You Can Train Yourself To Write

Debbie started a book review blog on WordPress; she thought that was the most appropriate niche for her because she was a bibliophile.

In spite of being an ardent reader, Debbie hated writing because it required way more effort than reading a book.

“What did I get myself into?” Debbie asked. “I should have chosen a photography blog; that way I would not have to write anything!”

Debbie sighed aloud and said, “I might as well tell my audience what I thought about the book that I read three hours ago,” and then she began typing with the hopes of her fingers finding the right words — the type of words that would help her readers to visualize her book review.

Numerous People Are Not Fond Of Writing

Like Debbie, there are numerous people who are not fond of writing; the most that they would do in regards to writing would be to add their signature to a birthday card or write a short shopping list.

Writing is one of those things that they rather not do.

But guess what?

People who are not fond of writing can unleash their inner writer.

Change Your Mindset About Writing

The way that a person feels about writing will affect their approach to writing.

If they hate writing, they will shun away from it and if they love writing, they will want to write as often as they can.

So, be open-minded about writing and give it your best shot!

Are you determined to give writing your best shot?

Practice Your Writing

One of the problems is that some people never continued writing extensively after they graduated from school (They became figuratively rusty as a result of not writing for so long).

People who have not written anything in a long time should start small; for example, they can start by writing a few paragraphs in a word processing programme of their choice.

As time goes on, they can gradually increase the number of paragraphs that they write in that word process programme of theirs.

Dear friend, it is common knowledge, that the more that you practice something, is the better you get at it.

Therefore, if you want to get better at writing, practice it regularly.

Put Your Emotions Into Words

Putting your emotions into written words is a lovely way of training yourself to write.

Most of the WordPress bloggers that hated the Block Editor, made it a priority of theirs to let their viewing audience know how they truly felt about having the Classic Editor replaced by the Block Editor (That, my friend, is a perfect example of people putting their emotions into written words).

As a matter of fact, you can put any emotion of yours into written words.

You also have the choice of transforming those written words of yours into a blog post or deleting those written words of yours after you have released those emotions.

You Need To Believe In Your Ability To Write

If you have been practicing your writing for some time, you would have a general idea of what you are capable of.

The truth is that having a strong belief in your ability to write will help you grow as a writer and you will be open-minded to suggestions on how you can improve your writing.

Whereas, you are not going to write anything if you wrongfully convinced yourself about your inability to write articles.

So, my friend, you might as well believe in your ability to write.

Write Stuff That No One But Yourself Is Going To Read

Some writers and bloggers have a fear of being criticized; which prevents them from writing.

In this case, they can write an article that no one but themselves will ever read (They can do that until they are comfortable with the idea of publishing their work online for everyone to see).

One should not allow the fear of criticism to drive themselves away from writing.

Do you ever write stuff that no one but yourself is going to read?

In the old days, people had a diary — a special book that they would write things into — one that was for the gaze of their eyes only (The only way that people found out about the contents of the dairy was when its owner died).

Start Writing Immediately

If you have not developed the habit of writing, you should do it immediately.


Because if you do not start writing immediately, you will end up putting it off for another time (And, that could lead to full-grown procrastination).

So, start writing now!

Read The Books From Your Favourite Authors

Reading the books from your favourite authors will allow you to observe the various writing styles of your favourite authors (Hopefully, that would inspire you to create a writing style of your own).

Some experts have recommended that you should imitate the writing style of your favourite author; I strongly advise against this because as a writer, you would need to develop your own writing voice.

The way that I see it is that we were meant to be unique and not woven into a carbon copy of someone else.

Do keep in mind, that it is your style of writing that is going to set you apart from the other bloggers and writers on the world wide web.

Create A List Of Topics To Write About

Having a list of topics to write about prevents you from looking at a blank screen and wondering to yourself, “Hmm. What the hell am I going to write about today?”

Now, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out, that having a list of topics in advance, is a timesaver.

