5 Ways That I Deal With The Madness On WordPress

To be honest, there are things about WordPress that tend to make people lose their proverbial cool; such as some of the things that WordPress users do and the technologically-related glitches that creep out of nowhere on WordPress.

We all have our unique way of dealing with nuisances (The way in which you handle them would be different from the manner in which I handle them).

So, today I am going to let you know how I deal with the madness on WordPress.

1.) I Ignore The Serial Likers

In the past, I accessed my WordPress account via the WordPress Mobile App (Back then, I used it out of convenience; it allowed me to blog on the go).

Anyone who uses the WordPress Mobile App would know that their smartphone makes a sound every time it receives a WordPress notification (That allows the WordPress user to check their notifications in a timely manner).

So, whenever a serial liker presses the Like button numerous times in a short space of time, the smartphone beeps repeatedly; which is reminiscent of rapid-fire from a machine gun.

Could you imagine lying in your bed and hearing incoming WordPress notifications from a single blogger at 1:00 AM?

That person was probably the world’s fastest speed reader. They were probably skilled at reading over one thousand words in the time frame of one second.

Okay, I am being a bit facetious here. No one can read over one thousand words in the time frame of one second (Unless they have merged their consciousness with artificial intelligence).

Therefore, it is no huge secret as to what the serial liker was trying to accomplish; they wanted to attract my attention by pressing the Like button on numerous of my blog posts in a short space of time; it is the type of behaviour that indirectly says, “Hey, I liked many of your blog posts and you can check out my blog and do the same!”

Yeah, right! That is never going to happen!

These days, I do all of my blogging on my laptop computer. I am not bombarded with the sound of incoming WordPress notifications and I check my WordPress notifications at a time that is most convenient for me.

Serial likers still pay my blog a visit. However, the incoming WordPress notifications from them are no longer annoying (I can thank being on my laptop computer for that).

The only downside is that I will have to clear up those email notification from those serial likers later on (And, it is not even half as annoying as the sound of repeated WordPress notifications on my smartphone — the ones in which the serial likers contributed to).

2.) Seeing Numerous Posts From A Single Blogger In My WordPress Reader Does Not Annoy Me

Some of my fellow bloggers admitted that they would unfollow a blogger if their posts showed up too many times in the feed of the WordPress Reader.

I never allow that sort of thing to disturb my peace of mind, because bloggers are entitled to publish content as often as they like.

In regards to prompts, I have seen bloggers that do it tastefully; they create prompts of their own and they also participate in the prompts that were created by their fellow bloggers (As a result of this, numerous posts from them would show up on the feed of my WordPress Reader).

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing wrong with a bunch of bloggers being highly creative and having lots of fun with prompts.

Also, I am not glued to the WordPress Reader for a period of twenty-four hours; I have other things to do.

Some people’s views on other bloggers saturating the feed of the WordPress Reader with their posts will differ from mine (And, that is okay).

3.) I Have Learned To Live With WordPress Glitches

Yes, it is true, that I have learned to live with WordPress glitches.

And, why is it that I have learned to live with WordPress glitches?

Because I would go crazy if I took on the stress that is caused by WordPress glitches!

If you have been blogging on WordPress for a while, you would know that it is always plagued with some type of glitch.

My blog post, WordPress And Their Glitches, highlighted some of the glitches that WordPress users have experienced.

Also, my blog post, The Reblog Button Controversy, mentioned the disappearance of the Reblog button from my end.

On a positive note, I was able to see the Reblog button on my blog and on the blogs of others again, on Friday the 13th of November, 2020.

The funny thing is that I do not use the Reblog button; it is only there for bloggers to click on if they desire to Reblog a blog post (or blog posts) of mine.

4.) I Do Not Play The “I Follow You, You Follow Me Back” Game

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that I only follow blogs that I am interested in.

Also, from a realistic perspective, I can only read a certain number of blog posts whenever I log in to my WordPress account (More followers equates to more time spent reading blog posts).

There is also the case of people following way too many blogs (As a result of this, they are unable to find the time to check out the blogs of all of the people that they are following).

Anyway, it is time that WordPress bloggers ended the I follow you, you follow me back game.

Following those blogs from all of those bloggers may appear somewhat benign at first, but I can assure you that it would lead to not having enough time for yourself or for your fellow bloggers when you drastically increase the number of blogs that you follow.

5.) I Stopped Creating Blog Posts In My WordPress Editor

For the record, the introduction of the Block Editor has nothing to do with my refusal to create blog posts in my WordPress Editor.

