8 Reasons Why You Are Probably Not Having Fun With Your Blog

Some people had a lot of fun with their blog in the beginning and as time went on, the fun dissipated.

What in God’s/Goddess’s name can cause a person to no longer have fun with their blog?

Well, to be honest, it can be a number of things.

So, without further ado, it is time to look at some of the things that can cause a person’s level of fun for blogging to diminish over time.

1.) You Are Not Giving Yourself A Mental Challenge To Overcome

Believe it or not, there are people who love a good mental challenge and that is the reason why:

  • They love learning all they can about blogging and putting what they have learned about it into practice.
  • They participate in blogging prompts.
  • They take part in NaNoWriMo.
  • They enjoy coming up with new topics for their blog.
  • They enjoy meeting their publishing deadline.

Those sorts of mental challenges are fun to overcome (It lets the blogger know what he or she is capable of).

2.) You Are Involved In A Niche That You Hate

Choosing a niche because of its high level of popularity and not because you have a genuine love for it, will cause you psychological distress.


Because putting together a blog post that is based on a niche that you do not love will be one of the hardest things that you will ever do in your life (It would be an extremely cumbersome task).

You might as well base your blog post on a niche that you are interested in because you would be passionate about the topic.

Besides, there is really no need for you to punish yourself.

3.) You Have Lost Your Blogging Mojo

A lot of people lost their blogging mojo when they learned about the existence of COVID-19.

The good news is that some of those bloggers have regained their blogging mojo.

Unfortunately, some of those bloggers are yet to regain their blogging mojo.

On a positive note, any person can regain their blogging mojo by doing the following things:

  • Listening to their favourite genre of music while they are creating their blog posts.
  • Redecorating their workspace.
  • Reading blog posts from their favourite bloggers and interacting with them via the comments section of their own blog.
  • Watching a YouTube video that is based on a topic that they like.
  • Taking a break from watching the news.

Now, even though it is good to go on a blogging hiatus, you should not stay away from your blog for an excessively long period because the longer that you stay away, is the harder it is going to be for you to start blogging again.

4.) You Are Looking At Your Stats Too Often

Newcomers to blogging tend to look at their stats a lot; they want to know if their latest blog post is getting incoming views.

I will admit that one’s stats will give them an idea as to the types of blog posts that do well.

However, if you are new (or fairly new) to blogging, looking at your stats is going to be a bit disappointing because you have not established yourself as a blogger.

Your blog’s stats are going to be somewhat low until your blog gains momentum.

Low stats are not fun to look at; looking at them may cause you to think, “Should I continue blogging? It does not look as though I am doing well.”

So, my friend, ignore the stats until you acquire a decent number of followers.

5.) You Have Been Comparing Yourself To Other Bloggers

The truth is that the timeframe for gaining success will vary from blogger to blogger.

Some bloggers may achieve a level of blogging success within a period of six months.

Whereas, some bloggers will have to wait patiently for one year until they can see the desired results.

Comparing yourself with a blogger that has a blog that does way better than yours is not going to make you feel good about yourself or your blog.

The wise thing to do is not to compare your blog to the blogs of your fellow bloggers.

6.) You Are Overworking Yourself

Bloggers that overwork themselves are not going to enjoy the blogging process.

One should not overwork themselves because they could end up burning themselves out.

It is strongly advisable to blog in moderation.

The truth is that not everyone is capable of publishing blog posts daily without burning themselves out.

My blog post, 5 Ways To Keep That Blog Of Yours Alive, highlighted the importance of choosing a realistic blogging schedule.

Some people can easily handle the pace of publishing blog posts a few days a week, while others may be best suited to publishing articles on a weekly basis, etcetera.

7.) You Hate The Block Editor

Now, how are you supposed to have fun with your blog if you hate the Block Editor?

My blog post, The Block Editor Is Getting Lots Of Hate, highlighted how people truly felt about the Block Editor.

Well, instead of wasting your precious energy on hating the Block Editor, you can do one of the following things.

  • Learn how to use the Block Editor.
  • Utilize the Classic Block.
  • Upgrade to WordPress.com’s Business package; which allows their premium customers to use the Classic Editor in the form of a plugin.
  • Find another blogging platform to blog on.

The implementation of the Block Editor is probably one of the most hated changes in the history of WordPress.

8.) You Are Not Interacting With Other Bloggers

Blogging is not only lonely for the blogger that does not interact with other bloggers; it is boring too.

Every blogger needs to come to the realization that they are part of a blogging community.

What is the common behaviour among bloggers within a blogging community?

They support each other, of course!

