blog post helpful and you believe that it can be equally helpful to other bloggers, I hereby invite you to share it via your favourite social media networks.

And, most importantly, thank you for reading!

100 thoughts on “Are You Satisfied With The Way Your Blog Turned Out?

  1. Blogging about things you enjoy stands out there… why blog about something that you don’t?

    I was posting erratically with my cricket blog, 4/5 posts a day but then some without. Happy to restrict myself to one daily post nowadays (New blog) and have plenty scheduled.

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  2. I am mostly satisfied with my photoblog but think I need to occasionally toss in a different subject than photography. But never politics! I have been blogging for over ten years now…

    Liked by 5 people

    1. 🙂 I pleased to know that you are happy with your photoblog, John.

      Maybe, you can add some photography tips along with using the right photography gear in some of your blog posts (That way you will still be within the photography niche).

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  3. As strange as it sounds, just getting someone to visit my blog makes me happy. Blogging about something you care does matter a lot even if you don’t have a big following.

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  4. Hi, I found this post very interesting and informative and I must say that I am definitely spontaneous. I am satisfied with my blog and enjoy connecting with other bloggers as it definitely feels like a lovely blogging community on wordpress. I do feel happy when someone visits my blog, it means a lot to me and makes me feel like my blog is worth the effort I have put into it. Thank you for your great blog.

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  5. Love it dude, my blog is just random and my thoughts at the time, my draft box never has anything in it, i blog as i go. It’s personal and when I start typing my mind opens up. I don’t really go for perfection and that allows me to blog every day (unless I’m tired) my blog has also got more traction than I thought it would but not as much as I hoped it would but I’m going with the flow and just starting my 3rd month blogging my views are always up and down, no consistency in the amount of views, I’m happy with that as I know the people who like and comment like what I post, therefore as long as a few people love instead of a lot of people hate is better I’d say. I’m happy with my flow and it works for now.

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  6. So many good points here.
    I started blogging because the book proposal outline included “Tell about any blogs you write, topics, number if followers, etc.” and I thought, “I guess I’d better find out what a blog is and start one.” 😏 I would have been shocked if I had a large following right away. Heck, I was shocked that my first follower was someone I didn’t know. I had no.idea how she found my blog!
    You’re right, interacting with other bloggers is a huge source of enjoyment, and I’ve enjoyed blogging more than I ever thought I would.

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  7. I think I was disillusioned when I started! I’ve learnt to go with the flow more and make the blog what I want it to be. I find the interaction the best part. There are a lot of interesting topics and insights that many people are writing about and it’s great to open it to discussion.

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  8. What a fabulous post Renard! I can tell YOU are passionate about blogging….in fact you became a role model for me when I discovered your blog. When I started blogging back in 2005 I’d literally NO idea how to blog. I DID know I wanted to be an Animal Blogger…that I would blog as my cat Mingflower the Merciless my Bluepoint Siamese. I joined Yahoo 360 & read some blogs to get an idea of how to blog. Then I just jumped in! And it worked! And I grew a following I never imagined. I met people from all around the world & we continued to blog on Multiply… was wonderful. Then Multiply decided to do away with their blog site. 5 people had come to WordPress & suggested I ‘set up shop’ here…so I did & it has been wonderful….NYLABLUE took over & then Purrince Siddhartha Henry & now BellaDharma continues the tradition of THE Purrfect Pad…..I’ve used that name in some form for the past 16 years. Many of my friends from Yahoo retired their blogs but we are ALL connected via FaceBook & they still follow my blog. I think being a short story &poetry writer helped me with blogging. And with a ‘little help form my friends’ like yourself I am a happy blogger! AND I even can use Block Classic Editor better now because of your assistance!
    Thanks for a great post Renard 🙂
    Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma

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  9. My blog has been one of the best things I ever started. I find now that any other social media (unless it has someone from this blogging community) is not nearly as interesting. I am fascinated that we can read blogs by those from all over the world and learn so many things in the meantime. Although I’ve been doing this for a couple years now, I can honestly say I am happy with where it is going and I’m humbled when someone reads my latest blog article. I have learned that photos really help the blog (especially if it is travel). I have found some pretty funny bloggers and when I need a laugh I go straight to them bc they never disappoint. Your blog is also a go to for me. Your advice is always welcome.

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  10. Yes, I am very satisfied with the way my blog turned out. I started out slow, but now it’s grown into something truly special to me. My love of movies was just the niche I needed to make it work.

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  11. Very beautiful and inspirational post. You must enjoy the process of Blogging without expecting anything in return. Yes, you must enjoy your milestones but don’t have to blog for the milestones! Thanks for sharing! ❤️❤️

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    1. 🙂 Interacting with other bloggers is a vital part of the blogging process (I truly hope that a lot of bloggers become aware of that fact).

      Thank you for your valuable input, Dolly.

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  12. Another interesting and very helpful post Renard.

    Let me sincerely thank you for all the encouragement and useful tips you give to all of us through your posts.

    In my case …initially I was not sure about my blog title ‘philosophy Through Photography’ as to how readers react since philosophy and photography combination happens to be a peculiar one.

    Added to this, I felt, majority may not be keen to look into photography articles and that too the one with a tinge of philosophy.

    I was so sure that readers may not show interest in philosophy, as it is said to be a dull and boring subject.

    And I am not a philosopher by profession,but have interest in philosophy and I was hesitant.

    To my surprise, my readers proved me wrong , I am thankful to them for the constant support and encouragement.

    And I am happy and thankful to you all.

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  13. Hi, Renard. Thanks again for another interesting post filled with words of wisdom. I have always found your thoughts on blogging extremely helpful. Keep it up. Best Regards.

