Is WordPress Overrated?

Approximately thirty-five percent of the websites on the internet are powered by WordPress (I am not all surprised by that figure because WordPress has a reputation for being a reliable content management system).

Also, WordPress has lots of fans as well as haters.

WordPress’s fans will:

  • Speak highly of the blogging platform that they are a part of.
  • Encourage others to run a blog of their own on WordPress.
  • Remain loyal to WordPress. 

WordPress’s haters will:

  • Speak negatively about WordPress.
  • Discourage others from ever having a blog on WordPress.
  • Compromise WordPress websites and blogs by infecting them with malware.

In spite of the way that people feel about WordPress, it continues to remain popular.

Most Blogging Experts And Gurus Recommend The Self-Hosted Version Of WordPress 

The self-hosted version of WordPress ( is the number one choice for blogging experts and gurus because:

  • It allows users (the people that blog on to own and be fully in control of their content.
  • People can use any free or premium theme that they desire.
  • It has a large number of plugins and widgets that they can choose from.

Self-hosted blogs have their perks (And, that is what makes it a highly attractive option).

The WordPress-Hosted Version ( Is A Fine Choice For Most Personal Bloggers

If you are merely someone who wants to blog for the fun of it, the WordPress-hosted version will meet your needs.

The WordPress-hosted version is somewhat limited; bloggers are not granted the type of freedom that the blogger on the self-hosted version of WordPress has with their blog.

The people that utilize the WordPress-hosted version are:

  • Limited to the number of themes that they can use (Unless they upgrade their plan).
  • Subjected to having advertisements shown on their blog (They have to upgrade their plan to rid themselves of the advertisements that Automattic displays on their blog on a regular basis).
  • Going to have their blog suspended temporarily or permanently shut down if they violate’s Terms of Service.
  • Only able to utilize Google Analytics and other plugins if they pay to have their blog upgraded. 

What is the sense of having a blog if you cannot access Google Analytics?

Thankfully, those bloggers over on Blogger (which is owned and run by Google) have access to Google Analytics.

The WordPress-hosted version is filled to the brim with limitations (And, one can only relieve themselves of those limitations by paying to upgrade their blog).

Both Versions Of WordPress Are Not Free Of Flaws

Bloggers on the self-hosted version need to make sure that their plugins and their widgets are up-to-date (If they ignore this important step, they run the risk of introducing malware to their site or having problems with their site loading properly).

Thankfully, those people that chose to venture in the direction of the self-hosted version of WordPress are tech-savvy (It requires a more hands-on approach on

Whereas, those people that blog on the WordPress-hosted version ( do not have technologically-related issues to worry about because the Happiness Engineers work on those sorts of things (It is done quietly behind the scenes).

In this case, is ideal for those who lack the talent for handling technologically-related things.

So, to be fair, I have to say, “Both versions of WordPress are not immune to technologically-related issues.”

WordPress Is Not The Only Blogging Platform Around

Currently, a lot of my fellow WordPress bloggers are disgruntled?

Why are they disgruntled?

They are disgruntled because WordPress chose to replace the Classic Editor with the Block Editor (My blog post, The Block Editor Is Getting Lots Of Hate, highlighted the way that people truly felt about having to use the Block Editor).

The funny thing is that the Block Editor has been rolled out on both versions of WordPress.

Those people who blog on can utilize the Classic Editor plugin if they believe that the Block Editor is not right for them.

Bloggers on will have to upgrade to the Business plan in order to use the Classic Editor plugin.

The blogosphere is filled with many blogging platforms and the bloggers that are unhappy with can migrate to:

  • Blogger
  • Ghost 
  • Wix
  • Medium
  • Joomla
  • Squarespace
  • Typepad
  • Drupal
  • QuickPublisher

I would like to take this moment to mention to you, that a lot of people have found themselves in a much worse position when they went over to another blogging platform.

