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5 Ways That I Deal With The Madness On WordPress

To be honest, there are things about WordPress that tend to make people lose their proverbial cool; such as some of the things that WordPress users do and the technologically-related glitches that creep out of nowhere on WordPress.

We all have our unique way of dealing with nuisances (The way in which you handle them would be different from the manner in which I handle them).

So, today I am going to let you know how I deal with the madness on WordPress.

1.) I Ignore The Serial Likers

In the past, I accessed my WordPress account via the WordPress Mobile App (Back then, I used it out of convenience; it allowed me to blog on the go).

Anyone who uses the WordPress Mobile App would know that their smartphone makes a sound every time it receives a WordPress notification (That allows the WordPress user to check their notifications in a timely manner).

So, whenever a serial liker presses the Like button numerous times in a short space of time, the smartphone beeps repeatedly; which is reminiscent of rapid-fire from a machine gun.

Could you imagine lying in your bed and hearing incoming WordPress notifications from a single blogger at 1:00 AM?

That person was probably the world’s fastest speed reader. They were probably skilled at reading over one thousand words in the time frame of one second.

Okay, I am being a bit facetious here. No one can read over one thousand words in the time frame of one second (Unless they have merged their consciousness with artificial intelligence).

Therefore, it is no huge secret as to what the serial liker was trying to accomplish; they wanted to attract my attention by pressing the Like button on numerous of my blog posts in a short space of time; it is the type of behaviour that indirectly says, “Hey, I liked many of your blog posts and you can check out my blog and do the same!”

Yeah, right! That is never going to happen!

These days, I do all of my blogging on my laptop computer. I am not bombarded with the sound of incoming WordPress notifications and I check my WordPress notifications at a time that is most convenient for me.

Serial likers still pay my blog a visit. However, the incoming WordPress notifications from them are no longer annoying (I can thank being on my laptop computer for that).

The only downside is that I will have to clear up those email notification from those serial likers later on (And, it is not even half as annoying as the sound of repeated WordPress notifications on my smartphone — the ones in which the serial likers contributed to).

2.) Seeing Numerous Posts From A Single Blogger In My WordPress Reader Does Not Annoy Me

Some of my fellow bloggers admitted that they would unfollow a blogger if their posts showed up too many times in the feed of the WordPress Reader.

I never allow that sort of thing to disturb my peace of mind, because bloggers are entitled to publish content as often as they like.

In regards to prompts, I have seen bloggers that do it tastefully; they create prompts of their own and they also participate in the prompts that were created by their fellow bloggers (As a result of this, numerous posts from them would show up on the feed of my WordPress Reader).

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing wrong with a bunch of bloggers being highly creative and having lots of fun with prompts.

Also, I am not glued to the WordPress Reader for a period of twenty-four hours; I have other things to do.

Some people’s views on other bloggers saturating the feed of the WordPress Reader with their posts will differ from mine (And, that is okay).

3.) I Have Learned To Live With WordPress Glitches

Yes, it is true, that I have learned to live with WordPress glitches.

And, why is it that I have learned to live with WordPress glitches?

Because I would go crazy if I took on the stress that is caused by WordPress glitches!

If you have been blogging on WordPress for a while, you would know that it is always plagued with some type of glitch.

My blog post, WordPress And Their Glitches, highlighted some of the glitches that WordPress users have experienced.

Also, my blog post, The Reblog Button Controversy, mentioned the disappearance of the Reblog button from my end.

On a positive note, I was able to see the Reblog button on my blog and on the blogs of others again, on Friday the 13th of November, 2020.

The funny thing is that I do not use the Reblog button; it is only there for bloggers to click on if they desire to Reblog a blog post (or blog posts) of mine.

4.) I Do Not Play The “I Follow You, You Follow Me Back” Game

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that I only follow blogs that I am interested in.

Also, from a realistic perspective, I can only read a certain number of blog posts whenever I log in to my WordPress account (More followers equates to more time spent reading blog posts).

There is also the case of people following way too many blogs (As a result of this, they are unable to find the time to check out the blogs of all of the people that they are following).

Anyway, it is time that WordPress bloggers ended the I follow you, you follow me back game.

Following those blogs from all of those bloggers may appear somewhat benign at first, but I can assure you that it would lead to not having enough time for yourself or for your fellow bloggers when you drastically increase the number of blogs that you follow.

5.) I Stopped Creating Blog Posts In My WordPress Editor

For the record, the introduction of the Block Editor has nothing to do with my refusal to create blog posts in my WordPress Editor.

Back in 2012 (when I had my first WordPress blog), there was a glitch that caused the draft-copies of my blog post to disappear (It happened three times and I was not going to let it happen to me the fourth time).

So, what did I do?

I started composing the draft-copies of my blog posts in the word processing software on my laptop computer (I recommend using LibreOffice Writer for this).

When I am finished with the proofreading and editing process, I would cut the completed blog post and paste it into my WordPress Editor.

I believe that anyone who cherishes the time that they spend on creating their blog posts would hate to have them mysteriously gobbled up by the WordPress Editor.

Have you ever lost any drafts while you were putting them together via the WordPress Editor?

If you are one of those unfortunate victims, I would love to read all about it via the comments section of my blog.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of crazy things that happen on WordPress; however, there are ways in which you can work around them.

In regards to some WordPress glitches, there is nothing we can do on our own to resolve them; they are the types of glitches that only the Happiness Engineers can fix.

So, how do you deal with the madness that transpires on WordPress?


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