Should You Leave For Blogger (

Some of you probably know of bloggers who left their blog on WordPress to set up a new blog on Blogger.

And, some of you are also aware of the fact, that some of the bloggers on WordPress are thinking about going over to Blogger.

A lot of the older folks (and some of the younger people too) disliked WordPress’s decision to replace the Classic Editor with the Block Editor (That caused them to consider the option of blogging over on Blogger).

For the record, I am not going to discourage anyone from creating a blog over on Blogger because they are within their rights to do so.

However, they should do some research on Blogger (Especially if they have never been on that blogging platform before).

One of the greatest mistakes that any blogger can make is jumping blindly into something that they know nothing of; which in this case is Blogger.

I had the firsthand experience of blogging on Blogger and I am going to tell you what it is like to blog there as well as some of the things that you can expect to encounter.

Creating A Blog On Blogger Is Very Easy For A Newcomer To Blogging To Do

Yes, my friend, setting up a blog on Blogger is very easy (Even your grandma can set up a blog on Blogger on her own).

Ankit Singla’s article, How To Create A Free Blogspot Blog (6 Easy Steps For Beginners), will provide you with easy-to-follow instructions on setting up a blog on Blogger.

Most people would be pleased to know that the process of setting up a blog on Blogger is not an intimidating one.

What about you?

Do you think that setting up a blog on Blogger would be a very easy thing for you to do?

Blogger Can Be A Proverbial Playground For The Tech-Savvy Blogger

A lot of people wrongfully believe that Blogger is only suited for those people who are newcomers to blogging; I can assure you that Blogger can be enjoyed by the tech-savvy blogger because during my time on Blogger:

  • I uploaded my own theme (I believe that they are referred to as “Templates” over on Blogger).
  • I added the types of fonts that I wanted via CSS codes.
  • I adjusted the size of the fonts via CSS codes.
  • I optimized my Blogger blog for SEO.
  • I replaced Blogger’s default commenting system with Disqus.

Hey, not bad at all for a free blogging platform. only allows the user to use their free or premium themes.

And, if a person on wanted to do the other things that I mentioned, they would have to upgrade their plan.

Where customization is concerned, Blogger surpasses

By the way, surpasses both Blogger and in the area of customization. Users Can Rely On The WordPress Reader To Locate Blogs And Topics That They Are Interested In

The majority of the users are quite fond of the WordPress Reader.

And, why is that the case?

Because the WordPress Reader helps users to locate blogs and topics that they are interested in.

A newcomer to has a much better chance of his or her maiden blog post being discovered by the members of the community.

Whereas, a newcomer to Blogger has a high probability of no one coming across their maiden blog post on the same day that it is published.

When I was on Blogger, I relied on the Facebook groups that I was a part of and tweeting regularly on Twitter to get my blog posts noticed.

I am sorry to say that no one is going to know about your blog’s existence on Blogger if it is not heavily promoted on social media.

Those bloggers on Blogger who do not have social media accounts will have to rely on word of mouth or Google’s good graces to acquire their well-needed exposure.

Blogger Needs To Include New Modern-Looking Themes To Their Collection Of Default Themes

Earlier on in this blog post, I mentioned that I uploaded my own theme.

Why did I do such a thing?

I uploaded my own theme because Blogger’s collection of default themes were dated appearance-wise (The majority of them are quite reminiscent of the nineties era).

On a positive note, Blogger added some new themes to their default collection of themes back in 2017 (It is my humble opinion, that Blogger tends to drag their feet in the proverbial sense, where adding new themes are concerned).

If you want your blog to have that modern feel and look, you will have to do one of the following things:

  • Make changes to your existing Blogger theme by adding additional CSS codes or HTML codes to it.
  • Upload your own theme.
  • Purchase a theme of your choice from Etsy or from some other third-party theme provider.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of the people on Blogger know how to do the things that I mentioned above.

The older folks dislike complications. Therefore, they are mostly the ones who would settle for using Blogger’s default themes.

