These 6 Things Can Cause Your Blog To Fail

The last thing that any blogger wants is for their blog to fail.

We all want our blog to be successful and for it to be active many years into the future.

However, a large percentage of blogs will eventually bite the proverbial dust.

Today, I am going to teach you some of the things that you can do to prevent your blog from becoming another one of those failed blogging projects.

So, without further ado, it is time for you and I to dive deeply into this interesting topic.

1.) You Are Not An Active Member Of Your Blogging Community

Dear friend, blogging is not solely about pressing the Publish button after you have finished putting your blog post together.

The truth is that one of the requirements of being a successful blogger is being an active member of your blogging community.

Active members of blogging communities are known for doing the following things:

  • Reading blog posts from those bloggers that they are following as well as blog posts from some of the bloggers that they are not following.
  • Leaving valuable comments in the comments section of the bloggers after reading their blog posts.
  • Pressing the Like button underneath the blog posts that they thought were great.
  • Encouraging other bloggers to keep on blogging; especially when those bloggers feel like giving up on their blogs.

Every single blogger should always remember, that they are not the only blogger in the blogosphere; they are merely one of the many people that make up the blogosphere.

2.) You Have Lost Your Passion For Blogging

I will be most straightforward by saying, “Your blog will die if you lose your passion for blogging!”

To prevent losing your passion for blogging, I highly advise:

  • Remembering what it is that inspired you to create a blog of your own.
  • Interacting with like-minded bloggers.
  • Always looking for new ways to make blogging fun.

For the sake of your blog’s longevity, I truly hope that you never lose your passion for blogging.

3.) You Do Not Publish Blog Posts Consistently

Publishing blog posts consistently contributes to the following things:

  • Search engines knowing when to crawl your blog.
  • Viewers knowing when they can expect to see a new blog post from you.
  • Developing the habit of writing on a regular basis.
  • Working your way to becoming an authority in your niche.

Unfortunately, some bloggers are unable to blog consistently because they chose an unrealistic blogging schedule; for example, forcing themselves to publish content on their blog daily when in fact, they are better suited to blogging a few days a week.

Choosing an unrealistic blogging schedule leads to burnout.

Anyone who has been following Renard’s World for quite some time would know that I publish content on my blog weekly (That chosen blogging schedule is easy for me to maintain; thus enabling me to remain consistent in the area of blogging).

The painful truth is that your blog is not going to grow if you publish blog posts sporadically; for example, publishing a blog post today, publishing your next blog post three months after and publishing another blog post seven months after.

4.) You Fail To Plan

Planning will help you out greatly.

As a matter of fact, all bloggers should know how to plan; it usually involves:

  • Knowing what type of audience that they are creating content for.
  • Finding the time to research their chosen topic.
  • Choosing the most appropriate day and time to create content for their blog.
  • Knowing how often that they would need to create new content for their blog.

Dear friend, the whole purpose of planning is to make the entire blogging process easier for yourself and to use the time that you have devoted to blogging wisely.

5.) You Do Not Respond To Comments

The majority of the bloggers that I know hate it when the owner of the blog ignores the comment that they made in the owner of the blog’s comments section.

Failure to respond to comments will make you look like the uncaring type of person.

You do not have to respond to comments right away; you can respond to them at a time that is most convenient to you.

Comments are a great way of interacting with your fellow bloggers.

Most bloggers are familiar with the fact that the following things take place within the comments sections of blogs:

  • People add an entirely new perspective on the topic that was discussed.
  • People form friendships with bloggers.
  • People click on the name of a blogger in the comments section; which forwards them to the blogger’s homepage (Provided that the blogger added the correct URL to their Gravatar image).

A whole lot of magic takes place within the comments sections of blogs.

Besides, the blogger who has developed the habit of responding to comments usually receives a large number of comments in their blog’s comments section.

6.) You Gave Up Easily

Now, how do you expect to see the figurative fruits of your labour if you give up on your blog?

The problem with a lot of the newbie bloggers is that they expect to see the progress that they desire overnight.

The truth is that it takes a lot of time for blogs to grow and become successful (The results, of course, will vary from person to person).

When I blogged over on Blogger, it took me approximately one year to see the desired results.

A friend of mine (a former WordPress blogger) mentioned to me that it took him two years for his blog to gain traction.

It is a pity that a lot of bloggers throw in the proverbial towel before they actually achieve their blogging goal.

Believe it or not, a lot of bloggers who created a blog today will give up on their blog in less than one month’s time.

Promise me that you will not be tempted to give up on your blog easily.

Final Thoughts

Dear friend, your blog stands a better chance of being successful by:

  • Being an active member of your blogging community.
  • Not losing your passion for blogging.
  • Publishing blog posts consistently on your blog.
  • Having a plan for your blog.
  • Responding to the comments that were made in your blog’s comments section.
  • Resisting the urge to give up on your blog.

Please feel free to share this blog post via any of your social media accounts.

And, I hereby invite newcomers to follow Renard’s World.

Thank you for reading!

206 thoughts on “These 6 Things Can Cause Your Blog To Fail

  1. Thanks for this post! I have had a blog for about two and a half years now and have just gotten 100 followers. I think its mostly because I write fictional stories that go on pretty long. Any ideas on how to find people who would want to read some fiction novellas? (Also Im following)

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  2. Thank you so much for the tips. I’m a newcomer, I don’t hv much idea about blogging, hence your tips were quite helpful.

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  3. The other thing I see is people trying to force their blog into a particular niche which isn’t quite in line with their blogging voice or ending up with a niche version which has very limited range making it difficult to come up with follow up content

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  4. This is very very important!
    I went off WordPress for a couple of months, and while I was missing spending time here- it was for personal reasons so a requirement. But I absolutely agree with everything you’ve mentioned here. Great work!

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  5. I liked it so much.
    I am developing my site and now I know what I can do to improve it even more. Thanks. A good Sunday to all, friends! 😃


  6. Great ideas Renard! I am trying to do a better job at being more consistent with reading other blogs. This is indeed a community and we all need to encourage one another. Thanks for all you do. Have a good day.

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