Every Blogger Handles Their Blog Differently

The truth is that bloggers would have been clones of each other if they did not handle the affairs of their blogs differently (So, I am all for bloggers doing their own thing in the blogosphere).

Hey, it is your blog; therefore, you have every right to do whatever it is that you want with it (Provided that it is lawful and it does not violate your chosen blogging platform’s Terms of Service).

Besides, it is way more fun to handle your blog differently from the way that other bloggers handle their blog.

So, without further ado, let us take an in-depth look at the various ways in which bloggers handle their blogs.

Some Bloggers Will Choose To Go With A Niche

Professional bloggers (and some hobbyist bloggers too) chose a niche for their blog.

For starters, it is way easier for a blogger to create content that they specialize in; for example, a blogging expert can solely focus his or her attention on things that are related to blogging.

Whereas, the person who does not have a niche will have to spend a lot of time wondering, “Hmm. What topic my next blog post is going to be based on?”

The person who has a niche does not have to spend countless hours figuring out what it is that they should write due to the fact that their entire blog revolves around a single topic.

For the record, being confined to a niche is not for everyone.

In my case, I would feel as though I was trapped in some sort of virtual prison if I had to deal with a single niche on my blog.

Dear friend, you are the only one who would know if choosing a niche for your blog will work in your favour or work against you.

Some Bloggers Will Choose To Go Nicheless

I would like to state for the record, that it is okay for personal bloggers to take the nicheless route.

After all, it is a known fact, that the majority of personal bloggers are in the habit of publishing miscellaneous topics on their blogs.

As a personal blogger myself, I can attest to the sense of freedom in dealing with miscellaneous topics on my blog.

Some of the visitors to Renard’s World wrongfully believe that it is a blog that deals strictly with blogging advice (Now, I will take most of the blame for that because I wanted to share with others what I have learned about blogging over the years).

As a matter of fact, if you scour my blog, you will see other blog posts that are based on:

  • Operating systems.
  • Movie reviews.
  • Social media.
  • Free and open-source software.
  • What I think about the Christmas Season.

I have also allowed all of the contributors to my blog to publish content that is based on any type of topic that they desire (And, they are free to do that sort of thing because Renard’s World is a blog that deals with miscellaneous topics).

Some Bloggers Will Be The Only Writer On Their Blog

In a lot of instances, the owner of a blog will be its sole author.

There is nothing wrong with a person wanting to be the only one who publishes content on their blog; it is their privilege to do so!

As your blog’s sole author:

  • You are responsible for creating all of its content.
  • You are responsible for publishing content on your blog in a consistent manner.
  • You are responsible for responding to comments (That is provided that you have chosen the option of enabling comments).

The figurative weight of running your own blog lies upon your shoulders (The good news is that there are a lot of professional bloggers and hobbyist bloggers who are quite capable of carrying that weight on their shoulders).

Some Bloggers Are Known To Hire The Services Of Ghostwriters

A ghostwriter is someone who is paid a sum of money to write an article on someone’s behalf (The work of the ghostwriter is accredited to the person who hired them).

There are a lot of ghostwriters who make a living doing that sort of thing.

In spite of ghostwriting being fair and honest work, I cannot take the credit for someone else’s writing.

A lot of professional bloggers hire ghostwriters with the intention of increasing the number of articles on their blog.

There are numerous ghostwriting services on the world wide web (Any blogger who is interested in hiring a ghostwriter can choose one of them to produce content for their blog).

Some Bloggers Have A Team Of Writers

Those of you who check out Renard’s World on a regular basis would know that I have a team of writers (They, of course, are the regular contributors to my blog).

All the contributors have received credit for their work (That was done via the guest author’s box; which was situated at the bottom of their guest post).

Some bloggers would create a content calendar; this allows each person on the writing team to know exactly who is going to publish a specific topic as well as the date and the time that they are going to publish it.

Since the contributors to my blog already have blogs of their own, I have allowed them the freedom to contribute a guest post at a time that is most convenient for them; it would be unfair to place them on a strict schedule.

Some Bloggers Spend Very Little Time In The Area Of Content Creation

A lot of the new personal bloggers are guilty of spending very little time in the area of content creation.

Those short pieces of work can range from how their day went to their political views.

The problem here is not their choice of topic, but their failure to proofread their short pieces before publishing them (This haphazard approach to blogging usually results in typographical and grammatical errors).

It is a pity, that newcomers to personal blogging, seldom spend sufficient time in the area of content creation (They rush everything).