A woman who complained about people not interacting with her on WordPress abandoned her blog to go over on Blogger; she found out the hard way, that blogging on Blogger actually requires way more work than blogging on WordPress.

Dear friend, the wise thing to do is to do lots of research on the blogging platform that you would love to blog on before actually joining it. Do not go in blindly because you will regret your decision.

No Blogging Platform Is Perfect

The God’s/Goddess’s truth is that no blogging platform is perfect.

As a matter of fact, mankind is not perfect (And, they are the ones who created those blogging platforms on the world wide web).

WordPress has its occasional bugs (It is something that I have learned to tolerate because technologically-related issues do not last forever).

The People On And Are Akin To Siblings

You and I both know the way in which siblings treat each other. Siblings are known to:

  • Fight among themselves.
  • Think that they are way better than their brother or sister.
  • Believe that they are part of an elite bunch of people.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

If you an honest person, you would say, “Yes!”

There is one set of people on that insults the hell out of those people that blog on by saying to them, “It is a huge mistake to blog on”

The truth is that is not for everyone. I knew people who left for, hated the experience and made their way back to

Also, there is the bunch of people that left for and are very happy as a result of their decision.

One figurative cap does not fit all where blogging is concerned; which is why you must know which version of WordPress is right for you.

Final Thoughts

In all honesty, I do not think that WordPress is overrated (It is an impressive content management system).

WordPress is great for personal blogs and business-related blogs.

I think that Automattic ignores what most WordPress users want (And, that can cause people to think that Automattic’s only concerns are making technological advancements and making money).

It is no secret that if people are dissatisfied with WordPress, they will go elsewhere to blog.

The funny thing is that WordPress will not be severely affected by people’s departure.


Because as soon as one leaves WordPress, another person joins WordPress; thus replenishing the numbers of users on WordPress.

Also, no one really asked us to join WordPress (whether it was the self-hosted version of WordPress or the WordPress-hosted version); it was a decision that we made on our own.

Another thing for us to consider is that if WordPress failed to meet our expectations, most of us would not hesitate for one moment to think that WordPress is overrated.

58 thoughts on “Is WordPress Overrated?

  1. Thanks for the information you gave here. I’m new to blogging, my dad just switch my website to my his own server, but still in WordPress. Hopefully it will not affect my followers.

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    1. 🙂 Thank you for sharing that with me, Walter.

      I learned to use the Block Editor when it was in beta; therefore, I am not affected by the change.

      I am a bit concerned about some of my fellow bloggers’ decision to abandon their WordPress blogs and blog somewhere else.

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  2. After about four years of using .org I switched to .com about 16 months ago, and I am enjoying it so much more. after those four years of using .org, I had about 50 followers; after 16 months on .com, I have over 800, with lots of engagement back and forth with other bloggers. I am not sure if the switch was the reason, but it sure seems to be…

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  3. I honestly think that WordPress is the best blogging site around, having previously used Blogger and TypePad. That said, though, I’m pissed at WordPress right now because they are forcing us to use the Block editor, which is close to impossible to use on an iPhone. And because I still believe that WordPress is the best option, I’m seriously considering stopping blogging altogether. What’s the point if blogging on WordPress has become more burdensome than pleasurable?

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    1. 🤔 Maybe, you should go back to blogging for the time being on your laptop computer.

      At the moment, there are a lot of WordPress bloggers that rely on you for your daily prompts. If you leave, you would be creating a void, my friend.

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      1. I have been using my iPhone for my blog since I started this blog a little over 3 years ago. I chose a theme/template that is optimized for mobile devices. Honestly, Renard, I don’t see why, given that so many of us these days use our mobile phones for much of what we used to use a computer/laptop for, that WordPress should force us to forego our smartphones and revert to using a laptop in order to continue to use WordPress. I’m sorry, but I won’t do it. I want to enjoy blogging, not struggle with it or have to change the way I do it.

