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The Reblog Button Controversy

My friend, Dolly Aizenman, was the first person to let me know that she did not see the reblog button underneath my blog posts (She discovered that the reblog button was missing underneath my blog because she was in the habit of reblogging her guest posts).

When Dolly told me that my reblog button was missing, I immediately checked the settings in my dashboard area to see if the reblog button was enabled.

Guess what?

The reblog button was enabled; I toggled it on and off and back on again with the intentions of it becoming visible again (Unfortunately, that changed nothing because the reblog button was still invisible on my end).

The most interesting thing is that Dolly is also faced with the same problem; she cannot see the reblog button underneath her blog and the same thing applies to the reblog button underneath the blogs of others.

One day after the incident, Carol from CarolCooks2, mentioned to Dolly (via the comments section of her guest post), “Mine disappears sometimes and then as if by magic it is back and sometimes I have to change my browser.”

Carol believes that the technical issue is probably the result of the changes that WordPress made.

Okay. Carol’s point of view is valid; the Happiness Engineers are always changing things!

Now, why is it that some people have access to their reblog button while there are others who do not?

I Refused To Ask The Happiness Engineers For Their Help

Any blogger that desperately wanted their reblog button back would have sent a formal complaint to the Happiness Engineers.

So, why is it that I refused to ask the Happiness Engineers for their help?

I refused to ask the Happiness Engineers for their help because:

  • They would have told me to toggle the extensions on my web browser on and off with the intention of finding out which one of the extensions was responsible for hiding the view of the reblog button.
  • They would have told me to clear my web browser’s cache.
  • They would have told me to make sure that my web browser was on its latest version.
  • They would have told me to see if my reblog button was visible on a different web browser.
  • They would have sent me a snapshot — one that showed the reblog button on my blog visible on their end.

There are those moments when I think that the Happiness Engineers enjoy insulting people’s intelligence.

I Did A Bit Of Troubleshooting On My Own

I did a bit of troubleshooting on my own; which involved:

  • Checking out my blog on the Mozilla Firefox web browser; which has no extensions attached to it (And, I even went as far as to clear its cache).
  • Reverting the Google Chrome web browser back to its default setting.
  • Checking out my blog on someone else’s computer (their computer has Windows 10 installed on it and I was checking to make sure that the problem was not caused by Linux); I used their Microsoft Edge web browser and I noticed that the reblog button underneath my blog was not visible.
  • Checking out my blog via the Kiwi web browser on an Android smartphone.

Nothing I did worked; I was still unable to see the reblog button underneath my blog.

My Feeling Towards The Reblog Button Is A Neutral One

Some of you are probably thinking, “Renard, if your feeling towards the reblog blog button is a neutral one, why is that you want your reblog button to be visible?”

I want my reblog button visible, so those who are interested in using the reblog functionality can share the excerpts combined with the relevant links on their blog.

In my case, I have no intention of reblogging any of my blog posts.

And, I have no intention of reblogging anyone else’s blog posts on my blog either.

As far as I am concerned, the reblog button can remain hidden from me.

However, it is a bit unfair that it continues to remain hidden from some of my fellow bloggers — the people who would like to reblog a few of my blog posts.

There Are Those Who Hate The Reblog Button

Some people hate the reblog button because there are people who reblog their blog posts without asking them for their permission to reblog their blog posts.

I would like to state for the record, that it is considered proper etiquette to ask someone for their permission to reblog their blog posts. Those people who do not like their blog posts reblogged without their permission will either disable their reblog button temporarily or state via a short message in their blog’s sidebar (or some other location of their blog) that any unauthorized reblogging of their blog posts without permission is forbidden.

Some people actually view the act of someone else reblogging their blog posts as a form of theft.

And, then there is a group of people who believe that using the reblog button to share someone else’s work on their blog is not theft because it links back to the original author.

In the past, I remembered reading a blog post that pertained to a person reblogging someone else’s blog post and the owner of the blog (the one who created the blog post) asked the Happiness Engineers to have the reblogged blog post on the so-called offender’s blog removed.

