The Block Editor Is Getting Lots Of Hate

Sophia logged in to her WordPress account with the intention of writing a new article — one that she hoped to share with her readers in a timely manner. “What the hell is this?” She said; her facial expression was filled with bewilderment.

WordPress had replaced her old Classic Editor with the new Block Editor.

In the past, Sophia tried out the Block Editor; she did not like it because she thought that it was unintuitive and that it took her way too long to create a simple blog post; what she was able to do via the Classic Editor in fifteen minutes’ time took her over an hour with the Block Editor.

Sophia remembered reverting back to the Classic Editor.

Today, she had the unpleasant surprise of finding out from WordPress, that her beloved Classic Editor was laid to rest in the cemetery for old and forgotten technology.

“What am I to do now?” Sophia asked.

She logged out of her WordPress account and thought about finding a solution to her problem.

The Rollout Of The Block Editor Has Too Many People Disgruntled

Currently, there are many WordPress users who (like Sophia) want nothing to do with the Block Editor.

As a result of their annoyance, they are thinking about boycotting WordPress (They are seriously contemplating blogging on another blogging platform).

My friend, Liz, is thinking about leaving WordPress behind and doing her thing (blogging) on Blogger.

Does this mean that there will be a mass exodus from WordPress?

Maybe, maybe not!

People Should Not Be Forced Into Using The Block Editor

For the record, I was one of the many beta testers that played around with the Block Editor (Back then, it was referred to as, “The Guttenberg Editor”).

In all honesty, I did not like it at first; it had me wondering if its creator (or creators) had lost their mind.

I knew that the WordPress engineering staff would eventually dismantle the Classic Editor (the one that a lot of us loved so dearly) with the Block Editor (The one that a lot of WordPress users hate).

I learned to use the Block Editor by:

  • Reading literature that was based on the Gutenberg Editor.
  • Watching video tutorials on YouTube (The ones that taught people how to use the Gutenberg Editor; which is also known as the Block Editor).
  • Constantly practicing how to use the Gutenberg Editor.

Luckily, I am a quick learner (With lots of determination, I learned to use the Block Editor proficiently).

Now, there are lots of quick learners like myself that learned how to use the Block Editor in a proficient manner (I am guessing that WordPress was depending on us to get with the proverbial program).

But, what about those people who are not tech-savvy? Should they be forced into learning how to use the Block Editor?

Of course not!

Strangely, WordPress’s response was, “Those who love the functionality of the Classic Editor can use the Classic Block.”

Those of you who would like to learn how to use the Classic Block on your new Block Editor can read, Classic Block; it was put together by the WordPress Support Team.

My friend, Fandango, who composes all of his blog posts on is his iPhone, mentioned to me that the Block Editor is barely usable on his iPhone (I can only imagine that the same thing applies to WordPress bloggers that use the WordPress App on their Android smartphone).

Fandango’s blog post, Pay to Play, highlighted the fact, that the Classic Editor is available via a WordPress plugin — a plugin that is only available for those people who use the Business Plan on

The nice thing is that those people that blog on (the self-hosted version of WordPress) can utilize the Classic Editor (It would be available until the year, 2022 or as long as the maintainers of the Classic Editor decides to keep it around).

Should People Leave Because The Block Editor Was Rolled Out?

Now, it all depends on whom you ask. Some WordPress users will say, “Yes,” while other WordPress users would say, “No.”

In my case, I am not leaving because I managed to acquire a fairly large audience on it.

Many years ago, when I left my first WordPress blog (which at the time had over five thousand followers) to go back to blogging on Blogger, only two of my fellow bloggers from chose to read my blog posts and interact with me on Blogger.

Interesting, right?

That meant that I had to amass a reading audience from scratch (So much for people choosing to support you wherever you go).

The funny thing is that in spite of the majority of my fellow bloggers being unwilling to support me over on Blogger, I received an average of two thousand views daily.

I treasure the interaction with my fellow bloggers more than I treasure views (And, that is one of the main reasons why I have chosen to stay on

Anyone who has ever blogged on would know that bloggers there are usually highly supportive of each other.

And, I also have to mention, that the WordPress Reader makes it quite easy for WordPress users to find the blogs that they are interested in as well as interact with the owners of the blogs that they are interested in.

A lot of people on WordPress might be annoyed because of the rollout of the Block Editor, but is it really worth leaving WordPress altogether for what Automattic has chosen to do?

All Blogging Platforms Have Their Pros And Their Cons

If we leave for some other blogging platform, there is no guarantee of us being fully satisfied with our new blogging home (Some type of annoyance will eventually present itself to us).

Back in 2012, lots of WordPress users were annoyed when WordPress chose to update the look of the dashboard area.

As a matter of fact, change is inevitable and not everyone is open-minded about change.

In regards to change, I think that it should be done gradually and not drastically (And, the introduction of the Block Editor can be viewed as a drastic change).

My Final Thoughts On The Block Editor did give us ample warning (They mentioned to their WordPress users that they were going to replace the Classic Editor with the Block Editor. Therefore, it should not come as a shock to those people who use their service).

Also, I feel the pain of those WordPress users that are not tech-savvy.

From the looks of things, WordPress users will have to learn how to use the Block Editor or venture towards another blogging platform — preferably, one that has an editor that is easy to use.

151 thoughts on “The Block Editor Is Getting Lots Of Hate

  1. I really can’t stand this block editor.
    While I’m trying to write the toolbox keep showing up and obscuring the previous paragraph and ruining the flow. Really annoying. Nothing worse than having your writing edited while you’re still putting down ideas.
    Also; if you don’t have a business plan you can use the plugin so that isn’t an option unless you want to pay.
    This is making the writing experience on WordPress unpleasant.

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