Those of us on have a large collection of modern-looking themes to choose from (Both free and paid).

I would also like to add, that the bloggers over on can laugh and grin happily because they have greater access to more up-to-date themes — ones that are not only modern-looking but are SEO-friendly.

Blogger’s Editor Is User Friendly

The truth is that almost anyone can use Blogger’s Editor with ease.


Because it has an intuitive layout.

If you can use Microsoft Word, you are capable of using Blogger’s Editor (And, Blogger’s Editor is a hundred times easier to use than Microsoft Word).

Blogger’s Editor is appealing to the type of blogger who adores simplicity.

I do not think that Blogger will be changing their Editor anytime soon (However, that is not a guarantee, that Blogger’s Editor would remain the same. After all, Google’s engineers could upgrade their easy-to-use Editor to something that is equivalent to the Block Editor in the future; thus complicating things for the blogger who wants simplicity).

The WordPress Mobile App Is Light Years Ahead Of Blogger’s Mobile App

It is nice to know that Blogger made the layout of their app more modern and responsive for 2020 (In the past, it was only good for composing the draft-copies of your blog posts).

WordPress always had the advantage in regards to their mobile app due to the fact that it was updated on a regular basis (Some people believe that WordPress went a bit too far when they added the Block Editor functionality to the WordPress mobile app).

You and I both know, that there are those people who use their smartphones to create and publish blog posts (The number of bloggers that use their smartphones for blogging purposes will continue to rise annually).

By the way, you can also install the WordPress mobile app or Blogger’s mobile app (or both of them if you have accounts on WordPress and Blogger) on your tablet computer.

A lot of developers in the area of technology, believe that mobile devices are going to be the dominant devices in the future — the ones that will be used mostly to access the internet; which is the reason why its development is placed at the forefront.

Therefore, the developers of mobile blogging apps will have to bring their A-game.

Do you use a mobile app to publish your blog posts?

Blogger Will Always Have Their Fans

The people who blog on Blogger are mostly the ones that:

  • Appreciate simplicity.
  • Do not want their user interface to be changed or to be modified on a regular basis.
  • Do not care for their blogs to become popular.

The best analogy to describe Blogger is a neighbourhood that is simple, clean and quiet.

Final Thoughts

Blogger is not a bad blogging platform (A tech-savvy user can do a lot with it).

I would not advise the average blogger on WordPress to abandon their blog and make the switch to Blogger (Unless their main goal is to have things of a blog-related nature simplified).

It would be a nonsensical approach on the blogger’s behalf to jump on the Blogger bandwagon without knowing the manner in which things are done over on Blogger (And, that is the reason why they should do some research — the type of research that would let them know exactly what they are going to get their self into).

To be on the safe side, they can keep their blog on WordPress and create an additional blog on Blogger; that way, they will have no regrets of ever deleting their blog on WordPress if things fail to work out as planned on Blogger.

Another thing to take into consideration is that you would be missing out on the perks of the WordPress Reader if you abandoned

If you are utterly displeased with the way in which things are carried out on, you can always migrate your blog to, or start a new blog from scratch on (Do keep in mind, that you will have to choose a hosting provider; preferably one that falls within the range of your budget).

To those of you who have already left for Blogger, I hereby wish you all the best in your blogging endeavours.

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  1. When I was starting my blog, I definitely considered Blogger. But one of the things that turned me off about Blogger was how hard it would’ve been to discover blogs that write on similar sorts of topics. WordPress is not perfect, but I feel it’s more doable to build an audience using WordPress than using Blogger.

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    1. 🙂 Yes, Brendan. Building an audience on Blogger requires way more work than average.

      Whereas, it is much easier to locate like-minded bloggers on WordPress and receive support from our fellow bloggers on WordPress.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  2. Reblogged this on Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud and commented:
    As I’m sure a lot of have been lately, I’ve been contemplating Blogger or some other blogging platform, because in all seriousness, the Block Editor SUCKS. I’ve tried to surmount my initial criticism of it and learn how it operates (an old dog learning new tricks) but it’s still REALLY not user friendly. Anyway, here’s a very interesting and intelligent post regarding the pros and cons of Blogger.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you so kindly for reblogging this blog post of mine.