Some Bloggers Spend A Lot Of Time In The Area Of Content Creation

There are bloggers who will spend a lot of their time in the area of content creation; that valuable time of theirs is spent:

  • Researching their chosen topic.
  • Writing their blog post; whether it be in the form of short-form or long-form content.
  • Proofreading their blog post.
  • Editing their blog post.
  • Finding or creating images for their blog post.

The blogger who does all of those things is usually the type of blogger who takes a lot of pride in creating high-quality content.

Wrapping Up

Now, in spite of having the freedom to do whatever it is that you desire with your blog, you can raise its standard by putting in the extra love and effort into your content creation process.

Your personal blog does not have to be a substandard one.

As a matter of fact, all personal blogs (whether or not they fall within a niche) have the potential of being just as outstanding as the ones that professional bloggers create.

It really does not matter if:

  • You are the only author for your blog.
  • You hire ghostwriters to create blog posts for your blog.
  • You have a team of writers that contribute articles to your blog.


Because each blogger handles their blog differently; for example, I would not be caught dead hiring the services of a ghostwriter; I would prefer to write my own blog posts or get help from my team of writers ― those hardworking contributors that receive credit for their guest posts.

Also, publishing high-quality content on your blog will set it apart from the other blogs that publish substandard content.

And, doing things differently from other bloggers helps greatly in the area of making your blog stand out in the blogosphere.

86 thoughts on “Every Blogger Handles Their Blog Differently

    1. 🙂 Yes, I am following your blog and I can clearly see you on the list of blogs that I am following.

      I access WordPress via a laptop computer and not the WordPress Mobile Application.

      Try rebooting your mobile device with the intention of seeing if things will return back to normal.


      1. Thanks for the reply , some wp bug prob in both laptop and app. May be you can see my blog followed , buy here it’s an empty list.may be they will find out some way.


  1. Very true Renard. I tend to stay on a “broad” niche and occasionally have some contributors write at my place. You are right, the way we handle it makes us more unique out there in the blogging world. Of course, you can make changes along the way as you learn and grow. I’ll be sharing on LinkedIn and MeWe. I’ve also joined Blog Engage which I was there back in 2012. Amazing how time flies when you are blogging 🙂

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  2. It is the last heading I belong to. I spend quite some time and that includes looking for a nice image to edit for the post.
    Thank you for the information. I like it.

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  3. Thank you for sharing this. It is what I have been trying to figure out for a few weeks, to niche or not to niche.. Currently I find myself under the only writer category and the last category spending time on content creation, whilst trying to figure out how to keep handling my blog.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

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  4. Thank you for your thoughts, they helped a lot! Honestly, I think I got too caught up over the last few weeks trying to pinpoint my niche – this helped me realise it doesn’t really matter. I just have to tell my story 🙂

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  5. Everything you said is right;

    Every blogger has the right to handle their blog the way they choose or feel comfortable with.

    I was once insulted and humiliated in a group by someone who thought that every blog must have a niche. It made me feel so sad but I recovered from it and made my blog the way I wanted and I enjoy it.

    It’s really hard for me to concentrate on one niche. I have tried but it didn’t work. I have many interests and want to share them with my readers. There are also people who don’t mind seeing multiple topics on one blog.

    So let everyone do what they feel right as long as they can bring these various topics together and make it resonate with their audience.

    Thanks for sharing Renard.


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  6. Excellent post, Renard. Owning our blog and having the option to determine what audience we want to appeal to is the beauty of blogging. In the beginning, I tried a niche and I got tired of my own niche so I can only imagine what my readers were thinking. I strive for variety and quality. And regarding ghost writers, seems to defeat the purpose of writing, IMHO.

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  7. Thank you for one more insightful post. It is you who made an impact on my proofreading by talking and talking about it. I am more careful with spelling and the whole text of my posts now. Please continue!
    There are seven niches (as seven days of the week, as I am writing daily) where I am oriented now. I cannot imagine myself writing just about one thing. But some topics seem to open more. Thanks again!

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  8. Thank you for writing this post. I found it encouraging and somewhat relieved that I’m not spiraling down an endless path by not having a focus. I’m hoping to use my blog more as a means of improving my writing and sharing my thoughts. I do fall victim to trying to hurry up and hit that publish button before actually going back and reading through.

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  9. Virtual hug 😭💖 You enlightened me right now. Yes, I don’t go for niches because same as you are, I believe that I can also stand out by making my own content. After all, there’s no point of comparing ’cause we are all intelligent in a different kind of way. Thank you! 💗

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