The usage of the reblog button has always been a controversial issue.

Some Of The WordPress Blogs Are Filled With Only Reblogged Content

I came across blogs that only contained reblogged content (And, you probably came across the same thing on WordPress).

Pressing the reblog button is an easy thing for anyone to do (Especially if the person is too lazy to compose and publish their own blog posts).

A blog that only contains the reblogged works of others is definitely one that sadly lacks originality.

If the reblog button was a nonexistent feature, we would not see blogs on WordPress that contained one hundred percent reblogged works from bloggers in the blogosphere.

You Have Every Right To Reblog Your Own Work

It is common practice for bloggers to reblog their own work (They would reblog an old blog post of theirs with the intention of it gaining a bit of traction).

So, how in the world can these people reblog their own blog posts if they cannot even see their own reblog button?

Oh, they cannot!

They will have to wait until the reblog button reappears on their blog (For the sake of those bloggers who rely on having a reblog button on their blog, I hope that it returns in a timely manner).

Final Thoughts

The missing reblog button on some blogs is nothing new (It was one of those technical issues that happened in the past and was resolved).

I am curious to see how long the Happiness Engineers are going to sort out this technical issue.

What baffles me is that not everyone is affected by this technical issue; some of the WordPress bloggers can see their reblog button as well as the reblog button on other WordPress blogs.

So, what the hell really caused some of us not to see the appearance of our blog’s reblog button and the reblog button on the rest of the other WordPress blogs?

Also, there would be those people who would not mind the disappearance of the reblog button because some people reblogged their blog posts without their permission in the past.

The reblog button has a love-hate relationship; there are those people who love having it around and there are those who would not mind seeing it gone forever.

Depending on the psychological makeup of the WordPress blogger, the reblog button can be viewed as a necessity or a nuisance.

How do you feel about the existence of the reblog button?

And, are you one of those bloggers who are unable to see their own reblog button and the reblog button of their fellow WordPress bloggers?

Please let me know what you think of all of this via the comments section of my blog.

Thank you for reading!


84 thoughts on “The Reblog Button Controversy

  1. Interesting thoughts, Renard! I have never had that button visible on my site as I am one of those who see this as a form of content theft. I’d be happy if WP removed this option altogether. Perhaps then, people who brainlessly fill their own blog full of other people’s stolen content will have to actually think about coming up with their own content.

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    1. 🙂 There are those who can see the “Reblog” button on my blog as well as those who cannot.

      Also, I do not see the need for a “Reblog” button on the blogs that fall within the Business and the eCommerce categories (Unless someone has chosen one of those plans for their personal blog).

      Thank you for your valuable input, Ashleyleia.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. You are welcome. I am sure mine disappears on occasion although I don’t check for it. I try to have at least an hour or two between posts except when WordPress doesn’t show I have a post scheduled for a specific time slot. That happens a bit more than I like. In those cases once I notice, I take one of the two and reschedule it.

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  2. I have to tell you it’s not always easy for some people to write interesting articles, and in order to keep blogs active, reblogging is a great option, not just a lazy one. I always get comments from people appreciating someone thinks their post was good, enough to share it. I have also gotten comments from people who say “thank you, with out you sharing,I never would have found this article or the site.”

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  3. My issue with the reblog is it pulls all the original post graphics over to your site, which is fine is there small and the poster owns the images. You could fall foul of copyright laws if you reblog an unauthorized image. I tend to add a link as reblogging isnt my thing. Reminds my a bit of php scrapers back in the day.

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  4. Yeah, I have it off in my LinuxNewbie blog, but on in my political swamp hermit blog. Anyway, interesting topic so ran the political blog thru my 6 bowsers:

    Firefox – Y Waterfox – N Chrome – Y Chromium – Y Vivaldi – Y MS Edge – N

    Wasn’t showing up in my Edge either. Guess I would be neutral on the reblog button…

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  5. Interesting thoughts Renard. Incidentally, I’ve actually been reblogged a few times and I actually see it as a compliment. Most of those who have reblogged me have been taken by my work and have even expressed as much, so it’s quite humbling when someone sees it as good enough to share. WordPress is definitely not without its problems, but I also think most people here are pretty decent and genuine. I’m sorry to hear that the reblog button hasn’t been so positive for you.