Ironically, one must write their list of topics that they intend to write about; which in itself is a form of writing.

Do you ever create a list of topics to write about?

Final Thoughts

Dear friend, almost anyone can train themselves to write by:

  • Being fond of writing.
  • Changing their overall mindset of writing.
  • Practicing their writing.
  • Putting their emotions into words.
  • Believing in their ability to write.
  • Writing stuff that no one but themselves is going to read.
  • Writing immediately.
  • Reading books by their favourite authors.
  • Creating a list of topics to write about.

Please feel free to discuss what you have read in this blog post via my blog’s commenting section.

And, thank you for reading!

78 thoughts on “You Can Train Yourself To Write

  1. Agreed with everybody thus far. I’ve seen it first hand too. A writer I know who shall remain nameless (and posts outside of WP – so it’s nobody here), was somebody I started following because they had interesting story ideas. Often terrible implementation, but good ideas. They posted short stories constantly, and there’s definite been some major improvement.

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  2. Another great post with good advice. After reading one of your posts earlier I now just start my blog post with the first thing that comes into my head even though it does sound boring but once it’s down I can change it.
    Thanks 😎

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 Those people who do photography blogs are not obligated to write anything.

      Some of the other bloggers (those that are into other niches or deal with miscellaneous topics on their blogs) are weak in the area of writing, so they struggle; thus developing an aversion towards writing.

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      1. Just showing my photo album ain’t a logbook in its real sense. If they don’t have a story to tell there’s always Flickr for them.

        And the others “miscellaneous topics” whatever they may be, I assume those bloggers must feel an urge to present their content to the world, so they also automatically have an urge to decribe their niche in the most inspiring, convincing way.

        Don’t get me wrong, writing isn’t easy, it’s not supposed to be easy. When done right every word carves a little wound into your mind. And that’s exactly the thrill most famous authors are after when they start a new book or story or … blog.

        “so they struggle; thus developing an aversion towards writing.”
        Why? Normal reaction when people suck at something they really wanna do, they feel more inspired to get better at it, not develop an aversion towards it. If they develop the aversion there’s always the option to just NOT have a blog. No harm, no foul.
        But why do people wanna be bloggers when they hate blogging? The actual activity of crouching over a keyboard and bleeding words into it. Sometimes even in a foreign, not very beloved language. One must love it.

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        1. I use to read a lot when I was a Kid, that turned me into a thoughtful child, which lead me to write anything that crosses my mind.

          Looking back at what I would write back then, I see a writer, but because of other things that happened between then and now(lack of reading). I lost my grip. So for me to get the writer that I was once destined to be, I joined the blogging community and I have awakened the reading culture which if well combined, I will resuscitate the writer in me.

          I just thought I should answer part of your question, and support Renards advise which I agree with totally. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Thanks for this! It’s really well written. True, if you want to be a writer… better start writing. Like any skill, it will get better with practice!

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  4. I gotta say, before, I was always too anxious to post some new blogs on my website because I was afraid people wouldn’t like and read them. I wasn’t too confident with my writing, but I totally agree that if you keep on writing, eventually you will improve. And I think I did, and now I love writing that I can actually make 2000+ words, looking back I didn’t think I could write something that long except for my class papers lol haha I enjoyed reading this, Renard. I missed reading your posts. 🙂 Have a great week ahead! xo

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    1. You have just given me some courage. Am at the stage you and Renard said of being afraid to post because people might not like what I post. Thanks for making it sound normal and that I can overcome it.

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      1. But yes, you’re not alone! Sometimes everyone feels that way too. 😉 Trust me, it only gets better. You only get better. So keep writing! xo

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  5. This is so true, that it does take practice. Also, I find if I’m excited about writing something I can bang it out in an hour. I had an experience over the weekend that made me write 1300 words for my 2nd blog this morning. I only write about once a month on that one but I was so inspired by a topic that could others that I had to get it out. Those are the best types of writing when you write something without a struggle.
    There have been days when I could not even think of what to write, let it pass and it will come. I’ve also noticed not only my own writing but others have improved over the years. We get better like with anything else. They say, practice makes perfect!

