You might have come across these popular quotes:

  1. Sing like no one’s listening.
  2. Love like you’ve never been hurt.
  3. Dance like nobody’s watching.
  4. And live like it’s heaven on earth.

(Attributed to various sources)

Many times, I am lost when I read these types of quotes. Of course, I do confess that my knowledge is very limited in deciphering the quotes and the context it is said.

No doubt most of the quotes are based on the author’s experience and we highly respect their quotes, and many times we make use of these and other quotes to reassure ourselves whenever life is not fair to us.

Above quotes… despite there being an element of encouragement and inspiration, we know that it’s not possible since… reality stares at us 24 hours!!


This reminded me of musicians playing in empty halls during these pandemic days!

Agreed. Whether you are a singer or not, everybody has the talent to sing. I am not talking about bathroom singers.

But you can’t sing whenever you wish or wherever you wish since you are bound to follow social norms.

And when life’s challenges are too many, I doubt whether you get the mood to sing in the first place.

All that you can do is attend a music concert and sing along with the singer… as if no one listening!

The tragedy is that no one would be willing to listen to your singing (none having the mood, the patience or time) even if you don’t care and I guess you have to carry on solo…

You may come out with an explanation for this quote telling that one need not care, do what you wish to do, come what may happen… Nothing far from the truth. How can you be not caring for others? We are a society and we have to care about the concerns of other people too. That is an unwritten and agreed civilized behaviour!

“It’s like if the music is loud enough I won’t be able to listen to my own thoughts.” —  Nic Sheff


As a human being, this doesn’t make any sense!

My friend, love is the single most important cause for you to get hurt. We are humans with lots of emotions; egos, moods swings, and other types of feelings. We are not Gods.

Every one of us undergoes hurt in love matters and to be precise, the hurt lingers as an unhealed wound (There is nothing wrong in this because it’s a human trait).

“When you care for someone more than they deserve, you get hurt more than you deserve.” — Unknown

Love and hurt go together and we humans have excellent resilience and we move on… the point here is…

It’s impossible to forget the hurt. You can forgive but can you forget?


It can mean anything.

Dance under the influence of alcohol since your inhibitions are absent or you don’t hesitate to dance in the darkness since nobody is watching etc. (you may skid and injure in the process) or simply dance with your back facing the audience as shown in the above photo.

You may say, it means ‘let go’ (OK, then why should you dance to let it go?). Or, you may say that it conveys the point that ‘just do your duty despite hurdles’ …Explanation for the explanation sake!

As for my understanding goes… ‘Dance’ conveys some moral story or expression of the tradition.

If nobody is watching your dance… then what is that you are trying to convey or to whom you are addressing your dance?

“Dance like nobody’s watching. Because they are not …they are all checking their phones.” — Unknown


You may argue that it conveys the meaning of ‘Live life to the fullest’…

Yes, I agree with this point. One has to complete the life journey from birth to death.

What is the meaning of Heaven on Earth?

As it is, our place is Hell. How can Hell become Heaven?

“The attempt to make Heaven on Earth invariably produces Hell.” — Karl Popper

But telling ‘Live like it’s Heaven on Earth… is a bit exaggeration and we are aware of Harsh Truths of Life.


Life is a beautiful lie and death is a painful truth.

“I started to find out the path to HELL in a decent way. Then I realized that now it’s been called SOCIETY, and I’m already part of it.” — Balakoteswara Panchakshari

Please share your thoughts.

 Thank you.

Namaste 🙏🙏🙏

Image by © PTP-2020 All Rights Reserved

About the guest author:

Dr. Sridhar is the man behind Philosophy Through Photography.

This deep thinker from India wears many hats; he is a physician, a blogger, a philosopher and an amateur photographer.

Published by philosophy through photography

My philosophy is: Life is hard, but God is good. Try not to confuse the two. Anne F. Beiler

48 thoughts on “EASIER SAID THAN DONE

  1. “The attempt to make Heaven on Earth invariably produces Hell.” – that is because the attempts are coordinated towards the external world. To change (make better) the external world is in no one competency – the history and present prove it constantly. To change (make better) your INNER world – this is a true challenge and way to go for every human. Heaven is here (physical, mental, emotional), inside you, just need to be unrolled and found in all the inner chaos

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    1. Thank you so much my friend Alantenna.

