7 Things That Send Bloggers Crazy

All bloggers will face some type of blogging-related annoyance (It is as though it is a rite of passage for them).

When bloggers are faced with blogging-related annoyances, they either:

  • Write about what it is that is bothering them.
  • Take a short (or a long) hiatus away from blogging.
  • Abandon their blog.

The type of action that they take will depend on their level of annoyance.

So, without further ado, let us explore some of those blogging-related annoyances together.

1.) A Buggy WordPress App

I remembered the days when I used to publish blog posts via the WordPress App on my smartphone (Those memories are still lucid).

There were times when the WordPress App worked well on my smartphone; it enabled me to publish my blog posts with ease.

And, there were those moments when the WordPress App simply did not work right. At times it would crash when I was in the middle of composing a blog post and there were times when the WordPress App would crash immediately after launching it.

Another mind-boggling issue was when I was unable to log in to my WordPress account via the WordPress App (This happened to me on a few occasions and at the time, it left me perturbed).

On the latter half of my blogging journey, I stopped using the WordPress App on my smartphone (I deleted the darn thing; thus creating more space in my smartphone’s memory).

Today, all of my blogging is done on my laptop computer (And, as a result of doing so, I regained my peace of mind).

The WordPress App has probably improved during the time period of when I left it to now (Honestly, I am unwilling to reinstall the WordPress App on my smartphone to find out if this is really the case).

Do you use the WordPress App on your smartphone?

Is the WordPress App still buggy?

2.) Their Comment Ending Up In Spam

All bloggers hate it when they leave someone a comment in the comments thread of another blogger and Akismet forwards their comment to the designated spam area.

In some instances, it is simply a case of a false positive.

And, in some unfortunate instances, bloggers end up in the proverbial spam prison until they can be bailed out by a Happiness Engineer or someone from the Akismet team (This is highly annoying because those affected bloggers cannot comment on blogs until their technical issue has been resolved).

Whenever I discover that a genuine comment has made its way to the designated spam area of my WordPress dashboard, I mark it as, “Not spam” with the hopes of training Akismet’s algorithm.

Did Akismet ever mistake any of your innocent comments for spam?

3.) WordPress Upgrades

Everyone who has a WordPress account is aware of the fact, that the Block Editor has been replaced by the Classic Editor (My article, The Block Editor Is Getting Lots Of Hate, highlighted some of the concerns that people had with it).

In regards to WordPress upgrades, things tend to be a bit buggy.

Depending on the type of upgrade being done, some people will:

  • Have trouble logging in to their WordPress account.
  • Have trouble pressing the Like button on other people’s blogs.
  • Have issues with plugins and widgets (They refuse to work properly or not at all).

That, my friend, is merely a small list of the technologically-related issues that WordPress users face and the truth is that other types of technologically-related horrors could arise when the Happiness Engineers are upgrading WordPress.

4.) Being Harassed Via The Comments Section Of Their Own Blog

Some bloggers have complained about being harassed via the comments section of their own blog; the harassment is usually in the form of a disrespectful comment.

It is a genuine belief of mine (and, of other bloggers too) that people can disagree with each other in a diplomatic manner.

You should not have the cause to be dealt with in a rude manner by someone via the comments section of your blog (Most bloggers that I know will not tolerate that kind of behaviour and that is why they manually approve their comments).

The comments section of a person’s blog should be used to exchange ideas in a civilized manner and not as a place to ignite the sparks for World War Three.

5.) Having To Explain To Three Different Happiness Engineers What Their Problem Is

There are times when bloggers wonder, “Is that person really fit to be a Happiness Engineer?”

Some bloggers have explained to the best of their ability what they think that their issue is.

The Happiness Engineer will try his or her best to solve the technologically-related issue but in a lot of instances, it takes more than one Happiness Engineer to solve the problem that you are having.

It is true that some engineers will be more experienced than others. However, we would prefer to deal with one person who knows their stuff really well.

And, the worst part of all, is that some of the technologically-related problems take more than a week to resolve.