And, just in case you did not know, bloggers support each other by:

  • Visiting the blogs of their fellow bloggers.
  • Leaving valuable comments in the comments thread of their fellow bloggers after they have read their blog posts.
  • Pressing the Like button on the blog posts that they resonated with.
  • Following blogs that they are genuinely interested in.

Dear friend, your blog is going to remain a proverbial ghost town if you fail to interact with the members of your own blogging community.

Final Thoughts

As you have learned, some people are not having fun with their blog because:

  • They have not given themselves a suitable mental challenge; one that they would be willing to overcome.
  • They are involved in a niche that they hate.
  • They have lost their blogging mojo.
  • They are looking at their stats too often.
  • They have been comparing themselves to other bloggers.
  • They are overworking themselves.
  • They hate the Block Editor.
  • They are not interacting with other bloggers.

One’s blogging journey would be a whole lot of fun if they truly loved the blogging process.

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Thank you for reading!

77 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why You Are Probably Not Having Fun With Your Blog

  1. Great post Renard! I can say the only thing that bothered me when blogging has been Block Editor. Thank fully there IS Classic Block so I can keep my ‘mojo’ up & running.
    You know I see alot of bloggers who never reply to their comments; it sort of seems like a 1 sided conversation.
    There is 1 animal blogger in particular who does a blog a day & then posts links to it & an older blog…she fills FB with links & gets upset when she only has around 25 visitors to her site. I’ve emailed her twice & suggested she needs to slow down on the extra blog links & perhaps focus on the hear & now posts she does…which means actually replying to comments we all leave her.
    Don;t get me wrong; I respect her alot & I adore her cats; however there is no real interaction between her & her readers. I’ve made it point over the last 15 years to reply to every comment no matter what. If I get sick & it takes a few days so be it….but I always comment & always acknowledge my readers!
    I love blogging. It was difficult after I lost Purrince Siddhartha Henry; he was my muse & ‘mojo’ for sure. AS you know I had trouble adapting to BellaDharma & ‘finding her voice’. But I perservered & we have a solid following. And I truly appreciate each of my readers & friends.
    Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma too!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 Thank you, Sherri-Ellen.

      It was rather nice of you to give that animal blogger that type of advice; now it is up to her to follow it or not.

      Responding to comments is important (Especially in the area of communication with other bloggers and the building of one’s blog).

      It is nice to know that you got your blogging mojo back and that you have managed to channel BellaDharma’s energy.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Thank you Renard! I remember when I first joined WP (Aug. 2012) yours was one of the 1st blogs I discovered. I was very impressed with your blog & still am. Somehow you write effortlessly & always have good topics.
        Once I connected with BellaDharma & saw her personality come out, blogging as her became alot easier. She still is a work in progress of course. However I enjoy having fun seeing Life from her perspective!
        And my advice still has not been taken & followers are quietly leaving….it IS worth the extra effort to reply…That is how REAL friendships begin!!
        Sherri-Ellen 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. 🙂 You are welcome, Sherri-Ellen.

          This is actually my second WordPress blog; I deleted the first when I went back to Blogger and then I deleted my second blog over on Blogger and then I cam back to WordPress.

          I clearly remembered that you and I followed each other back in 2012 and we have managed to follow each other when I created this blog.

          I also hope that BellaDharma is doing okay.

          Liked by 2 people

          1. Oh wow I;d NO idea you had deleted your 1st WP blog! And then deleted a blog @ Blogger!! I did manage to back up text on my original Yahoo 360/Multiply blog but lost all photos. So I have text on CD but NO CD component on this laptop. I wished I had saved the original blogs as they were Mingflower & myself. And some of NYLABLUE. Thankfully I have enough of her on WP. I get pretty sentimental about blog posts/photos.
            I am glad I found your blog again. I was following so many blogs I could not keep up. I have made some ‘cuts’ so to speak. And I missed your blog so much I wanted to reconnect.
            BellaDharma is doing fantastic! She has now been with me for 2 years & we are quite the team. She even has become a ‘lap cat’!!! Miss Semi-Feral who used to nip & scratch me is now a ‘Diva’!! Can you believe it???
            I hope all is well for you….we are seeing more Covid cases in Canada again which is worrisome. Mind you only 1 active case in the town I live in….that is a comfort!!! 😉

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for the post! As someone who just started blogging again (due to Covid-19), it has been discouraging to look at my stats but I’ve been optimistic… I’m probably in the minority but I do love the block editor.. thought there was a HUGE learning curve. I don’t have a specific niche… more like several niches but I do have a personal blog

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  3. Haha I like how you snuck a shade for the Block editor in there. I’m not enjoying it either, but I still have access to the Classic editor so I’m still fine at the moment. When they totally remove it for me, I guess I’ll do my first drafts in Pages or something before copying them over to WP.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🙂 Stuart, I have grown accustomed to the Block Editor; I have been using it since it was in its beta stages. I am one of the few that remained with it; I never went back to using the Classic Editor.