Back in 2012 (when I had my first WordPress blog), there was a glitch that caused the draft-copies of my blog post to disappear (It happened three times and I was not going to let it happen to me the fourth time).

So, what did I do?

I started composing the draft-copies of my blog posts in the word processing software on my laptop computer (I recommend using LibreOffice Writer for this).

When I am finished with the proofreading and editing process, I would cut the completed blog post and paste it into my WordPress Editor.

I believe that anyone who cherishes the time that they spend on creating their blog posts would hate to have them mysteriously gobbled up by the WordPress Editor.

Have you ever lost any drafts while you were putting them together via the WordPress Editor?

If you are one of those unfortunate victims, I would love to read all about it via the comments section of my blog.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of crazy things that happen on WordPress; however, there are ways in which you can work around them.

In regards to some WordPress glitches, there is nothing we can do on our own to resolve them; they are the types of glitches that only the Happiness Engineers can fix.

So, how do you deal with the madness that transpires on WordPress?

124 thoughts on “5 Ways That I Deal With The Madness On WordPress

  1. An issue with the Like button is that it discourages comment conversation. Some have turned it off for good. Many days, I will be one of those multiple uploads per day sites, it’s how I run the site usually. On a daily basis, I’ll remove 3 to 18 business followers, and a few obvious spam accounts, idiots…

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    1. 🙂 The “Like” button may discourage people from commenting to an extent.

      The “Like” button is ideal for those people who are shy.

      Removing spam accounts is a good idea.

      Now, what if a business blogger is genuinely interested in your blog? Removing them from your list of followers could result in a viewer or a potential commenter being lost forever.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion, John.

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      1. Ya welcome! Quite honestly, if they are lost forever, then I am just fine with that.

        For me, WP and blogging are an avocation. I also use Instagram too, but not by much these days because of the ludicrous number of ads.

        Add the stupid Block Editor BS to that, I have to wonder at times why I’m using either of these platforms! 🤪😂

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  2. I turned off the sound on my WordPress notifications on my phone Partly due to serial likers and partly due to people in other time zones liking my posts in the middle of the night here. I left it on on my iPad since I don’t hear it while I am sleeping.

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    1. 🙂 Turning off the sound on the notifications on your smartphone at night was a brilliant move. I am assuming that you turn the sound of the notifications on your smartphone back on in the morning.

      Wow, you are a hardcore WordPress power user; you are logged into your smartphone and your iPad.

      Thank you for your participation!

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  3. This made me laugh, and nod in agreement. I have definitely lost a well written draft or two that I poured my heart into. Thanks for the copy & paste tip! I’m going to have to remember that for future posts.


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        1. After publishing I save the post on an USB stick and I also store them in One Drive. Just in case I may need them again for one reason or another.


  4. The like button is either liked or disliked and I’ve seen its use discussed on several platforms. I don’t know how many are familiar with LinkedIn but the like button was a recent topic. One of the followers suggested if the reader doesn’t leave a comment but likes the post, to leave an emoji and not just click the like button. A continuous stream of likes from one follower doesn’t tell me much except they didn’t read my content.

    I clean up my followers and my spam on a regular basis and here’s something I discovered. I had a large amount of spam from one source and found each message (they were all the same and in Spanish) was associated with an image I downloaded from one of my image sources. I removed the image from my media and haven’t seen a reoccurrence.

    I post direct to WP and I’ve not experienced losing my draft, but that is a good idea to post to a word processor first. I use Apache as my word processor.

    Thank you for your insightful post, Renard.

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    1. Doesn’t Apache just use an older version of Libre/Open Office? I never saw the need to use such a senseless software. 😐 Particularly since most Linux OSes come with the preinstalled Libre Office suite it would be stupid to kinda go back to an older version just so one can say “I’m using an Apache attack helicopter!”

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  5. When I started on WordPress, I had a lot of posts discussing the crazy things that I experienced. One post was a satire: a blogger said he didn’t like colours, art, poetry or single themed blogs, and asked his subscribers to cut it out. He was really popular, so his readers apologised to him for putting what they liked on their blogs.

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  6. There’s this one blogger, I won’t say their name, who is absolutely everywhere and always just says Nice post! I was stunned when I found out they were real and not a bot. Still annoying though. There’s another one who gets 1000+ likes on every post and I’m sorry but, they weren’t really worth that many..sorry. I banned that one from mine bc she’d always do the Nice post! thing.

