This Is Why I Have Chosen To Stay With WordPress

WordPress is by no means perfect; it has its flaws like any other blogging platform on the world wide web.

Now, in spite of my mild dissatisfaction with WordPress (I am referring to the decisions made by Automattic and not its wonderful blogging community), I have chosen to stay with WordPress.

Today, I will let everyone know why I have chosen to stick with a blogging platform that I am not fully satisfied with.

I Placed A Lot Of My Valuable Time And Effort Into Blogging

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that I am fully capable of building an audience from scratch elsewhere (I did it in the past with Blogger).

Also, starting a new blog is something that I am not looking forward to at this point in time (New blogs are akin to newborn babies; they require lots of care and attention).

Do you remember what it was like for you when you first launched your blog?

You were probably:

  • Bending over backward to create content for your blog in a consistent manner.
  • Working overtime in the area of promoting your blog on social media.
  • Doing your best to grow your readership by acquiring subscribers.

Truthfully speaking, not every blogger would go out of their way to do the things that I mentioned; but those people who are serious-minded about blogging would have carried out those types of actions.

I would also like to add, that I have invested a lot of my valuable time and effort into making my unique brand of magic work here on Renard’s World (And, I will continue to do so despite the challenges).

Besides, I am not the type of individual that gives up easily.

I Love My Viewing Audience

People know that they can rely on me to see a new blog post weekly (And, so far, I have managed to deliver on that promise).

So, I might as well continue to:

  • Pass on what I have learned about blogging.
  • Entertain those people who have chosen to peruse the blog posts on my blog.
  • Share my perspective on any topic that I choose to publish (Which is one of the perks that comes with a blog that deals with miscellaneous topics).

As a matter of fact, Renard’s World would not even have half of the impact that it has currently without the love and the support of my viewing audience.

And, it is good to know that my viewing audience is appreciative of my work.

When I published, Should I Delete Renard’s World?, back in January 2020, many people pleaded for me to not delete my blog; they wanted me to stick around.

I would like to take this moment to say to my beloved viewing audience, “Thank you for your loyal support!”

The WordPress Blogging Community Is Amazing

Yes, my friend, it is really true about the WordPress blogging community being amazing (Most people who joined WordPress can attest to this).

The WordPress community has a reputation for:

  • Reading each other’s blog posts.
  • Leaving thoughtful comments in the comments section of their fellow bloggers’ blogs after they read their blog posts.
  • Pressing the Like button on the blog posts that they enjoyed.
  • Following the blogs that they are interested in.

Now, why would a blogger in their right frame of mind say, “No,” to those things that I highlighted?

Dear friend, the truth is that they would not say, “No,” to any of those things.

And, the best part of all, is that the WordPress Reader helps in the area of finding the categories of blogs that we are interested in perusing, as well as keeping in touch with the blogs from all of those bloggers that we are following.

I Am Curious About The Evolution Of WordPress

I have often wondered, “What WordPress would look like in ten years’ time?”

Now, if you think that the Block Editor is a virtual nightmare, the worst is yet to come.

The Happiness Engineers are always changing and upgrading things (due to the orders given to them by Automattic’s boss and founder, Matt Mullenweg); thus making it somewhat impossible for a person who has not logged in to their account for a period of eight months or longer to find their way around WordPress or use WordPress as they did in the past.

Could you imagine the horrified facial expression of the WordPress user who logged in to WordPress after an extremely long hiatus?

They would want to know, “What the hell did WordPress do to the editor?”

Apparently, one needs to be a regular user of WordPress in order for them to be fully aware of all of the changes and to figure out whether or not they are willing to adapt to those changes.

I Want To See How Long Renard’s World Is Going To Last In The Blogosphere

Unfortunately, a large percentage of blogs on are short-lived (Many of them barely make it to their first blogging anniversary).

As long as I am alive, coherent and still have my eyesight, I will make it a priority of mine to publish fresh content on Renard’s World.

My article, Will Your Blog Be Around In The Next Five Years?, highlighted some of the things that a blogger will need to do in order for their blog to have a fair shot at surviving in the blogosphere (If I continue to believe and follow my own advice, my blog will be around in the blogosphere for a very long time to come).

Anyway, no one really thinks of their blog as one that comes with an expiration date.

The truth is that when we expire (die), our blog will come to a standstill due to the fact, that we would no longer be around to add new content to it (That thought is one of those thoughts that is far from our minds).

Hey, that is not going to stop me from trying to see how long Renard’s World is going to last in the blogosphere.

Final Thoughts

WordPress has its pros and its cons (I am of the opinion that the pros outweigh the cons).

Also, when I created a blog on WordPress, I was fully aware of the fact, that there is no such thing as a perfect blogging platform.

I expected to see the following things:

  • Technical glitches on WordPress.
  • Upgrades being made to WordPress.
  • People being dissatisfied with the constant changes being made to WordPress.

Now, in spite of all all of those things, I have chosen to remain on WordPress.

There will be a few disappointments here and there, but that does not change the fact, that is still a fairly reasonable blogging platform.

86 thoughts on “This Is Why I Have Chosen To Stay With WordPress

  1. Woo!
    A post that is actually sensible on the topic instead of a full on rant about block editor (most of which I don’t get since I started blogging with it already being there so got used to it straight away 🤷‍♀️👍).

    And yeah. Stick around. I’m a fan!

    Liked by 11 people

      1. I have to agree, Renard. I hate the issues with WP also, BUT as much as I hate to say it, it IS the lesser of all evils out there, particularly in terms of being able to build and interact with an audience.

        Zoe, it’s not that the block editor is outright horrid or broken, it’s that it’s extremely limited vs what the old editor could do or even what MS Publisher could do 15 years ago. The bugs, like me never being able to re-use half the pics in my media gallery are kind of inexcusable at this point too.

