The Pros And The Cons Of Blogging Daily

Before I dive deeply into this interesting topic, I want everyone to know the following things:

  • I am not against any blogger for wanting to update their blog on a daily basis.
  • I am in no way hinting that a blogger should publish content on their blog every day.
  • Any blogger who has a desire to publish blog posts on their blog daily should be free to do so without being ridiculed or blacklisted by members of their blogging community.

By the way, if you are new to blogging (or you are fairly new to blogging) you deserve to know what the pros and the cons are of publishing content on your blog every single day of the week.

So, without further ado, it is time for an in-depth explanation of the pros and the cons of blogging daily.

You Become A Disciplined Blogger

For starters, it takes a lot of discipline to publish content on your blog on a daily basis.

You will most likely:

  • Research the content for your blog sometime during the day or the night.
  • Create your blog posts in a timely manner.
  • Make the time to locate relevant photos for your blog posts online or spend a certain amount of time creating your own photos for your blog posts.

Some people are quite capable of doing the things that were mentioned above without missing a beat.

You Might End Up Being One Of Those People Who View Blogging Daily As Being Cumbersome

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that blogging on a daily basis is not for everyone.

The following types of people will have a very hard time committing themselves to a daily blogging schedule:

  • People who work a nine to five job (Luckily, some people are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic).
  • People who are parents (Taking care of a child or children can be demanding).
  • People who are studying with the intention of acquiring their university degree (These people will give their tertiary education priority over blogging).

While it is possible for those people to get their quota of blogging done, finding the time for blogging daily feels somewhat like making the time for something or someone when you know to yourself that you have a very tight schedule.

Your Blog Posts Are Seen Regularly By Others On The WordPress Reader

It is no secret that a lot of people will take an interest in your blog (Provided that your blog posts are worthy of being read).

People on enjoy interacting with their fellow bloggers.

Therefore, blogging on a daily basis can lead to:

  • More people reading your blog posts.
  • Acquiring more followers.
  • Getting more likes on your blog posts.
  • More people interacting with you via your blog’s commenting section.

There are a lot of bloggers who love those types of perks.

You Inadvertently Annoy Some People

Unfortunately, there are people who will unfollow a blogger if they publish content on their blog too often (In this case, daily blog posts are viewed as being too much content for them to keep up with).

On a positive note, you will always have those followers who would be eagerly awaiting your new blog posts (They will always love it when you publish content on your blog daily).

Also, there are bloggers who enjoy participating in daily prompts (Those people should not be denied their pleasure because personal blogging is all about having fun).

Daily blogging is a way of life for some personal bloggers (And we need to accept that fact).

Your Creativity Expands

People who update their blog daily are usually highly creative.

As a matter of fact, it requires a lot of creativity to come up with new content on a daily basis.

It is common knowledge that coming up with new ideas for one’s blog posts works in the blogger’s favour (One needs to keep the proverbial ball rolling where this one is concerned).

The more creative you are, is the better it is for your blog’s longevity.

You May End Up As One Of Those Bloggers Who Claimed To Have Run Out Of Ideas For Their Blog

Unfortunately, not every blogger has the gift of coming up with topics for their blog with ease; which is the reason why some of them chose something less stressful; for example, publishing content on their blog twice a week, weekly, fortnightly, etcetera.

The truth is that everyone is not the same and it might be in your best interest to publish content on your blog less often.

I would also like to recommend, 10 Ways To Come Up With Topics For Your Blog, for those people who find it rather difficult to come up with topics for their blog.

Your Writing Improves

In most instances, a person’s quality of writing will improve when they do it regularly (That sort of thing usually leads to one gaining confidence in themself as a writer).

Also, the person who notices an improvement in their writing is going to involve themself in more writing (Which is a plus for anyone who has intentions of updating their blog daily).

For the record, I am always happy for the person who believes in their ability to always create a blog post from scratch.

The Quality Of Your Writing May Suffer As A Result Of Blogging Daily

There lies the probability of you not publishing your best work on a daily basis.

And, how could that sort of thing be even possible?

You might be one of those bloggers who decided to settle for less; which akin to the student at school who only commits a certain amount of their time studying to make a passing grade and not studying with the intention of excelling at their chosen subjects.

It is a sad fact that a lot of personal bloggers who update their blogs daily tend to:

  • Not go beyond the first draft-copy of their blog post; thus publishing a post that is unpolished.
  • Ignore the proofreading process.
  • Take the editing process for granted.

Dear friend, if a lot of personal bloggers made it a priority of theirs to re-write the draft-copy of their blog posts as well as proofread and edit them, they would produce content that is of a higher quality.

Final Thoughts

The wise thing for any blogger (especially the personal blogger), is for them to become fully aware of the pros and the cons of blogging daily (That will help them to know what they would be getting themselves into if they chose the daily blogging route).

Do keep in mind that not every blogger is capable of keeping up with the pace of blogging daily.

Therefore, it would be in every blogger’s best interest to choose a realistic blogging schedule ― one that enables them to produce high-quality content in a consistent manner.

135 thoughts on “The Pros And The Cons Of Blogging Daily

  1. As someone just starting out, this is actually quite useful. I don’t really know what the ‘correct’ number of posts should be and this has given me a sense of relief in knowing that it is my own choosing! I don’t really know why I thought otherwise lol xD Great post, thank you!


  2. Thank you. I was worried that some readers might be put off by me posting too often. You have reassured me that the pros outweigh the cons. Much appreciated. J x

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  3. I’ve started a new blog and have committed to a post a day. I’m often writing the bulk of three or four (Not necessarily massive articles) on one day then finishing them later and scheduling a few days worth. It’s easier done when not at work!

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