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7 Things That Send Bloggers Into A Frenzy

We bloggers are human beings; therefore, there would be things that send us into a temporary state of madness.

My educated guess is that a lot of bloggers have experienced at least one of those things on my list.

So, without further ado, it is time for you to find out some of the things that actually send bloggers into a frenzy.

1.) When They Check Their Stats And See That Their Views Are Low

Newbie bloggers (and some of the veteran bloggers) become discouraged when they look at their stats and notice that their blog posts are not attracting the number of incoming views that they would like to see.

Realistically, it takes time for the blog posts from newbie bloggers to gain traction.

The problem with some of these newbie bloggers is that they expect to become an overnight success in the blogosphere (They eventually learn the hard way, that their perspective was an erroneous one).

Newbie bloggers should ignore the urge to look at their stats repeatedly when they are now starting out as bloggers.

In the meantime, they should:

  • Learn all that they can about blogging.
  • Read the blog posts from their fellow bloggers.
  • Press the Like button on those blog posts that they thoroughly read and genuinely liked.
  • Leave valuable comments in the comments section of their fellow bloggers.
  • Enjoy themselves in the blogosphere.

On the other hand, veteran bloggers should be wise enough to know that the number of incoming views to their blog will fluctuate; there will be days when it is going to be high and other days it is going to be low.

Going into a frenzy because the incoming views to one’s blog are low, is puerile.

2.) Whenever There Is A Power Outage In The Area

No blogger likes it when the electricity goes while they are putting their blog post together (I would know that for sure because it happened to me on a few occasions).

On a positive note, a person can still compose a blog post and publish it via the WordPress Mobile App on their smartphone (This is made possible through the usage of their mobile internet postpaid or prepaid package).

Another option, of course, is resuming the blogging process when your supply of electricity has returned.

I will agree that a power outage is a minor setback where blogging is concerned; however, it should not escalate to the point of sending us into a frenzy.

3.) Whenever There Is An Issue With Their Internet

Things do not always go as planned with the service that our internet service provider provides. There are those times when:

  • The speed of our internet slows down.
  • We have partial access to the internet.
  • Our internet feed goes down completely.

Once again, our mobile devices (smartphone or tablet) come to the rescue; we can utilize our mobile internet postpaid or prepaid package until our service provider sorts things out with our problematic high-speed internet.

Luckily for me, that sort of thing does not happen very often.

4.) When The Computer Fails To Boot

One of a blogger’s worst nightmares is their computer failing to boot (They would be totally screwed if that is the only electronic device that they have available for blogging).

That is something that I would not even wish for my own worst enemy.

Therefore, it would be a wise move on your behalf, to invest your money in an additional computer.

If by chance, one of your computers fails to boot, you can utilize the other computer for the purpose of blogging.

The truth is that computers do not last forever and the same could be said for smartphones and tablets.

5.) Whenever WordPress Makes Changes That They Do Not Like

It is no secret, that WordPress has a high track record for making changes that most bloggers do not like; for example, the Block Editor (My article, The Block Editor Is Getting Lots Of Hate, goes into full detail about how people really feel about this particular technological upgrade).

Back in 2012, people hated the layout of the WordPress dashboard.

Ironically, in 2021, WordPress made some minor changes to the dashboard and some people are kicking up a fuss about it.

I strongly believe that anyone who stayed away from WordPress for the period of one year and over and logs back into their account, will end up asking their own self, “What the hell happened here?”

Apparently, WordPress will continue to make the types of changes that we do not like and we will have to live with those changes and work with those changes.

Going into a frenzy about changes to WordPress that we hate is not going to change anything.

6.) When People Disturb Them While They Are Trying To Put A Blog Post Together

No blogger likes being disturbed while they are putting their blog post together.

Unfortunately, interruptions come in the form of:

  • A family member walking into the room while you are blogging and demanding your attention.
  • A salesman knocking on your door or pressing your doorbell.
  • Uninvited guests (Friends or relatives who claimed that they were in the area and thought to themselves that they would pay you a surprise visit).
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses dropping by to share their news of Jehovah’s wrath and blessings.

My article, How Do You Handle Interruptions When You Are Blogging?, highlights some reasonable suggestions on handling the issue of being disturbed while you are putting that blog post of yours together.

7.) Whenever They Receive Disrespectful Comments

Most bloggers tend to go into a frenzy whenever they receive disrespectful comments.

As a matter of fact, no blogger in the blogosphere should be disrespected via their blog’s comments section.

Alice Elliot’s article, What Are Rude Comments And How To Deal With Them, is a must-read for bloggers who are interested in moderating their comments.

Some female bloggers actually gave up on blogging because they received too many disrespectful comments.

Renard’s World has a Commenting Policy page; which lets commenters know what is expected of them.

Final Thoughts

Now, that is merely a proverbial drop in the bucket in regards to the things that send bloggers into a frenzy.

What are some of the things that send you into a frenzy?

Please share them with me via the comments section of my blog.

And, thank you so kindly for reading!


121 thoughts on “7 Things That Send Bloggers Into A Frenzy

  1. Love this dude thank you, personally nothing sends me into a frenzy, maybe thats just my personality, I don’t let things bother me. I’ve had high views and lows views over my 2 months of blogging, on day i had like 5 then next day i had 75 and then back down to 18. It’s all good I don’t mind. The way i see it is my blogs will be here forever so people coming and going can see them when they feel like it. I’ve not had any bad comments yet but I’msure Ican handle them too but time will tell. It’s all good fun and just take it as it comes. Take the good with the bad.

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