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  6. The thing I love about writing is that every single letter on a page is carefully put there in a certain order to deliver a message, a feeling or even an entire world. Even the absence of words can fill a gap in writing where the reader can use their imagination, sort of an extent of your writing into another person’s mind. I agree with others, writing should be fun, flowing and free. Thanks Renard. =D

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  7. This post is so helpful! Writing can be scary at first, but is so freeing once you start. You get to express your ideas and create something that you’re proud of 🙂

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  8. I have liked every bit of it.
    Renard, you have made my day because I normally get stuck and advise of this kind energises me. Thank you very much, I am adopting you advise.

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  9. I always hand write my stuff first before typing it out for my blog and personal folders. Sometimes I use the original cursive I was taught; other times the half-print half-script method that ruined me because of a Russian class I took years ago. I just don’t want to loses that handwriting. Plus I’ve got tons of scrap paper and tablets to use up.

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  10. This post is really helpful and exactly what I needed. I don’t love or hate writing, but I know my writing needs to improve. I started blogging to improve my writing, by reading and writing posts. I noticed that I am writing very short blog posts out of fear of making mistakes. I am aware that my writing isn’t awful, but it needs to improve.

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  11. Very well thought out piece. I also think that many people are guilty (myself included) of originally going into writing with the mindset that it’s a simple process. But it’s not. It’s difficult and time-consuming. This in turn turns them off from writing. But like any skill, it takes practice. Anyway, great job on this post.

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  12. Yes, I like the one where you say “Writing stuff that no one but themselves is going to read” because I feel it is quite personally relevant for me. I have been keeping my blog private. Actually I do hope to have some real-life readers. For now, I am enjoying virtual friendship that keeps me going and makes my life worth living. My plan is to ensure that I am mentally stable and ready before sharing out my blog conspicuously to my real life friends and family members. I don’t want my blog to be an emotional trigger. And, thanks for sharing, Renard:) Stay safe!

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    1. I do not share my blog with many friends unless they really know me. My blog is cathartic and great therapy for me. I love the progress I have made and wish you well with yours


      1. Yes, my girl. I also feel that blog writing is cathartic. Sometimes I feel guilty that I write genuinely here but put up a fake self around real life people. Despite that, I have learnt that blog writing has undeniably helped me a lot till this day and finally I am slowly learning to be my real self in front of people after writing for so long and no longer feel that blog writing should be just an escape. Instead it should be an important part of me whereby virtual friends might become my real life friends one day:) glad to have known you. You are a strong girl for finding solace in writing. ❤

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        1. My pleasure to meet you. This has been a long seven year writing class where I have learnt that some blogs restrict your style, some maintain a fake self and some simply let me be ME (my present blog which I’ve had for five/six years)
          My therapist suggested it and I’m happy for it to be an anonymous space for me to let loose.
          Don’t think on it too much. If you need to have a strong persona around others that’s fine you will one day catch up. It’s taken years of questions, sleepless nights and crappy blog posts for me to finally feel stronger so thank you for your kind words 💛

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          1. Your words bring comforting and energizing echoes to my lonely heart. I feel understood by you. That’s the similarities of our hearts. Thanks for sharing all this as it keeps me blogging, communicating and most importantly going stronger ❤

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  13. Also in a years time only a really loyal fan or lover of your work will turn your blog upside down and read everything you’ve ever written from the start. With they in mind do not be afraid to get writing and by time you grow your audience you will have established your own style

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        1. 🙂 There are lots of people (and I am among those people) who are not afraid of other people seeing their work online. But that does not deny the fact that there are people who have a strong desire for their work to be read by others and are deeply afraid of others seeing it.

          Thank you for the kind sentiment.

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