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  4. I know of a few disgruntled bloggers because of the new editor will either move on or stop blogging altogether. I hate to see this because we’re going to lose some wonderfully talented bloggers. Bloggers are here to write and not be challenged by techie stuff.

    I use the new editor and I like it but it is not seamless, especially to new users. But, after a while, I feel it becomes easier with continued use.

    WordPress being overrated could be the case if one is not getting what they want out of it. In my opinion, it boils down to one’s personal preference. Also, the plan and theme used can make a big difference in one’s blogging experience.

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  5. Nice read Renard Moreau and pros and cons.The point to stress here is why should anybody expect Royal treatment when life is full of a Big Question mark ?

    “Losers see barriers.Winners see hurdles”….. let us make best of available editor, said to be advanced

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  6. I’ve never used any other blogging platform other than WordPress, Renard. So I can’t say whether it’s overrated or not. I’m happy with what WordPress offers me. If I don’t like anything, I take my business elsewhere. The same would happen with where I blog. Once my new blog was set up, I’d publish a post on my WordPress blog and invite those that follow me over to my new blog. At the moment, though, that’s not going to happen because I’m happy with the WordPress blogging platform.
    And I’m glad there is still a Classic editor available by way of the Classic block. I use it for stuff that the block editor is still not very good at.

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    1. 🙂 Hugh, it is nice to know that you are pleased with the WordPress blogging platform.

      The Classic Block does add the Classic Editor function to the Block Editor.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  7. As you rightly said, all blogging platforms have their pros and cons. WP suits me fine right now. But I cannot say about the future, if they make things too difficult then I might have to think of other options.

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  8. When my company changed systems, there was serious pain going on because a lot of the employees had been using it for years in all of it’s variations. I had to make the leap to the new one and at that time I had been here for a couple of years, so it took awhile but I had to learn it fast because I had been sick and missed all of the training classes except for a week and at the end of that week we went ‘live’.

    Here is why I think it was easy for me to make the switch.

    I belonged to a writing group that switched blogging platforms every other year- the idea was to learn what was out there so that we could find the best way to get our work on line. Plus at that time new platforms were popping up so why not try them out?

    So at that time I was in learning mode and was a little more relaxed when it came to learning new systems and platforms.

    I didn’t mind the Block Editor- as I mentioned earlier. My complaint was that it visually it looked messy. All of those boxes that you have to go through and click to build your post. It’s like having a messy desk and I hate working at a messy desk.

    Since Covid-19 I’ve helped some of my friends set up private blogs because they wanted to keep a journal and I always recommended WordPress and all of them are using the new editor with no problems and if they had any it wasn’t impossible to figure out what to do.

    So I’m staying- unless someone can offer me better the what I have now, I won’t be changing and I’m not willing to go back to a system I left to come here.

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  9. Well, for me, I choose to remain on WordPress, all i need to do is to update my knowledge on how use the block editor. We all need current knowledge to be successful in all our endeavors in life. Thanks🙂

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  10. My personal blog is in but I handle other blogs on and each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages depending on one’s intentions… when I first started a blog I thought going the self-hosted route is how I would announce to the world that I have arrived but now I prefer my blog where it is.

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  11. Great post!! I forgot that there are two different wordpress: and What is the real difference between them? Is one more for the “professionals”?
    I totally agree that not one blogging platform is perfect. Speaking as someone who has used quite a few over the years (blogger, xanga, livejournal, tumbler, AOL journals), each has their advantages and disadvantages.

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    1. 🙂 is favoured among professionals because:

      • They can use any theme that they desire.

      • They can utilize any plugin or widget.

      • They will never have their blog temporarily suspended or permanently terminated.

      Those people that blog on have way more freedom to do as they please with their blog than those people that blog on (I do hope that explanation of mine clears things up for you).

      Also, thank you for the kind sentiment.

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  12. It’s FASCINATING to me that people so many people still don’t know that both the classic and block editors are available. Someone else seems to be confused about it every time I talk about WP!

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