What Drives People Crazy?

There are a billion reasons why people go crazy!

I am not talking about people going insane from a medical point of view, known as insanity, which is a big medical subject and comes under mental illness.

Neither I am talking about the many of the weird habits of people.

  • Like a person holding two vacant seats without using either of them, keeping a bag or cloth on them as if the seats are occupied.
  • Not flushing after pooping or keeping the toilet seat wet with water splashed everywhere.
  • Farting, burping loudly, scratching the private parts in public (and much more).

I tried to discuss the most relevant day to day things which drives people crazy.

Describing someone or something or something as ‘crazy’ has become a broad term and used loosely and regularly.

By using this term… we are supposed to insult others or put them down.

In general, all of us are crazy. We all have some crazy ideas or thoughts, which we feel it’s ok and we even think these ideas are sane!

I don’t have any idea how things are in your place but I can talk about a few things in my part of the world.

Wherever it’s worthy, I provided a video clip of fewer than 100 seconds for your better understanding and saving your valuable time.

Note: No offense towards anybody living or dead. This is written just for humor.

1. Being Indifferent

“Desire is half of life; indifference is half of death.” — Kahlil Gibran

All of us love to be heard and want others to understand our point of view. And a good relationship is built this way. If nobody is caring, you get frustrated.

It’s a pity that nobody has the time the or patience to be compassionate and the chances that one can go crazy are high.

Nobody cares about anybody; even if somebody is in distress and one’s craziness is reaching its peak because of this attitude!

The worst affected are the road traffic accident victims. It’s said 41% of road users don’t help the accident victims.

2. TV Channels

There was a time when people watched TV for the news. Now they watch it either for entertainment or for their keen interest on going crazy. Can you believe this?

✔‘Breaking news’ is too frequent and viewers; this can lead to viewers reaching their breaking point!

✔The background of the news anchor goes on flashing every fraction of a second as if one is ‘Disco Dancing’ and any of the viewers, if sensitive to flashes of light, may feel dizzy and go crazy!

✔’Top 10 news updates’ running at the bottom of the screen is to entice you. It goes on repeating a zillion times! And the frame changes before you could ever get the chance to read it!

✔The ‘News channels’ compete with the most powerful loudspeakers in the world and a minimum of 6 to 12, including the anchor and panelists for shaming the opera singer for going beyond 100 decibels and for their lung power scarring the Corona!

The following example is just to show the number of participants:

✔At any given time at least 3 or 4 people are talking simultaneously and you become temporarily deaf in spite of your hearing power being strong!

The anchor has got the extraordinary talent to deal with all the 12 participants single-handed.

✔In the confusion of knowing who is speaking what, the viewers turn crazy and change the channel or switch off the TV or doze off!

“I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying.” — Oscar Wilde

✔When the tempers run high, participants don’t hesitate to fight physically!

3. Movie Fan Clubs

The members are too emotional and whenever their hero ( idol) dies; they become crazy, go berserk and either burn buses, block roads and some even self-immolate.
IT capital shuts down

“You have to go on and be crazy. Craziness is like Heaven.” — Jimi Hendrix

Social media comes in handy in regards to spreading fake news and both pro and anti factions fight to the death on social media.

Fans shower milk on the posters of their hero (Milk bath), whenever his films are released. The idea is the poster of the hero is treated as a Diety and milk is poured for the success of the movie. (Showering God’s Idol with milk is knowns as Abhishekam — A Vedic ritual in Hindu tradition).

This is said to be common in the southern part of the country.

4. Road Traffic/Driving

“Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” — George Carlin

The list is too long

Less said the better and you should watch the clip for the first-hand experience. And don’t forget to figure out in the end, who wanted to go in which direction (A Nobel prize awaits you)!

  • Constant honking without justification.
  • Misuse of headlights.
  • Animals taking the role of speed breakers.

  • Bad road conditions (Potholes).
  • People walking in the middle of busy roads while talking on their cell phones.
  • Fights on the roads (If there is a mini accident between two vehicles, the drivers will fight by abusing each other for hours together blocking the traffic).
  • Driving/Parking on the wrong side of the road.

  • Not using the indicators.
  • Skipping the signals.
  • People parking in the middle of the roads.
  • Whole family driving on a two-wheeler.
  • Jaywalkers on the roads.
  • Crazy biker gangs.

Are you aware of the following saying?

“If you can drive on Indian roads safely, then you can drive anywhere in the world.” —Unknown

If you are a patient reader like me, I can ASSURE you, that you will enjoy reading this article. Cramps will arise out of laughter. So, don’t forget to hold your stomach.

5. Indian Marriages


The celebration of marriage is the most prestigious event in the Indian family. That is OK and natural with any family in the world.

But the point is the pauper need not become a super pauper. Still, all love a big fat wedding!

It’s sad but true that most of us spend our entire life’s savings on a ‘One Night Celebration’.

And in the process, both the middle class and the poor, push boundaries to maintain the so-called STATUS‘… which is otherwise nothing but a ‘False Prestige’ (Fancy locations, lavish clothing, and opulent jewelry and never-ending guest list and variety of food).

There is tremendous social pressure to spend on weddings — A sure recipe for taking the poorest to penury.

This money could have been used by the couple for their future needs!

But then, who cares for the bride or bridegroom? Neither bride nor bridegroom knows that they are marrying three people. Sounds crazy? Read further…

“You don’t marry one person; you marry three: the person you think they are, the person they are, and the person they are going to become as a result of being married to you.” — Richard Needham

6. People Putting Up Photos Of Deities On Building Walls To Prevent Public Urination

I need not elaborate.

“Nutrition fact: If you drink a gallon of water per day, you won’t have time for other people’s drama because you are too busy peeing. Stay hydrated my friends.” Unknown (Don’t take it seriously; I am just joking).


7. People Swallowing Live Fish To Cure Their Asthma

Something Fishy

8. Kickass Things You’ll Only See On The Streets

This is an extension of my earlier discussion and I love to show you the 25 photos captured on the roads.

It is better that you check this link instead of me talking. I am 100% sure that you will go crazy! This one takes the cake!
25 Kickass Things you will see only on Indian Streets

Take Home Message

What drives people crazy?

Just be happy or Aact as if you are very happy 😊 and that can drive your friendly neighborhood crazy!

Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Image by © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved

Marriage photo credits- viresh studio from Pexels

About the guest author:

Dr. Sridhar is the man behind Philosophy Through Photography.

This deep thinker from India wears many hats; he is a physician, a blogger, a philosopher and an amateur photographer.

Published by philosophy through photography

My philosophy is: Life is hard, but God is good. Try not to confuse the two. Anne F. Beiler

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    1. Thank you Hetty Eliot.
      Even worst is someone digging their nose to extract the Gold😂😂
      And as you said Snoring disturbs the friendly neighbourhood.
      But the problem is a health related condition and we feel sorry for these individuals.They must consult ENT specialists.

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  1. Love each and every one of your quotes, dear Philo; you have managed to get all my favorite people into one post. The article about driving in India is hilarious and so are the photos. Very enjoyable and entertaining post.

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  2. Whenever someone uses a Kahlil Gibran quote, I know I’m at the right place. Love the subject in discussion. Truly agree with how the word crazy has been too loosely used more and more. Same as the word love. People just throw them out there with generalized intentions taking away true meanings from it. But anyways, good post 👌🏼

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