6.) Someone Disturbing Them While They Are Writing The Draft-Copy For Their Blog Post

Most of us would prefer to compose our blog posts when we are alone in a room or somewhere outdoors by ourselves.

It is no huge secret, that our creativity becomes hindered whenever we are distracted by someone (Which is why we prefer to compose our blog posts when no one is around). My article — the one entitled, How Do You Handle Interruptions When You Are Blogging?, goes into full details on the nature of interruptions and the best manner in which we bloggers should handle them.

Do you ever get annoyed whenever someone interrupts you while you are blogging?

7.) Seeing Numerous Blog Posts From A Single Person In A Short Space Of Time

There are bloggers who will unfollow other bloggers if they noticed that their blog posts are showing up too often in the feed of their WordPress Reader.

We (the WordPress.com) users have all witnessed countless blog posts from a single blogger; one who filled up our WordPress Reader in a short space of time.

Being the highly tolerant person that I am, I would not unfollow a blogger for publishing numerous articles on their blog daily. However, I would prefer it if they published those blog posts of theirs hours apart instead of minutes apart.

Each person is different (There are those who do not want to see more than one blog post from you on a daily basis).

Do you ever get annoyed whenever you have noticed that a single blogger has filled up the feed of your WordPress Reader with their blog posts?

Final Thoughts

As you have learned today, there are things that send bloggers crazy; such as:

  • Having to deal with a buggy WordPress App.
  • Finding out that the comments that they made on other people’s blogs are wrongfully being misconstrued as spam by Akismet.
  • The mild inconvenience that they have to go through whenever WordPress is doing upgrades.
  • Being tormented by others via the comments section of their own blog.
  • Having to explain to more than one Happiness Engineer the problem that they are having with WordPress.
  • Being disturbed by someone while they are putting the draft-copy for their blog posts together.
  • Seeing numerous blog posts from a single blogger in the feed of their WordPress Reader.

Please feel free to let me know what type of blogging-related incident drives you crazy via my comments thread.

And, thank you for reading!

83 thoughts on “7 Things That Send Bloggers Crazy

  1. Wow, Renard, you’ve hit on some very important issues with WP, and no-no’s I am guilty of! At the suggestion of a Canadian blogger, I’ve recently cut back on my daily upload number, and am spacing them much further apart. Good advice! I’ve not used that WP app on my IOS devices in a very long time. Apparently, I really disliked it.

    As far as jerk comments that annoy me/us, I wish WP would come into the 21st century and use tools for blocking like Instagram has. I’ve had some very bothersome, weird people hang around my blog in the past, gladly, they’ve gone away.

    I found five comments in my spam folder that aren’t spam very recently. I think Akismet is a bit too aggressive at times.

    Those very happy Happiness Engineers are generally very helpful, and have fixed odd things on my blog over the years. Sorry about all the comments!

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  2. I HATE the fact that WordPress is so buggy. I haven’t been able to like anyone’s posts in over a month and I have no idea how to fix it. It’s driving me insane. Any tips?
    I hate when I miss peoples comments because they fall into spam. I’ve gotten pretty good at checking it daily now to try and catch them.
    Amazing post ❤

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    1. 🙂 You are not alone when it comes to being unable to press the “Like” button on other people’s posts.

      I have been clearing the cache on my web browsers and I even went as far to try another web browser (They all produced the same result).

      I have not brought this to the attention of the Happiness Engineers because they will tell me the following things:

      • Clear the cache on my web browser.
      • Disable any pop-up blocker extension that I may have.
      • Try another web browser and see if I can press the “Like” button.

      I have found a workaround in regard to pressing the “Like” button on people’s blog posts; which involved bookmarking the page with the WordPress Reader and placing the URL of the person’s blog in the Search bar at the top of the WordPress Reader (It works, but only on the WordPress Reader and not on the person’s actual blog).

      Hopefully, WordPress should be aware of what is going on because there are some WordPress engineers with a WordPress blog of their own.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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        1. 🙂 Yes, Dr. Sridhar, it is a bug.