      Love the explanation by you regarding the two worlds-external & internal.

      Agree that we have no control over the external world.But controlling inner world is not that easy and as you said it’s the true challenge.

      I was trying to stress the point that controlling our inner world is a lifelong process and most of the times we are a failure.

      All are not fortunate to enjoy the true Heaven within us,life is a constant struggle,fortunately we live on hopes of betterment of the future,but the inner world chaos is too much to keep one in Heavenly mood.


  2. WOW Dr. Sridhar what an explosive amazing post! I actually read it twice to get the full import of your words.
    I will share my thoughts about the quotes in a simplified manner…if possible…
    I sing for the joy of singing…my neighbor says she loves to hear me sing aloud. She know I am happy or at least content & I am off key so that makes her giggle. I used to dance by myself as part of exercise routine. Now alas, I am too immobile to dance however I do ‘chair dance’…..sitting down & moving to my favorite tunes.
    For me, doing either or both together is a form of worship to Creator. A way of showing my joy at being alive to this day despite my health issues; despite my lost mobility; despite Covid. And even a form of therapy….
    Regarding the quote about Love by Unknown I so agree. I have had that happen whew I felt LOVE for someone only to find it was not reciprocated. It left me feeling very very sad & hurt (I was in my late teens where emotions run high to start with). What you write about LOVE & being hurt is correct. WE all get hurt in some way. Expectations are not met. People ‘fall out of Love’. People grow apart…..
    I can tell you that when I compare my 5 previous husbands (2 deceased) I can tell you the LOVE I felt for each of them was entirely different. I was VERY hurt by #1 when he left. I hurt #2 because I was too immature to deal with things. #3 was not Love. I was running away from alot in my life. I talked myself into being in LOVE but I was looking to be rescued.
    #4 (Paul) was that real compassionate, passionate true love…..and losing him hurt so deeply. I never saw #5 coming til he (Kevin) was right in front of me. I loved him as much as Paul but in a far different way. There was more Gratitude because Kevin took care of me as I had taken care of Paul.
    Finally living like it is Heaven on Earth is not always easy…as a Jewish person I do not believe in H*LL as an actual place we go after we die. I hear people say living on Earth is the ‘actual’ Hell & then dying is the Heavenly part. My feeling is Life, like Love is complex & surprising & at times VERY challenging & difficult. For me it is about ‘attitude’. If I am constantly grumbling about Life; than it will look grim. If I look for the beauty in the world & am grateful for the sunshine & Nature than I have a positive outlook on Life.
    Case in point: I have sinusitis & had to go to Pharmacy yesterday to pick up scripts. My knee was out of socket & I had to use walker & limp there & back. I saw my favorite Crow on top of streetlight I named Krishna. I called out “Hello Krishna Crow!” & he replied. A few other pedestrians were pretty surprised. (This happens to me alot) On my way back home, I saw 5 Turkey Vultures ‘riding the air currents’ & I stopped to sit on walker & just enjoy their flying. Despite feeling sick I felt peaceful. My bit of Heaven on Earth….so to speak.
    Thank you for another wonderful post Dr. Sridhar!
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen from Canada 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much Sherri-Ellen,it’s always a pleasure to read your response.

      Your thoughts on singing and dancing resonates with me.It’s nothing but worship of the creator as you said.And it’s a therapy too as you rightly put it.

      The problem with life is……these are all little little joys we have and enjoy the life momentarily and then we are back to our struggles.May be that is the way life is and no escape!

      Your experience as for as love is concerned is very helpful to rest of us and now we are in a better position to understand the ‘complexities’ of LOVE.

      As you rightly put it,we can make Heaven out of Hell by tuning our Attitude.And your examples of crows and vultures beautifully explains how our attitude makes all the difference and conversion of Hell to Heaven is so easy peasy.

      And always it’s my pleasure to interact with you.