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  7. Creating blog posts outside of the WP editor and then just paste the text in is a great idea. I’ve had drafts disappear on me at least twice, and one of those times it was an almost finished and unusually long post, which I had spent at least half a day writing, which suddenly vanished. Since then, I’ve often copied my drafts to ‘notebook’ or similar during my writing process, but to actually write them completely outside of the editor (like you do) probably makes more sense. I will give that a try from now on x

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    1. 🙂 Creating the draft-copy for your blog posts in a word pressing program and copying it and pasting it into your WordPress Editor will save you the worry of losing your work.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  8. Fortunately I don’t use a phone, unfortunately the fukn editor gobbled up two lovely laid out blogposts in one week and caused me to commit suicide. 😦
    I wouldn’t use a word processor for drafting since I don’t know if any photos would be transmitted over into the blog. And I have photos with each and every blog post! And sometimes videos, too.

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  9. Like you I’ve also learned to live with these glitches. But I still find the WP app the best suited to my needs for blogging. One can easily turn off or silent the notifications of WP app.

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  10. Thank you Renard,another timely and wonderful post.

    I don’t know whether I am guilty of taking part in the prompts and challenges,but my brain gets active from being lazy.

    I feel these things help to come out of Writers Block.( Though I wonder whether writer block is a lie)

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  11. Funny enough, over the years I’ve reached pretty much the same conclusions you have, Renard. I know a lot of people are complaining about the block editor in particular; thankfully it’s something I haven’t had to worry about because, like you, I generally draft my posts on my word processing software (for me, Microsoft Word).

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  12. Insightful as always. I recently dealt with a WordPress glitch. My scheduled post didn’t publish when it was supposed to. The time was correct, but it wasn’t up. I figured it had to do with the paid plan that I just got, so I removed that and the problem hasn’t happened again. It’s annoying, but I deal with it as best I can.

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  13. I always like to read the complete post and then place a “like”. That’s how I do justice to the writer and write a comment when I equally feel inspired. Otherwise, it’s like playing a random game. I couldn’t agree more on serial liker and follow back point.

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  14. It does not matter how busy I think I am, I read each of your posts, because they are so valuable and professional!

    Serial likers (I like the definition:))
    After some time I noticed I started to be addicted to check my email to see how much likes I have, and as Im posting daily, so, I was checking email lots of time each day! (addiction:)) I found how to stop it: settings-discussion-e-mail me whenever and disable “someone likes one of my posts”

    Im following one blog where the author posts daily and sometimes 2-3 posts at a day. First I was annoyed, but later just started to be selective which of his/her posts grab my attention. Very true – no need to block someone’s creativity!

    For a long period of time I was creating posts in WP editor, but I realized it just takes so much time and dispel my attention from a potential writing because of buttons “save draft”, “add function”, etc and waiting e few seconds while the function is set. It took me probably double time to write the text that way. These days I use simple “word” and it works very well for me because I am concentrated on writing, not on functions which I can add. But sometimes I still use WP editor.
    After I read one of your posts where it was said that posts could disappear (a nightmare!!!) – I started to make word copies of each of my posts after it scheduled or published (with photos and some times with excerpt). However, things like image description (title, caption, alt text, description) I do not save additionally.
    I get confused because right now I have more than 100 posts’ drafts (not fully written yet, but the title, main idea, sometimes photos and references are already there). I hope nothing will happen today with them, but if things may disappear form Draft section – that would be very very sad.
    Should WP create some warranty for these things not to happen? It would be a good idea to work on this topic.

    (and just in case, before posting my comment here, I made a copy of it:))

    Thank you, Renard!

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  15. Number 5 is rather scary! I’ve never lost a blog post draft to the WordPress editor, but I’d hate to have that happen because I spend so long working on each post in the little bits of odd down time I get. Perhaps I should start using a separate word processing software too. Also, why not edit your email settings so you don’t get those pesky emails about likes? You’ll see it when you open WordPress anyway.

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  16. I turned off getting ‘like’ notifications a few years ago. Does it really matter who presses the ‘like’ button on a post? I never check who has left a ‘like.’ For me, comments are king. Although comments such as ‘great post’ or ones that include nothing but emojis are sent straight to the trash bin.

    Renard, have you also found certain bloggers pressing the ‘like’ button against all the comments you leave on other blogs? It seems to be yet another way of shouting ‘Look at me, come and check out my blog.’

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  17. Reblogged this on Stevie Turner and commented:
    1. I turn my phone off (yes, I activate the ‘off’ switch!) when I go to bed, so that it doesn’t buzz with notifications and wake me up.
    2. I only comment on one post from serial bloggers per day, and only if that one post interests me.
    3. I don’t feel the need to write a blog post every day now, only if I have something interesting to write about. It’s too stressful trying to think up new blog posts every day. The world does not mind if I have a day off.