          Today, I noticed that my “Like” button is not loading up and I have noticed the same thing with other blogs for quite some time now.

          Thank you for your valuable contribution!

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  3. Almost every point explained here has happened to me and the most annoying thing is when the genuine comment sits in the spam. And unfortunately many times I failed to notice it either because I am busy or I assume myself that spam doesn’t do the bad job by collecting few of my regular bloggers comment. 😃
    Btw…. Thanks for this post Ren. ✌

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  4. I don’t use the phone app and use a laptop for my blogs. I’ve just recently had issues with the like button and commenting on posts of others. Could be because WP just did an update. I found clearing my browser helped the issue. I was guilty of overwhelming the Reader and changed my procedures by spreading out my publications.

    Regarding the new editor, personally, I like it but I don’t feel it should be the only option. And, I wish WP was more sophisticated in blocking undesirables. Other sites make it easier to get rid of them.

    Every site has issues and I feel WP does a decent job of providing a place for people to write, run a business, and have fun. I’ve always had five-star experiences with the happiness engineers and I am very grateful for WP.

    Thank you for the excellent post, Renard.

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  5. the app is definitely buggy! I have issues where my editing won’t sync between my laptop and phone when I use the app and sometimes my posts won’t publish right. It’s super annoying so I usually only publish from my laptop

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  6. All of these do drive me nuts.

    Another thing that drives me crazy is when bloggers put links to their blog in my comments section. Unless they contribute to the discussion in some way, linking to one’s blog in the comments section has that spammy vibe.

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  7. Hi Renard
    You really get to the heart of the problem. I do have the app on my S10 just for reading and commenting though. I cannot use it to post though it’s too small. Weirdly on my computer I cannot like posts and on my iPad I have to log in countless times to post a comment. So I go with what works for me.
    I’m getting on well with the block editor I’m happy to say.
    It is so annoying when people put up countless posts in one
    Happiness engineers are great if you get the right one as you say.

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      1. You are just as sweet, as Renard, and he has known me a while longer than you, dear Pluto.
        It is true, though; I learn which buttons to press to get done what I need to get done. This is the extent of my techno-savvy.

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  8. I experienced #4 just the other day. I had reposted a piece for seniors who were feeling bad about missing their graduation because of the pandemic. It was a story about a time I was able to leave a pity party (“missing out”) by remembering what is truly important (“Jesus is alive, what else matters?”). In the comments someone went on a rant about Covid, how they had lost loved ones, and it was all ******’s fault and how much they despise that person, he’s a murderer, etc. To bring politics into it would have been the opposite of what I was trying to get across. After deleting the “comment” (something I’d never done before) I felt bad that I had not expressed my condolences, but really didn’t think that was what that person was looking for. I said a prayer for him/her, which was all I could really do at that point.

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  9. Renard, your posts always make me smile. You’ve touched upon two different points that frustrate me for a number of reasons so I will cover them quickly here:

    #4 – I had a blogger who used to steal my ideas and write her posts as though she had been through the same things that I had, or seen the things that I’d experienced. It all boiled to a head with her tearing me apart on her blog and leaving nasty comments on one of my posts having not commented on anything for months. Long story short, she’s now been barred from my blog.

    #6 – Absolutely! My husband is always talking to my about work stresses or wrestlers that have been injured or a whole array of other topics, and although I love talking to him, it is incredibly distracting when I’m trying to blog. As you mentioned, I liked to get in the zone and get my ideas down. Once I’ve hit the ‘save draft’ or the ‘Publish’ button? Then we’ll talk.

    I think my other bugbear is lazy grammar and bad backlinking. If you’re going to write a blog post, write it well, don’t use poor grammar or a lack of proper spelling, grammar and sentence and paragraph structure. If I see a post that contains five exclamation marks or a handful of emojis, I’m just going to close it off. As for bad backlinks, I have had a few examples of linking back to my blog without really doing it properly. I always think if you’re going to link to someone, you should explain why. It helps your readers to understand why the other post is so important and it helps the person you’re linking to see where their post fits in with your writing, too. Also, give credit for a post, even if you don’t like what they’ve said. It’s fine to disagree with someone but I think it’s still important to acknowledge the time spent writing the original post before you jump into your argument.

