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There’s is a particular book I’ve been working on since February of 2019, and the more I uncover the initial plans, the more I discover new ones that I can not go without.

The work is becoming more versatile and diverse the more I work on it, and I don’t want to settle until I give it everything it desires, and the quality it deserves, with well-detailed contents of real-life experiences on different social concerns.

I’ve come to accept that this book is bigger than me, I need help. I need readers who can research when necessary and can be able to allow themselves become a part of what they have read and be able to put it down in writing in their own words and be able to allow themselves be vulnerable and express every emotion, to simply make each issue as exposed as possible.

I’ll need specific and honest details on real-life experiences on different religions, different tribes, different races, different life struggles, from different people.

So please if you’re a reader and a writer, and you’d like to be a part of this absolutely incredible work, send me a message on my email at:

indicating your interest and we’ll discuss how to work it out.

About the person asking for your help:

Chinelo Anikpe is an ambitious young lady from Africa. She is a writer and a former contributor to Renard’s World.

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I am a writer.

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