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  2. I’m glad you will be staying here, Renard! My blog is 4 years old now, in spite of the Archives saying otherwise. Thanks to WP, I’ve had to delete far too many posts to remain with the cheap, cheesy, and greedy 13G limit.

    Liked by 8 people

      1. I sure have, Renard. Any reader here that sees this should be angry with WP. I’ve had some angry emails with them. Also telling them I and others should not have to pay $300 buck a year for that damned business plan. The last straw was recently when the person replying actually offered me a “coupon” for the business plan! the greed is sickening, the total disregard for the user base here is disgusting.

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  3. Whilst WordPress offers a free version, that is a world leader. It will continue to be a winner IMHO.
    Glad you’re staying, I would follow you elsewhere, your posts are very well constructed.

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  4. Well, I still stand in leaving as a blogger and blogging at my new blog already set up, while coming back here to read and comment at my favourite blogs.
    Only scheduled posts I have already set up, continue to air. New posts, at new blog.
    I am very appreciative of comments left by people already at my new blog. Some that promised to follow wherever I went and anonymous comments.
    There are still some who promised to go wherever I went to comment, that haven’t yet. Time will tell when my WordPress has stopped posting at the end of this year.

    My WP blog will stay up for at least 2 years, before I decide what to do with it, if anything at all.

    At the end of the day, when I originally started blogging, like previous blogs, they started as therapy for me. Also a place to update my friends with certain information I would only share and the rest via private means, if further chatting on anything more that I wouldn’t blog about.
    Finding that my blog helped others was nice to know and to know we are not alone. Gaining friendship from it, additional bonus.
    The lovely WordPress community brilliant and another added bonus, hence I will be here commenting. But only commenting.

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            1. I read your latest blog post on Blogger and I commented on it.

              Liz, I have noticed that you have chosen one of the classic Blogger themes.

              Do you hate the newer Blogger themes?

              For the record, there is nothing wrong with that classic theme. I am merely curious as to the reason why you chose that one.

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  5. Despite scratching my head with confusion and wondering why the blocks in the block editor do not work in WP Reader, I will admit that I cannot be bothered starting a new blog elsewhere.

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  6. I am thrilled you decided to stay, Renard! Your blogs are consistent, well-written and informative. Sure, WP has its flaws but I feel the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. I haven’t had many technical issues with WP and if I did I would find a resolution because I wouldn’t want to leave the WP community.

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  7. Glad you’re not going anywhere! It’s taken me some time to figure out the new block editor, I must admit when I first saw it I was a little overwhelmed!! Getting there though. I’ve never blogged before setting up this one so I will definitely be sticking with it!

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  8. I am new on WordPress and I am having fun. I read your posts to be informed about the platform. Everything you have stated is reasonable. Nothing is ever perfect. One of your posts scared me, I hope I last long on WordPress.

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  9. A well researched and written post Renard Moreau

    We must have patience and continue our journey in the WordPress.

    Known devil is better than unknown Angel

    “It is better to know and be disappointed,than not to know and always wonder” Oscar Wilde
    Thank you

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  10. Excellent post Renard! You DO make magic with your blog. Everything you write seems effortless yet well thought out. You verified alot of points for me. As you know I can’t wrap my head around Block Editor & thankfully still have Classic at this point!
    I remember when I first started blogging on Yahoo 360…it was so ‘hit & miss’. At the time I was friends with a local lady who was/is a Bunny Blogger. She wrote as each of her 7 rabbits… was so-o creative….she helped me alot. And when it was time to move to a new blog spot 5-6 friends were on WP & said I’d REALLY like it here/ And I DO LOVE the blogging community here. I will have to go read your January post….I am so glad you ARE still here!
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen

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  11. My blog is 10 years old now in Bahasa.

    My blog visitors reached 4 thousand but after changing the blog theme it decreased to a thousand per day. I hope my friends here can follow my blog and give me encouragement to continue writing on blog.

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  12. I am glad you wrote this… my blog is home, a place I can relax and enjoy writing and reading other people’s work. You have a beautiful blog by the way, thank you for this post. You just made me appreciate blogging the more💫

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  13. I definitely agree WordPress blogging community in itself is probably the best thing about WordPress. I remember starting out with certain self- doubts, but the community here has always been super supportive and encouraging that inspires you to keep blogging.
    As a hobbyist blogger I too have made my share of ignoring and coming back to my blog but by now it has definitely become a major part of my writing universe. Much appreciation for your grateful insights on the process too. Hope you are doing well. 👍

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  14. Just started blogging a few minutes ago and I can say your content really grabbed my attention and I’m inspired to work hard and enjoy blogging
    You can leave when I just found you 🥺

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  15. in absolute agreement with everything you wrote.. I dream that one day my blog might be just as useful to people in the future as rock paintings were in shading light on the lives of cavemen … hmmm those were the first blogs went they hahaha
    We team WordPress for life

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  16. I have honestly chosen to remain on WordPress because of the community. Everyone’s got something to say or like about your post and setting a blog up from start is so easy. Rather than leave completely I’d be self hosted in the future so my wonderful audience can still get in touch. Awesome reasons as always Renard!

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  17. I’m really annoyed with the new format and the fact we have to pay to use the classic editor– I’m not so young so learning new tech is difficult and time consuming. To pay $25/ month is a lot– I need to blog a lot more to make it worth while. I plan to complain to WP, but I’m sure to no avail. Not sure what other options there are though.

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    1. 🤔 There is also the option of using the Classic Block; it might not be exactly like the Classic Editor but it is the closest thing to it.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!


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