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  10. Good heavens, I don’t know what inspired this, something obviously happened that upset you. Anyway re;
    @1 re mobile apps; I’ve never made posts on mobile, only on laptop/desktop. Category menus are not available on mobile even when search myself (with the theme I have).
    @2 Can’t comment
    @3 re The block editor; I was thinking of having a rant on this. I think it’s RUBBISH, I preferred the old editor. The thing I like about the block editor is the fact you can put in tables
    @4 re being harassed; that’s happened to me on forums in the past
    @5 re ‘happiness engineer’; I get what you’re talking about, there’s people who think they know the solution to technical problems. These things area team effort, not some arrogant, know-it-all shitbag bossing everyone around
    @6 re being disturbed; totally agree
    @7 re followers; I’ve felt like this myself, there are people I follow who I sometimes want to ditch flooding my feed (are they one man bands or are they one of these people with a team?). Publishing MINUTES apart? That’s ridiculous! OK, we might have times when we want to publish a lot, we all get those moments when there’s a lot on our minds, as long as they’re not frequent, that’s OK. I’d say it’s fine to chuck-out more than one post on a night or day (those times your iron is hot), but not regularly (your iron won’t be hot frequently enough for that, mine isn’t). It’s best to keep publishing consistent to a frequency that you can keep to. Don’t be afraid to not publish enough but at the same time don’t be afraid of publishing too frequently. As long as we’re not one of those people that clogs-up feeds (who lets face it are not one man bands), there’s nothing to worry about.

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  11. I am not really too bothered by things … not bothered at all by other bloggers ❤️ don’t mind if they have days of many posts… just not overly bombarded so I don’t see anyone else.

    Lately I have been falling behind reading though cause my life got all crazy busy again.

    Sometimes I’m a little annoyed by WP with their crashing!! Or glitchy things!

    But whatever I just enjoy my blog and the community ❤️

    Not a big deal to me 😊✌️

    But I am still sort of a newbie – not quite a year yet ✌️

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  12. Easy enough, I don’t have an iPhone, and I don’t want one. Mine iPad, I only use for browsing the internet, checking my e-mail, reading, and sending short messages. Typing on an iPad is a severe pain in the neck,

    So when I create a post on my laptop for WordPress, I type it up in a word document. One or two days before, I publish the post I copy and paste the draft into WordPress, one block at the time.

    The day I publish the post, I read it again, and add an image. Preview the post and then I am done. After publishing, I save the word document as a backup on a USB stick and in Dropbox.

    When I started WordPress, some 5 years ago, I think, I was not going to run crazy or get aggravated. And, I pretty much succeeded.

    Usually, I post once in the two weeks, because someone advised me when not being a professional not to post on a daily basis. And, I don’t like to flood my followers with one or more daily posts. But that’s my opinion.

    Go crazy or get frustrated, I think, is a waste of time. When things don’t go the way you’d like them to go, put it aside, and continue the next day. It sometimes happens to me and that’s what I do.

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  13. You saw a note I wrote overnight, last night, for my blog. I haven’t heard from you in a genuinely long time, and it is nice to know you are doing alright. I enjoyed reading your post here this morning quite a lot, as I could relate to many of the problems you deal with while blogging, and I know others would, too.

    I get a tad perplexed with the stats page inside my blog and whether it is accurate generally or how to interpret the numbers and data. Ideal.

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  14. I also have a problem with the wordpress app when drafting so I don’t write my posts on it anymore, all the writing I do is on my laptop like you said but the app works fine apart from that, I think. I do also have a problem with comments, some of mine end up in spam because whenever I comment on a blog and scroll to read the comments, I don’t see mine but I’d see another that was just recently uploaded. Even on my own blog, thoughtful and genuine comments end up in spam. You highlighted great points.