      The funny thing is that my fellow blogger, Dolly is unable to find the reblog button underneath my blog.

      Guess what?

      I cannot see the reblog button underneath my blog either.

      Anyway, I hope that I have cleared up any sort of mysteries pertaining to Blogger.

      I am sorry to learn that WordPress’s Block Editor has made the process of creating and publishing blog posts somewhat of a horrible experience for you.

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  3. One thing I don’t like about reading blogs on Blogger is that I can’t just get notified of responses to my comments, and I really don’t want to be notified any time anyone comments on the post.

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    1. 🧐 Ashleyleia, Blogger would be so much better if they had a proper notification system.

      Apparently, one needs to check their Blogger Dashboard to find out when someone comments on a blog post or check out their blog directly.

      Thank you for your participation, my friend.

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      1. I don’t know about visitirs who comment on my Blogger blog whether they receive notifications I have replied back to comments. But when I am left with a comment, I am aware via email notifications.

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  4. I still have a blogger as images are easier to display full sized. But as you point out it,s a case of heavily promoting to get any views. Plus it’s a Google product. In my experience you get better interaction on wordpress.

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  5. For me, like you have mentioned, the best about WP that Blogger does not have, is the reader, to find other blogs with ease. And that community feel.
    I have been with Blogger for a few years before I spent my longest at WordPress, but as you know I am one that is already back, while my WP is coming to an end with posts already scheduled.

    I won’t delete my WP blog and I don’t know if one day I ever will. Its not something I am contemplating anytime soon, or worrying about, as I have other things away from here to worry about right now, as shared on my new blog and as people know on my WP one.
    But I will be back here on WP commenting on my favourite blogs, or reading. That’s for definite. Even if blogging ended at Blogger and I didn’t blog anywhere.

    I am aware of what Blogger can do, or not, but originally, my blog was to share with some friends who know me, but may not live near.
    It was a way for me to express and still is and yes, I wonder what I would do if Blogger changed so much it would stop me expressing.

    Gaining extra friends and followers is an added bonus for me to blogging, but block editor does not let my writing flow, how I like to write and its not easy on the phone either, as they claim those engineers.

    Anyone who chooses to follow me at Blogger, I will appreciate as I do at WP until it ends in December. Those that have commented on nrw one so far are those I knew who would keep their promise as they said. Thank you to those for that support including you Renard. 🙂

    As you have noticed Renard, I like to keep things simple. I am for nothing flashy. 🙂

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  6. Since there has been so much discussion about WP lately and that followers are disgruntled with the new editor, I took a gander at Blogger. In the future, I may consider, but Blogger didn’t appeal to me. Currently, the themes I have chosen work well with both of my blogs so unless there is a major change, I am happy with WP.

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  7. In my early blogging days, I was on Blogger and had a decent experience there. The main reason I reject Blogger today in spite of certain things that are better than WP, is the fact that it’s a Google product.

    In 2019, I dumped everything I was using that had Google attached to it. Hence, I’ve looked at other platforms. There are just two that may work for me, yet they will likely never have the sense of community that WP has always had since day one.

    The Reader? I’ve never used it! Great article, Renard. 👍🏻

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  8. Prior to WordPress I was on blogger but hated it because like you mentioned without the skill of marketing, you are pretty much writing for an audience of one. In 2013 I moved to WordPress.M

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  9. Then by 2019 I was asked to take part as an editor on another blog that used the new editor,yes it was initially intimidating but I grew to like it, and changed it to my blog and I’m 50.

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  10. My answer is no. I don’t believe in switching platforms once I’ve settled on one – same thing goes with social media. I chose 2 or 3 max rather than flip-flop between different things. This I learned from a successful businessman and agree with his point of view. We can’t get good at any one thing if we cannot commit to any one thing.