      Because I knew that one day the Happiness Engineers would dismantle the Classic Editor.

      So, I was already proficient at using the Block Editor when they rolled it out.

      It is a bit unfair to the older folks who love to use the Classic Editor.

      You are probably aware of the fact that a lot of the WordPress bloggers hate the Block Editor.

      And, I am surprised that you still have access to the Classic Editor.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  4. Great post, thanks for sharing Renard! I think I relate to looking at the stats too much, initially all I’d do was look at the stats and I’d get disappointed not that it isn’t a prime concern but I’ve realised that your content should be your top priority. Intercating with the blogging community is very fun and heart-warming once you start intercating it will just become a natural instinct later on.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love blogging and have been having fun blogging until reason #7 — the block editor. I blog using an iPhone and the user experience with the block editor on an iPhone is awful. I’ve even tried using the classic block on the block editor and even that is not good on the iPhone. I don’t understand why the folks at WordPress developed (and now have to maintain and support) the classic block of the block editor, which is an imitation of the classic editor. Why not just keep the classic editor version that they shitcanned and give users the either/or choice: traditional classic editor or block editor? Instead, they’re forcing us to go with the cumbersome block editor. Bottom line, Renard, I’m no longer having fun blogging because of the damn block editor.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🤔 WordPress has been pushing the mobile agenda for years. So, I was deeply surprised when I learned from you that the user experience with the Block Editor on the iPhone is awful.

      Have you thought about using a much larger device like an iPad?

      Thank you for your valuable contribution, Fandango.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 A large percentage of bloggers are addicted to checking their stats (So, your answer does not surprise me one bit).

      However, I am surprised that WordPress did not forcibly switch you over to the Block Editor.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Renard, This month I relate to many of the reasons you listed. In the past two weeks, since the big switchover, commenters and visitors to my site have dropped by one half to two thirds! I don’t need to look at the stats to notice that. I am still posting regularly and commenting on other bloggers sites. Seems many people are paralyzed and discouraged by the change to the block editor. I noticed many bloggers I subscribe to have not posted in 2 weeks.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. 🤔 Rebecca, that is a horrible thing. Since two-thirds of your commenters and visitors have dropped, you will need to attract the attention of those people that are new to WordPress (Those people who never knew about the existence of the Classic Editor and view the Block Editor as the norm).

      These are definitely strange times for WordPress.com.

      Thank you for your participation.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I can’t believe the wordpress block editor is also in this list but I see, that’s super relevant and in fact, I know someone who’s moving to Wix because of the experience. My advice for people who blog on their phones would be to download the wordpress app and go to setting under configuration and toggle to the classic editor.

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  8. Running a personal blog as opposed to a business blog, to niche has always been an interesting subject. I wrapped my larger blog around “coffee”, as my niche but I got bored with it and felt restricted in my writings and the appearance of my blog. I write mostly poetry and hold a weekly event, which has increased my followers and kept me happily busy.

    I admire those that have a niche such as cats, music, photography, and of course, poetry. I like to have a little of everything in my blog and most importantly, I want it to have personality and be a fun place to dwell.

    Thank you for the excellent advice, Renard, and it seems you and I are in the minority as far as liking the block editor.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Phewee – it’s taken me a week just to get to the bottom of this comment section Renard and why am l surprised? I am not, and excellent and qualitable read my friend – nicely done as always …ps did you see you were one of The Guest Stars for the Hello this morning?


    A Bit of Bob Marley for you … l never know if you see these or not anymore, this is your second time this month the first was https://aguycalledbloke.blog/2020/09/06/the-hello-239/ when l played you some classic Motown 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😉 Rory, I knew that you had the endurance to make it all the way through to the bottom.

      No, I was not aware that I was one of the guest stars of “The Hello” earlier today (I will have to check that out).

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  10. I have also heard many people complaining about the block editor, but I haven’t heard many specific complaints, which leads me to believe that people are just not happy about change. I agree that it takes some getting used to, and it has room for improvement, but I really like the block editor overall. The flexibility it affords is limitless. If you want to do some fancy things which previously required some shortcode, now you can simply insert a block of that type. And more block types are being developed all the time.

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  11. Can I just say, thank you for identifying the things why others started to quit blogging. Well, personally I hate checking my stats ’cause a lot of times we tend to measure our worth by looking how many views we get when we’ve posted something and when we werent able to make a post. And that’s true, don’t compare your work on anybody else ’cause sometimes, there are things that they admire about you. There are things that are likeable about you which you are not aware of. So I guess, instead of looking at the stats, focus on creating a good content for your blog. 😉

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