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  15. I use the WordPress App on my tablet and I find it really easy to use. I’ve not had any issues so far (touch wood!)

    The only blogging-related annoyance I regularly come across is on Twitter, when bloggers use the #BloggersWanted hashtag to promote their blog posts, and not just once, I mean multiple times a day. I regularly check that hashtag to find any guest post opportunities, but it is always swamped with blog posts being promoted. Very annoying!

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  16. I do get annoyed when persons publish 5 posts in 2 minutes. I think they should space it out and give me a chance to actually read it and enjoy it without bombarding people with another post but yes, to each his own. Great post.

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  17. Thank you Renard Moreau for the beautiful presentation about the reasons why a blogger turns a mad and clueless!

    #1. I use app only for checking the status.Otherwise I don’t have any use.

    #2. Spam Folder-Definitely bothering me,I am not a bot and for strange reasons majority of my comments ending in spam folder.Many times I informed the respective bloggers who were kind enough to un-spam.

    #3. Block Editor- less said better.my 10 minute article taking 30 to 40 minutes of my time at present. Looks like ‘slow and steady’ wins the race.I am not in the business plan…so no plugins.

    #4.I am lucky and no harassment in the comment box, except one gentleman expressed that my article is a fake article.

    #5.Happiness Engineer-Oh I must tell you without fail….. I was told that using ‘thank you’ in the comment box can lead to my comments entering your spam folder.This is laughable and I hope WP experts are reading my interaction.

    #6.Getting disturbed while preparing an article-I got used this.It’s OK.Let the life be as smooth as possible.

    #7.Seeing numerous blog posts- I don’t know really the capacity of bloggers and how many they are able to post in a day and the frequency.

    My point is that they are doing injustice to the WP reader,and also to their followers.To be frank these bloggers may be un-followed.

    Thank you again,for patiently reading my personal story in WP Renard. Appreciate.
    I wish & Pray that ….this comment of mine does not make unauthorized entry into your spam folder!

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  18. How do you copy and paste blog post from Word press to Microsoft word without HTML code appearing ? Usually I write posts in Word press editor and then copy and paste into Microsoft word as a standby.

    With block editor it’s become tough.

    There is ‘Copy all content’ under the 3 dot,but it also brings out html codes.

    As a layman- I am going to the preview- then copy and paste into MS word.

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  19. All good points. I’m pretty patient with how bloggers do things, so I don’t un-follow. I don’t mind seeing several posts in a row from someone. I figure they have limited time, and post when they can. Besides, it’s easier for me to find their posts if they are all together. What bothers me are those that ‘like’ a bunch of my posts all within a couple of minutes. I know they haven’t really read them. Oh, I don’t use the reader – all my notices are on email. 🙂

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    1. 🙂 That is most interesting. You rely on email notifications to keep abreast of your fellow bloggers’ blog post (Anyway, there are bloggers who use that exact method).

      I have only set my WordPress email notifications to let me know when someone has liked or commented on any of my blog posts.

      I am also not fond of those who press my blog’s “Like” button in a very short space of time.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  20. My iOS app is working just fine, for now anyway. Many times my comments have landed and n the spam folder of others and similarly I have found many legit comments in the spam folder. I now check my spam folder at least daily.

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  21. I agree that it is horrible when other blogger’s or users leave unpleasant comments. While I use the app to read other posts and check stats, but I don’t like refining blog posts with my phone.

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  22. The WordPress app is decent though I don’t use it post apps I mostly use it as an on the go blog reader… and for such usage you won’t really notice it’s bugginess

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    1. 🙂 I remembered the days when I used the WordPress App on my smartphone to respond to comments and to blog on the go. Anyway, times have changed and I am quite contented with conducting all of my blogging activities on my laptop computer.

      Thank you for letting me know the manner in which you use the WordPress App.


  23. Ive had a comment or two what I should do with my blog, as well as close it, lol. I offer a free service and my disclaimer is I do not give medical advice etc. People are weird. I just delete it in the spam queue.

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