    Despite the terrible block editor and glitchinsss of WP, I doubt blogspot would be much better for me in the long-run. Tbh I haven’t posted any new blog posts since attempting block editor so my blogging is indeed suffering these days. However, like anything, I realize that there’s a learning curve and that I will eventually need to learn in order to adapt to these changes.

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    1. 🙂 Yes, Walter. The world wide web has many places in which people can blog, for example:

      • Drupal

      • Medium

      • Squarespace

      • Wix

      • Weebly

      • Substack

      • Ghost

      • Vocal

      • Joomla

      • TypePad

      • Svbtle

      All a person needs to do is choose one and go with it.

      Most people chose Blogger because of its simplicity. They know that they are not going to encounter the Block Editor (which is what they are trying to escape from) on that blogging platform.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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        1. 😆 I can vouch for that, Walter.

          When it comes to communicating with other people on Blogger, it can be challenging.

          Whereas, WordPress is community-oriented. It is way easier to communicate with our fellow bloggers here on WordPress.

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  11. I’ve been on both platforms and I have to say that I much prefer WP. Maybe if push comes to shove, I might consider self-hosting on, just for that extra bit of independence, but I don’t foresee myself ever using Blogger again, especially with the strong community and the power of the Reader that WP offers. Great post!

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  12. I like the wordpress app on the phone, especially when I am commuting in public transportation. I used to do all my readings there and sometimes I find myself editing my blog post on the phone when I feel inspired to write and revise blog post, haha.

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  13. This is not an encouraging review of Blogger! I like the community here too much to migrate to blogger. I do hope that they don’t make the classic editor defunct on the WP app.

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  14. My mom uses blogger. She’s part of the reason I started blogging, but I didn’t understand Blogger at the time. I made a blog template a long time ago that I never did anything with. Years later I found WordPress and it stuck with me more. Rest assured, I won’t be jumping ship no matter how WordPress gets. Great insight!

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  15. Thanks for this post, Renard. I’ve recently set up a blog on Blogger and one on Medium and I’m playing around with both. You’ve shared some interesting things for me to consider as I make my decision on whether to leave WordPress for Blogger or Medium or to just stick with WordPress and deal with the block editor, which I abhor.

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  16. I too had created a blog on blogger, but the fact is that you cannot simply get a good amount of attention and readership from blogger just by itself. However, here on wordpress, your posts are entitled to be seen by so many others at it reaches to them automatically through the wordpress algorithm and certain tag searches. WordPress is capable of introducing you to the ones that are interested in the same niche as yours. WordPress has also got an upper hand when it comes to blog customization and gives you so many ways to improve upon the design elements too.

    Blogger can be quite good if you have ample amount of time and knowledge to be able to spread the message about it through your personal acquaintances but if you continue to work upon any of the platform for like almost a year, then it doesn’t even matter in the long run.

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  17. I had once had a blog on Blogger when I actually did not knew I could write as well. 😀 No idea of how to blog. As if new to the internet world (lols) but remembering it now made me to think of its features. Oh I am really sorry but I did not find it friendly for me. WordPress makes me feel comfortable and instills a sense of possessive for my blog which I hardly did found on blogger. Felt ancient on blogger.
    Thank you for the article regarding the same. 🙂 Happy Day 🙂

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  18. No…..I have nothing against Blogger, but I am sticking with WordPress. Unless I find out WP have shares in illegal arms or something horrendous, I will stay here. There are so many nice bloggers and so long as I stick to the basics, I am alright with this strange new editor that does not seem to work properly.

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  19. The “community” here kinda reminds me of the old Xanga platform. There was a very strong sense of community on Xanga years ago, now it’s been practically abandoned. I post to my WordPress blog via e-mail for the most part, and I don’t know if any other service offers that. But between those two, I’m staying put.

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  20. It’s not anything I’ve ever considered, but after reading this, I can see why some people may be tempted to try out Blogger. I think I’ll just stick with WP…

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    1. 🙂 You seem to be handling WordPress well and I do not think I have ever read any complaints about the Block Editor from you. So, you might as well stick to WordPress.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion, Jim.

