8 Ways To Maintain A High Standard Of Blogging

Most people who read blog posts would prefer to read content that is of a high quality (Blog posts that are well-written keeps the reader coming back for more).

Therefore, the wise thing for all bloggers to do is for them to maintain a high standard of blogging.

Newcomers to blogging might find themselves intimidated by the thought of maintaining a high blogging standard (I want them to know that goal is an attainable one; it is not something that is impossible for them to achieve).

So, without further ado, it is time for me to teach you how you can go about maintaining a high standard of blogging.

1.) By Becoming An Expert In Your Chosen Niche

Dear friend, your blog post will stand out in the blogosphere if the information within it is thorough, accurate and up-to-date (The more that you know about your chosen niche, the better).

Blogs that have a higher level of E–A–T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) are ranked higher on Google.

Hey, if you are not an expert, you can work towards becoming one.

Never underestimate the power that E–A-T has (Working on building it will help in the area of maintaining a high standard of blogging).

2.) By Making The Proofreading Process One Of Your Main Priorities

A lot of the newcomers to blogging tend to ignore the proofreading process; this opens the proverbial gateway for typographical and grammatical errors (Those things can make the blogger appear sloppy, noncaring and unprofessional).

Dear friend, the whole purpose of proofreading your blog posts is to make sure that they are devoid of any errors.

The Writing Center’s, Tips For Effective Proofreading, is a great reference guide for any blogger who is serious about the proofreading process.

Proofreading your blog posts before pressing the Publish button, will help greatly in the area of maintaining a high standard of blogging.

3.) By Making Sure That Your Team Of Writers Is Fully Committed To Creating Quality Content

Your team of writers needs to be on the same figurative page as you; they need to be fully committed to creating quality content.

Quality content is the type of content that:

  • Is free of errors.
  • Addresses the subject matter.
  • Is evergreen.
  • Is insightful and useful to the reader.
  • Is well-written.
  • Is up-to-date.
  • Is based on credible information.
  • Links to other pages on your website.
  • Is unique and original.

Everyone on your team of writers can do their part in maintaining a high standard of blogging by implementing the things that were mentioned on the list.

4.) By Keeping The Promises That You Made To Your Viewing Audience

Dear friend, you will lose your credibility if you fail to keep the promises that you made to your viewing audience; for example, if you promised them that you are going to publish a book review series, you will need to follow through.

What you can do is to write seven book reviews in advance (they can be stored safely in the Drafts section of your blog or on your USB flash drive) and then announce to your viewing audience that you will be starting a new book review series (The seven blog posts that were done in advance should provide you with enough time to create other book reviews and publish them in a timely manner).

Bloggers should never promise things that they are unable to deliver.

Keeping your promises to your readers will certainly help in the area of maintaining a high standard of blogging.

5.) By Using High-Quality Images With Your Blog Posts

Well-written blog posts and high-quality images go well together.

Always remember, that no one is fond of seeing blurry or pixilated images.

I would also like to recommend that you compress your images before uploading them to your blog because it reduces the file sizes of your images; I recommend using Squoosh for this because it reduces the file sizes of photos without compromising their quality.

Using high-quality images with your blog posts is another great way of maintaining a high standard of blogging.

6.) By Responding To Comments In A Timely Manner

The truth is that blogging is not only about publishing blog posts; it also involves interacting with your viewing audience and your fellow bloggers via your blog’s commenting section.

Have you ever wondered the reason why my blog receives lots of comments?

The answer is a simple and straightforward one; my blog receives lots of comments because I respond to every comment in a timely manner (People love that sort of thing).

Numerous comments on one’s blog are a great sign of social proof.

Responding to comments in a timely manner also helps in the area of maintaining a high standard of blogging.

7.) By Publishing On A Schedule

Publishing on a schedule helps the blogger to remain consistent with their blogging.

Now, how do you expect to maintain a high standard of blogging if you publish blog posts inconsistently?

Those people who have been following Renard’s World for quite some time can rely on me to deliver high-quality blog posts every Saturday at 1930 Greenwich Mean Time.

I always deliver on time.

What about you?

8.) By Publishing Content That You Would Be Proud To Read Later On

One trick that I like using to maintain my high standard of blogging is to publish blog posts that I would be proud to read later on.

Is that method truly effective?

Yes, because the first reader that I publish content for is myself.

Besides, I would never waste my time by publishing content that I am not pleased with (I am not going to publish a blog post that is going to make me cringe later on).

I always go the extra mile in regards to producing quality content.

Final Thoughts

As you have learned, it is possible for you to maintain a high standard of blogging; this can be accomplished by doing the following things:

  • By becoming an expert in your chosen niche.
  • By making the proofreading process one of your main priorities.
  • By making sure that your team of writers is fully committed to creating quality content.
  • By keeping the promises that you made to your viewing audience.
  • By using high-quality images with your blog posts.
  • By responding to comments in a timely manner.
  • By publishing on a schedule.
  • By publishing content that you would be proud to read later on.

So, would you be willing to maintain a high standard of blogging from now on?