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  6. An excellent and much-discussed topic, Renard. I used to use the reblog button as a method to feature those that participated in my weekly prompt posts. As my weekly prompts drew more participants, I was reblogging several posts a day. I felt this was overloading the Reader plus sometimes (very rarely), the content shared was not in sync with my “keep it family-friendly” persona for my blog. In addition, a reblog captures the images of the blogs I share thus all of those images are stored in my media. I use enough images on my own and don’t need more clutter in my media.

    Currently, I set up separate posts to feature those that participated in my weekly prompts. Perhaps, a little more work but worth it. I suggest if one does not want their work reblogged to not enable the feature. Adding a statement to your blog could be easily missed. Btw, I consider it a compliment if someone reblogs my work.

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  7. I have reblogged in the past sometimes, if I have felt the post was of some use to my readers. But I always used to edit the post title so I could put ‘blog post re-share’ at the front and I would say at the beginning of the post why I was sharing this post so readers knew it wasn’t mine and to prompt them to visit post to read more.
    Comments would be turned off for these posts too, so that if anyone wanted to say something then to visit original blog post and comment there.

    I haven’t done this for some time and don’t plan to use the reblog button anymore. If I was to share a post, I would just share the link, so it didn’t bring any of the blog contents into my post share.

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  8. Thank you Renard for highlighting the Reblog button controversy.

    Earlier it was hide and seek game played by ‘like’ button…which I still don’t see in some blogs.

    Now it’s the turn of ‘ Re blog button’

    As this moment I notice ‘Re blog button’ in your blog.

    My guess is in ‘ WP Reader mode’ one won’t come across Reblog button,but if one clicks the hamburger menu and select visit ( I pad and android )- I AM able to see the Reblog button in your blog.

    But when I check your URL in my laptop,I am not seeing the Reblog button.


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  9. Regarding blogs dedicated exclusively for reblogged posts- one of the bloggers( site owner) claimed that it is just yeoman service being rendered to the community,by selecting the choicest and extremely helpful posts from the WP blogosphere ( by the way whose choice is this?)

    May be they are right in their own way🤔🤔🤔,??

    And many are happy with this gesture…….

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  10. An interesting post! I may have only reblogged others posts once or twice, it’s not something I’m in the habit of doing. As for reblogging my own posts, that isn’t something that I’ve thought of doing at all, but having read this, I might share some of my earlier posts again occasionally Thanks for highlighting this aspect!

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  11. Dear Renard, first of all, thank you for giving me a shout-out. Secondly, I did send a formal request for help to the Happiness Engineers. I never got a response, yet my reblog button reappeared the next day, as if my magic. It is now visible on yours as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 You are welcome, Dolly.

      It is nice to know that your “Reblog” button is visible and that you can see the “Reblog” buttons on the WordPress blogs that you visit (That means you can “Reblog” your guest posts).

      The “Reblog” button has not reappeared on my end as yet.

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  12. Like just about everybody, I’ve had my share of issues with the reblog button not showing, and refreshing, etc… not working. Just another example of WP sneering at us like they were a AAA game dev company. It’s just part of the change process? Nope. Reputable companies used to beta test changes so they were debugged before they roll out.

    As for the rest of the Reblog “controversy”… I’ll go outside of my normal self and be blunt. It’s a fakeroversy. If you don’t want to be reblogged, turn off the button. It’s that simple. The only caveat there is that anyone reblogging should make it perfectly clear that it is a reblog and credit the author.

    The few times I’ve reblogged, I’ve given solid credit to the author. Done that way, it’s not stealing, it’s free publicity. NOT free if you’re PAYING for a reblog from somebody like Cristian Mihai.