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  21. Interesting read Renard.
    I can’t talk of blogger since I don’t have any experience in it.
    As far as WP concerned going through the posts via READER is much quicker but I prefer to read posts in blog propers since it is easy to know more about the blogger

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  22. I too had the same dilemma when I started blogging! Blogger sounded fancy and easier but WordPress has its limitations when it comes to themes and plugins for a free domain compared to Blogger but for the amount of like minded bloggers I stumbled upon at WordPress I would anytime prefer using WordPress than Blogger. I wish your article was there when I was actually helpless but still shared your article to few of my fellow bloggers who are still trying to figure out which blogging site to signup to 😁

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  23. No way I’d leave WordPress for Blogger. Maybe I’m being picky. But WordPress Reader makes it easier to find blogs I’m interested in- photo blogs, food blogs with recipes, travel blogs, and so many others! I checked out Blogger and WordPress back when I was thinking about creating my blog and WordPress ended up being my choice! I’ve been blogging now for almost five years and although WP has its glitches, it definitely tops Blogger by miles and I just cannot imagine switching!

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  24. Writers feel heaven when they stopped at wp, the distration free mode, I love it.

    In slower connection wp codeblock editor is messy and even failed to save my post, so i should depend on classic way.

    Many thing on wordpress miss from blogger. Short code is one of them.

    (I moved from wp, to blogger, then I find wp is more professional )

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  25. Blogger’s future is uncertain. At this point, Google is running Blogger as a charity service. If you check the official Blog and social media pages of Blogger, you’ll know what I mean.

    I wouldn’t recommend counting on Blogger as an alternative to Blogger. The best move for people who are not happy with block editor would be to go with self hosted But with, you need to be concerned about security. Self hosted WordPress websites are the most vulnerable and targetted constantly by hackers.

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  26. I’ve never thought about before. Now that you mention it, I might want to check it out. What’s the difference between and .org? I mean you mention it but not elaborate it. Is better than .com for bloggers?

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    1. 🙂 is the self-hosted version of WordPress; one that requires a hosting provider like Bluehost or SiteGround to host our blog. It is much better than because it provides the blogger with more control over their blog; such as:

      • Using any theme that they want; whether it be a free theme or a premium one.

      • Using any types of fonts that they want on their blog.

      • Using any WordPress widget on their blog.

      • Using any WordPress plugin on their blog.

      • Allowing the user to monetize their blog from day one.

      Now, even though grants the blogger more freedom, they need to know exactly what it is that they are doing and they are also fully responsible for their blog’s security. is the WordPress-hosted version of WordPress; it has limitations; such as:

      • Not being able to use plugins unless the blogger upgrades their WordPress subdomain to a domain (Which comes in various plans).

      • Not being able to add CSS codes to one’s theme.

      • Having limited storage for photos and other types of media.

      The best part of being on is that the Happiness Engineers handle all of the security aspects; thus making it a fully secured blogging platform.

      Thank you for presenting me with your questions.

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  27. Hmmm. I had been thinking about since a few days ago. And I had looked at a suggested list that would need to be considered for that purpose to even get going at all; as you put it above: “(Do keep in mind, that you will have to choose a hosting provider; preferably one that falls within the range of your budget).” I had additionally looked at a list of themes, and other lists. Now, I’m concerned about the security aspect that has been brought up.

    But back to a more motivating, rather than discouraging, aspect of the possibilities… does WordPress offer/provide the community considerations for people on their dot org version that they do for the dot com version?


  28. I 100% use my phone for blogging. I hate it on the computer – app only

    Also… I do not do social media and like the simplicity of just writing here – I do not care about fancy themes – I don’t even see them …

    Unless a feature is really going to wow me somehow? I don’t really care – I just like to write and read other blogs

    I also just want to be found because someone finds interesting… and if someone likes it – then bonus… but I don’t go advertising

    I just like to have it here 😊❤️

    I like WP even with their little quirks – nothing is perfect … this one just right for me ❤️✌️

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