I am hoping that “Yes,” would be your answer.

Please feel free to share the link to this informative blog post via any of your favourite social media networks.

And, I hereby invite you to follow Renard’s World.

Thank you for reading!

54 thoughts on “8 Ways To Maintain A High Standard Of Blogging

  1. I love using Grammarly to help with my spelling and grammatical errors. I always end up having some from time to time but as long as I can edit I no longer panic over them.
    I think writing more often is the best thing a blogger can do to help them going forward to be more professional.
    Posting on schedule is a hard one but it’s a key to being consistent at the same time. I love that you can update old posts to be proud of all your blog posts too 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Now I guess that I no longer have a niche because I’ve broadened my subject matter on my new blog but I have adopted a consistent schedule. I’d like to think that my standard of proof reading has always been quite high (Typo jinx!).

    Thanks for the tips!

    Liked by 5 people

  3. Great article. and YES I always try and maintain a high standard of blogging. Things sometimes slip through but for the most part I’m pretty good. I do all my own blogs/formatting/interviewing etc. Do you have a team of writers? That sounds so organized.


      1. Excellent. I’d like to learn more about the team. Maybe you’ll share it in a blog? I’m curious how it works and how you trust others on your blog.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. 🙂 I did mention them in a past blog post.

          Dr. Sridha writes philosophical mind-teasers.

          Dolly Aizenman does recipes.

          Eugenia does poetry and other life-related material.

          I am surprised to learn that you never came across their guest posts.

          You should go through my blog’s Archives.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. These are great points for someone who wants to become a professional blogger. But what about us who want to maintain our passion for writing and share the stories with no professional intentions ?
    Check out my blog and let me know Are we not good enough? 😦 Since my blog is live for the past two months I would like to get a feedback… 🙂


  5. Although I have Grammarly I do read my posts out loud. Many things In my case I have to dismiss. I transfer my post to WP the day before posting. Read it out loud again and when necessary make modifications. I am trying to respond within a day. But there always is a time difference. And I don’t have an iPhone.I don.’t really need one.

    Thank you for this helpful post.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. This is absolutely true Ren. I so agree with all the 8 points. And sometimes, being perfect in the said points is highly becoming difficult. But will not quit trying…. Thanks for the useful post. ✌️ Happy Sunday

    Liked by 3 people

  7. This was an awesome blog post, thank you! I would be one of those people that did not pull through with their promises. I really liked the idea of writing a few posts beforehand to make sure I will be able to do everything in a timely manner. I look forward to reading more!

    Liked by 1 person

              1. They never respond to my emails and said they will never again. I don’t know but I speak about some truths about covid that they probably don’t like. Who knows. I am a spam bot they say.

                I will let them know and see what happens. Thank you. 🌹🙏🙏

                Liked by 1 person

                1. 🙂 You are welcome!

                  In the meantime, stay away from generic comments like “Wonderful post.”


                  Because spammers are the ones who often use generic comments.

                  To prevent Akismet from misconstruing your comments as spam, I suggest giving a detailed explanation as to what you thought was wonderful.

                  Do enjoy the rest of your day!

                  Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you Renard for keeping us glued with these extremely important and vey helpfull tips

    Just one note.Regarding timely response to the comments.

    # 6 – people should not misunderstand the authour if there is delay in responding to comments made by the readers.

    The reason being the time zone difference between the hemispheres.

    Time taken to Responding to the comments can be from immidiate to 10 to 12 hrs delay.

    Right now in India it’s 1.30 pm on Sunday.
    In your place it’s 4.05 am Sunday.
    In LA it’s 12.05 am Sunday just past mid night.
    In Europe my guess is around 9.05 am.
    In Adelide- already Sunday is ending and time now is 6.40 pm.
    I am only talking about English speaking countries.

    My only request to the people who comment and take part in the discussion, is, not to mistake the authour of the post being irresponsible and taking his or her own cool time to reply.

    If readers can understand the time zone difference, it will be of great help in bonding the friendship further.

    My apologies for the lengthy comment.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. For me some times it is easier to ensure my blog is proofread.

    There is only me, and as I have CPTSD it can impact my cognitive abilities at times. Especially if I am feeling stressed or if I have not been sleeping/eating well.

    I am old school and though I am not the greatest at punctuation and or spelling. I can only do what I within my limitations can do.

    I also feel it is relevant who or why you began to blog. For me it was really just a way to kind of journal. I am not good at writing a diary or journal. Yet I enjoy photography and am a competent touch typist. I find it an easier way for me to document my world.

    My experience and through this will often discover triggers or understanding. I also use it as a way to record my small homestead.

    I agree with Dr. Sridhar about the time differences impacting responses.

    I feel you also must include peoples lives, abilities and mental physical family needs. Real lives can impact blogging and response times. I write purely for myself and if others gain anything out of it how wonderful that is. I can be myself and be honest and share at levels that not everyone in my life is comfortable with.


    1. 🙂 Your statement is a most valid one.

      Six to twelve hours is a reasonable response time.

      In regards to being alerted of any grammatical or spelling errors, you can use Grammarly.


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