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  13. I am not even conscious about the reblog button. I will try to find it when I visit blogs then. I find that some people often credit the original authors when they reblog but I feel it may be weird if you have a blog that is only reblogs.

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  14. From personal experience, I know that the reblog button was removed from my blog posts when I removed the ‘like’ button from my blog. Unfortunately (and according to WordPress), the two buttons are linked. So if you choose to remove the ‘like’ button, the reblog button also disappears.

    It also disappears if you add some plugins to your blog. Again, I had this confirmed by WordPress.

    I have no problems seeing the reblog button on your blog or any other blogs I visit (unless it’s been removed by the owner). However, like you, I never use the reblog button. If I’m going to share somebodies post, I’ll use the ‘Press This’ button so that none of the images from the post I’m sharing is downloaded to my media library. Plus, I know of at least two bloggers who have been fined for copyright infringement from posts they had reblogged (because the original post had images that were not free to use).

    Remember the recent problems with people saying they couldn’t like any posts, Renard? It seems that maybe the same thing is happening with the reblog button this time.

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    1. 🙂 Hugh, the biggest irony of all is that if a WordPress user disables their “Reblog” button, the “Like” button will remain visible (I know this for a fact because I had my “Reblog” button disabled in the early stages of this blog).

      Yes, it is also true that certain plugins can hinder the “Reblog” button.

      Now, if people can be fined for publishing copyrighted images via reblogging, the “Reblog” button is actually doing more harm than good.

      Thank you for your valuable input!

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      1. You’re welcome, Renard.

        And that just does not make sense if disabling the reblog button has no effect on the ‘like’ button, does it? Oh well, in the end, I added the ‘like’ button on my posts.

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  15. I don’t usually push a lot of buttons lol … I just simply read posts and make my own… I have seen others Reblog and some did to some of my posts… but never knew that’s how they did that until just now you called my attention to that lol 😘✌️

    I don’t really mess around too much with the features of WP – they change too often – I keep it simple lol

    But is good to know is there “if I want it” interesting – thank you for drawing my attention to that 😄 I had wondered what that button did 😄

    Yeah the happiness engineers do not sound like they spread happiness … maybe to themselves lol

    They change things so often and messes everything up 🤨😄✌️ but whatever

    I still love the community and blogging ❤️


  16. I see it although I had to hit it to know for sure that’s what it was. I’ve written a bit here the trashed everything and started over. Any way my opinion? If the rebog shows where the original content comes from I can see how it would work for me not against me. Much like sharing everywhere on the internet. When some one shares something I like I end up at the site they shared it from reading further and or additional material. All is good as long as it’s clear who did the original work and has a way back to that persons site that is clear. Otherwise we’ll we all know what plagiarism is. Thanks for the information I had no idea about this tell now.

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  17. Ha! I just remembered your comparison post of Linux and Windows.

    Anyway Renard, I enjoy using the reblog button and although I have only reblogged fellow bloggers post on two occasions, they had no qualms about that.

    Again, I use the reblog button to kinda republish content that has been updated or gotten quite the hit. It’s good for my blog and Pinterest, sometimes.

    And finally, I think if you use the WordPress app on mobile, you’ll see the reblog button 97% of the time. It hardly disappears on the mobile app.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. Hiya,

    There are a few glitches about. I guess some will be solvable, but it is more difficult to resolve frustrations if the ‘others’ affected by a glitch aren’t to comfortable with tech. I am no expert, however, I will try and problem solve. As things are, with all the blocky changes afoot, I reckon there will be quite a few more annoyances in the pipeline.

    BTW thank you for liking my blog post. It doesn’t seem to be your thing…..


  19. I have never thought about the reblog button before. Never used it but recently saw a blog I would love to use. I did save it in my drafts but wasn’t sure about using it. It was about fashion in another beauty blog so right now just sitting on it. I would think if a blogger does not want it reblogged then they would not have a reblog button. I would feel honored that someone would want to reblog a post of mine. But I guess it’s an individual thing. Enjoyed your post.

    Liked by 1 person

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