  3. Dear Dr Sridhar, It’s interesting that you have seen these as separate quotes. I have only seen them as one, as the last one was “Live as if there is no tomorrow.”
    I have to confess that I always have music on when I am cooking, reading, or working. When I am cooking, I sometimes sing along or dance to music. I also sing when I am walking alone. I am sure I am not the only weird one; we’ve all heard of “singing in the shower.”
    Love is a subjects you have raised before, and made some excellent points. I don’t recall where I have seen or heard the following: Love means opening yourself to being hurt, while trusting that the other person will not hurt you. It has resonated with me.
    As to life being a lie and death a painful truth, I beg to disagree, but then my faith looks at both life and death differently, so I will not debate that.

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    1. Thank you Dolly.
      Just waiting to see your response and I am so glad you heard my wish.

      Internet is a funny place.Anything can happen.The quotes I mentioned were in Pinterest and was mentioned as -‘from various sources’.In quotes series,the quote author was said to be Mark Twain.

      Agree about your thoughts on singing and music.It’s a great soothing and comforting effect.

      The point I was stressing is, If one wishes to sing let one sing,but why should one behave as if no one is watching.Don’t say I am taking things literally.I am only trying to solve my query on what context the said quote was made.

      Your quote on love….
      “Love means opening yourself to being hurt, while trusting that the other person will not hurt you” is a golden advice,hopefully younger generation understands and simplifies the complex subject on LOVE.

      It’s in the hands of Humans to make the Living Hell as Heaven,which is not impossible.

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      1. Ah, dear Pluto, first of all, Mark Twain had nothing to do with this quote. I’ve seen it attributed to many different people, and I don’t believe any of it.
        Not everybody is as ebullient and free – or weird! – as I am; I break into singing or dancing in the middle of the street if I feel like it, and I don’t care who can see me. If they don’t like it, they can look the other way. However, most people are self-conscious, and as much as they might have an impulse to do so, they would only feel free when nobody is watching. Thus I have always advised my students to forget about 25 or more pairs of eyes in the classroom watching their every move, but talk, move, and teach as if nobody is there. It works for beginning teachers, as well as public speakers, to loosen themselves and perform at their best. After that, they can start connecting to their audience.
        I am curious, what makes life living hell, in your perception?

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        1. Thank you so much Dolly.

          I got convinced about the way you explained teacher and student analogy.👍👍👍

          As far as the topic ‘Life is a living Hell’ the following link may be of some interest to you.

          And as you rightly put it earlier better not discuss these things.

          This link starts with a warning by the author telling that -this article is not for the faint of hearts.

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          1. Thank you for this link; I’ve read the entire article, but anyone who quotes Schopenhauer is bound to be as much a misogynists as his source. Same for Leo Tolstoy and some of his other sources. As I’ve said, I have a different outlook and have never wavered even while being persecuted, arrested, and interrogated by the infamous Russian KGB (secret police).
            Be well, dear Pluto!

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  4. Inspirational and motivational quotes sometimes don’t jive with the real world. With that said, if one doesn’t take them literally and takes advantage of the implication then enjoy and live life to the fullest. I’ve always listened to music and moving with the beat comes naturally for me. Everything done in moderation is key but as you say easier said than done.

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  5. All of them can be taken at face value actually. No need to apply a moral story to dance, for example. I’d agree with Atlantenna that Heaven on Earth has to be an internal thing, but that’s where I’m leading with this overall reply.

    It ALL comes down to a simple CHOICE rather we’re going to be controlled by our past and our fears, OR we’re going to let them control and consume us. It’s only hard because we make it hard. Modern society glorifies victimhood status and tears down people who rise above their circumstances, so the secondary rewards from suffering become more important than healing.

    I know, hard to believe I’m saying it with all the snarky humor I throw around but so much of life just comes from being willing to chose a different path, and believing it’s possible. Yoda put it best:

    Luke: “I…. I don’t believe it!” (after Yoda lifted his x-wing out of the swamp)

    Yoda: “And that… is why you fail.”

    No, the path to change and something better MAY not be easy, but it’s never as difficult as our fears make it either.

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  6. The part where you wrote ‘everyone has the talent to sing’ got me😩 I almost tried singing but I didn’t 😌 amazing post, I am still trying to digest it!

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