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  18. So many of your thoughts ring true for me, Renard. I have a serial liker on my blog, and I definitely understand the frustrations that come from the spam notifications when this person likes numerous posts.

    Your thoughts on multiple posts are interesting, as it’s something that I’ve been chewed out for before by another blogging friend. As you will know, I participate in the TMI Tuesday prompt posts which are a great social prompt to get involved with if you don’t mind being a bit transparent and answering some thought-provoking questions. I try and blog now in a way that is often enough to keep my readers engaged, but definitely not so often that, hopefully, my readers feel frustrated or overwhelmed because of me. I really enjoyed this post 🙂

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  19. WordPress= Glitches….I guess I am used to them now Renard. And I found a way to actually go back to Classic Editor…that took a bit of work but I did BellaDharma’s new post in 1/2 an hour with Classic as opposed to 2 hours using Block…
    I really enjoyed this post. My FAVE point is #4: I get people who follow us but when I do not jump over to their blog & follow them, they get upset. I am only 1 person (like yourself) & I can manage following 40 blogs with ‘relative’ ease. I find when I do a blog count I am following 50+ blogs…so sometimes I have to unfollow a few blogs. I wish I could follow EVERYONE’S blogs…..
    As I recall your blog was 1 of the VERY first blogs I followed when I joined her in 2012. There was another blog I followed: the fellow was in Africa with his wife & children & he wrote amazing posts. But once I developed a following with the Animal Bloggers I had to give up some other blogs. It is not easy to make such a decision. I am THRILLED I found you again!!
    Thank you for writing such thoughtful interesting posts…I always take away something when I read your blog!
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen
    P.S.: Mistur Renard iss mee BellaDharma an mee wantss to meow mee likess yore bloggie alot too! You have helped LadyMew alot speshelly with THE Blocky problem. Thanx so much!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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  20. Cracking post Renard … this line had me in stitches through the read …

    “Could you imagine lying in your bed and hearing incoming WordPress notifications from a single blogger at 1:00 AM?”

    Thankfully l don’t have a Mobile App 🙂

    … not sure if your intention was to write a comedy post, but l was laughing all the way through …. you know the laugh of the madman agreeing?

    “Because I would go crazy if I took on the stress that is caused by WordPress glitches!””

    Excellent read.

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      1. Well there were moments that were delightfully mirthful Renard 🙂

        But l do have a warped sense of humour at times my friend 🙂

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  21. Excellent post.
    That’s what I have been doing. I make my drafts in Grammarly, and a day after I proofread, I transfer the draft to the WordPress Editor. Before publishing, I read the blog post, and make the necessary corrections, add the links that are needed, and insert the image(s).

    I only work on my laptop as I don’t have an iPhone. When I would have an iPhone, I would not make my blog posts on the iPhone nor not install the WP App.

    But I’ll sure give LibreOffice a try. Thank you for the tip

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  22. I had to laugh at the getting woken up by people spamming the like button part, I find the global reach of wordpress means you can literally get liked at any time of the night or day so I hit do not disturb on my iphone when i go to bed. Great post 🙂

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  23. I’ve lost a few drafts and have lost the ability to edit my posts from the WordPress app. For some reason (on my phone) it says jetpack unavailable or something like that. So now I download all of my content onto Google docs, then I upload them as I am done. This way it is online and not just on my computer.

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  24. Some very pertinent and relatable points there Renard…you are spot on about the multiple likes in a matter of a single minute scheme….it means they don’t bother to read and just want you to follow suit…no thanks…read first and like only if you genuinely liked it…what’s the point otherwise

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  25. Loved this post! I also do the draft and cut and paste, sometimes I find the editor a little shaky.. I use Word and I do all the formatting at once as well. When I paste it, I use the app to add in emojis if I need them.

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  26. This is a interesting read Ren🤝. But I also have something to say… When ever I follow a new blogger, I would read one or two of their posts randomly and hit likes to all their recent posts. That’s not because I read it all like a bot but just a way of showing appreciation that whatever they write is worth reading. And after that I choose to read their blogs they post unless I miss it when I am busy. May be you call me a serial liker! 😄😄


  27. I will admit that I find it annoying for so many blog posts to appear on my reader from a single blogger.
    However, I do not unfollow such bloggers, I only remove the email notifications so it does not drive me crazy😉

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  28. I lost a couple of posts in the editor and on phone when a call came through sometimes the app would close taking draft with it, maybe they Fixed that glitch but I draft on my laptop then copy and paste

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