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  14. Are you satisfied with the way your blog turned out? I think so, but I’m still learning and am still on my blogging journey, Renard.

    However, I’m in love with blogging – which includes learning everything I can about blogging – including how to use the Block editor. Like everything else, we have to keep moving with the times.

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  15. Excellent guidance, as always Renard. 💗 Being part of the blogging community is a wonderful place to be. It adds so much to the experience here on WordPress. I appreciate you and your insights.

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  16. You should be proud of the wonderful blog you’ve created. I started mine with no real plan; I was just participating in a 30 day blogging challenge. That was almost six and a half years ago and I haven’t missed a day…

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  17. This is a wonderful post, Renard! You discussed every meaningful aspect of blogging. When I retired, I started posting articles to LinkedIn. However, since no longer directly involved in a specific industry, I felt I should take a different avenue in my writing. Then, I moved on to, where I could be more creative, but I got burned out and didn’t feel fulfilled. (I still contribute to beBee, but in a less involved way). That’s when I started my own blog!

    It took 2 years to gain a following and I changed my thought processes several times on what I wanted it to reflect. I started a second blog (poetry only) and it was slow to gain and at its renewal, I decided to delete it. But, I had a change of heart and removed all my posts and started over. Actually, both blogs are gaining followers and I’m happy with them. And, IMO, that is the key! To be happy with our blogs and let the work we put into them reflect our personality.

    Btw, the WordPress community is most supportive, which makes it all worthwhile.

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  18. Hey Renard 🙂

    I still love the blogging journey and have learned a lot since l started the Guy blog back in late 2017. I have a new blog starting this month sometime, well it is and it isn’t, it’s a sister site – a blog where l can create alternative content and leave my current blog for more entertainment.

    Another excellent post my friend, well done 🙂

    By the way, l have hyperlinked tomorrow’s Universal Greetings to this post as you are one of the 4 guest stars celebrating the 1950’s 🙂

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  19. “Hey, if you are not a movie star, a popular fashion model, a sports personality, a musician, a rapper or a singer, your blog will have to grow slowly like the rest of the other blogs here on WordPress (Hmm. So much for instant gratification”

    Thank you for this! It’s so easy to compare ourselves to people who are popular. We don’t often see how long it took them to get where they are! But what makes blogging enjoyable is the community. I am learning that!

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  20. Thank you Renard. You are the first blogger on WordPress that I am following. Your article was very i formative. I just started my blog three days ago. I guess you could call me an “old pro,” and a “newbie” at the same time. I look forward to a wonderful avocation, that may one day turn into a vocation. Maybe I can make enough money with this to have a true vacation.

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  21. Great post! My blog has definitely evolved over the past 11 years. Some years, I barely touched it. I’ve breathed new life into it for 2021 and I’m really happy with how it’s been going. It’s starting to gain some momentum.

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    1. Sara, after 11 years. Can I ask you if you found upgrading your WP plan from a free or Premium to say a business because of the plugins was better and easier for you as a blogger and also for your followers? I’m pondering upgrading. I’m a slow and steady kind of blogger, regular content twice a week, but the themes are not great for a food blogger. I choose a totally wrong them some 100 + recipes ago! lol! even though I love the style.

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      1. Hey, it’s only been a few months since I’ve upgraded, though it’s been a nice experience overall. I’m waiting for a year to pass before rating it though. 🙂
        It is nice to have more options with plug ins and such.


  22. Am I satisfied with the way my blog has turned out❓ Well, I can’t exactly know for sure. I just started my “new and improved” blog just three days ago. I have made a new commitment to my blog. While I have blogged mainly about American politics in my previous “old and horrible” blog, this time I’m branching out to go for more of a “personal touch.” I will certainly tell you how it turns out.

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  23. Such a wonderful read as usual! I definitely used to get caught up in the stats but I’ve found that the less I focus on them, the more likely they are to grow. Possibly because I tend to write about what I enjoy and it comes across. Long story short, I agree with you 😅

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  24. You reap what you sow… I am not satisfied with how my blog has turned up, but that means that there is a lot of room for improvement. Thanks for this post!

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  25. I really needed this post today. I’ve been blogging for two years and in the past few months have been much more dedicated and learning so much as a technical novice. I spent 6 hours with an angel of a WP Help Engineer today trying to figure out how to make my food blog more user friendly. You learn so much. The community is fantastic and varied which is brilliant. Im now seeking all guidance if upgrading to a business plan is worth it and buying a Theme template that will help the reader enjoy the blog posts more is a better idea as I’m not great at coding. I love my current template but it doesn’t do the things it needs to. So I might have to start from scratch again. But that’s part of the process. There will always be things to tweak or something new to learn. Some days its overwhelming, some its empowering. (I managed to insert code today so I’m in the legendsphire of my own blogging bubble). After two years of attempts and one real year of solid work on a daily basis, I’m getting my head around it. Now I need to decide do I upgrade my plan so I can have plugins and proper SEO (which I’m struggling to do by myself) or stay where I am with a theme that doesn’t really facilitate a food blogger or possibly the reader. Any feedback from anyone that made that jump and saw the benefits to their experience as a blogger would be welcome. I’m trying to do everything from writting, SEO, recipe creation, photography, design and all the social media mojo. So thought an upgrade might ease the load a little. Great article so thanks.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you for sharing that with me.

      I do not think that it would hurt at all to upgrade (There are some advantages that come with upgrading).

      Choosing the right type of themes can be a bit tricky. I am sure that there are some premium themes that are appropriate for food bloggers.


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